Malaysia says there’s sealed evidence on MH370 that cannot be made public

UPDATE: Mar. 28 –

New Location of Search Area Contradicts “Ping Data”… “Ping Data” Dropped Down Memory Hole

Straits Times

A Malaysian team have told relatives of Chinese passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 that there was sealed evidence that cannot be made public, as they came under fire from the angry relatives at a briefing on Wednesday.

The sealed evidence included air traffic control radio transcript, radar data and airport security recordings.

The briefing at the Metropark Lido Hotel in Beijing focused on UK satellite analysis which led Malaysia to conclude that flight MH370 ended in south Indian Ocean, off Perth.

The Chinese relatives were told that a five-member high-level team from Malaysia plans to brief them once every five days. The team include MAS pilot Lim Jit Koon and senior civil aviation official Ahmad Nizar Zolfakar.

During the question-and-answer session, a relative said: “Thanks for demonstrating your ability to read every word out of the powerpoint slides.”

Another asked: “If the info is from UK satellite firm Inmarsat, does it mean the Malaysia team cannot answer our questions on the MH370 analysis?”

Faced with the barrage of questions from the angry relatives, the MAS team replied: “We can answer but we might not be correct as we’re not the investigators”:

They said Malaysia had requested for the British experts to join them for the briefing in Beijing but the latter declined.

They assured the relatives that the search and rescue operations for the plane have been stepped up but the hunt has been challenging as the search area is huge.

The Malaysian government and MAS have been criticised for their handling of the disappearance of MH370 on March 8. They have been accused of being slow in disseminating information and not revealing everything about the incident.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Monday night that based on latest UK data analysis, the plane had gone down in a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean.

“We demand you retract announcement that MH370 ended in south Indian Ocean and continue search-and-rescue operations,” one relative said at the briefing.

Some family representatives targeted Malaysian envoy Iskandar Sarudin, asking him: “You expect us to accept a report you cannot defend?”

“No comment,” said Mr Iskandar.

He again declined to comment when asked “how do you expect us to feel friendly towards Malaysia?”

Upset by the response from the Malaysia team, a relative said: “You have once again left us speechless!”

Wednesday’s briefing was the first time the media were allowed to attend.

The relatives also accused MAS of not providing enough assistance to them.

“Two-thirds of MH370 passengers are Chinese but only 50 caregivers?” asked a relative.

An airline official explained that they have had problem finding volunteers to help out.

When asked why the MAS office at the hotel was closed on Tuesday, the MAS officials said they were advised by the Chinese government not to be there given the tense mood among the relatives.



25 Responses

  1. If the Chinese don’t step up their pressure soon, I see them as complicit. At least (like one of the relatives) they have to demand Inmarsat retract their role and void their data. I still have the feeling that China is doing absolutely nothing except occasionally calming throngs of protesters and distraught relatives by using strong wording here and there.
    If the plane is in South China Sea as the real Inmarsat data would suggest, then it is bound to be found, please lets be realistic about that. Divers, fish trawlers, scientific exploration, tourists you name it.
    Besides, how did that plane get into the water, did it cut through, find a little niche somewhere in those shallow waters? If it was shot down there are loose parts, if it plunged it cracked and if it crashed we got tons of floating debris. How much time did the 7th fleet spend there and how long did they have time to be briefed on what the real nature of their supposed search op was? – We are no where near any answers.
    Flying north behind a decoy? The arc ends in Kazakhstan and mirroring the Inmarsat flight ping paths, it ends even deeper in Kazakhstan only slightly touching Pakistan on the north end, of course it would have flown over Tashkent home of the RATS the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure to the Shanghai Cooperation Org.
    Its all just to dumb to see them drawing up a whole new ping map with headwinds and what not safely landing that plane in one of Rumsfelds elaborately renovated caves. But they would not have to draw that one up I guess, not before the plane reappeared at least.
    Its not in the Trash patch, no more in the SCS and neither can it be up north – any possibility – and no, I am not being serious – that this is a drill?

  2. Been putting in long hours at work so I was having a real hard time catching up with all the 370 analysis… Very glad that you did the Perez show, which was great help to understand things without having to read and cross reference everything on my part. Thank you. (and thanks austrogirl)

    The technical aspects of the whole thing is still way above my pay grade. But wanted to ask you about the the general narrative we have been presented in an effort to mislead, misdirect, and outright prevent a proper search and rescue effort. Because, as you point out again and again, the parties involved in the misdirection could shed some light as to what happened to the plane.

    Here we have a Malaysian aircraft, traveling to China, over Vietnamese airspace, with a huge majority of the passengers from these two countries. One would assume that, ordinarily, China, with no shortage of planes, boats or boots in the sky, would have performed a search, starting with the area that the plane vanished. But from the first hour on, we have a heavy injection of mostly anglosaxon *butterworth+RollsRoyce+Inmarsat+Australia+US) input by “experts” and private companies, which serve only to expand the search area exponentially and dilute the efforts at best, and utterly confuse and fool genuine efforts at worst.

    This is roughly the paradigm we are dealing with regardless of the specific pings and pongs and all that… The question I have is why… What are the possible and probable options?

