A British “Aid Worker” “Beheaded” by ISIS™ Just in Time for British Parliament Vote Authorizing Air-strikes in Syria

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Found on the front page of Conde Nast’s REDDIT:

ISIS raped 170 virgin girls in Anbar, and 50 Yazidi girls in Mosul [Unconfirmed] (iraqinews.com)  “

Here’s some news on that same level:

Elvis Seen Leading a Band of Dwarves and Elves in a Nightclub on the Moon!!! He Was ROCKIN!!!” [unconfirmed] (bullshit news source)

It’s no wonder American Everyman was shadow banned by Reddit after their sale to Conde Nast.


“The Turkish government also lends its ambulance crews to ISIS to help treat their wounded. And, of course, let’s not forget the UN humanitarian camps inside Jordan, Turkey, and other neighbouring countries that have served as bases for these terrorist groups.” Saman Mohammadi

We have already discussed the horrible timing of ISIS™ propaganda videos. They always seem to show up, directed at creating a perfect pretext at the perfect time for one Western country or another to use their efforts to advance their own anti-ISIS™ agenda. Either ISIS™ and their propaganda arm are the dumbest human beings on the planet who also happen to possess a death wish… or…

Today’s latest ISIS™ Crisis installment is brought to you by the folks at “British Parliament Needs Cover for Upcoming “Bomb Syria” Vote”

The British Parliament voted yesterday by an overwhelming majority to give David Cameron the authorization he needed to launch air-strikes in Iraq to help the Obama administration and a few dictators from Middle Eastern countries crush the anti-Maliki uprising taking place in the country right now. ISIS™ is the cover for that particularly disdainful operation.

Britain’s parliament on Friday overwhelmingly approved airstrikes in Iraq against targets of the extremist group calling itself the Islamic State

The UK will now join an airstrike campaign that has been led by the US since early August. The US has conducted more than 200 strikes against ISIS-held targets in Iraq, and this week expanded the air campaign into Syria. The motion in Britain’s parliament rules out strikes in Syria in lieu of a separate vote. Business Insider

So of course, possessing the worst timing in the history of any propaganda campaign, the folks at ISIS™ released a video showing them “beheading” a British “aid worker” (wink wink) who was “helping” the people of Syria. If you recall, the last “aid worker” beheaded by ISIS™ worked for a company tied to  :

  • United States Agency for International Development
  • United States Department of State
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Asian Development Bank
  • World Bank
  • United Nations Democracy Fund

That’s some “aid” huh?

The latest “victim” is Alan Henning and he was apparently abducted some time after this past Christmas while working for a company driving an ambulance in a convoy from Turkey into Syria. Keep in mind… Alan wasn’t (isn’t?) a trained EMT.. he’s a f*ckin cabbie from Britain. Driving an ambulance…

An ambulance? Why pack up all your “aid” in an ambulance and drive it into the country? If you’re there on legitimate humanitarian efforts, why disguise yourself as an ambulance crew?

Look at this picture: do you think a real ambulance would have their spare tire just tossed in the back which is apparently packed with various shit in various boxes?

Hmmm… who else goes from Turkey into Syria? Oh yeah, the terrorists hired by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia do. That’s who.

I wonder if Alan every gave anyone a ride back into Turkey who happened to have some wounds. hmmm….

If Mr. Henning was actually “helping” the people of Syria, why was he sneaking into the country from Turkey? Anybody want to field that one? And how much “helping” could he have done in a half-hour… no, I’m not kidding:

December 2013: Alan Henning, from Salford, kidnapped while travelling with a humanitarian aid convoy shortly after crossing into Syria from Turkey. It is believed he was captured just half-an-hour after arriving in the country. Manchester Evening News

Seems to me that he had just enough time to run into Syria and take a PR photo with a little brown baby.

But wait… ObamaGod says he’s a hero, loved by the Syrian people:

Mr Henning worked to help improve the lives of the Syrian people and his death is a great loss for them, for his family and the people of the United Kingdom,” the American president said. Telegraph

I guess as far as Obama is concerned, that isn’t really a lie: the CIA, the State Department, NGOs like the National Endowment for Democracy and all the rest often gain access to various targeted nations under the cover of being “aid workers” and in their minds, the brutality they provide assistance with will ultimately “help improve the lives” of the people of that targeted nation… or at least, it’s help a few of their richest oligarchs.

