Cheonan Redux: South Korea Steps Up Provocation of North After a South Korean Land Mine Injures Two South Korean Soldiers

by Scott Creighton

South Korea appears to have been given the go-ahead to step up their provocation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in these, the latter stages of President Peace Prize’s tenure.

Recent reports have the South Koreans lobbing artillery shells into North Korea supposedly in response to a “rocket attack” launched by the north. This is all confirmed by South Korea’s Defense Ministry.

The Press TV article, like every other one I have read, takes the claim of South Korea’s ministry at face value, not asking for any form of confirmation that the North did in fact commit an act of open aggression by firing a rocket into South Korea. In fact, the only article I can find with any details on that crucial aspect of this event only offers the following information:

South Korea said its detection equipment had spotted the trajectory of a suspected North Korean projectile launched at around 3:52 p.m. (0652 GMT), which did not appear to have damaged the loudspeaker or caused any injuries. Reuters

According to Reuters, the area around a military base where the rocket supposedly struck was evacuated of all civilian prying eyes, making it easier to plant evidence perhaps.

There have been no reports out of North Korea of either the rocket attack or the shelling.

Shades of Tonkin perhaps? Or better still, the PCC-772 Cheonan?

This latest tension stems from a series of provocations from the south starting a month ago when two South Korean soldiers were injured by a landmine in the DMZ. No explanation was given as to why South Korean SOLDIERS were in the demilitarized zone in the first place.

The accident took place on Aug. the 4th and it took South Korea until today (Aug. 20) to file an official complaint with the UN. They filed the same day they launched an artillery attack.

The letter will be published into an official U.N. Security Council document and is expected to be uploaded onto its website Friday.

South Korea has condemned the mine attack as a violation of the Armistice Agreement that effectively ended the 1950-53 Korean War. Korea Herold

The South Koreans call this a “mine attack” as if the North Koreans are running around throwing mines at their soldiers. The DMZ exists as a buffer zone between the north and south. It’s called the demilitarized zone because there isn’t supposed to be soldiers in it from either side and the mine fields that remain are there to make sure the zone stays demilitarized.

South Korea has not yet explained what side of the zone their two soldiers were when injured. It’s more likely that they were injured laying landmines in the DMZ on the south side of the border and someone at the State Department decided it was a good opportunity to ratchet up tensions in the region once again like they did with the sinking of the Cheonan during Killary Clinton’s time at the State Department.

Turns out, that is exactly what happened.

The cross-border propaganda warfare followed accusations from Seoul that Pyongyang had planted land mines on the South Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone that maimed two South Korean soldiers last week. AP

You see, South Korea is one of the few nations in the world which refused to sign the 1999 Ottawa Treaty “that bars the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of the land mines that detonate after physical contact with a person or an animal

In fact, they are only one of four nations on the entire planet which still manufactures them. The others are Myanmar, Pakistan and India.

Barack Obama, with his rusted Peace Prize slated to be properly displayed in his 800 million dollar presidential library someday, has stated the US will not use them anywhere other than the DMZ between North and South Korea. How noble of him. Of course, he will probably go back on that promise as well if the rebels in south eastern Ukraine keep winning.

Fact is, the South Koreans were probably in the process of replacing older mines with newer ones manufactured in South Korea when the accident happened.

Defense experts say millions of antipersonnel and antitank land mines remain in the area and are regularly replaced from both sides as they become ineffective after several years.

U.S. forces in South Korea say land-mine operations are under Seoul’s responsibility and are continuously monitored for safety but declined to comment further on the scale or the areas of operation. Wall Street Journal

Luckily for the two South Korean grunts sent out there in a massive minefield with a spoon and a bag full of new South Korean mines, neither of them lost their lives. But of course, opportunistic regime change elements which inhabit the State Department certainly couldn’t let this “crisis” go to waste and so the South Koreans started blaring away their propaganda speaker on the south side of the DMZ in violation of an agreement they had with the north to stop doing it.

According to the official story, the North Koreans issued a warning two days ago claiming they would attack South Korea if they didn’t stop the ridiculous broadcasts.

