Social Security – Get Thee To the Poorhouse: How Free Market Ideologues Want to Feed Working Class Americans to the ‘vicissitudes of life’

by Scott Creighton

Eighty years ago on Aug. 14th, 1935, the United States set in motion a plan to help care for it’s wage-earning citizens. It was called Social Security and over the course of it’s history it has been the most successful program ever created in this country at helping working class people remain independent and secure through the onset of a debilitating disability or old age.

Countless millions of wage-earners have been able to avoid living on the streets in poverty or having to beg family members for shelter in the latter parts of their lives because of Social Security, which is not an “entitlement” but rather a federally mandated retirement investment fund and disability insurance program.

One would think that any American would see this as a benefit to our society. Though the scheduled payments are low by any standard measure when compared to other Westernized OECD countries, the reality is, a worker who spends their entire working career paying into the Social Security retirement program can at least expect to be able to live life with a modicum of respect and comfort during the last stages of their time in this world.

At an administrative cost of around one penny per dollar and with no privatized business interests to cut huge profits off the top, the program is the most efficient financial retirement/disability plan ever constructed in this nation. And were the banksters and their pocket politicians never to have designed the crash of 2008 and the subsequent crippling of the job markets that resulted from that economic terrorism, the predicted solvency deadline of 2034 would certainly be pushed way, way back even further than that.

As successful as the program is and as popular as it is (more on that later) in truth, even long before it was signed into law, a small sliver of hateful oligarchs raged against it’s creation. They are the same as those who planned the Business Plot of 1934, a fascist coup they cooked up to remove the elected president before he could enact his left-leaning programs to put Americans starving for jobs back to work and keep the elderly and disabled out of the poor houses.

Yes, there are those who directly benefit from making us working classes vulnerable to the ‘vicissitudes of life’ and don’t you ever forget it.They have always been with us and they always will be.

These are the same types of animals who spend millions of dollars and countless hours of their time laying out plans to cripple other countries so they can profit from exposing their citizens to the vicissitudes they eventually wish to unleash here.

Look at Ukraine, look at Iraq, look at Libya, Egypt, Chile, Haiti, Russia during Yeltsin, the Asian Tigers.

Look at Greece.

The fingerprints left at the scenes of these economic crimes against humanity are those of the same people who crippled our economy so they could profit from the slow torture of incremental austerity being imposed by President Peace Prize and his willing gaggle of “center-left” right-wing reactionaries.

What they hate is a government that stands opposed to our economic interests on behalf of their citizens. When Morsi put forward a new constitution for Egypt that directly forbade austerity measures, the likes of which the IMF forces on nation after nation, the State Department headed by John Kerry had to move in and enlist a new dictator to violently replace him. After some 2,000 deaths at the hands of al-Sisi’s thug-state, protesters in the country, thousands of them, resigned themselves to their new fate: vassals of the vicissitudes.

When Gaddafi stood in the way of “progress” in his country and instead spent the revenue from the people’s resources extracted from the people’s land on the betterment of the lives of the people themselves, the State Department headed by Hillary Clinton had to drop thousands of bombs on the nation, decimating it in a “humanitarian intervention”

And of course Cuba and Venezuela and Iran in ’53… Chile in ’73…

Time after time our history exposes this one truth: any government that works “for the people” must be destroyed. And thus was the idea behind the Business Plot of 1934. And thus is the idea behind the hatred of Social Security.

Proponents of “small government” ideology will tell you over and over again that “Big Gubment” always uses “violence” to enslave you. It’s a lovely little bit of twisted logic propaganda but what they really mean too say is that strong governments ‘of the people, by the people working for the people” get in the way of the profit margins of those same oligarchs I mentioned before.

A strong Department of Education gets in the way of Jeb Bush’s friends when they want to profit off privatizing the education system.

A strong EPA keeps them from generating more profits by abolishing environmental protections.

A strong FDA keeps them from passing off untested, unregulated vaccines and worthless medicines so they can generate short-term profits while you the consumer (or your vaccine mandated children) suffer the consequences any other externality is expected to pay.

A strong SEC keeps them from deregulating even more economic weapons of mass destruction they can pass off as profitable triple A rated derivative time-bombs.

A strong OSHA keeps them from dangerously exploiting workers on behalf of cost-cutting, profit-creating shortcuts.

And a strong Social Security administration keeps them from exploiting you workers from the day you punch your first time-clock till the day you are used up and tossed on the scrap-heap to be further exploited by a potentially new industry, the Charter Poor-house Complex.

Though I certainly don’t expect to win over many libertarians with this article, I do know for a fact that even libertarian ideologists by and large do not support the decimation of Social Security and Medicare.

For that matter, though they don’t like to admit it on the corporatist MSM, the vast majority of Americans support these programs and with good reason: self interest.

That’s why even on the reactionary-right, candidates today virtually run from any discussion of them with one glaring exception.

The Donald, as he often refers to himself in third person, Donald Trump, has recently been very vocal about Social Security and Medicare.

In a publicly televised campaign event, The Donald made it very clear he supports Social Security and Medicare. He even went so far as to counter typical republican talking points when he said they aren’t “entitlement” programs, they are insurance programs, very successful ones at that, and he wouldn’t support abolishing them or even reducing them because people have paid into them their entire working lives and have a right to them.

When he said this it raised a few eyebrows in the audience as it was directly contradictory to what they have been spoon-fed over the last couple of years by Fox News and other sources but there was a smattering of self-conscience applause in the crowd by the brave few who dared to respond with their hearts.