Here’s a picture of Alan with some of the “volunteers” he worked with, getting ready to go into Syria to do some “aid work”

[think about this: in a destabilization campaign, contractors, the real terrorists we hire for our irregular warfare, get injured. When they are injured seriously enough, we need to bring them out into a friendly country, patch them up, then take them back to continue being terrorists. Now you can’t exactly ship them back over in a Humvee with US Special Forces written on the side… so… how do you get them back in under cover? I wonder]

Humanitarian aid: Alan Henning, circled, with other volunteers before setting off for the Syrian border

Oh yeah, they look like aid workers, don’t they? How about these guys?

Here he is loading up some “aid”

Wow, look at that. They got 10 whole packages of diapers and 6 cans of formula. Wonder how long it will take them to distribute all of that.

Hey look, they have children, they must be legit.

If some of those guys show up to your home with some “aid”… don’t open the door. Look at the guy in the middle and the one of the far left. Those guys are about sick to death of doing the PR photo shoot don’t ya think? Those guys are f*cking CRAZY. Look at that guy second from the right in the back. Would you let that guy give your daughter some ‘aid”?

I’m having a hard time finding the actual video, since of course they are obviously staged and not real beheadings, the MSM tells everyone “If you watch the video ISIS wins!”

I did find a still from it and guess what you don’t see again? Yeah, that’s right

henning beheaded

is it just me or did Alan loose a hell of a lot of weight since Dec?

The link they put up to the video, doesn’t actually HAVE the video. It’s already been removed. Didn’t take long, did it?

If anyone can find it, please let me know.

The next “victim” of ISIS™’s peculiar brand of non-beheading beheadings is reported to be a guy named Peter Kassig.

Kassig is also a humanitarian “aid worker” but, he is a former Army Ranger who joined up in 2006, went to Iraq in 2007, was discharged on a medical sometime after that, then went to Butler University to study Political Science. In 2012 he decided to become a “humanitarian aid worker” and went to Lebanon and eventually Syria to distribute all that “aid”

Funny thing happened though… suddenly Mr. Kassig had enough money to start up his own “aid” NGO… hmmm…

Later that year, Mr Kassig founded his own aid organisation SERA (Special Emergency Response and Assistance), a non-governmental organisation dedicated to providing first-response humanitarian aid for refugees.Telegraph

As coincidence would have it, right before he was “abducted”, Mr. Kassig just HAPPENED to have time to do an interview with TIME

In an interview with Time magazine, given shortly before he was abducted, Mr Kassig said his work with SERA was the “only thing that gave my life both meaning and direction.

“In five years, if I can look back on all of this and say that our organisation is able to truly help people, that I was able so share a little bit of hope and that I never stopped learning then I will know this all stood for something.” Telegraph

So there you have it, the latest non-beheading beheading of yet another “aid worker” right on time to help the British Parliamentarians justify voting for the bombing campaign in Syria. I suppose Mr. Kassig’s fake execution will be equally poorly timed for the interests of ISIS™

This crap is getting ridiculous.


38 Responses

  1. Mr Cameron doesn’t like conspiracy theorists. Expecting a knock on the door any day.

  2. we had the parents of foley on irish tv last night.they are launching a foundation in their sons name.starts around 1h18m if it plays in US http://www.rte.ie/player/ie/show/10330208/

  3. This crap is getting ridiculous.

    The North American and Western European “left” made a collective decision a decade ago, that they would prefer to live in the Matrix than deal with objective reality, by refusing to acknowledge the by-then obvious false-flag 9/11 operation.

    Having once made a decision of that magnitude, there’s no going back. If they now point out the obviously ridiculous nature of the current round of false-flag crap, the question that will naturally arise in the mind of any rational person is, “What about 9/11?”

    There’s no possible answer to that question that wouldn’t now immediately and permanently destroy the credibility of all those people and organizations that declined to answer it a decade ago. For them, there is no going back.

    That leaves the rest of us, both those who understood 9/11 for what it was at the time or shortly afterward, and those who didn’t know they were living in the Matrix until much more recently. We must do what we can, in the real world of objective reality, and dissociate ourselves, both organizationally and ideologically, from those who decided long ago that they preferred their comfy, foundation-funded, middle-class life in the Matrix.

  4. Well done for picking up on this. Only one point, the parliament vote was Friday before last, not yesterday as asserted.