The “truthiness” of this claim is well below average even for this current administration in that the entire proof of it lies solely with the word of the South Korean Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that Pyongyang has warned Seoul to dismantle the loudspeakers on the border or face military action.

According to the ministry, the North issued a 48-hour ultimatum for the South to dismantle the propaganda units it has installed on the border or face military action.

The message was delivered by the Korean People’s Army general staff through an inter-Korean military hotline, the statement said. Press TV

That’s right. The source of this supposed threat from the North Koreans is a secure military hot-line only accessible by the military leadership of both countries. Ergo, like the ghost rocket attack from North Korea, it’s impossible to verify.

We have to take the word of the US puppets in the South Korean Ministry of Defense. Personally, I’m not a big fan of doing that.

Some of you might recall, 5 years ago I was one of a very few who were challenging Hillary Clinton’s determination that North Korea sank South Korea’s PCC-772 Cheonan during a war-games exercise the south was conducting with the United States.

I showed how they deliberately misrepresented evidence in order to implicate the North and then how they Photoshopped more evidence in order to attempt to bolster their flailing accusations.

I wrote about how the Swedish members of Hillary’s “investigative team” refused to sign on to the final conclusion that North Korea sank the Cheonan.

In the end, I put together a huge list of scholarly research that proved the PCC-772 Cheonan ran aground during the exercises which partially damaged its right side propeller and when it took off from that location, that damage caused it to veer to the right, running it over a magnetic mine which detonated underneath it, cracking the vessel in half.

At one point early into the investigation, one of my first articles was very popular in South Korea. The South Koreans wanted the facts on the case, not the propaganda they were being fed by the Ministry of Defense. Though I can’t find it anymore, I was sent a link to a South Korean MSM article which detailed how the current Minister of Defense was asked specifically about one of my articles showing how the evidence they had did not match the diagram of a North Korean torpedo which they claim took out the Cheonan. From what I recall, he responded by saying he and his staff had an accumulated 100 years or so of military experience and didn’t know what I had to counter that. Two days later they were admitting they made a mistake and in fact, used the wrong diagram. The Defense Minister later resigned.

As all of this was unfolding and South Korean, Russian and Chinese experts were picking apart the “official story” of what happened to the Cheonan in a very public way, Hillary Clinton was beside herself screeching for more war at any cost. She demanded people accept the official version, crafted by her hand-picked “investigation” team, and stop asking pesky questions about an event she declared was worthy of all out war.

“… The international, independent, investigation… was objective. The evidence… overwhelming. The conclusion… inescapable.” Hillary Clinton

As her story was falling apart, Hillary demanded the South Koreans run a live-fire drill precariously close to the North Korean coastline in an attempt to provoke a military response from the North which she could then turn all the focus of her warmongering toward. It didn’t work. North Korea didn’t take the bait.

So it seems this time around the South Koreans may have learned from their mistake and fired directly into North Korea in hopes of achieving what Hillary Clinton could not five years ago.

Thus far, the leadership of North Korea has once again proven themselves up to the task of not giving the south and their US masters the satisfaction of responding to their provocations.

Here we have another case of a South Korean military accident being used as a pretext for provocations against the DPRK. They are like a broken record and our MSM dutifully regurgitates all of the illogical propaganda without a second thought.

Five years ago, independent journalists and researchers helped successfully disarm a desperately volatile situation on the Korean peninsula.  That’s why Joe Lieberman decided to rush forward a “kill switch” option for President Peace Prize. To cut off any and all dissenting opinions from the internet before the truth can do it’s damage.

As this incident shakes out and the MSM and fake “alternative” websites serve as megaphones for the propaganda and disinformation, hopefully we can stop them again.

This “progressive” “anti-war” president has already bombed 7 nations during his tenure on behalf of his continuation of Bush’s Global Free Market Wars. Let’s keep him from making it 8, shall we?

Or do we have to wait for another Bush in the White House for the left to remember they are supposed to be opposed to wars of aggression?




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  1. Western media can makeup whatever they want about North Korea and their gullible audience will believe it.

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