45,000 demand Israel PM Netanyahu’s arrest for ‘war crimes’ during UK state visit

UPDATE: I am told it is nearly 54,000 at this point


from RT

A petition calling for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for ‘war crimes’ when he arrives in London next month has been signed by over 45,000 people.

Netanyahu will arrive in London on a state visit in September and meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

According to Jewish News, the Iranian nuclear deal and the impasse in the Israel-Palestine peace process will be key issues on the agenda during the visit.

The petition, published on the UK Parliament website, demands Netanyahu’s arrest upon arrival for “the massacre of over 2,000 civilians in 2014.”

Last summer, Israel launched a bloody war against Gaza that killed nearly 2,300 Palestinians, the majority of which were civilians, 500 of them children.

The attack crippled Gaza’s infrastructure and left over 500,000 people homeless or displaced.

The government will be forced to respond since the petition has received over 10,000 signatures. If it surpasses 100,000, Parliament could debate the issue.

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3 Responses

  1. The UK arresting the leader of Israel? If they get 10,000,000 r even 100,000,000 signatures, they only interesting thing will be what the British government actually says to try to explain how/why the Israeli leader is a true humanitarian and why he should not be arrested. In today’s world, however, they’re more likely to say nothing at all about Netanyahu and launch immediately into reasons for going after and prosecuting “disloyal” people who sign petitions against world leaders.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve just signed it.

    54,480 and counting.

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