Watch the Difference Between How #BlackLivesMatter “Shut Down” Jebs Event Compared to Bernies

by Scott Creighton

So much for the, “Why are they just protesting allies? Why don’t they protest Republicans?” complaint.” Daily Kos

Over at the fake “progressive” sites like Daily Kos and Raw Story, they are coming out saying that BlackLivesMatter “shut down” a Jeb Bush campaign event which of course, to them, proves BlackLivesMatter isn’t deliberately targeting the populist Bernie Sanders on behalf of their globalist sugar daddy, George Soros.

This is complete bullshit. The two “disruptions” aren’t even close in comparison. Not in how they were handled. Not in the vitriol the BlackLivesMatter activists leveled at the two contenders. Nothing could make their real purpose more obvious than simply putting the various videos side by side and letting people see how they played out. Which is what I do after the break.

(It should be noted that the Daily Kos runs the Netroots Nation conference where Bernie and O’Malley were first accosted by BlackLivesMatter and someone within the organization of the conference allowed them into the event with press passes and helped them stage the distraction.)

First of all, Bush met with the professional “activists” prior to the event, surely laying the groundwork for when and how their staged “disruption” would take place.

Members of Bush’s campaign told the Times that he met with members of the movement earlier in the day to discuss reforming the criminal justice system and “barriers to upward mobility.” Raw Story

Second, no one “shut down” Jeb’s event. The woman from BlackLivesMatter stood there at a mic waiting her turn during the Q&A portion of the event, then respectfully asked a few questions after which she allowed Jeb to answer them. There is absolutely no comparison between what she did and what happened now in two separate Bernie Sanders events where the BlackLivesMatter thugs rush the stage, take over the place and then (at least in one of them) call the audience members “racists” and “white supremacists’

Once the Q&A was almost over, a couple BlackLivesMatter folks started chanting someone or another and Jeb left the stage. That’s because the event was finished. They did that so they could pretend they “shut down” the event. Obviously, they didn’t and there is no comparison between the two actions.

Here are the videos. Judge for yourself how they viciously attacked Bernie and his crowd and then respectfully asked a few softball questions of Jeb Bush.

Bush “disruption”:

Notice how she mentions education. Bush’s big thing right now is privatizing public school systems. He’s been a big proponent of charter schools (for profit education) since his days in Florida and just happened to end his Q&A talking about that since she brought it up.

Sanders disruption at Netroots Nation:

O’Malley disruption at Netroots Nation:

Sanders disruption in Seattle:

That look like the same thing to you guys? No? That’s because the BlackLivesMatter right-wing reactionaries are in service to the same folks that Jeb is and so they treat him with respect. Him and his handful of fans in that stupid little high school gym campaign event.






So, if you want me to run for president, make a donation. If you don’t want me to run for president, for God’s sake, make a donation!

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13 Responses

  1. Where’s security in all of this? It’s a little disconcerting to know that anyone can walk right up next to a candidate. Apparently secret service protection is only offered to “major” candidates and begins 120 days before the election. Hilary, as former First Lady, already has a secret service detail.

  2. Good find, but you seriously need to stop using the word “thugs” to describe them. I don’t subscribe to political correctness but most on the Right deliberately use the word “thug” as a codeword for the n-word. I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing, but it’s how it will be perceived by most. Also, you wrote in a previous article they were obeying their “master”. Again, I don’t think you meant anything racial by that, but that’s because I’ve read this site for awhile. If this was my first visit to the site I would have a very different opinion. Too many people are tainted by identity politics and you aren’t going to break through to them with that language. I would have shared your articles on Black Lives Matters (including this one) if it wasn’t for this. Don’t get defensive. Just think about it rationally. You’re a white guy criticizing a black movement and you want to reach black people who are taken in by it. The second they see the word “thug” they are going to ignore everything you said. If you truly want to effect change I would suggest calling them something else. I think ‘useful idiots’ is the most accurate description anyway. Just some constructive criticism. Do with it what you will. I hope your health has improved as well. Easy on them cigarettes brother.😉

    • didn’t i call those mercs they sent down to Ferguson, the Oathkeepers, “thugs”? Don’t I call the destabilization teams in Egypt, Syria and Iraq “thugs”? When you are hired to go disrupt something, to get in people’s faces, to instigate hostility, then you are a “thug”… by definition.