    1. Opportunity: Plane crashes due to malfunction or sabotage… Like you say, there might have been a “no crisis wasted” kind of approach to make potential material out of nothing, to be used in the future… Because of the speed things develop in these situations, I find this to be an unlikely possibility. But if the speed and capabilities with which these types of media campaigns are THAT good, to jump on an accidental event to make the best of it, that means they are way better and more sophisticated than any of us could imagine.

    2. Accidental downing of the plane: Also one of your propositions… That, like flight800, it was accidentally downed by Capt. Butterworth, and the rest is a panicky and massive cover up. (btw, I am not yet convinced that the downing of 800 was necessarily accidental, as the documentary you mention does not really touch up on that side of the story, and is mostly and wisely just about the cover up)

    3. Low-tech hijack: I can’t see this being possible, since, unless vietnam or malaysia are complicit and it landed in one of those places, I don’t know that a commercial 777 can travel great distances without being observed or detected, no matter how low or how high it would fly. (just including it here because it’s floating out there)

    4. Hi-tech hijack… Many theories out there… from awacs to drones, etc. Possible? Probably some of the theories might be technically possible, but I wouldn’t know..

    5. Zombie planes, UFOs, smitten off the sky by god himself, etc.

    What I am trying to get to is that there’s got to be a good reason for ALL of the misleading parties to have been mobilized in such a fashion to divert the attention of the world and other governments… Either some level of involvement by these distractors, or there is something more to the passengers and/or the cargo that this plane was carrying.

    Ultimately, one certain aspect of the misdirection is clearer than others: They do not want this plane to be found. After all, no matter how much they distract and misdirect genuine search efforts, if the plane has crashed somewhere near last ping, I can’t imagine them being able to go in there, (while they send the rest of the world looking for it in the deepest and remotest oceans down south) and clear the entire ocean from any and all #370 debree, and every single piece of floating object that might wash up on beaches months later… So, what exactly are they covering up?

    Like I said, I am a little behind on th e details. I know you think this plane might be the seed for a future terrrrrirst attack.. Which is a chilling prospect.. With this thing capturing the whole world’s attention, if there is a next phase to this, it would have to be big… and I mean BIIIIIG!!! All the nuclear bomb/dirty bomb talk they have been planting in the past decade… “Next one will be in the form mushroom cloud” … Brrrrrrr….

  3. The next one …. yeah
    Obama gave a little press conference and he said he wasn’t worried about weak Russia, but he was worried about a nuclear bomb going off in New York. I wish I had bookmarked the article, oh wait, I did !

    This is what they are ‘force’ feeding the masses….

  4. More likely this happened.

    • Its a good story, lots of suspense and the illuminati add commercial gusto.
      A few days ago a fire extinguisher washes up on the beach of the maldives – nobody pays attention. In Holland a 777 is escorted for some reason by fighter jets, the RTL group, owned by Edmond de Rothschild reported on it. The Bushes are mentioned and we here, of course know about the Inmarsat connection. The arcs we’ve been shown sometimes turned into a conspicuous eye and the northern arc led us right into Kazakhstan the belly of the beast, the home of the Shanghai Cooperation Org. Sunstein goes on the tele today doing his schtick about dumb conspiracy folk, while bad weather delayed the search until just about any second now, today, when bodies will be found bobbing up and down the frightful blue. The pilots will never be found as they were crushed to a pulp when the plane hit the concrete water.
      Is there a prequel to this story that you know of tommytcg? Or, did the Japanese sounding guy wait till he had it just right so he could release it at just the right time -if they do find something today, or tomorrow even, but rather today Australia time?
      The story is so good, we will never know if its true or not, that is if they find bodies, if not, its still good. I liked the hungry shark part, old school James Bond dun du du dun, dun du du dun, dudududuuuuuun.

    • The script is indeed very very good. And complete… It presents a very possible scenario…

      But, I get really suspicious when things are painstakingly tied in to the Jews did it narrative. Because this kind of whodunit genuinely assumes a total and absolute control of all western institutions by “da Jews”… And I am not entirely convinced that is the case in 21st century world affairs. But, I understand that, especially with those who believe it to be so, there is no winning argument to be made… I am well familiar with the narrative of how the Jews have a secret plan to dominate the world…. Which makes total sense at face value, but, it is based on humongous and selective omissions when it comes to describing the 21st century world power structure.

      We are asked to believe that, in the face of such potentially dangerous technology falling in to wrong hands, only the Israelis were concerned that it’d be used against them, and all others, including US and UK were not threatened by such a possibility… If the premise of this article were true, we would actually owe thanks to Baron Rothschild for saving us all… I am sure the ebil Muslims would not stop there after wiping out all the Jews with their microscopic drones… Next thing you know, they’ll be spraying them over our heads with unmarked planes… Oh wait… Nevermind, let’s not go there…

      Other than that, it is indeed a very good script.

