‘Let’s Roll’ Part Deux: American (Military) Tourists Thwart ‘Random ISIS Attack’ in Paris

(Meanwhile, at Di$info Jone$’ website, they are pushing this story as valid (see here, here and here) while also running with a story about an evil “ISIS” baby beheading it’s own teddy bear. The suspect claims he “somehow” found the gun in suitcase near where he typically sleeps (he’s homeless). He said the gun, ammo and a cell phone were in the suitcase. Early reports claimed the “heroes” followed the suspect onto the train.

Belgian journalist Marin Buxant Tweeted that the US Marines were on leave in Brussels when they spotted the man and followed him on the train. When the suspect went into the toilet, the Marines recognised the sound of a weapon being armed and decided to act immediately. (Source: Mail Online)

Is it possible he found the suitcase because when he was near it, the phone started ringing? He says he never fired a shot. One of the “heroes”, a British/South African contractor says the rifle was “jammed” or the ammo “had a bad primer” … as in… all the ammo had the primers removed?But if he never fired a shot, how did one person get a gunshot wound and end up in the hospital? I guess we need a ballistics report to answer that one… oh but wait…

Of course, the real story is pending an actual ballistics investigation (which may not be made public under a national security letter)

If they were going to arm the guy so they could heroically take him down, you think they would give him a working AK? Not likely. Notice how they also introduce a “box cutter” into the story? 9/11 anyone? Lest we forget.)

from 21st Century Wire

Everyone loves a good story, especially one with a happy ending – and in the US, if that happy ending has a military flavor too – then it makes for an even better story. On closer examination however, this latest random ‘terror’ incident in Paris appears somewhat scripted.

This past Friday, at 5:45 p.m. on a TGV ‘bullet’ train during the height of commuter rush hour in the town of Oignies near the historic town of Arras, a “Moroccan man” was said to be carrying an automatic assault rifle. As if by magic (indeed, magic seems to play a central role in all Daily Shooter events), two plain clothed US serviceman and their ‘childhood friend’ on a European vacation, where hot on the scene – and sprung into action to thwart a potential deadly terrorist attack.

Both President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron have already weighed-in to shower praise of the heroic actions of these three US men and another British citizen involved.

The lone gunman was then quickly subdued by Airman First Class Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, a specialist in the National Guard from Oregon, Anthony Sadler (no military affiliations or government affiliations mentioned) and “British” passenger Chris Norman.

The same script seems to have been circulated to all US media outlets. The New York Times report has particularly colorful, made-for-TV account of the dramatic moment:

“Mr. Skarlatos, who was returning from a deployment in Afghanistan, looked over at the powerfully built Mr. Stone, a martial arts enthusiast. “Let’s go, go!” he shouted”

So, two US military men just happened to be at the exact location and at the exact moment of a would-be Islamic cut-out character with a rifle who was in the process of “opening fire on a random train full of civilians”.

Now if you are thinking to yourself, ‘what are odds of that?’ – you’re not alone.

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18 Responses

  1. They’re everywhere!

    Something up, misdirection from China, because ZH has fully revealed itself these past weeks as just another smug paid pimp of his handlers, as I clearly figured out within a few months of that site appearing out of nowhere all hugely funded from the start, because I have counted 4 at least unapologetic war-pimping articles against China, not counting his usual ‘China did it’ bashing.

    I just reddit on the cover of the Globe tabloid rag at the stupormarket yesterday that the same ISISers but likely a different chapter, almost scored a hit on Prince Harry sometime a few days ago.

    He’s the one who was caught on film 10 years ago prancing around at parties dressed in full nazi uniform & armband, etc & laughs about it mocking those who pay his ‘upkeep’.

  2. Just noticed this scrolling down the list at Kenny’s old blog. I miss that boy.

    The older guy looks like Anthony Hopkins in his role as Hannibal Lector. Only the military can you save you know against Gladio.

    It is like a spider man movie, 3 americans emerge in France on the same train to save the day!

  3. Oh, I love it! Now THIS is entertainment!

    … the powerfully built Mr. Stone, a martial arts enthusiast.

