Just for Laughs – VanossGaming Hide and Seek Video

by Scott Creighton

“What do you call an owl that’s a magician?”


Some here think I have no sense of humor (go fuck yourselves)… jury is still out on that one.

This weekend I finally got my PT/INR in therapeutic range (2.5 for those interested, yea me) and figured out what the heck has been wrong with my car for the past 2 months (after replacing 1. fuel filter, 2. water pump and 3. thermostat and patching those damn holes in the water pump inlet pipe (damn thing), turns out it was simply the spark plugs all along…) so I kind of relaxed and nested a bit fixing up my crappy little apartment in celebration.

I now have duck paintings. Two of em. Gifts from Jan10. That’s right bitches. Duck paintings. Deal with it.

So I was in a slightly better mood as we started off this week when I was treated to the 1,000 point Wall Street downturn a couple hours ago.

The rigged markets are tying their level best to neutralize the damage to the big boys so us little people can only just sit back and watch. I guess someone thought they needed some help getting another TARP bailout deal done (QE4 is meeting some resistance) and here we are.

For those of you are worried and think the end is nigh, that the zombie apocalypse is just around the corner, I can only offer you a little brevity as the stock market story unfolds and you take inventory of your prepper stockpiles. No, I’m not treating you to Adam Sandler’s 20 Best Moments, because frankly, he doesn’t have 20. He doesn’t have 2.

Instead, here’s something recent from VanossGaming.

Vanoss is really Evan Fong. He’s been running his YouTube channel since 2011 (I started this in 2007) and so far he has 13 million subscribers (I have 722😦 )

Currently he is ranked 12th in the top 20 YouTube channels by subscribers and if you take out the VEVO channels (official music channels of various artists) he is ranked 7th. A pretty impressive feat for a guy who just started making videos and publishing them for the fun of it.

He put up a video 14 hours ago and it’s already been viewed 1.6 million times.

Fox News doesn’t get numbers like that folks. Not that they should get any…

He’s popular because he’s authentic. He doesn’t affect a stupid little voice, he hasn’t got a vanity insert of his face pretending to react while he plays games. He doesn’t get paid to pretend to like games by big gaming interests… he simply has fun playing a game with his friends. Some stuff they they script. Other stuff is just ad libbed.

I put this up just for a laugh but also as a bit of social commentary. Here we have grown men playing a video game, a hide and seek kids game at that, and it receives more attention in a couple hours in today’s society than serious news or social commentary does in years.

I think that’s because people just need an escape. People need a good laugh that isn’t contrived. Or people just need to see grown adults acting like kids and getting paid for it instead of watching grown adults acting like kids in Washington trying to make wars where ever they can.

Screw it, I’m not a social anthropologist. I just think these guys are funny and you might enjoy a laugh every now and then. God knows this site can get a little on the bleak side from time to time.

Anyway, here’s an episode of VanossGaming and friends playing Hide and Seek on Gmod. Enjoy folks (and have fun watching the collapse of Western civilization as we know it.)

Friends in the vid:
Moo Snuckel – http://bit.ly/11rO5IE
Nogla – http://bit.ly/13vEfIi
H2O Delirious – http://bit.ly/191aKBE

2 Responses

  1. Hey ! They are Mallards (I think)… and matted framed water color prints …. very attractive …… not just ducks…..🙂

    yeah, you have a sense of humor….
    that was funny….

  2. I guess this goes under ‘humor’:

    News from da ‘Hood— da Tacoma ‘hood, that is.
    (bet you didn’t know they had one)


    It takes out the up-front interaction with law enforcement,” said Melissa Cordeiro, gang reduction project coordinator for Tacoma.

    Officials in Washington’s third largest city would like to see a standalone drop box set up to allow residents to get rid of their guns. People can already turn in guns to police. Firearms can be dropped off at the station or police can be called to pick them up, anonymously in many cases.

    If successful, the gun drop-off box would be the first of its kind in the country, Cordeiro said.

    Course, those boxes are obviously bank vault quality integrity, & have internal welded steel beams lag bolted into the concrete so they can’t be vandalized/robbed in any way, right?

    Note they’re in USPS blue, so it’s not like the mail dude who goes around emptying the mail won’t be finding lots of extra metal in the mail boxes from the confusion! LOL.

    Damn good thing our politicians keep getting smarterer & cleverer to stay ahead of the pack, eh!

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