Busted: Jihad John McCain Met With “ISIS” Head Caliph Ibrahim Back in 2013

by Scott Creighton

Contrary to what some would have you believe, yes, that is Sen. John McCain meeting in 2013 with the head of ISIS (IS)

“ISIS” released this photo claiming “some” of the guys pictured with McCain are now fighting for them. It’s deliberately misleading in that you don’t really know who any of them are. Here’s another with the same disinfo photo. Here’s another. The point of this campaign is too discredit the claim that McCain met with and aided what is now “ISIS” – the same “ISIS” that McCain claims is “coming to America


The trick is he says he didn’t “pose” for a photo with “ISIS”. In fact, he didn’t. The real photo you should be looking at is this one. They aren’t “posing” they are discussing how much military aid Jihad John can acquire for al Nosra (al Qaeda) and “ISIS” through the cover of the “moderate” FSA. But, technically speaking, no, he isn’t posing.


This photo was taken just before the other one on the same day. You can see Jihad John McCain is wearing the same suit and the man sitting directly to his left is the same guy wearing the same clothes as the one to his left in the other photo.

The man of real interest in the photo is the same one John is looking at and speaking with, the seated man in the dark shirt. His name is Ibrahim al-Badri most commonly known by the nom de guerre Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (“ISIS”) and now the self-proclaimed Caliph Ibrahim, leader of all the Muslims in the world. Jihad John was there to discuss providing weapons to the head of ISIS. That is a fact.

On 29 June 2014, ISIS announced the establishment of a caliphate, al-Baghdadi was named its caliph, to be known as Caliph Ibrahim, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was renamed the Islamic State (IS)

The illegal meeting Jihad John attended was held  back in May of 2013. The man in the stripped shirt with glasses is Brigadier General Idriss Salem who was at the time, the head of the “moderate” FSA terrorist destabilization campaign in Syria. He was hoping for McCain to lobby congress to send heavy weapons and call for U.S. airstrikes in Syria so they can remove the elected government and replace it with another fascist colonization. You will notice the FSA flag is actually the one used during the Syrian Republic of 1930-1958 during the Vichy France occupation and colonization period.

McCain said of this meeting which clearly involved wanted terrorists, al Nosra Front and al Qaeda members, that they were “moderates” and should be supported militarily.

Brigadier General Idriss Salem is an interesting case because right around the time of this meeting, he openly acknowledged that Israel was working within the borders of Syria aiding the FSA and other terrorists groups and hinting that they may have been responsible for the chemical weapons attack blamed on Assad. Not long after that, Salem was forced to resign his post in Dec. of 2013.

In May 2013, Senator John McCain made his way illegally to near Idleb in Syria via Turkey to meet with leaders of the “armed opposition”. His trip was not made public until his return to Washington. [6]

This movement was organized by the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which, contrary to its title, is a Zionist Organization led by a Palestinian employee of AIPAC [7] Thierry Meyssan

“Israel has this information because there are many, many members of security services who are now very active in Syria,” Brigadier General Idriss Salem

Our intelligence services have used jihadist terrorists of one sort or another since their inception. The CIA (capitalism’s invisible army) doesn’t protect American’s from overseas threats. They protect global business interests like a kind of international mergers and acquisitions firm with a license to kill, a gangland mindset and no moral center. That is the CIA and you know somewhere right now a TV show or a film is being produced to make you think they are nothing more than good guy heroes.

We used far right-wing fascists during Operation Gladio throughout Europe in an effort to keep all those nations from shifting too far to the left after the Nazi regime failed to make them fascist. We used the same sorts to overthrow of the elected government of Iran in 1953. From there the CIA has racked up at least 60 illegal subversive coups, destabilization campaigns, assassinations and color revolutions all in democratic left-leaning nations and all on behalf of big business. Through out it all we used some variation of fascist “freedom fighters” and al Qaeda in Syria has been referred to the same way.

Each time our little fascism agency runs an op somewhere overseas, you can bet your bottom dollar they are linked up with far right fascist thugs of one sort or another. In the case of al Qaeda, al Nosra, the FSA and “ISIS” what you are talking about are Salafists from Saudi Arabia. That’s what Charlie Wilson used in Afghanistan. That’s what Killary used in Lybia. That’s what Jihad John uses today.

Salafists are not really Muslims. They are a hybrid created in some of our most dictatorial puppet regimes that worship Mammon, not Allah. They are actually Wahhabists but they don’t like that term since most educated people know what it means. It means that since they aren’t really Muslims they can kill other Muslims with impunity if they aren’t far right-wing enough for their liking.