Truth is, as even the The Donald himself pointed out, these programs are popular on the right among the working classes. They have yet to be so indoctrinated in the ideology of the reactionary oligarchs that they are willing to vote for their own demise on this one particular issue. Even the libertarians, Donald claimed, understand this.

Before you start singing The Donald’s populist praises though, his lack of political experience betrayed him in the next few moments when he said “the Democrats are eating your lunch on this issue

And on that little bit of insight, he’s absolutely correct. It is going to be a major issue in this upcoming election as the economy dwindles and the austerity jackals circle the carcass.

Because of the frankness of his statement, republican candidates have been moving slightly to the left on this issue but that does not mean we are out of the woods. If you recall Obama’s promises in 2007… well… enough said there, right?

In truth, the neoliberal Free Marketeers on both sides of the isle will pay lip service on preserving Social Security and Medicare but in the end their hands will help craft the demolition of both while their forked tongues continue to slither platitudes from between their pressed, scaly lips.

The new trade agreements, free market corporate Articles of Confederation, being hashed out in secret will threaten both… not only here but in 60 or so other nations across the world.

The idea of course is to remove any and all constitutionally mandated protections by various governments against the tyranny of the New World Order. Legal protections and social ones like Social Security and Medicare.

To keep a slave a slave, he must understand unequivocally that his entire existence depends on the good will of his master and once his usefulness (profitability) is done, so is he. The notion of a comfortable retirement must always remain a pleasant, if not wholly unrealistic dream that one willfully indulges in but never really expects.

There were no social safety nets on plantations run in this country, in any of the British colonies that kept hundreds of thousands of slaves over the centuries or in ancient Egypt and Rome for that matter.

And in this country, prior to 1935, the best one could hope for was a generous and successful child or at least, finding a less than outwardly cruel poor-house in which to spend the last unpleasant days of one’s long unpleasant life.

Social Security changed that for millions of Americans and for that sin against the natural order of the world, handfuls of savage capitalist Free Market oligarchs want to put it on the chopping block and feed us, our futures and those of our children, to the ‘vicissitudes of life’ once again.

No other campaign issue makes the perversion of their ideology more painfully clear. Defend Social Security. Improve it. Put Americans back to work, secure your future and reject these “trade” agreements.




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9 Responses

  1. excellent article, Scott
    now… we need to write our representatives…..
    and elect ‘the Donald’ ?…

  2. “He just kept coming at me … ,” the sobbing cop was telling the court about emptying his weapon into the unarmed, black criminal.

    When I read that, I wondered if that cop ever wonders what made the guy criminal, made him keep coming. Maybe he’s one not made to wonder, I thought. For sure, he got paid to not.

    There’ll be no official wonder about what sent us to the poor house either, only coached sobbing

    • So true. And yet, when social security and medicare are abolished and the funds stolen by oligarchs who sob publicly for the unfortunate, the wage percentages paid in by workers for these programs will still be charged. They will simply be shifted to another general “tax” category. Heck, even the excise tax on tires was never successfully removed after WWII – only mutated around. It’s interesting to look at the rate of increase of federal excise taxes in the past 30-40 years.

      • Something else I read, Stanley, just the other day: Oil prices going down. To me, it read like we’d get a break at the pumps.

        Next time I got gas, it was up a dime

        • Of course! How could the oil companies make the same amount on a lower priced product if they didn’t raise the prices somewhere else? Nevermind WHY oil prices are down – don’t look behind the curtain Roy. The Wizard of Oz knows what’s best for you.

  3. Thanks for elaborating on this theme, very well said. It all boils down to the fact that the cancer-like powers that have run the US for the last 40+ yrs. want smaller government, of course, because our Government was created to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”
    So naturally, in the obscenery these roboswine accept as reality, this is a truth that needs to be shrunken to a pinhead. ‘Cause this new reality is a reality where a corporation is a person, and shit is the new ice cream, and Godzilla is just a regular guy. It would be great to see some young legal firebrands in this country mobilized to challenge the separation of church and state concerning the worship of money in American politics today….to contest those in Government (yeah, really corporations). It will be a front page story….when unicorns buy all the major US media outlets. Good job, Scott, until then we can come here and a precious few other sites to, if not yet come up with answers, at least to define what we’re up against and inform each other. In the 60’s, by the way, that’s how whatever possitive changes came about. The politicians and the press said nothing until they were against the wall. It was word of mouth….the truth keeps marching on.

  4. Lest anyone fall for the bait and blame those Repocrats, keep on firing, in this turkey shoot there’s plenty of fat Demlicans to hit, too. Below are some things about Obama’s wanting to pimp social security to his handlers since before he made it big, starting with this first article. There is a very good chance I was linked to this article by American Everyman, excuse me, Scott, if I did. I saved this a while back for unbelieving friends who were so taken by President Obanker. He gave us change alright, but his friends kept the dollars.
    Here are some general searches Startpage, Bing, and such are all good places to start and
    And our own RI (Home of Mobsters and Lobsters) local girl makes bad, Gina Raimondo, and her contribution to the workers of the state:
    And as Martha & the Vandellas said, “Can’t forget the Motor City….”
    Where did the Social Security money, pension money go? Well, you see the rats were doing a night audit at the cheese shop and… And lest anyone think this conspiracy theory isn’t real check out the social psychology behind America’s looting and what it is doing to the hearts and minds, the body and souls of our country. We are being studied as non-humans by non-human wannabes.

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