Miriam Carey UPDATES: Obama “Communicating With Her” and “Controlling Her Life”… After Birth of Child

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Her sister said on CNN last night that Miriam wasn’t delusional, that “that’s not what was going on” when she first started going to the doctor for treatment.


“…Trying to breach a barrier, and not being able to, does not in itself justify lethal force.”  David E. Haynes

They are still pushing the story that Miriam Carey “rammed” the security gate at the White House which started the chase, but again, I don’t see damage to her Infinity consistent with that story. There hasn’t been any White House security video released that backs it up either.

“After ramming the barricades at the White House, the apparently unarmed Carey led police on a chase down Constitution Avenue to the Capitol, where she was shot in a harrowing chain of events that led to a brief lockdown of Congress. Carey’s daughter escaped serious injury and was taken into protective custody.” AP

The daughter is in “protective custody”? Why isn’t the daughter with her grandparents or one of her 5 aunts?

Also, the story about Miriam thinking she was being spied on by President Obama has changed slightly as well…

“Carey believed President Barack Obama was communicating to her, the official said.

Those communications were, of course, in her head,” the official said ” AP

Of course they were… all in her head.

The story develops from her thinking Obama was spying on her to now she thought he was “communicating” with her. That’s not the full extent of it though…

“The woman shot to death after a police chase from the White House to Capitol Hill had been suffering from mental health issues, according to federal law enforcement officials, including postpartum depression after her daughter was born and a troubling fixation on President Obama. Miriam Carey’s declining mental stability, the sources said, developed into a belief that the president was “controlling” her life…”  LA Times

Wow. Is it just me or what is the OBVIOUS story being missed by the LA Times.

What was Miriam actually saying?

Obama “spying on her”, “communicating with her” and “controlling her life”… after the birth of her child? The same child she took to the White House and the same child she was fleeing the White House with? The same child who is now in protective custody?

What could that mean, I wonder.

Two of Miriam’s sisters went on the news last night and wondered aloud why it was they had to shoot her. The story has slightly changed with an authority from the Senate claiming she was still inside the car when the final fatal volley was unleashed by the Secret Service, but first reports claimed she had tried to flee the car and was clearly unarmed when she was shot standing behind it.

The sisters said Miriam didn’t deserve to die that way. I wonder if she “deserved” any of what happened. Until I see video of her “ramming the gate” at the White House, I default to “bullshit” with the government we have now.

With no damage to her car consistent with that story, until I see that security video, I don’t believe a damn thing they are saying about why they were chasing her and her 18 month old child down Pennsylvania Ave.

There have been 5 people in the past who tried to either get into the White House or harm the president at that location since the early 70s. None of them were killed by the Secret Service like Miriam was. Not one. Many of them were actually armed and fired shots at the White House. Not a one of them died in a hail of bullets.

A woman died on the streets of our damn Capitol, shot down, unarmed, 10 feet from her child, by our Secret Service, after something happened at the White House that doesn’t appear to be what they are claiming. That’s unprecedented. People may need to go to prison.People may need to visit the gas chamber.

So actually, I want 4 things:

  1. security camera footage from that day at the White House. All of it. Unfiltered, unaltered.
  2. the immediate and unconditional release of that child to her maternal grandparents.
  3. a paternity tests for that child compared to the DNA of every White House staffer and elected (or appointed) official. Starting from the top down.
  4. White House visitor logs dating back 3 years

Someone died here. A young mother. And we are not being given the full details of what happened. There is no “national security” rationale they can use to hide the evidence of this event. There is no justification for denying any of it to her family who grieves for their loss today. There is no single Goddamn excuse for the White House to keep any of this information from her child who will, one day, want to know why her mother was gunned down like a dog in the street by the God King’s secret police on a sunny afternoon in October.

Miriam told someone back in December she thought Obama was trying to control her life after the birth of the child… let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment and maybe, just maybe, see if there’s anything behind that belief.

There is far too much wrong with this story for us to just chalk it up to “crazy talk” and turn the page. A woman died in a brutal fashion for no apparent good reason and a child will forever be denied that crucial bond for the rest of her life.

We as a civilized society have an obligation to find out why. People don’t deserve to die because they run from cops with drawn guns or knock on the president’s door a bit too hard, even if that happened at all. At BEST someone needs to be fired and a full investigation conducted by someone OUTSIDE the White House gaggle of apologists and Yesmen.


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  1. Who ordered the SS killers, through their earpiece, to execute Miriam? This ” nazi- type” High Command is at War …with the
    u.s…& the planet.

  2. I was waiting for you to do your analysis of this “event”.

    Disturbing and curious it is. Combined with the drill on the same day, the video footage allowed out, and the weird “story” offered almost immediately, this event rings like another designed “event”. What They hope to gain by the distraction is probably a multiple-agenda win-win for themselves. What are we NOT looking at presently, that They want us to miss as They use sleight-of-hand in their card dealing?

    The “timing” of this event is very important. Where it happened is very important. The reaction of CONgress is telling. The subsequent fall-out and legislation that will be passed will be telling.