      You ever read anything that I wrote where I talk about white people serving their “masters”? Would you like me to share about a hundred links with you where I did so? But you already know that, don’t you?

      When I wrote those things and write those things in these articles, I know what I am doing. I know people will look at it and take those words, not out of context because, that’s what they mean and they fit how I used them, but take them and assign another meaning to them… kinda like you just described.

      I knew that when I wrote them.

      But let me ask you a question: what would be more racist of me? To use those words as I have been, accurately mind you… or to avoid using them simply because someone will be looking for a reason to discredit the work?

      Those two girls went there to silence a populist on behalf of an oligarch… that makes them “thugs” and the oligarch their “master” just like all the white folks at Daily Kos doing the exact same thing.

      I understand where you are coming from, but I would question my own integrity if I changed the language that I use over and over again when describing this kind of behavior just because the color of their skin.. or because I dont want to damage my “reach” so to speak.

      Anyone wants to call me racist, they can come here and read the work I did for Mike Brown, Miriam Carey, Chris Dorner, Cynthia McKinney, Freddie Grey, Haiti and the host of other topics I wrote passionately about long before Black Lives Matter ever existed.

      and I did it and do it without a single nickel coming in from a “foundation”

      now, if you don’t want to post it on your site because I used words in it that you know I use all the time talking about all sorts of folks from all sorts of skin tones, well, that’s your thing. and you do with that what you will.

      • As I said, I know you’re not racist, and I understand your point, but I just don’t want to go through the obligatory explanations when people start questioning the language. I don’t have time to interact much on social media and don’t want to waste time clarifying things. I also wouldn’t call them thugs unless they physically assaulted someone. The one girl at the second Bernie rally was pushing up against the organizer with her body a bit but calling her a thug is a bit hyperbolic in my opinion. They’re certainly going against the interests of the black community as a whole, and even themselves, unless they are already well-off, which may be the case, or will be the case after they get paid for their disruptions. Because of this, I feel the most accurate description is ‘useful idiots’ or ‘Soros stooges’. I wasn’t offended as I know who you are and don’t get offended easily anyway. My main point is: Do you want to be right or do you want to be effective?

        Anyway, I hope there’s no hard feelings. I just want your message to resonate with as many people as possible without compromising your message one iota. I don’t think if you used different words your message would have been diluted in the slightest. I’m only trying to help. Be good and enjoy the rest of your evening.🙂

        • is a bully a “thug” if he’s paid to be a bully? because that’s what makes a “thug”… being paid.

          “Thug, a common criminal, who treats others violently and roughly, often for hire”

          Did they treat those patient organizers and even Bernie violently and roughly? I would say so, yes. Are they paid by Soros? I would say so, yes.

          ergo, “thug” nuf said.

          • “Thug” defined by Merriam-Webster:

            : a violent criminal

            : a brutal ruffian or assassin : Gangster, Tough

            “Thug” defined by Merriam-Webster Unabridged:

            a person inclined or hired to treat another roughly, brutally, or murderously : Gangster, Killer

            “Thug” defined by Oxford Dictionaries:

            : A violent person, especially a criminal.

            Then it states it is an extension from the second definition of the Indian robbers and assassins.

            So yes, to me, it seems hyperbolic. If she struck someone then I’d agree with you. It’s not really a big deal to me though. Just thought you’d like to hear an outside perspective.

            • fair enough. but that’s how I meant it.

            • as it just so happens, the article I wrote today before the comparison one is titled “Syriza Moving in Police State Thugs to Rid Kos of Undesirables Before it’s Privatized”

              does that mean the cops are all black? does that mean they are beating them? no on both counts, but they are acting like “thugs” and that article was written just an hour before the one you wont post because I used the term “thugs” to describe how those women behaved and if I am not mistaken, you reblogged that article.

              • Police are generally thugs though, and likely did rough those migrants up, as they are constantly beating people up. Anyway, my point was not the correct use of the word, but the deliberate use as a codeword for the n-word by right-wing assholes. If someone’s first exposure to Willy Loman is the article in discussion, they could get the wrong idea. That’s all I’m saying. You could be turning off people who need to hear your message. Social Justice Warriors are the ones who need to hear about the backers of Black Lives Matters the most and they’re outrage porn addicts, so you’re alienating them. It just seems counterproductive. So I respectfully disagree with your position. I think we’ve beaten this topic to death though. Good night and don’t let the thugs, I mean beg bugs, bite.😛

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