“Flames of War” Video from ISIS™ Perfectly Timed to Help Obama™

by Scott Creighton

USSOCOM Psychological Operations: “Operations that provide “truthful information” (subjective -“truthful” to whom?) to foreign audiences that influence behavior in support of U.S. military operations” – i.e. the ISIS™ Crisis

Desperation causes mistakes. Some bigger. Some smaller.

Yesterday, Sept. 16th 2014, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempsey went before the Senate Armed Services Committee in order to request more money and continued support for President Obama™ ‘s “long war” against ISIS™ in Iraq and Syria and anywhere else they decide they have to take the fight.

For no apparent reason, on the very same day Sept. 16th 2014, ISIS™ ‘s media arm, the Al Hayat Media Center, released a slick new 52 second video in the form of a movie trailer which promises to bring the exact same kind of war to the United States that Gen. Dempsy just happened to warn the senate about just a few minutes earlier.

No one speaks in the video. But it ends by flashing words on the screen: “Flames of War: Fighting Has Just Begun” (the video has now been removed from Youtube) followed by “coming soon.” Washington Post

If you think that is a bit of a coincidence, hold on, it gets better.

Within the next few days, Sept. 17th or the 18th, congress is expected to vote on Obama™ ‘s request for half a billion dollars to arm and train “moderate” extremists from Saudi Arabia to fight ISIS™ who are in fact Salafists/Wahhabist extremists from… Saudi Arabia.

To make matters worse for our congress-critters (H/T Mike Rivero), they have a little thing called a mid-term election taking place on Nov. 4th 2014 in which all 435 members of the House and 33 members of the Senate will be trying to win re-election. That’s about 50 days from today.

Let that settle in for a second. Mull it over for a minute. Think about the odds of this group releasing such a perfect video at such an opportune time.. which serves only the interests of their stated enemy. The new video ONLY serves to:

  • harden the resolve of the congress members to vote for that 500 million dollar package for weapons to fight “ISIS” at a time when Americans want out of this “long war” and are being hit by crippling neoliberal austerity measures leveled at them from both the “left” and the right
  • provide cover for said votes for said congress critters in the upcoming election
  • frighten the American public into allowing Obama to re-engage military operations in what he called “the wrong war”, in the one country he has actually reduced our military’s footprint

That is not a coincidence folks. There is no way anyone working for “ISIS” could possibly have been that stupid.

“Operations that provide “truthful information” (subjective -“truthful” to whom?) to foreign audiences that influence behavior in support of U.S. military operations

Here is another date you should remember; Sept. 15 2014. On that date, for the first time, Obama’s military struck targets outside Baghdad.

The United States early last month began air strikes against IS positions in northern Iraq, but Monday’s announcement that the campaign had targeted militants near the Iraqi capital marks an escalation in the scope of the mission. Middle East Eye

Why is that relevant to this story? It is relevant because the situation in Iraq is getting worse. Maliki’s death squads and Obama’s bombing campaigns in the north are failing to repel the uprising of indigenous Iraqis who are fighting our puppet regime in their country. In short, all the gains made by the Bush administration in their illegal war of aggression on Iraq are about to be lost to a popular uprising centered out of the north. They are making headway and will soon be surrounding Baghdad and the all important Green Zone.

There is no time to wait until after the election before Obama puts boots on the ground in a massive way in order to reconquer Iraq. In 50 days, Baghdad will fall and with it all of our “national interest’s” holdings in the country.

The video is a desperation move on the part of the USSOCOM propagandists and it’s one that carries with it no small amount of risk.

Let’s say for a second that this very simple timeline were to be picked up by folks at Reddit or Global Research or one of the larger alternative media outlets. What do you think would happen were the American people to be presented with this simple and undeniably odd sequence of events as they played out over the past few days?

Do you think the average American would sit back and say “oh, well, I guess ISIS is just real unlucky and real stupid”? Or do you think they would start to wonder how stupid someone thinks they are?

