Citizen Tells Thug Cops: “This is not policing…. you’re doing your job all wrong” (video)

by Scott Creighton

In San Francisco a group of cops took down a man with one leg on a busy street in the middle of the day. They did their patented “pile on” move where they all felt compelled to jump on the downed “suspect” and place a knee somewhere on his person (pain compliance technique)

Turns out the man with one leg had been armed with his crutches.

At one point in the video the guy on the ground is being perched on by no less than three heavy men. He tells they repeatedly that the guy on his one leg is hurting him, that he has an infection in that leg and the cops knee is causing him a great deal of pain yet the cops do nothing. “What the fuck’s wrong with you?” the pinned man asks.

By the end of the incident, while the man lay on the ground complying with the wishes of the cops, at least 14 police officers are seen in the video… but they aren’t there anymore for the suspect. At that point they take up positions around the fallen citizen and the three cops perched on him so they can protect those cops from the crowd standing around watching.

They (the cops) act as if they are back in Iraq as an occupying force and the enemy is anyone not wearing the colors of their gang. The enemy is anyone who just happens to be there witnessing their brutal, inhumane behavior. Anyone who sees them for what they are and doesn’t like it.

The enemy is us.

At one point, an EMT comes over to talk to the man, still on the ground, still with his pants down. It’s clear the EMT tells the officer to get off his leg because it could cause a blot clot and the officer complies.

Does the man try to get away? Does he struggle? No, he relaxes and calms down. They actually take all hands off the man and he just lays there talking to them. So it took a real human in the form of the EMT in order to defuse the situation. And all that took was him treating the man on the ground like a human and not some “ISIS” suspect from these thug’s latest Nam-flashback.

After the EMT arrives and they get off the man, it’s funny how the cops start talking with him like he’s a real human being. They let him sit up, they crouch down and get on his level and have an eye-to-eye chat with him.

A little decency results in more decency. A lesson these thugs have apparently never been taught.

The woman making the video makes it pretty clear what she’s thinking: what we are all thinking. That this isn’t policing, it’s something else. She explains “you wonder why the people hate you.. we have  to record all your incidents with citizens because we fear you might just kill someone… this isn’t policing… you’re doing your job all wrong”

Well, they might be doing the job of policing all wrong in terms of what it is supposed to be but in reality, they are trained to do their jobs this way so that they can be hated and feared. That’s what the police state needs. Pain compliance and fear compliance. Just ask the Tonton Macute. Just ask al-Sisi’s thug-state police in Egypt. Just ask the right sector in Kiev or Iraq’s special police battalions. This is the job when you are tasked with maintaining order in a closed society.

So on that one point, this young woman gets it wrong.

They are doing their job EXACTLY like they have been told to do it.

And they’ll get worse before they get better.




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23 Responses

  1. What did the man do? And why didn’t he just lay still to begin with?
    He was causing more pain by struggling….. he knew the police would just press harder to hold him.

    • it’s called panic and fear. the point is, why was he thrown to the ground in the first place? and to take a more careful look at your statement, the cops remained perched on him even after he stopped struggling and was simply asking them to get off him. it took the EMTs to get them off his injured, remaining, leg. so I don’t give a shit what he supposedly did to end up down there. the cops handled it WRONG. period. that’s too say nothing of the gang they brought in to hold back the crowd.

    • and you might want to take a look again at how the cops were looking around at the citizens simply standing there watching. that’s what I wrote about mainly in the article. they viewed the people standing there, the citizens of San Francisco, as potential enemy targets… just like they did when they served in Iraq or Afghanistan. That’s the point of me putting this video up on the site.

      • I did not mean to sound like I was questioning the article ! I agree with you…. the police were way over doing everything….. like they were ready to arrest everybody..
        I just wondered what the man did….

  2. The “citizen” is/was a film student from UCLA on her way to Twitter/Medium HQ to discuss a project concerning police abuse with Medium. She also happens to be the sister of Clinton Allen who was shot by Dallas PD in 2013. Her mother started Mothers Against Police Brutality. Which has support from Cornel West among others. She said in the video she was a reporter for Elle magazine which may be true but you can find most of her work by searching on Medium/blacklivesmatter.
    Never heard of Medium? Well they are on online news organization privately owned by the Twitter founders. To include Jason Goldman, current White House Chief Digital Officer.

    How did you get a tip off to this video? It was posted online YT yesterday by Bobbie Johnson who has disabled comments. This account was started 12 Aug 2015. The only news outlets to run with it are Raw Story (19 hours ago), RT (10 hours ago) Eurweb (5 hours ago) and Matter which is a subsidiary of Medium owned by Twitter founder and White House staffer Jason Goldman. I am just curious how you came across this event from 4 Aug, posted online 17Aug and authored an article 18 Aug in the am?

