ATTACK OF THE NERDS! The INSULTINGLY STUPID James Austin Stumbo Attack Story is Simply Laughable

by Scott Creighton

“This incident is a good example of private security reaching out to their local Boston police district and relaying information to detectives and BRIC analysts in order to identify the very real threat.” Paul Fitzgerald, Boston Police’s Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis Commander

You know how the FBI cultivates idiots and the mentally challenged in order to set them up for some big terrorist sting arrest which will ingratiate the agency to the powers that be in this great Global War OF Terror campaign we are waging worldwide?

Well, their ridiculous entrapment efforts have gotten even worse. Meet Stumbo and his little sidekick, Norton.

James Austin Stumbo, James Stumbo, Kevin Norton, Boston Pokemon gunmen, boston pokemon guns, boston pokemon arrests

Stumbo on the the left, Norton on the right

Notice Stumbo’s head? The little horns? Want some trivia?

Stumbo the Giant is a very large, very stupid cartoon character which was a spin-off from the Hot Stuff comics. Here’s another picture of Stumbo from his Facebook page:

James Austin Stumbo, James Stumbo, Kevin Norton, Boston Pokemon gunmen, boston pokemon guns, boston pokemon arrests

He’s making a joke about the cannon being his penis. He’s not, as the MSM will try to imply, laughing about using a cannon as a weapon. He’s just that stupid. Period.

According to the reports, James Austin Stumbo, 27, and Kevin Norton, 18, were detained in Boston for “threats of violence made over social media,” against the annual  Pokemon World Championships that took place this weekend. The two are friends from Iowa.

As the official, ridiculously retarded story goes, these two guys were INVITED to play in the MASTERS DIVISION of the championships which is the culmination of everything they have been working toward for years and WE ARE EXPECTED TO BELIEVE that for some stupid reason, OUT OF THE FUCKING BLUE, they decide to take guns along with them and massacre THE ONLY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET WHO HAVE THE SLIGHTEST BIT OF RESPECT FOR THEM.

Both Stumbo and Norton were scheduled to play in the Masters Division of the Pokemon World Championships, according to the Pokemon website.

Stumbo is featured in multiple YouTube videos talking about Pokemon tournaments he has participated in…

Marking told the gaming website that Stumbo is a “self proclaimed gun enthusiast,” who might have been making a joke with the Facebook post. Heavy

These two supposedly made some ridiculous trash-talking comments about the upcoming competition on Facebook where they claimed they would “destroy” the competition or something like that. The idiot Stumbo supposedly posted a photo along with one comment of his (brand new?) AR-15 type weapons and a shotgun (coincidentally the same things they are trying to ban… hmmm) sitting on the back of his car (with a nice brand new NRA sticker in plain sight)

James Austin Stumbo, James Stumbo, Kevin Norton, Boston Pokemon gunmen, boston pokemon guns, boston pokemon arrests


I’m kinda surprised there is no photo of Stumbo pretending his shotgun is his penis.

Anyway, according to reports, the dastardly duo went to the competition as scheduled on Thursday and were briefly detained by security due to the fact that they had made the stupid comments on Facebook.  They were escorted from the building and security informed the police about the “threat”. The competition itself didn’t start until Friday.

Then comes Saturday when the Feds along with Homeland Stupidity’s Boston Boys decided to take advantage of the opportunity to score another headline grabbing arrest of these two nerds.

Boston police arrested James Austin Stumbo, 27, and Kevin Norton, 18, on Saturday “because of threats of violence made over social media.” When police searched Stumbo and Norton’s vehicle parked in a garage several blocks from the Pokemon event, they found found a shotgun, AR-15 assault rifle, a hunting rifle, and 250 rounds of ammunition. Daily Beast

Aside from the FACT that these two idiots posed ABSOLUTELY no threat to the other dweebs at the Pokemon event (I don’t think the general public would care that much if they did shoot the place up, do you?) you know what the real headline should be?


Yeah, that’s right. These guys were stopped by event security on Thursday, apparently at the registration or opening ceremonies for the competition. The Feds had nothing to do with it until they saw an opportunity to make another excuse for Obama’s gun-grabbing agenda. Then they lept into action.

This whole story is ridiculous. Paul Fitzgerald’s statement to the unquestioning, brain-dead press about this having been a “very real threat” is insulting to anyone with one brain cell left standing.

According to reports, Stumbo says his stupid comments were taken out of context. Yeah, I guess they were.

I guess the next thing we can expect to see is Homeland Stupidity arresting the Undertaker for threatening to cripple Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Truth is, if this dumbass did in fact post that Facebook quip with guns on the trunk of his car threatening to “murder the completion” at this Pokemon thing, and then he actually brought the guns with them to the tourney,it’s a valuable lesson for the idiot.

We live under a fascist state which seeks every damn opportunity to take advantage of our stupidity in order to advance their agenda. You never forget that. Ever. Because when you do, you end being the next patsy.

I suppose we are lucky the fusion centers or Google didn’t catch this one sooner. We may have had another Aurora on our hands this time with two patsies taking their lives in some secure location as opposed to what we did have, a whole lot of nothing.

Seems to me these immature kids were looking for some kind of validation and competing in the masters division of this tourney would certainly have provided that for them. But so would bringing their brand new guns for “show and tell” with the other nerds.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s more distressing: the fact that there are thousands of players of this game trying to make it to “master” level or the fact that the press didn’t laugh the spokespeople out of the building when they presented this stupid fucking story to us as legit.