The majority of the world’s Salafis are from Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. 46.87% of Qataris and 44.8% of Emiratis are Salafis. 5.7% of Bahrainis are Salafis and 2.17% of Kuwaitis are Salafis.

Salafis are the “dominant minority” in Saudi Arabia, 22.9% of Saudis are Salafis (concentrated in Najd). Wiki

The are the dominant minority in Saudi Arabia because they serve the royal family with a rare unquestioning brutality.

Jihad John, pictured above with various Salafist terrorist in Syria, has been running illegal destabilization campaigns for some time apparently. So it should be no surprise that he met with those guys.

The list of interventions by John McCain on behalf of the State Department is impressive. He participated in all the color revolutions of the last twenty years.

To take only a few examples, ever in the name of “democracy”, he prepared the failed coup against constitutional president Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, [13] the overthrow of constitutionally elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti [14], the attempt to overthrow the constitutional President Mwai Kibaki in Kenya [15] and, more recently, the ousting of the constitutional president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. Thierry Meyssan

It should also be no surprise that “ISIS” along with al Nosra, is funded by the likes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Sometimes the destabilization force is used to unseat an unwanted leader as was the case in Libya and Venezuela as is the current operation in Syria.

Sometimes the destabilization force is used to make a legitimate uprising look evil and thus create the need to invade under the false pretense of protecting civilians from that Salafist evil. An example of that would be Yemen (another might be Furguson?). Another would be the ongoing ISIS Crisis in Iraq.

In cases like these you often have players overlapping from one campaign to the next and as is the case with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, sometimes trusted mercenary leaders have to change assignments.

When that happens, Mob Consularies like Jihad John McCain have to be careful not to get caught holding meetings with the former terrorist “freedom fighter” who are now the most “dangerous threats to America” which is exactly what happened.

He should have been a lot more careful because at the time he met with Caliph Ibrahim (a.k.a. Abu Du’a), he was already on the terrorism most wanted list with a reward of 10 million bucks being offered up by us the taxpayers.

John McCain, Conductor of the "Arab Spring" and the Caliph

That photo alone of John McCain seated and meeting with a wanted terrorist at the time should be enough to have Mr. McCain arrested under the NDAA of 2012 and detained without trial until the end of the “endless” “100 years war” but it wont. His claim after the meeting that we had to give these terrorists heavy weapons and support their cause, should send the old bastard to Gitmo for some water-boarding sessions. But it wont.

It wont because this is what the United States does. This is the real nature of international terrorism a.k.a. U.S. foreign policy…  and this photo and Jihad John’s career are merely symptoms of a sickness we have for far too long, ignored as a society.

But yes ladies and gentlemen, that is Jihad John McCain meeting with the head of public enemy #1 back in 2013.

On a side note, remember, the uprising, the real uprising in Iraq that we are desperate to crush, wasn’t active back then. So Caliph Ibrahim wasn’t needed in Iraq til later.

Just thought you would like to know.


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33 Responses

  1. [1] SCOTT CREIGHTON WRITES: “You will notice the FSA flag is actually the one used during the Syrian Republic of 1930-1958 during the Vichy France occupation and colonization period.”

    >Yes, and the flag the USA chose for the new Libya (after the USA and NATO destroyed Libya) was the flag of King Idris I, a savage dictator who was allied with the West until he was overthrown by Muammar Gaddafi in 1969. Libya’s flag became a simple green banner. After Libya was destroyed, and Gaddafi lynched, the USA reinstalled Idris’ flag.

    [2] Whenever politicians get busted for sharing hot tubs with the same “terrorists” they claim to oppose, politicians claim that the terrorists were “moderates” — even when the US government officially designates an entire group a “terrorist organization.” For example, many politicians, and bureaucrats, and assorted hangers-on were paid a lot of money by the Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK) to give speeches supporting the MEK. According to US law, every one of these politicians and bureaucrats should be in prison for giving “material support” to terrorists. The US government took the MEK off its terrorists list in September 2012, but the treasonous politicians and bureaucrats perpetrated their crimes before that.

    [3] SCOTT CREIGHTON WRITES: “Brigadier General Idriss Salem openly acknowledged that Israel was working within the borders of Syria aiding the FSA and other terrorists groups, and hinting that they may have been responsible for the chemical weapons attack blamed on Assad. Not long after that, Salem was forced to resign his post in Dec. of 2013.”

    >I have no doubt that Israelis have infiltrated neighboring Syria. The Kurdish territory of northern Iraq CRAWLS with Israelis.