    Classic, good American theater! Americans so adore the martial arts enthusiast. The 80’s did wonders to mystify the study of fighting as some sort of mysterious philosophical religion in the US. They should have brought in Stallone and his invincible band of “Expendables”. I suppose they couldn’t afford them though.

    • did you see the image of him with his little bandaged up hand? reminded me of the end of a Die Hard movie where Bruce Willis is patched up by some ambulance medic with one line while he hugs the girl and the crowds look admiringly in his direction. The director of Wag the Dog couldn’t have done it better.

      • I’d have guessed it was the director of Wag the Dog, but they probably couldn’t afford him either. On second thought, these guys have big budgets. Maybe the problem with getting better actors and directors is that they can’t find them. They should hire CNN. After all, the news folks could find Bin Laden in a cave to interview him shortly before 9/11 in order to lend great credibility to his “responsibility” for the event. Even AFTER THAT, the US gubment still could not find him. They were not even brilliant enough to follow the news crew in to “take him out”.

  4. just found this note I had.
    Weird it came to me today.
    Lucy was riddled with Illuminati symbology, as well as giant plot holes!


    In the movie The Matrix, Neo’s passport was clearly seen by the audience, and it’s expiry date was September 11, 2001.

    In the 2014 movie Lucy, Lucy’s passport was clearly visible by the audience, and it’s expiry date was August 24, 2015.

    Note that it shows place of birth as Pennsylvania, USA.

    So, it is possible that something is going to happen on that date, either in Pennsulvania, or maybe even France, given that the movie was written and directed by a Frog.

    • Interesting. The Neo passport thing, is definitely not a “conspiracy theory”. I bought the movie just to check, and it’s definitely there. The question is, is it coincidence? (I doubt it). Or, alternatively, is it proven beyond a doubt to have been present in pre-2001 releases of the movie? Do you know people who (or do you) have a copy that conclusively pre-dates 2001 that has the date in Neo’s passport?

  5. Just checked out jim’s take on this.
    Check out the absolutely stupid staged posed group photo of the ‘heroes’ & their facial expressions—look phoney as hell?

    • Oh man! And he’s not even that “powerfully built”. Big Hollywood letdown, that.

    • Young folks get a real rush out of being involved in “secret” stuff. They love that feeling of fake empowerment thinking they know something the “idiot masses” have no clue about. You can see the smug satisfaction in their faces.

    • At first I thought this might be a real scenario, but after looking at the photos of the guys involved just like this one, something seemed off. All three of them look like perfect cadets of some sheep dipped program. I’m not sure what the motove is other than more scare tactics to take our liberties, but these guys looks like fresh young recruits for some high level special ops.

      • Oh … I don’t know. They look like suburban “lost boys” who want to be Hollywood stars and have to settle for what shitty actors can get to me. If they are “special ops” then they won’t be around much longer, because their usefulness will have been served and one they are no longer useful, they are an informational liability. In other words, thy must die. Badasses or not. That’s the fun of selling your soul to the Devil and getting to know all that “cool” “secret” stuff. You get to die when your “secret knowledge” outstrips you “current usefulness”.

        Oh … don’t worry – it’s just paranoid fantasy. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve never see it played out before, with people I’ve known and caredd about.

  6. In case anyone had any doubts about what this is all about … the BBC, a leading disseminator of neo-liberal propaganda, ran this piece today:

    “Viewpoint: New anti-terror approach needed after France train attack”

    A hint of what to expect ” … it is also a sign that something is wrong with counter-terrorism, argues former French intelligence agent Claude Moniquet.”

    Sheesh! That’s about as naked as they come.

  7. There is a pic on aangirfan of Spencer Stone with his military crew. One idiot looking female is flashing the devil sign, mano carnuto. I feel safe.

  8. Now it makes sense- why stage this when the result was so minor? It conicides with a rollout of searches on Amtrak. http://massprivatei.blogspot.com/2015/08/tsa-airport-style-searches-begins-on.html

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