Once when I was a kid I took my brother’s pellet gun to school to show it off. It was modeled after a .357 magnum revolver. I thought it would make me a “big man”… I was 12 at the time. I outgrew that stupid shit. And no one shot me.

These dumb Pokemon heroes just did the same thing. Thought they would look like badasses to their Pokemon peers.

Homeland Stupidity and the Boston PD just did the same thing by arresting them. We’re supposed to believe THEY are badasses for the arrest of the posers… two days late of course.

It’s just so ridiculous, you can’t even keep up with it anymore. We’re surrounded by 12-year-olds, ruled by 12-year-olds and thought of as 12-year-olds if they think this story will fly.




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8 Responses

  1. I looked up ‘pokemom’….. and yikes !! It is a very combatant game, but using imaginary almost-cute creatures that can develop their powers and become bigger…. seems players get very attached to their own characters…..
    so if Stumbo posed with a cannon… he was doing a ‘pokemon’ thing…. a certain ‘power’ (he wished) grew bigger? LOL
    The game creatures seem to make a big deal out of taking down the ‘powers that be’…. and each other…..

    I am not sure the game even uses guns…… probably does… I just didn’t read about them… it is a huge game….
    no, does not sound like fun to me….just a constant battle…

  2. These two are total idiots…. But please don’t lump them and the people who play the card game into the same category. Just like other card games, it’s just a social event. This event just so happened to involve the best players on the planet. You’d be surprised how many people in the “masters” division are just parents of the kids who play the game competitively. If it’s an activity between parents and their kids, don’t trash it. My daughters and I tried it for a few years, and met some of the nicest people along the way. Pokémon is also a game which requires some serious math skills for kids to learn. I’ll take that over a kid with a video game controller in their hands any day.

    • I’ve seen people playing the game. Like so many other card games, it’s very difficult and you have to keep a lot of information running around in your head while you play. I certainly don’t mean to denigrate anyone who plays it. Yeah, these guys were idiots to take weapons over state lines for show and tell but in my opinion they don’t accurately reflect the average Pokemon player.

  3. its a fact that this guy was gun enthusiast. i think the truth is that he keeps guns and ammo in his car because he has low self esteem and guns make him feel masculine. he made empty threats online (like many overweight internet tough-guys do) and was stupid enough to actually have guns in his car when they checked. i doubt he was planning a massacre. that said, i definitely dont think it was some kind of conspiracy against him and i definitely think he needs to go to prison for some length of time because he was carrying weapons illegally and threatening people (empty or not).

    you lose alot of journalistic credibility when make light of a potentially tragic situation because it involved people taking part in a niche hobby. you really think its witty to say that nobody would care about the death of children and innocent people because they are “dweebs”? theres a reason larger news sites generate so much more traffic than independent ones; they hold themselves to a higher standard (meaning they dont formulate theories about news, they just report and provide openly editorial opinion) and they dont resort to sarcasm in an attempt to be different or controversial.

    • no one is trying to be controversial here. and they are dweebs. and they are nerds. if I’m not mistaken, in some circles it’s consider cool to be nerds and those certain circles just happen to be mainstream ones these days. so calling them dweebs isn’t like the racial slur equivalent you seem to want to make it out to be.

      as for your evaluation of the MSM… ‘they hold themselves to a higher standard”… what are you, a journalism student? Higher standard? Did you not pay attention in 2002 and 2003? I mean, really? What higher standard are you talking about? How they all report without any trace of skepticism that the Boston PD stopped a massacre when you yourself (and of course, my article above) points out that there was never going to be a massacre. and you say they hold themselves to a higher standard? Ask anyone of them about Palestine, Operation Cast Lead and all the others that followed. Ask them about 9/11 for that matter. See what you get. If you are a journalism student, I offer you one piece of advice… stop going to sites like this one. It wont help your employment prospects in the future. Not only because those MSM institutions you respect so much track everywhere you go but also because sites like this one get you to start thinking for yourself… and that ain’t a quality they want at the Post, know what I mean? They hold themselves to a higher standard than that.

      And while we are at it: what’s all that about fat people being keyboard badasses? is that a gross generalization I hear? He wasn’t being a keyboard badass that I could see. he just trying to trash talk. there is a difference you know.

      just sayin…

      • Hey Scott, do you do debates? Ryan Dawson has been begging someone to debate him re economics. He’s having some some dumb fuck from the Mises Institute on tomorrow which should be amusing. Someone needs to expose his neoliberal bullshit for what it is. The guy tried to compare Bernie Sanders’ ideas to Communist China. LOL! The fucker argues that higher taxes on the rich will just be used to fund more wars so it shouldn’t be done. Funny how when the highest tax bracket paid over 90% the US was the most equal. He didn’t respond to the post on that of course.

        There’s tons to expose about the elite being behind Libertarianism and how it would just bring us back to the Gilded Age — the robber barons shall be once more!

        Anyway, check out his Facebook page where he smugly makes the challenge. See if the idea floats your boat. It’d be great to see someone call bullshit on his nonsense.

  4. I understand that something Pokemon is rearing its head again this summer? It’s something about finding Pokemon with your cell phone and snapping a photo of it…? It would seem that certain memes and characters have very long shelf lives. Also, the name Pokemon probably has at least one or two double meanings.

    This may be of interest for some:
    “Art” would obviously include comics, games, film…

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