    >As a side note, it is quite common for terrorists and right-wing dictators in the Middle East to collaborate with Israel, while simultaneously denouncing all their critics and competitors as “Zionist collaborators.” The few national leaders in the Middle East who truly oppose Zionists (e.g. Gaddafi and Assad) are always targeted for elimination. When Arabs kill each other, they condemn each other as “Zionists,” even though many of them work closely with Zionists. ISIS calls Assad a “Zionist.” The terrorist militias in Benghazi called Gaddafi a “Zionist.”

    >Put more simply, everyone in the Middle East hates Zionists, and this fact is exploited by individuals who seek political power. They ally with Zionists, while they denounce their competitors as “Zionists.”

    [4] SCOTT CREIGHTON WRITES: “The CIA (capitalism’s invisible army) doesn’t protect American’s from overseas threats.”

    >The CIA has one only one function, namely to maintain (and widen) the gap between the rich and the rest. This function is aided by the public, which imagines that the CIA are “good guys.” Indeed, the more the CIA works to reduce average Americans to poverty, the more average Americans in their desperation revere the CIA as “good guys.” It’s a kind of Stockholm syndrome.

    [5] SCOTT CREIGHTON WRITES: “Salafists are not really Muslims. They are a hybrid created in some of our most dictatorial puppet regimes that worship Mammon, not Allah.”

    > Yes. In their attitudes, their hypocrisy, and their murderous duplicity, Salafists are mirror images of Zionists.

    For Zionists, all Goyim worldwide are “terrorists.” For Salafists, all non-Salafists worldwide are “infidels.”

    Naturally, Salafists (who are not true Muslims) claim to be the only true Muslims.

    [6] SCOTT CREIGHTON WRITES: “Sometimes the destabilization force is used to unseat an unwanted leader as was the case in Libya and Venezuela as is the current operation in Syria.”

    >What unseated Gaddafi in Libya was eight months of round-the-clock bombing by the USA and NATO. After Libya was destroyed, the militias crawled out of the rubble and started killing each other. They’ve been doing it for the last three years.

    However the oil is flowing, and the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System is under French control, which is all that matters.

  2. Hey Scott, what do you think of this?
    “Brown Jr., Michael E. Passed away suddenly 28 July 2014”

    Wasn’t it the case that dispatch learned about the shooting from the news, as opposed to the cops or 911?

    And there also this, “White House Officials Will Attend Michael Brown Funeral” “One of the consequences of this is that the funeral becomes a national security event subject to incident command and a rash of rules that will enable a lot of things”
    Continued down this page;

    • FWIW, this youtube poster has a video claiming that the James Foley in previous videos is not the same Foley in the beheading video, IMHO, it is the same Foley. In fact it is the same Foley playing brother Michael as well. But the Ferguson video above looks pretty solid to me, though I haven’t done as much research as you.

      “James” Foley

      “Michael” Foley

  3. McCain does an astonishing track record of being on the wrong and often criminal side of some rather pivotal events, including, among other national pratfalls:

    –as a member of the Keating 5; Charles Keating went to prison for bribing officials (who somehow escaped unscathed) in the lead-up to the savings and loan scandal of the mid- to late 1980s, costing U.S. taxpayers $150 billion (at the time a major sum);

    –as the Republican senatorial spearhead to get the TARP bailout passed; McCain had the lead in the 2008 presidential race but committed political suicide by abandoning his campaign to come back to D.C. in order to whip up Senate support for TARP. The corrupt Senate, of course, needed no such persuasion and voted in the largest welfare package ever by a 74-25 margin. McCain never recovered. Whoopsie daisy.

    –as one of the leading nozzles who spews whatever anti-terrorism script, however ridiculous, is put in front of his gnarled face.

    You really have to wonder just how close to mentally retarded this asshead actually is. His Wall Street handlers must laugh their asses off at him around the clock.

  4. According to this article, that’s not al-Baghdadi, but Abu Youssef: http://www.syriareport.net/mccain-visited-kidnappers-in-syria/

    • I don’t think that’s the same guy. the nose is different. Abu Youssef is in Lebanon isn’t he?

      • Did you read the article I linked? It shows the same guy from photos you posted. They have a second photo from the same shoot as your first photo, where you can get a better look at the guy in the back over McCain’s right shoulder. His nose does appear to be different from al-Baghdadi’s. Also, you’ll see in this new photo that the guy is wearing the same black shirt as the guy you pegged as al-Baghdadi in your second photo. Here’s a CNN video linked from that same article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0paLxAv49c It doesn’t look like it’s al-Baghdadi. From your second photo I could see why you would think it was, but it was a profile shot and too difficult to say for sure. I really like your analysis though, and this doesn’t mean that Washington hasn’t met with al-Baghdadi before (since they clearly were funding a whole slew of rebels in Syria,some being IS). It does show McCain is mixing with terrorist kidnappers according to the article I linked in my previous reply. Either way, it’s state sponsored terrorism.