    Keep me banned I don’t care. I am still out there.


    • does your comment look banned?

      I saw it on RT by the way.

      You think it’s staged to promote Obama’s police reform agenda? could be. but the sentiments are accurate in how we view the police and how they work in a police state.

      • Yes I was banned before. And yes I believe it is staged. Ole boy did take one for the team though. How that leg stayed on and strapped I have no idea. I just found it too curious an account started on on 12 Aug 2015, disabled comments, and absolutely no other activity other than an upload 5 days later.

        Based on what I see on RT, they agree with you too. RT is good for those America is descending into total police state tyranny stories. I wonder how it was that RT ran with it BEFORE Medium did? When it was a medium reporter who just happened to be on her way to a meeting at “Twitter” HQ to discuss a project concerning police brutality. And would have a homeless one-legged man being manhandled by two cops while 12 others encircled them in font of “Twitter” HQ. And just how many of those wheelchairish looking things do they have handy to transport disabled arrestees? Good thing it was close enough to respond promptly.

        What was the disabled homeless man with a pretty exotic looking prosthetic leg’s name? I guess blacklivesmatter only if they get killed.


  3. “You think it’s staged to promote Obama’s police reform agenda?”

    Bobbie Johnson From Matter Twitter Feed
    1) ask—and get your employers to ask—why bodycams aren’t used in SF
    2) attend public meetings
    3) email officials

    Now your just being paranoid! This is purely coincidental.


  4. Hmmm According to twitter feed she taped Police Brutality on the 7th. All other accounts say it originally happened on the 8th. And what has happened to the nameless, homeless, one-legged man now? What happened? Did Mr No Name get released? Did “No Quarter Given” feel sorry for him and give some food and shelter. He was a good story that had that had to be edited down to 11 minutes before release. Did “No Quarter Given” turn over a copy of the 30 minute unedited. Why wait a week. Why not release on the anniversary of the Mike Brown “event” when is supposedly happened?

    Or is this about being right across the street from Uber and Twitter HQ and the Tech Geniuses need to design an effective body cam to be instituted federally and monitored in real time by the federal authorities.

    We need the feds to nationalize the nations police force “in order to achieve the national … force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Or something like that.

    Speaking of Uber, maybe Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy can help out with that. Whats that? Who is that? Why its David Plouffe, thats who.


    • the implication that it’s staged simply because of the location it took place and the woman being there at that time doesn’t really hold up. apparently the police department took him to a hospital and had him committed against his will for observation due to his mental state. There was no arrest. That happens quite often with homeless people and when it does happen, the hospitals do not release their names.

      The woman who made the video acknowledged all the things that you claim are suspect herself when she wrote about the incident. If there was something nafarious to it, I doubt she would have been the one to spill the beans so to speak.

      Are we now to assume innocence on the part of the San Francisco police when anything happens in that particular area because Uber and Twitter are a block away? It took place at UN Plaza so does that mean it’s part of Agenda 21? Its a ridiculous argument. You think if they were going to stage something like that for Medium to cover they would stage it in front of their front lobby so as to reduce commute time for the reporter?

      Or maybe we should point out its an extremely wealthy area and this poor man was rousted because his clothing wasn’t expensive enough for him to be there.

      As far as “why?” he was bothered in the first place, the cops approached him apparently for being poor around rich folks and they claim someone called and said he was waving sticks around on the sidewalk. or maybe that was some store owner who didn’t like a poor homeless guy sitting in front of his business.

      The cops told him to surrender his sticks and he refused because he says he used them as crutches. Eventually, they claim, they called for a beanbag gun to shoot him with and when it arrived, he handed over the sticks anyway rather than getting shot.

      They then claim the 42-year-old man “resisted arrest” but of course there was no reason to arrest him unless of course you think being poor in a rich neighborhood constitutes grounds for arrest.

      They then claim the man’s own body weight took him down to the ground, WHILE the cops still had their hands on him.

      They never explained why they sat on him for so long or needed so many cops to protect other cops from the crowd that never did a thing to stop the incident.

      The fact that it took a while for her to release the video or why it wasn’t released on the date YOU think it SHOULD HAVE BEEN, is just meaningless. One thing it doesn’t support is the notion that the SFPD staged the event with 14 of their officers in order to make them look like thugs so the body cam agenda could be fulfilled. Or the nationalization of policing for that matter. Had this been a psyop, my guess is, it would have been out there much quicker. Also, it would have been picked up by the MSM like lighting fast, which at this point has not happened yet.

      When they stage crap, they don’t release it on Medium or Raw Story or RT. You understand that right?

      The woman not only called for body cams on cops, which is BS I admit (and have written about), but she also calls for people to confront local PDs through community meetings and ask why they feel the need to treat us this way, which is a reasonable and responsible request.

