The Globalists’ Manchurian Candidate Alexis Tsipras Pulls One Last Trick to Torpedo Rising Populist Movement in Greece: He Resigns

by Scott Creighton

In late 2014, globalist interests were facing a real problem: a massive populist movement underway in Greece of people opposed to neoliberal economic ideology, privatizations, crippling austerity and the slavery imposed by institutions like the IMF via their odious debt schemes.

It was a similar situation here in the states back in late 2008 after the endless Cheney wars of aggression and the deliberate tanking of the economy produced a rising tide of public sentiment that promised to take to the streets one last time to force real change on the system.

In both cases, the masters of the universe responded in the same way: a Manchurian candidate to lead the lemmings to the cliff under the guise of a fake left leader before people knew what hit them.

After betraying the will of the people who put him in office and ignoring the message they gave him via the referendum, Alexis Tsipras  has now decided to follow his fellow phony, Yanis Varoufakis  , out the door.

Tsipras announced his resignation two days ago. His job done (take the Greek people from rioting in the streets to resigning themselves to even worse austerity and privatizations than they ever imagined), Tsipras is exiting stage left.

His explanation for his resignation is that he wishes to leave government in order to reconstitute the “radical left” party Syriza so they can win a full majority in the snap elections and therefore take full control of Greece.

Like his explanation for calling the referendum, this is a deliberate lie.

In reality, Syriza still maintains some authority in Greece as the previous elections gave them a near majority. With Tsipras’ resignation all of that is cast to the wind. Not only has he stepped down, but Tsipras has also asked the head of the opposition party, New Democracy party Vangelis Meimarakis, to form a new government.

New Democracy is a centrist-right party which at one time was opposed to the IMF bailouts (yet still supported privatization) but has since jumped on the old neoliberal bandwagon.

You will recall, over the two years prior to Syriza winning in Jan. 2015, Greece was run by a caretaker government which was in bed with the Troika. It seems, if the New Democracy party (think corporatist New Dems in the US) fails to form a coalition government, they might be going back to a caretaker government between now and when the snap elections are held.

Tsipras’ move may in fact have been motivated by the mass defection of the real leftists in Syriza. MPs who not only voted against Tsipras’ new bailout deals, but also spoke out against them publicly.

Greek media reports say 25 rebel Syriza MPs will join the new party, called Laiki Enotita (Popular Unity).

The party will be led by former energy minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, who was strongly opposed to the bailout deal, reports say.

A list of MPs joining the party published by the Ta Nea newspaper showed that the parliamentary speaker Zoe Konstantopulou and former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis were not among its members. BBC

What Alexis doing is cutting the legs out from under Syriza and the real “radical left” defenders of the public will. By handing over control to New Democracy, or even worse still, a caretaker government, what little legislative power the remaining leftists have will be negated and marginalized to the point where they can literally do nothing with it.

As for the “snap elections”, we will see how “snap” they turn out to be.

But either way, the public is certainly sick of Syriza and any “radical left” candidates will be painted with the Tsipras-Varoufakis brush: tainted to the point of no return… especially if they hold off until some of the worst of the austerity measures take hold of the people. As is the case here in the states, do you think anyone affiliated with Barack Obama like Clinton or Biden stand a chance of winning in 2016? Of course not. The turnout on the dem’s side will be historically low (like it was on the republican side in 2008)

So behold the last betrayal of Greece’s 2015 Trojan Horse, Alexis Tsipras. His job was to neutralize the massive resistance to globalist neoliberal Free Market ideology in order to pave the way for a historic economic brick being slammed down on the people of that country and he’s done that with honors.

Now, his job all done, Alexis exits stage “left”

I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t rewarded for his efforts with a nice cushy job with the Clinton Globalist Initiative or perhaps an ambassadorship to Brussels.

5 Responses

  1. And when the “snap elections” are held, the Golden Dawn party will benefit. That will mean that Greece will end up with a far-right nationalist government. Yay! More Nazis.

  2. This shows national borders only apply to the little people. The fact is the Greece you thought you knew is no more. It got demoted like Pluto.

  3. Just a matter of time as this new world order expands to the world, using the same cookie mold technique over and over…

  4. Another slimeball who got out of Dodge before any posse/citizen committee could personally thank him for his self-less duties.

    He & his buddy have been around & fronted for yearrrrs now… you can find old clips from 10 years ago on utube of media interviews, even a TED highlight speaker & read the now archaic comments below from groupie-sycophants slobbering all over them waxing on about “such a breath of fresh air to hear this honesty from a politician”, etc!

    I guess they don’t even have a Disney Mafia in Greece, do they?

    Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants not immune to road rage in Russia

  5. This bulletin just in, sports fans!
    Notice how the grass really really is greener on the other side of the fence, so much so it’s just too irresistible to the (judas) goat.

    Can you name other infamous skulkers from the past who switched extreme ends of the political spectrum in their careers because of the same opportunism?
    among many others

    So no one can accuse a politician of keeping bad company LOL.

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