        • yeah. some good photos and more from the shoot outside, and yes, the guy outside is the same guy Jihad John is talking to in the office. so, yes, you are right on that one. However, I think the image from inside and the ones outside, look more like al-Baghdadi than the guy they mentioned in that article. You could be right. There are several websites that covered the event last year that also said it was al-Baghdadi as well. and I tend to trust Theiry as well. he usually does pretty good work.

          yes I read the article I just don’t agree with their conclusion. I could be wrong. It’s good for people to check out. and like you said, it’s state sponsored terrorism either way.

          • I just did an image search for Abu Youssef and didn’t come up with anything. Do you know of any photos of him so we can compare to see if he, or al-Baghdai, look more like the guy in the photos?

            • the article that Tom linked to initially had an image of someone they named as Youssef. I don’t know if it was actually Youssef or Ibrahim, but there is a photo included in that article.


              • I am Tom. 😛 I was trying to find another picture of Youssef to compare to. Have you ever seen a picture of him. It’s definitely hard to tell, but al-Baghdadi seems to have aged a lot in one year if that photo is of him. It could just be the beard. Though his beard has a lot of grey in it now. Hard to tell. If nothing else, from now on when ever I hear the name John McCain I’ll think of Jihad John McCain. 😀

                • yeah, I’m sorry that is you. was you. I don’t know. anyway, all I could find on the guy aside from that article was he was some Palestinian middle management type and located in Lebanon.

                  and isn’t it funny that as soon as the story breaks that John McCain was photographed with this ISIS guy… suddenly taking all the headlines is Douglas McArthur McCain is killed “serving” with ISIS. So, search engines looking for McCain/ISIS… gets that story and not the Jihad John one? Timing?

                  Anyway, I will keep looking into it, see if I can drum up some more pics of the guy.

                  • The only info I came across when I searched Abu Youssef was this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Youssef_al-Najjar It sounds like the guy you were referring to, but he died in 1973. So this guy is either low-level or was misidentified.

                    You think they made up the Doug McCain story, just changed his last name, or it’s a coincidence? If it was orchestrated it was certainly done quite well.

                    Johnny boy is certainly surrounding himself around some shady character though. Oops…I meant “moderates”.

            • Apparently the Shimon Elliot thing is a theory that he is a Mossad agent and that is his real name.

              • well, a month before the pic was taken, the head of the FSA, pictured in that photo, did say the Mossad was all over Syria at the time. ?

                • I’m no expert on this topic, but I looked into it a bit further and it seems that IS and FSA are enemies, so I’m even more convinced that’s not al-Baghdadi now. I like the way you operate though. I just think you’re off here. 🙂

                  • When the FSA were created by us, they were our allies in the fight against Assad, right?

                    “ISIS” was created to be the “out of control” “greatest threat to humanity” that would facilitate a need for us to reinvade Iraq and sweep via mission creep into Syria.

                    so of course they are “enemies” just like we were enemies with al Qaeda (at first we weren’t, then we were, now we aren’t) and just like we were “enemies” with Saddam (of course, at first we weren’t then we were) just like we were “enemies” with Noriega in Panama…

                    … I think you get the picture.

                    You have to look at like the Dems and Reps are “enemies” or the faces and the heels are “enemies” in the WWE. Its a production and I still hold that the guy was there to meet with U.S. money guys (jihad John) in a typical production meeting.

                    • That’s quite elaborate. So you’re saying that IS and FSA have been working together the whole time and are just pretending to be enemies, or that they weren’t enemies at the time of this photo, but are now?

                      I still think the guy’s nose in the photo looks way too thin to be al-Baghdadi though. He also looks too young. He looks about the same age (or younger) as al-Baghdadi back from his mugshot in 2004. Al-Baghdadi has grey in his beard and just looks older in general. As I said in an earlier post, they very well could have met–I just don’t think the pictures above capture the event.

                      We can definitely agree that McCain’s a warmongering psychopath though. 😀

                    • It’s not elaborate, it’s just business. Is it elaborate when a homeowner meets with the general contractor and the various subs to plan the construction phase of the new residence? Do those plans sometimes change based on necessity?

                      McCain is no more evil than the guys who rigged the vaccine studies with the government’s help. He’s no more evil than the technocrats who put together the austerity measures for this country and many others like it. He’s no worse than Bill Gates putting 40 million into a new group to propagandize GMOs on behalf of Monsanto.