      There are still only a few media outlets covering this. Mainly local stuff.

      Here is the original article from Medium she wrote

      View story at

      reuters has finally covered it, but few others have.

      In short, seems to me they tried to remove this guy from the area because of how he looked and probably smelled. The fact that so many people were around who clearly didn’t appreciate what they were doing made it more difficult for them.

      Who he was and where he is now is certainly of concern and the fact that she just happens to be an activist against police brutality is perhaps not as odd as one might think, or at least have thought 2 or 3 years ago. Seems like you cant swing a dead homeless guy anywhere in this country without hitting a police brutality “activist” when all it takes is a Twitter account and a self-inflated ego to be one.

      Besides, the fact is, I wrote this article and focused on how the cops treated the witnesses as well as how they “piled on”. That was the focus. And frankly, I’ve been writing about both of those aspects of modern day policing for some time now. You want to argue they handled it well? of course not. so instead you want to say it was “staged” in order to discredit the video. well, that is your right I suppose. But, I don’t see evidence of that anywhere. could be wrong, but then again, so could you.

      Now, this of course is your fortee, right? After all, it was you who was saying Mike Brown wasn’t actually shot back then, right?

      “You say Wilson shot Big Mike on Aug 9th 2014. This is a lie. This is staged propaganda and you are going along with it.”

      I mean, that’s what got you banned here, correct? Oh wait, no… it was this:

      “Do you have SITE bookmarked for research too?”

      So this seems to be a thing for you, claiming cops don’t really do anything bad unless they are asked to do it and it’s staged.

      Yeah, and here you are again with the same trick up your sleeve. yeah. got it. thanks

  5. “Or maybe we should point out its an extremely wealthy area and this poor man was rousted because his clothing wasn’t expensive enough for him to be there.”-hey wily,your liberal is showing again.With the inflammatory remarks you always insist on using,hell,you could write/report for the MSM…

    • you never heard of cops rousting the homeless? doesn’t happen in your town? happens here. its illegal for them to panhandle during the week on city street corners. in short, they arrest them when they see them. they also don’t allow places to feed the homeless in the city downtown during the week either. lots of places have laws like this. when one gets down there and starts making a scene, they come remove them. unsightly dont you know. that’s “inflammatory” just pointing that out? yeah, i guess it is to some, but not me. shit it’s so commonplace, didn’t they start off a movie about that kind of thing… oh yeah, it was called Rambo. ever heard of it. but that never happens in the real world, right?

  6. The fact that the guy is both black AND has a disability is all we really need to know-you’re right,bet he got that leg blown off while serving in Rambo’s platoon….I’m kinda playing devil’s advocate here(I’m no great defender of cops),but I also don’t automatically jump to the side of who(always)appears to be the downtrodden discriminated against “little guy”.So do we know the details of why the guy was rousted in the first place?(A question brought up by Jan10 some time ago).

    • Yes, well.. we know what the spokeperson for the SFPD says: that someone from the business district down there called 911 saying he was down there “waving sticks around”. The “sticks” tuned out to be his crutches or at least he uses them for crutches. When the cops showed up they wanted to remove him and take his “sticks”, he asked why? it went on from there until they called for someone with a bean-bag gun to come down there and take his “sticks”. When that guy showed up, he gave up his “sticks” so they grabbed him and attempted to arrest him (for what charge, he didn’t say) and the 42-year-old guy resisted and ended up “going to the ground” because of his own body weight, according to the official story, while the cops had their hands on him. And then the video kicks in.

      Like I said, he was downtown, in a nice area, probably making a scene, who knows. Some business owner down there wanted him gone and the cops were called in to remove him. Maybe he was suffering some mental crisis or another. I don’t know. But the guy seemed pretty rational when they finally got off him in the video due to the EMTs telling them to, so I don’t know.

      My thing is, a lot of cops can simply talk to people, get along with them. Defuse the situation. That’s “policing”, you know. And that’s what the woman filming the episode is talking about. I’ve met them, you’ve met them. I would like to see the video of how he got down on the ground, how that situation went, but honestly, again, I really don’t think it changes how they treated him and how they CLEARLY viewed the people watching as potential enemies. That in itself speaks volumes. Simply put, they handled it WRONG. And it isn’t as much their fault as it is they are TAUGHT to do these things and when they don’t “pile on” of instance, they can get in trouble. And, they are TAUGHT to see us as potential attackers in situations like that. And that is wrong, in my opinion. I think I try to focus on that aspect of this in the article, or at least inferred it.

      and one more thing… I never said that was all we needed to know in the article, and certainly never mentioned the color of his skin. Were the people in the crowd black or white? it doesn’t matter, they were ALL viewed with the same trepidation by the cops and they treat us ALL the same for the most part.

