Neoliberal News of the Day

by Scott Creighton

While much of today’s news cycle will be somberly distracted by the death of Robin Williams, here at American Everyman the fight rolls on.

The 280 truck humanitarian aid being sent from Russia to eastern Ukraine is being held up by our puppet regime at the border – “Kiev intends to hold up the internationally-supervised Russian humanitarian aid convoy meant for East Ukraine for at least a week”

The peace talks in Egypt between Palestine and Israel are making no headway thus far.  Israel refuses to allow an end to the crippling blockade on Gaza as well as Hamas’ demand that a Mediterranean seaport be opened. The al-Sisi government stands with Israel on both of these issues. Israel is condemning the formation of a UN investigation into the war crimes they committed this time around in Gaza. Don’t expect another Goldstone report.

Full HRW report on Egypt

al-Sisi, the new dictator in Egypt, pawn of American and Israel, is behind the systematic murder of 1,000 protesters in his country. Tarpley and “Cartalucci” still back him as the savior.

A massive alliance of political parties in Egypt reject al-Sisi’s banning of the Muslim Brother political party.

John Kerry is parroting Obama’s support for the “new inclusive government” in Iraq. Our current puppet remains in control and we are waiting with baited breath to see how that works out. Remember, eventually we had to let previous dictators go when the people of various countries rose up against them. Mubarak, Saleh and Ben Ali come to mind right off the bat, but the process has been in place for decades. What’s happening in Iraq is no different except for the fact that Maliki seems to want to hang onto power.

Don’t “BELIEVE” Obama. US troops will have to put their boots on the ground in Iraq to quell the legitimate uprising against our puppet regime no matter who that regime is headed by. Hell, there are already 800 sets of ’em there already.

Thus far they have only identified 65 of the 298 victims of Flight MH17. The search for remains was halted by the prime minister of the Netherlands back on Aug 5th due to Kiev bombing the area. let’s not forget where Royal Dutch Shell is based.

Talk about DoubleSpeak: The US is concerned that Russia is using the aid convoy in an attempt to create a pretext for a “humanitarian intervention” in the Ukraine. You got to be kidding me.

“The United States is concerned that Russia’s planned humanitarian aid for the embattled south-eastern Ukraine might be “a pretense” for a military invasion of the ex-Soviet state, US Department of State Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said.

We believe Russia’s been trying to lay the international groundwork to support a humanitarian operation into Ukraine,” Harf told a daily press briefing. “We are concerned that Russia could try to use a humanitarian or peacekeeping operation as a pretense for inserting elements of military force into Ukraine.””

This is exactly what NATO did in Yugoslavia, Libya and attempted to do in Syria. Now they accuse Russia of taking a page from their playbook in Ukraine. Unbelievable.

Ironically, the Ukrainian government is accusing the pro-Federalists in eastern Ukraine of downing Flight 17 by mistake when they attempted to shoot down a Russian airliner in order to create a pretext allowing Russia to invade. Sound familiar?

The new blacklists are alive and well. We saw it before when TV personalities lost their jobs for simply asking the wrong questions during the run-up to the illegal Iraq invasion back in 2003. Today, it’s for different reasons. “Steven Salaita, an Arab-American Professor of American Indian Studies, was just fired from his job for tweeting criticisms of the Israeli massacre in Gaza“.

No, I have no tears for Robin Williams. I’m watching to see how they whitewash his death like they are doing with that incident with Tony Stewart. Anyone can see he swerved his race-car into that other driver. Stewart has a history of being an asshole and you can see that is clearly what he did. Doesn’t matter. There are brands to protect. In the case of Williams, even Hollywood was tired of his worn-out schtick. But today he’s a national treasure I suppose. Too bad they didn’t treat him like that before. Depression is a horrible thing though. I do know that. I feel for his family, but for him, he’s free.

Working on Jan10’s car today. Wish me luck.




8 Responses

  1. Man goes to psychiatrist, says that’s he’s depressed. Psychiatrist responds, “No problem – the great clown Pagliacci is in town…he will cheer you right up.”

    Man says, “But Doctor…I am Pagliacci”

    I remember this line mostly from Watchman, but I think it appropriate for my tribute to Robin.

    In other news…our elected officials in New York are en route to Israel, to show their support. Will they go to the hillside to view bombings, complete with popcorn and a soda?

  2. It is shocking….. did anyone know Robin Williams was depressed? He had fame and family and people who adored him…. why? Depression is such a vicious ‘animal’…. RIP Robin

    and Scott, I wish you much luck and a safe repair….. sure miss my little car….. and miss seeing my son the most! Be careful…..

  3. Well, Bummer’s having himself a little vacation—splashing around, getting some sun on his back, sand between his toes,… I know what that’s like, had two of them in my 73 years. Still, he’s out there, reminding us how life can be for those of us who work hard, keep our noses clean, mouths shut, and stay out of tall buildings.

    Not so for those he targets, though, or their collaterals. They’re born cannon fodder, meant to try out our latest shit on

    • Yeah… I stay out of tall buildings now too! 🙂

      • Hi, Jan.

        ’89 huh? Mine’s a 2000. Dodge Caravan. Badly in need of an overhaul. It’s going to just need it, though, unless maybe Scott can get up this way with his tool bag.

        I don’t get it. I work hard, all that other stuff, still can’t get ahead. Something wrong, somewhere

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