                      It’s just business merged with government. there’s a name for it.

                      As far as the photo is concerned, don’t you notice a bit of distortion in that older mug-shot? And lots of people lose weight as they get older. Maybe it’s him. I think it is. Several others do. Could be someone else. But al Nusra’s there and the FSA are there, so, it stands to reason their newest brand would be as well.

                      You ever wonder how it was that he got out of that Iraqi prison charged with terrorism after only 4 months? Do you have any idea what an Iraqi prison under Malaki is like? And he got out after 4 months to start up the new “ISIS” 2 months after Kerry announced that 60 million dollar infusion of cash into the “freedom fighters”? and the administration needs “ISIS” to justify crushing the uprising in Iraq?

                      You ever wonder why “ISIS” is still on Youtube and Twitter when people who tweeted that the beheading video was fake had their accounts suspended?

                      Do you know who the Mandarin was in Iron Man III? He was the evil terrorist arch-villain guy Iron Man and the world were supposed to fear and stop. Turns out he was actually a character being played by a washed up drunken stage actor no one ever heard of. He was created by an industrialist who wanted cover for his acts of brutality.

                      Now, that’s not too say everything is a “crisis actor” production, but much of “ISIS” is. They parade around in small towns controlled by the Maliki government, under protection of their military, while they pretend to be “evil incarnate”

                      They do that because Obama needs the justification to go into Iraq to protect our corporate gains won under the Bush regime. Do you think the people in this country would get behind sending bombs and troops into Iraq if they told them that? Saudi Arabia funds the project as does Qatar because they don’t want another Saddam-like regime controlling that much of the world’s oil supply and because they themselves are in bed with the U.S., the UK and Israel.

                      That’s all it is. It’s just business. But this is what happens when government is run “like a business”

                    • Abu Youssef is mentioned in this video as a “high level security commander of ISIS.” —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnU6P2T5Yr4

                      So McCain is guilty of supporting the Islamic State regardless of whether that’s al-Baghdadi or Youssef in the photo.

                • I agree with the majority of what you wrote. I guess I should have said it was complicated instead of elaborate. It’s gotta be tough to try to pull off this shit without the whole world catching on. Though most people are oblivious so they really only have to try and fool those who actually follow the news, and try to cast doubt in the minds of people like us, who question the reality of the situation unfolding before us.

                  As to the level of evil that McCain exudes? All I care is that he is doing some dastardly deeds on the regular. The others are bad news as well. I don’t discriminate with my disdain.

                  To your last point: It definitely appears that we are experiencing something like economic fascism if you go by Mussolini’s definition of fascism. The question is whether the U.S. will ever experience full-blown fascism. I doubt it but things will definitely get worse before they get better.

      • I just looked at the first YouTube comment from the CNN video I link above and a post is claiming that the guy is an IS leader named Shimon Elliot. I’ll let you sort it out. 😛

  5. Thank god he didn’t won the election , things would be really bad right now if he would have … 🙂

  6. O BTW check this fantastic independent site with GREAT news articles on Syria & Iraq

    It’s called http://www.deepjournal.com
    really check it out some good reading after the click.

  7. […] Busted: Jihad John McCain Met With “ISIS” Head Caliph Ibrahim Back in 2013 American Everyman […]

  8. […]  These are what these reports are claiming: That McCain has met with the leader of ISIS.  In “Busted: Jihad John meets ISIS Caliph Ibrahim” – it is alleged that Ibrahim al-Badri  – most commonly known by the nom de guerre – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (“ISIS”) and now the self-proclaimed Caliph Ibrahim (June 2014). (NY Times)  It is also alleged that Jihad John was there too. I have not the resources to verify this and have a question to self: Could his beard have grown that long in the period from May 13 to  sometime this year in 2014.  I am not convinced yet that this is the same person – also above – but will keep investigating this. […]

  9. That’s treachery, aiding the “enemy, well more like a frenenemy.

    Still, a traitor of the worst kind.

  10. That guy he’s “talking to” in the second photo.. Looks -exactly- like the guy in the background of the first photo… (the one to the right) and that’s clearly not Baghdadi.

    It’s proven that the US has supplied weapons to these so-called “rebels”, IS included, but these particular photos doesn’t show a meeting with Baghdadi because that’s clearly not him.

    Besides – why would they even need to meet face to face? They don’t and probably wouldn’t, one reason being exactly that – someone might get a picture of it. It doesn’t work that way. They don’t need to meet em’ to arm them, thus they won’t.

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