    • that’s a good point and important to the discussion. Yeah, they passed the iraq authorization last week.. and still needed to create a pretext for the Syrian vote. and the video comes out. guess they had time to produce the video

      • They already had a pretext with the alleged execution of Brit David Haines earlier in Sept but Parliament only approved attacks on Iraq. Maybe the latest non-beheading is intended to get approval for attacks on Syria?

      • Sorry, must be the late hour. You did say “Syrian vote!” Thanks for keeping me up-to-date.

  5. Here’s a link to the video that still works as of this posting. Looks just as convincing as all the others. Same unconcerned acceptance of their impending brutal murder…same calm resignation and complete lack of struggle. Kudos to the prop department, but the director is incompetent.

  6. “suddenly Mr. Kassig had enough money to start up his own “aid” NGO”

    Re: Kassig’s money:
    Kassig’s SERA website’s fundraising goal is stated as $3000.

    Conveniently, a certain Mr/s. Anonymous gave $3,000 in one lump – what a caring humanitarian! There are only 4 other donors of which, beside the above, another Anonymous gave $320, and another $20, Hylton Millar gave $20, and finally Peter Van Beckum “gave generously” or more specifically, given that the total donations are listed in large type at the top, $1145.

    $4505 is roughly enough for round trip airfare and some small number of nights in a hotel, so evidently he has other sources of income. It would be interesting to know what those tattoos on his arms say, or what’s in those “aid” packages since, oops!, he totally forgets to mention anything whatsoever about what kind of “care” Mr/s. Anonymous and Mr. Van Beckum generously shelled out over $4000 for. He says to contact him personally to find out, so one must suppose there is some secret reason he doesn’t just say what kind of “care” he’s talking about right there on his bloody website.

    These beheading video episodes all remind one of that LSoS Matthew Van Dyke and his dishonest no-experience-“journalist” partner Nour Kelze who were publishing their silly easy to debunk American anti-Assad propaganda films last year at the 9-11 anniversary. Maybe he’s he director of these beheading videos – seriously – it certainly resembles his lame quality of thought and his stupid production value with very similar obviously phony illogical “tells”.

  7. Thank you for mentioning shadowbanning. I was not aware that it is reality. I never discussed it with anyone because I found it science fiction like the holonet.

  8. “If anyone can find it, please let me know.”

    [video src="http://videos.videopress.com/qmKyklwK/henning_hd.mp4" /]

  9. “The motion in Britain’s parliament rules out strikes in Syria in lieu of a separate vote.”

    I know this is no language forum, but could anyone explain what this sentence is saying? What does the in lieu of part cause with the British motion ruling out strikes? Does it mean a second vote against strikes is not allowed, or does it mean that a second vote was needed, or else?

    • Stephan, it means that they have approved strikes in Iraq but not in Syria. If the government wants to strike targets in Syria, they have to go back for another vote in Parliament. This is probably why they’ve had another fake British beheading this time located in Syria!

  10. OK, I finally did it. I watched not one but two of these fake beheading videos and they are bullshit! The camera cuts off after at least two if not three saws across the neck and nothing. Even if there had been some blood, these were not people preparing to die. They looked fairly bored with the proceedings and showed no sign of resistance to their “fate.” I’ve seen more angst on faces in my local barbershop.

    I’ll admit that the final “here’s one we prepared earlier” scene looked real enough but not beyond the realm of special effects artists even in low budget films.

    I took a quick peek at one of the non-professional beheading videos and watched just far enough to see how the victim acted prior to the execution. I didn’t watch the execution (as I don’t need that in my memory) so it too might have been fake or only threatened but the victim acted like he was actually in jeopardy. It was real human emotion faced with a serious threat to life and limb.

    There are a lot of sick people out there but most of them work in or for government!

    • The pantomime beheader is very skilled in his movements. In one video, which I watched frame by frame, I think it was the Foley video, he grabbed Foley’s head while stepping behind Foley, but he grabbed Foley’s head, while standing on one foot, before the second foot reached the ground. Amazing body control but hilarious for a beheading because a resisting victim would cause him losing the balance.

  11. Yes we are talking about typical big media war machine politics http://www.timesgroup.com/brands/publishing.html (publisher’s of my previous post).

    in my post above I mentioned that the beheading videos resemble the easy-to-debunk inept film making style of of Georgetown Walsh School CIA propagandist/mercenary MATTHEW VAN DYKE.
    I just randomly searched YouTube for his name and this Syrian Girl video outing Van Dyke came up so I clicked on it.