  3. See website NODISINFO . (or drkresearch )
    for crucial evidence update, indicating
    it’s another diversionary hoax.

  4. everything from ‘There have been 5 people in the past’ to the bottom is spot on – keep questioning my friend, you may not always be right on the button but without Q&A there is no hope of stopping these monsters.

    • The whole thing with the child is pure speculation obviously. But it just strikes me as extremely odd that this woman would take the kid down to the White House, 270 miles away, during a government shut down, for no reason whatsoever. I don’t get it. And whenever the government tries to explain something away with “she’s crazy” the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Plus, the end she met is highly suspect in the best of cases. Secret service members rarely shoot unarmed single mothers, you can check their illustrious history on that one. So something happened. Then you factor in the lack of damage done to her car after she “rammed” the White House gates… SOMETHING happened that isn’t kosher. What it was, I don’t know. But those facts coupled with the story about her claims about Obama… yeah, it is and was speculation on my part.. but so far, I don’t see things moving AWAY from my conclusion, you know what I mean?

  5. The NY Daily News link says the sisters “identified their sister’s body at the morgue.”

    Another report says they were not allowed to identify Miriam and were only shown a picture of her.

  6. CNN shooting eyewitness says that after the final time the car stopped–first, baby was taken out of car, then the shooting really started, then the driver exited the vehicle under-fire.

    • That means they were lying (again) when they said only until after they murdered her, did they realise there was a baby on board. You have time to take a baby out of a car….but you can’t apprehend, or talk to the mother, or whatever, instead of murdering her?
      Good for family members for speaking out at the injustice of it all.
      Just doesn’t add up as usual. Were you suggesting BO was the daddy??? He’s not really into the ladies, according to what a lot of ppl in his Chicago days have said. Waiting for the book about that to “come out” once he leaves office….if he ever does…or if the nation is not completely destroyed by then (the way it’s plummeting currently, I’m not so sure).
      Cops need to work on their ‘hot in pursuit’ driving skills…they were a few laps behind….

      Yes, the common thread in all of these false flags (9/11, Boston Bombing, 7/7, etc, etc) and ‘diversions’ (or whatever it is) such as this event….is that the ANSWER is easily found. Just SHOW US ALL of the videos…in their COMPLETE & non-manipulated, original form!!

      • Its not real easy or quick to remove a child from a car seat, or remove the entire car seat with the child. How would this have happened with a panicked and probably wounded mother in the driver’s seat? She would not have exited the vehicle without her child. By the car chase video, she was freaking about all the guns pointing at her, more so, that her child could be injured…so she ran/drove away from the danger to escape. Supposition on my part.

        • they held a fucking gun to her head and took the fucking kid… how hard is that to understand?

          • My point was more about the “timing”, and what’s been sold as going down. Do you think they were really concerned about the 1 yr old? I doubt it. Do you think the police were fearful of bodily hard from the woman? I doubt it. They could have shot her or disabled the car during that first stoppage when the car was surrounded. But they didn’t.

            Gun held to her head, or surrounded by a number of men pointing guns at her, she was in “flee” mode, not fight mode. They executed her because they were told to do it. The “authorities” were never in fear of real bodily harm.

            • it stands to reason though especially if the child is the reason Miriam died in the first place. could be that the “witness” was fabricated to make it seem they didn’t open fire with the kid in the car.. hard to say until I see or read the statement myself. also, when the witness made that statement is important as well. and yes, they executed Miriam because for some reason, they couldn’t even allow her to go into custody… so whatever it was, they had one chance to silence her before she was in the legal system.. and they took it. why is the question. one thing is for sure.. it wasn’t because she bumped into a gate at the White House.

        • Good.What gets me on this murder is that it is far more flagrant than the Boston Bombing murders and cover up of the real killer(s).The good part of this crazy make up fuggery is that it grounds the outrageous speculations and nails that end to the ground. Then the rest of the speculations begin to look more rational compared to them. So this crap is not as bad as you think it is and calling them out is important.

  7. Magnified and slowed down it appears that the whole thing was scripted. Those responders were signaling when they were ready to have the car back up and move right. The guy with glasses on the viewers left tapped twice on the car and started moving backwards before the car moved or turned wheels. There is other stuff that don’t look right but that is the most obvious.

  8. IMO, the woman isn’t even a real victim. This was all a drill. See how unemotional her sisters are? I think this stuff is being done to introduce legislation for more invasive laws involving psychiatry and vehicular control. http://jpaulson.blogspot.com/2013/10/non-stop-hoaxes-video.html

    • Yes, it makes sense that the ‘lady driver’ with a babe-in-tow, seemed to be more like a stunt driver (or drivers, plural) cops couldn’t “catch” or let go, for part of the show. And nowhere is the lady to be seen. But, where did that baby being whisked away come from? Is she just a baby-actor??
      Are they being paid to say that their sis died??? I thought they showed outrage…and also by that fact that they couldn’t have access to the ‘body’. Maybe they are not ‘in on it’, and confused like us…about what the heck happened to her. If she was even the driver.
      I get the drill part, there is always a drill. Just not sure the sisters are in on it.

