Neoliberal News of the Day: Aug. 22, 2015

Korea “Crisis”

North, South Korea Agree to Talks, Amid Talk of War – “North and South Korea have agreed to hold emergency high-level talks, in an attempt to end a tense standoff that had brought the two rivals to the brink of war.”

General Dempsey: US will defend South Korea against North – “The top American general says the United States will defend its close ally South Korea amid heightening tensions between the South and North Korea.”

US, South Korea brace for clash as North Korea deadline looms  – “U.S. and South Korean bombers took to the skies on Saturday in a show of force, as the allies prepared for a potential military clash with the North as its deadline loomed for Seoul to dismantle loudspeakers broadcasting anti-North Korean propaganda across their border.”

Ukraine “Crisis”

Didn’t I say something about us seeing landmines used in Ukraine pretty soon? – Kiev ordered deployment of ‘illegal & inhumane’ anti-personnel mines – ex-Ukrainian officer“I was given, to put it mildly, inhumane or in legal terms unlawful orders by my superiors,” Yatsulyak told Russian tabloid Komsomolskya Pravda (KP) daily. “The deployment of anti-personnel mines in particular.”

‘No Good Evidence’ Russia Behind Shootdown of MH17 Plane in Ukraine – “”We’re investing 90 billion dollars a year in US intelligence and when push comes to shove, we have to rely on social media?”, he asks incredulously. “The evidence is as sketchy as one could imagine.”

Minsk -2: A Rotting Corpse – “The Minsk-2 ceasefire agreement is dead but no one wants to bury the rotting corpse. Since it was signed in February of this year the Donbas governments and Russia have bent over backward to comply with the terms of that agreement hoping against hope that the Kiev junta would do the same. They hoped in vain.”

Betrayal in Greece

EU backs Greece’s Tsipras as Left Platform splits from Syriza – “In the hours after Tsipras announced that he was resigning and calling the new elections, statements from European officials make clear that the decision was carried out under the direction of Greece’s European Union (EU) creditors.”

Greece’s Syriza party splits  – “Rebels angered by Greece’s international bailout walked out of the leftist Syriza party on Friday, formalising a widely-expected split after leader Alexis Tsipras resigned as prime minister to pave the way for early elections.”

A Tsipras Comeback Would Be Good for Greece – “In just seven months, former — and perhaps future — Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras appears to have undergone a remarkable evolution. In September’s snap election, he will stand for the opposite of what he defended in January, when he came to power. Yet the qualities that made that possible may make him a good leader for Greece going forward.”

Neoliberalizing America

(so much for his bullshit about sentencing reforms) America: A Land Where Justice Is Absent – “Obama has permitted the corrupt US Department of Justice (sic), over which he wields authority, to overturn the ruling of a US Federal Court of Appeals that prisoners sentenced illegally to longer terms than the law permits must be released once the legal portion of their sentence is served. The DOJ, devoid of all integrity, compassion, and sense of justice, said that “finality” of conviction was more important than justice. Indeed, the US Justice (sic) Department’s motto is: “Justice? We don’t need no stinkin’ justice!”

Barack Obama: The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Who Bombed Seven Countries – “In all, the U.S. has bombed 14 predominantly Muslim countries since 1980. The death toll from all modern wars in the Middle East may be as high as 4 million dead Muslims and Arabs. Repeated military campaigns have destabilized the Middle East, giving rise to terror groups like ISIS, allowing for sectarianism to blossom, and necessitating further bombing, in what Ron Fullwood, writing for MyMPN, called a “perpetual protection racket.”

(Yes. Privatization is fascism) How & Why the U.S. Media Do Propaganda Against Russia – “The owners of U.S. newsmedia know that in order to serve their fellow U.S. aristocrats who want to kick out Russia’s current leader, Vladimir Putin, so as to enable them to buy Russia’s natural resources (and highly educated work-forces) cheap via “privatizations,” their PR campaign for their fellow aristocrats (their major advertisers) must be led by ‘respectable’ newsmedia, such as Foreign Policy magazine, and not by blatantly right-wing, obviously trashy, ones, such as Fox News. Overtly conservative, nationalistic, ‘news’ media wouldn’t be able to sell to anyone who isn’t already on-board with privatizations of government assets as being a fundamental “free market” principle (i.e, equating fascism — the actual originator of privatizations — with constituting ‘capitalism,’ confusing the two systems as being one-and-the-same). So: not only the fascist media are anti-Putin, but media that pretend not to be are also.”

3 Responses

  1. Mandatory minimum—one strike and you’re in, or privatized slave labor?

    I got me my wooden gavel, and I beg you, call your tune

  2. No! Not George Soros! Who would have thought. Here’s the proverbial bishop caught with his finger in his nose story. This time the secret Pope of the Make-Believe Left with his hand caught in the cookie jar. This, of course, is one of the perks of being an entitled criminal. It’s the neoliberal mission statement.

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