“The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan. As soon as you sacrifice this slogan and try to be many-sided, the effect will piddle away, for the crowd can neither digest nor retain the material offered. In this way the result is weakened and in the end entirely cancelled out.” Chapter 6, “War Propaganda” of Adolf Hilter’s 1926 “Mein Kampf”

The real stupidity comes from the propagandists who made this video as quickly as they could and then released it via the same outlet that made the fake beheading videos.

If you look at this timeline, you can’t deny the video only serves the U.S. military industrial complex’s interests and given that, you have to come to understand that “ISIS” is something vastly different than what we have been told it is. Or at least this video production company isn’t what it appears to be.

And given that simple to understand fact, since the same company also produced the beheading videos which show no one being beheaded… guess what that makes those videos as well?

The release of this video was a desperation move and it was a foolish one. That may be why it was removed from Youtube as I was writing this article. I’m sure you can still find it if you are so inclined.


“it is not enough to fear Big Brother. You must love him”

Someone recently said to me that they don’t don’t understand why all this pretense is needed: that the powers that rule this country are going to move forward with their plans regardless of what the American people think.

To that I simply offer up two recent examples of why that is simply not true. Why what we think of them and this agenda is the ONLY thing they care about when it come to us or any other occupied population.

1. The first is the chemical weapons false flag “red line” event from last year which failed miserably and prevented Obama and company from openly attacking Syria in order to force a regime change and the subsequent neoliberalization that always follows.

Had the masters of the universe simply not cared, they would have proceeded anyway with their operational plans regardless of the fact that many alternative news outlets as well as mainstream assets, exposed the fraudulent false flag event for what it was, thereby cancelling the “humanitarian” Obama bombing mission in it’s tracks.

So obviously, they do care.

2. Yesterday Gen. Martin Dempsey told the senate among other things:

“ISIL will ultimately be defeated when their cloak of religious legitimacy is stripped away and the populations on which they have imposed themselves reject them. Our actions are intended to move in that direction. “

The object is not simply to force the occupied population of Iraq into submitting to our rule. The object is to get them to accept it, like it and actually need it.

You cannot maintain a neoliberal prison state in perpetuity against a will, an idea, that will not perish. Cuba under Batista is a fine example as is Mubarak, Ben Ali and Saleh just too name a few others.

The people of Iraq have rejected the dictatorial rule of the client state imposed on them by the Bush administration back in 2003. The idea of freedom, real freedom and self governance has never left them and what we see here today is a prime example of what happens when our puppets can’t control what the people in their charge think.

To that end, you can change a few words in Gen. Dempsey’s statement and it puts what we attempt to do here in a little better light.

The masters of the universe and their NWO will ultimately be defeated when their cloak of moral legitimacy is stripped away and the populations on which they have imposed themselves reject them. Our actions are intended to move in that direction.


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  1. Amen to your last statement, my friend

    • I second that – excellently put.

      • thanks guys. if you watch the Hedges video, he talks about something very similar toward the end. we’re fed up. everything is peculating, simmering, just waiting. we do what we can to counter the ridiculous desperate propaganda and more and more people are becoming not only aware of these contrivances, but sick of them. we can only bend so far.

      • Hi, Vincent

        • Uh oh. Wrong place. Don’t know what happened.

          Anyway, long as I’m here, can’t watch videos on this machine any more. Freezes up. And, all the techies around here grown and gone. Going to keep reading, though, and making comments till it won’t bring up AE anymore

          • Hey, bud.

            Maybe I can help with your freezing issues. Drop me a line at the GM-No! blog, and let’s see what I can offer.

            • does malware bytes still offer a free download?

            • Not sure I can even get there, Vincent, but thanks for the offer.

              Most people can’t believe how dumb I am about these things, and I hate to let it show. Our son still lives in town, he’s kind of a hand with them, but he’s occupied most of the time. When it gets to where we can’t use it at all, he’ll probably come over and figure something out.

              Him and his younger sister grew up using this very machine

  2. Excellent work Scott. You are really filling an important niche with your reporting and writing. I circulate these pieces as broadly as possible.

  3. […] diskutierten bereits die zeitliche Koordinierung der ISIS™-Propagandavideos. Sie scheinen immer zur perfekten Zeit […]

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