    Go to 2:05 and check out who Van Dyke is having private FB conversations with on March 29, 2013, saying that the Syrian Rebels have chemical weapons,: none other than STEVEN SOTLOFF !

    Then again at 5:15 about not trusting the Syrians, and again at 7:43 about sneaking mercenaries into Syria. The dates jump around from late 2012 to mid 2013.

    There are a LOT of names of shady characters mentioned in this video which I am not familiar with, but you may be, and a lot of really twisted covert ops mentioned so it seems like a treasure trove of names and ops for people who know more than I do – I recommend watching the whole thing at any rate because it has loads of interesting stuff, though it’s possible it’s fake, but I kinda’ doubt it.

  13. And more: you can apparently download the whole exchange between Sotloff and Van Dyke

  14. It just keeps getting better! Here’s another video by this Allison Hope Weiner woman where Van Dyke tells the whole story of how his family and JAMES FOLEY’s family are friends – he knows Foley too! From Libya to Syria! Then at around 7:20 he explains how he knows STEVEN SOTLOFF. Then he says that air power is the only thing that can stop ISIS, and says an interesting bit about the ISIS strategy at 13:05. He must be our film maker. Did I call it or what?

  15. Scott, you must be one helluva heartless bastard. Unfortunately for you, it seems you like looking for conspiracy theories where there aren’t none.

  16. I first came across Matthew Van Dyke’s propaganda operation several months ago when a Syrian guy in a thread posted this video to convince people that the FSA deserved our help. In about 15 minutes I had the whole video and Van Dyke pegged, and wrote the guy back that no, what you have there is an extremely clumsy stupid American propaganda film that is so easy to debunk it is pathetic.

    At 1:16 there’s a phony firefight where a guy supposedly gets shot in the lower abdomen but instantly falls over “dead” for no apparent reason, then it cuts and another guy starts dragging him to “safety” and knocks over the gun that is leaning on the wall, then there’s a cut to the same scene but the gun has been propped up again…in the middle of a firefight. Who would bother to do that while under fire?…totally staged. Then we see blood all over the victim’s head and NONE on his abdomen, but he was shot in the abdomen! Preposterous. Van Dyke establishes in this scene that he is a stupid incompetent filmmaker.

    The next stupid phony action is at 8:13 where a street party is interrupted by a flash-bang grenade where one actor falls down to make it look good but nobody is hurt and you can tell it’s a harmless low-power Hollywood explosion because everyone keeps walking around. Silly.
    It also looks identical to the theatrical low-power explosions at the Boston Marathon and the explosions in this video by a company that stages fake firefights with crisis actors for training soldiers.

    Then I spent two minutes Googling Van Dyke and his sidekick Nour Kelze and find out he’s a mercenary propagandist spook from Georgetown and she has no credentials at all, except maybe in porn. In the Syrian Girl video posted above we find out Kelze does nude photography of herself and apparently got busted by locals in Syria for it, and that Van Dyke is a creepy narcissistic sex freak too. A totally non-credible shitbag couple of lying spooks. The lame and stupid quality of his film making is extremely similar to the lame quality of the beheading videos, and he was good pals with the victims. Hmmm.

    • Good grief….. it all looked so real…. the wounded men seemed not to be acting…. how in the world will Americans ever get anything straight in their heads when Hollywood has now got involved with war and politics…we’ve been programmed to believe and trust the news…
      the news and Hollywood have teamed up against us.

      • Well you’re in one of the best places here on AE; Scott has an unusually excellent handle on things due to his quick and moral intelligence, comprehensive understanding of the motives underlying geopolitics, and his considerable skill at surmising the meaning of very confusing events. His speculations may turn out to be incorrect once in a while but that is to be expected from the best speculations; overall he is one of the best analysts out there. He is truly a national treasure, though it is unlikely he will ever get any mainstream recognition of his excellence.

      • I think Scott will attest that Hollywood and the news have been teamed up against us for decades, but really completely and comprehensively since 1980. American optimism is a truly great thing in most cases, but in matters of Kontrol it is a serious mistake.

  17. […] Hier finden Sie den Originalartikel, A British “Aid Worker” “Beheaded” by ISIS™ Just in Time for British Parliament Vote Authorizing Air-strikes in Syria. […]

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