Investigators Fail to Link Reunion Aircraft Debris to MH370

(As I have stated before, Flight MH370 was shot down, probably by accident, in the South China Sea where the US was conducting military drills which included two US destroyers equipped with cruise missiles. With our president’s all-important “pivot to Asia” taking place, they could not take the negative publicity the accident would generate so they made up the entire story about the ghost radar blip and the tracking of the plane south to the Indian Ocean so that the wreckage would never be found. When the Cheonan was sank by accident when it hit a US mine during another drill, they tried to blame North Korea for much the same reason and when two South Korean soldiers were seriously injured while replacing land mines in the DMZ, they did the same. This is a well established pattern of behavior for this administration at this critical time in the area. The search was diverted to an area off the coast of Australia and privatized so they could map the ocean floor in that region looking for suitable deep-water drilling locations. The point of staging this piece of phony debris on that island was simply to extend the underwater mapping project a while longer with more tax-payer money.)

from Global Research

[The following article is the English translation of a report  that appeared on the French website, stating that investigators who have been examining the flaperon of a plane  found on Reunion have been unable to find any evidence linking it to MH370.]

Experts from the Directorate General of Armaments have finished surveying the flaperon found on Reunion Island. Nothing certifies that it belongs to MH370!

In Balma, near Toulouse, technical analysis of the wing flaperon that is believed to belong to the Malaysia Airlines Boeing has ended. Engineers from Toulous have brought forth their conclusions to the Paris Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of the judicial inquiry. At the moment, none of their observations have been linked. “The team, tasked by French officials with examining the flaperon, concluded the first phase of its inspection work”, announced the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) located in Sydney.

Circumustantial evidence:

“French authorities, in consultation with Malaysia, will give updates on progress when the time is right”, added the ATSB. The judicial authorities are in fact  remaining silent and refusing to comment on anything. According to our sources, the experts found no irrefutable technical elements that would allow to us to certify 100% that this piece belongs to flight MH370. “The experts’ conclusions are the only technical part of the criminal investigation, which is still going on”, says an insider of the investigation. As of now, the only certitude is that the flaperon that was tranfered from the Reunion Island  to Toulouse on August 5 corresponds to a moving part of the wing of a Boeing 777. If the deputy prosecutor of the Republic of Paris has stated that there was a “very strong supposition” that the piece belonged to the plane of flight MH370, which disappeared 18 months ago, that statement is based on circumstantial evidence.

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  1. How much brains does one need to make the conclusion: If it was not MH370, what other boeing 777 was lost in the area recently? Its not like you can buy a boeing at walmart and go crash it in the ocean on the weekend…….
    So if it does not belong to MH then which plane does it belonge to? CAn you even fly an aircraft of that size with a missing flaperon? Doubt it.
    Can anyone say co-ordinated whitewash?

    • I was just going to leave that link here too – my thinking is this: there is no doubt in my mind that MH370 went down over the South China Sea – no detour with all the equipment shut off – no way; and like Scott, I thought they would not start inventing evidence in case the real deal popped up at some point. But now evidence is popping up in places where that plane simply could not be, so I’m thinking they are now satisfied that nothing will pop up at the original site (maybe they recovered the plane? maybe too much time has passed? maybe it’s dispersed?) so now they can make ambiguous discoveries of “evidence” here and there to support the official narrative for those who still don’t “believe.” (I put together a lot of evidence pointing to the South China Sea and nothing i’ve seen since has convinced me otherwise)

      • I absolutely believe flight 370 was shot down by mistake or on purpose over the South China Sea and never left that area. You’ve done good work compiling all that info austrogirl.

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