      I answered Jan10 yesterday “some time ago” when answering another reader in a long comment I left him. Turns out the guy was never arrested, he was taken to the hospital for an evaluation and probably committed involuntarily. So whatever “crime” he committed to get them down there apparently wasn’t worth the paperwork.

      And the Rambo reference was not to suggest he was a vet, it was, if you haven’t actually seen the film, a reference to the fact that Rambo in the story was simply hitchhiking, poor, moving through a town, looking for some food and shelter, and the local sheriff picks him up for no reason, escorts him to the other side of town and drops him off. They didn’t like “drifter scum” in that town. Rambo doesn’t like how he was treated, turns around and goes back to town. It happens a lot more than you think. Quality of Life laws in New York. Broken Window campaigns. Not only does it happen, a lot of times, it’s institutional policy. And, like I said before, it’s WRONG.

  7. “Like I said, he was downtown, in a nice area, probably making a scene, who knows. Some business owner down there wanted him gone and the cops were called in to remove him”. Seems like a common enough occurrence-if the cops get a disturbing the peace call and show up to find whoever is causing the scene to be belligerent and combative seems to me their JOB is to take care of the problem. Except,of course,if it happens to be a disabled black guy.Let’s face it man,in your world the cops are NEVER right.If you were a cop responding to a scene such as this what would you do-take him for coffee,get him a motel room,-WHAT?

    • when you get him subdued and cuffed, you get off his infected leg. Or maybe you talk to him like a person before calling in the beanbag gun to shoot him because he doesn’t want to leave simply because he’s poor. I don’t know. Not my job. I’ll tell you this though, when a guy is down on the ground and his prosthetic leg is showing, I don’t pile on and stick a knee in his ribs.

      and once again, you seem to be the only one here talking about the color of his skin.

      • And,right on cue,you are now purposely avoiding the fact to make yourself seem concerned with his “poverty level”.He doesn’t want to leave because he’s POOR? What does that even mean?

        • “right on cue”? What are you, an idiot? Did you not read the article and all my subsequent comments since writing it?

          Apparently you have issues comprehending what you read while in a rabid, police-state defending rant… so I will explain.

          “because he doesn’t want to leave simply because he’s poor.”

          That means, perhaps he got excited because he KNEW the cops were there to remove him… because he’s poor… and perhaps he didn’t LIKE THAT and made a point of letting them know it.

          That’s what that means, obviously. I guess since there was no mention of race, you didn’t bother taking the time to actually read it.

          • ” What are you, an idiot”-yeah-no need for inflammatory(not to mention derogatory)rematks,oh ye great defender of the downtrodden and poor….perhaps he was ALREADY excited and swinging his “sticks” around,hence the call to 911.And if you are now pretending to be “color blind” because it fits your stance on the issue(I must admit,the “poor” angle is a new one for you)then wail on.Maybe you should try to locate this guy and take him on as some kind of protoge-you can make a “difference” in the poor and persecuted one person at a time.

            • Sorry,misspelled protege-don’t wanna look like an idiot after all….

            • the point is, you don’t know what he did or didn’t do and I don’t defend or detract from the police on that basis (like you do). I can only go by what the police spokesman said. And causing a nuisance in the public square in my mind does not constitute grounds for arrest or a bean-bag gun. All I was EVER saying is the cops handled his arrest wrong by STAYING on his infected leg, piling on when they obviously didn’t need to and by how they OBVIOUSLY viewed the crowd as a potential threat. All of those things are WRONG. You saw how he sat there quietly after the cops got off him. That would have happened SOONER had they simply done so EARLIER. That’s it. You can’t argue with that. Your BlueLiveWorship is showing through and that’s OK. Your right I suppose. But don’t come here making this into a racial issue or putting words in my mouth in order to try to bolster your flailing argument.

              And, for the record, if you think me addressing the class issue in this country is a new angle for me, you haven’t read a single article I’ve ever written because that has been the focus of this blog for the past eight years.

  8. I lived in San Francisco about 7 years ago and I’m very familiar with the place this happened. It’s one of the most crowded, touristy places in town (where the subway meets up with the cable car turnaround on Market Street, with lots of shopping centers). When I was there we passed out 9-11 truth material there on the 11th of every month:

    It also happens to border the Tenderloin, so yeah, there’s a lot of homeless people passing through. If the guy was making a big scene I doubt the cops would let him stay there long, though. There would be loads of tourists just outside of what we can see in the video, waiting in line to get on the cable car. Whenever we passed out truth material there would always be around 5-6 officers around to kind of hassle us (but no one ever got arrested).

    There were always loads of handicapped homeless people on Market Street. I’d be surprised if the police didn’t have a special wheelchair handy.

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