      Not to worry, though… I bet there are some Hollywood execs already trying to secure the movie rights to what really happened… They will tell us exactly who did what… Then we will all know the real story… Told by Jews… Oh darn…

  5. Those engines could not be bought and were leased to whomever the planes went to and being leased they were monitored constantly while in the air by the Rolls Royce company who built them. They were always sending signals to techies in England via satellite and they know exactly where they were and how they were performing at all times when running. They know when the are shut down . They Know. Rolls Royce must have pertinent information on it. Can somebody hack Rolls Royces computers and reveal their secrets?

    • The engines bleep ONCE an hour. They have NO gps position info. What for?

      • they don’t really “ping”

        what the satellite does is it sends a “ping” out across the area and all the engines in that area reply. That’s why they call it a “handshake”. They supposedly can measure the time it takes to reply back to the satellite in order to gage the distance to the engine that replied. What that’s for is IF the airline which owns the engine pays for the service, the handshake will include info on the performance of the engines. Technical data which doesn’t log location, just speed and various performance related info on how the engines are doing. But, Malaysian Airlines does not subscribe to the service, so it’s VERY questionable as too whether or not Inmarsat actually records those “handshakes” when there is no service contract with the owner. That might explain why they don’t release the raw data of those locations… they may not actually have them.

    • actually, if they have no contract with the airline, they may not even record the handshake info. so, they don’t “have” to have that info and considering they refuse to hand it over, it looks like there might be good reason for that. they don’t actually have it.

  6. […] Malaysia says there’s sealed evidence on MH370 that cannot be made public […]

  7. Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    Flight 370 weirdness: the gift keeps giving…

  8. […] Malaysia says there’s sealed evidence on MH370 that cannot be made public […]

  9. Its about the patents, the co in texas, has made a killing ( no pun intended) off the fact that the 20 engineers, just lost the patent, and the Texas, company just got all the rights, to the product, what was the product you ask? The technology to cloak, large items, gee I don’t know, like planes. Ask yourself, who will profit? Off this loss, and the winner winner chicken dinner is the technology company in texas.

  10. If Anyone believes there is a sealed info that cannot be shared publicly thus put Malaysian goverment under heavy pressure please take challenge to come up with proves of what they believed.

    • The proof of it is not point mus, it’s more about damage control via the relatives, an obfuscation perhaps also that Inmarsat data which derailed the search is certainly sealed.

    • Ran across this again today. Lithium batteries were stated to be 200kg plus of the cargo. The manifest had an additional 133 pieces weighing 4000kg of cargo which were deemed sealed for legal reasons and they would not state what it was.
      They also wouldn’t state the brand of battery for the 200kg.

      I looked up typical air cargo shipments and energizer lithium batteries stood out.

      Noticed that the date was just a few months after mh370 so I looked up their previous protocol dated Nov 2013. Naturally this 2013 data could not be found on the energizer site as it gives a 500 error, so I had to go to google docs to retrieve it.

      And the only difference between the two documents is the following (which they put in ALL CAPS)

      The shippable container must be marked “PRIMARY LITHIUM BATTERIES – FORBIDDEN FOR

      But the 133 items weighing a combined 4000kg could just as easily have been the passengers luggage which also has a max of 30kg.

      So whether it was loaded with batteries or not makes little difference, the key is 200kg is confirmed schedule 9 highly combustible lithium batteries on a passenger craft which I personally would object to flying with, given the concern by energizer themselves in their aforementioned transport policy.

      The only thing that doesn’t fit is the fact that ALL communications were lost and that in all other lithium battery air accidents the pilots had ample time to alert ground of the accident in progress.

      So we have Malaysia saying someone sabotaged or hijacked the plane early in the flight. And a former US FAA guy (who incidentally handled many US hijackings and was an expert witness for the pan am 103 terrorist bombing) saying that it wasn’t hijacked and the batteries are to blame.

      My take? At first I was leaning towards Energizer being complicit with Malaysian airlines in putting hazardous material aboard a passenger plane which ended (foolishly) with a ton of people dead. But the anomalies stick out like a sore thumb and with the FAA guy saying “look over there guy” I lean more towards hijacking. And if I had to say how, it wouldn’t be via the remote control technology that boeing (re)introduced days after the accident.

      wayyy long time ago:

      and again in 2006:

      and again…

      So we have the last bit of truth:

      18:22 Last primary radar contact by Malaysian military, 200 nautical miles (370 km; 230 mi) NW of Penang, 6°49′38″N 97°43′15″E[5]:3
      01:44 02:25

      Followed by the beginning of the bullshit:

      18:25 ‘Log-on request’ sent by aircraft to satellite. Satellite communication link is reestablished after being lost for between 22–68 min.[5]:18[44]: Inmersat

      In conclusion, the guy who saw the fireball fly over him accurately described what happened and where. The bogus inmersat trash is part of the coverup as to which remains unexplained. Interesting that not a single country really cared about this or really demanded answers. Which means there should have been no passengers…

      But… where are all the new freedom grabbing laws like attempted with Sandy Hook? False Flag event with no real motive aside from, what? Scaring people away from Malaysia Airlines?? Mind boggling to say the least.

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    • Long time I haven’t heard from you guys – so this spread to the US finally. Where was it Austria, or southern Germany that this hails from? Made one woman in government position there loose her mind or she didn’t and you guys made it look like it -.can’t remember.

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