      • thank you Morgan Reynolds. now get off my site. a woman died on Thursday and here you are putting forward she was.. what? .. a “stunt driver”?

        fuck you. get off my site. if you are that fucking stupid, I don’t want you on my site. otherwise you’re spreading disinfo on purpose, and I don’t want you on my site…

        … either way…

    • What the hell are these past few comments? How can you all show such disrespect for the family that is grieving? What wrong with you all? And all the information that Scott and others have found about this woman being murdered…. you got the nerve to come to Scott’s web site and leave junky comments …..
      this is disgusting… I am so tired of trolls … you guys are really nasty little..**%##… (excuse my language)
      I hope Scott sees these dumb comments and deletes all of them….

      I am tired of trolls… go away..!!!

      • Um, who’s a troll??

      • I didn’t see video (or even one single photo) of this victim at any point, during this whole charade. Jan10 did you???
        Just like we didn’t see a lot of other victims, in similar incidents, which we’ve been constantly subjected to….but we’re supposed to believe they are all random acts, though each one does seem to go hand-in-hand with some time of new restrictions/law imposed on us as Jody says.
        I guessed that she was murdered, since that’s what we were told, but seeing as we’re constantly lie to, I’m not sure.
        Don’t know how you are so sure either. We’re all just supposed to fall in line with what Scott says. Pretty soon it will be just you & Scott left, if we followed your advice to just shut up & just believe whatever Scott says. He suggested BO was the daddy of the babe-on-board. Nuff said on that.
        Maybe you could pls tone it down a bit.

        • Why don’t you go pis on your self , sweetie..:(
          Eye witness saw Ms Carey get shot.

          • Whoa….you’ve got some problems.

            • Seems you’ve angered momma bear.

              • no.. she’s angered THE bear… me. and I ain’t putting up with her Morgan Reynolds “tv fakery” shit on my site on this execution. that woman died… she was killed… and here we have this shit coming here trying to “gently” put forward the notion that she didn’t?

                fuck her… and if you back that shit, fuck you too.

            • Martha, you are a liar or stupid.

              Being cussed out is not being banned. Scott did not delete a single comment from you – nor did he ban you.

              And yes indeed, you are so SO welcome to coto.
              You will fit in just fine.

              Posted here because it would not be seen on coto due to their persistent deletion regime..


        • ah… video fakery, huh? no real victims huh? nifty. kinda like that Bush department of commerce official who turned into a “truther”…

          you know what? I don’t give a shit if it’s “just me and her left” on this site. I ain’t gonna put up with stupid lines of disinfo and I don’t give a shit if it costs me every single reader… you got that asshole?

          do you understand that shit?

          you need a picture?

          this woman was killed and fuckasses like yourself come to my site and others trying to put forward a notion that she wasn’t…

          … who the fuck do you serve bitch?

          get the fuck off my site, disinfo motherfucker. I’m tired of having to play nice with assholes like you.

          how’s that for “toning it down”?

        • “He suggested BO was the daddy of the babe-on-board.”


          that makes it pretty clear who the fuck you work for, doesn’t it?

          No woman killed, and no paternity test needed. ? right?

          how bout this… go fuck yourself. show your little stupid videos with some jackass narrating to the crowd at ATS or Disinfo Planet… that’s where you belong.

          got me?

          don’t come back here. don’t leave a comment. your little marketing ass won’t like the outcome.

          and you need to leave Jan alone. She’s right to call you out, as everyone can see now… so back the fuck off.

    • I can’t see but one person and the passenger side head rest… funny how the film places a large advertisement picture of a new car right in front of the only frontal view of her car when she is trying to get away from the police who are surrounding her car…… prevents you from seeing her and the vacant passenger side…. nice disinfo effort.

  9. Truth is, all you disinfo fucks, from this comment forward, I erase every single disinfo bullshit comment.

    I don’t give a fuck if it costs me every single single reader. I made this site searching for the truth and I will not allow you paid shill lying motherfuckers to come here and post this offensive shit on my site.

    But the truth is, as soon as I start running this site with a iron fist, erasing your stupid shit comments, my numbers will go up, because as you shills know, the reason you put this crap on sites is to diminish their credibility.

    So from now on, no warning, no explanation… your bullshit “tv fakery”crap is gone… you understand me? tell your fucking bosses… no more free ride here. You fucking shills are doing your damnedest to help run this country into the ground, and you’re not going to do it here.

    got me? no more warning

    • Jesus Scott, just because someone has a different belief about a fucked up situation than you does not mean that they are disinfo agents of the system. It is just as completely possible that she was a paid actor in their drill that was then sacrificed so she wouldn’t talk, just as possible as your theory that she had the illegitimate child of our Muslim child lover President ( which is a very interesting theory and it would not surprise me if it was true ). We know that they had paid actors at all of the mass shootings and bombings lately and people were killed and injured at those. We just don’t know enough about this victim, but it is odd that she would bring her young child on a one day trip of that length if the kid had nothing to do with it, but I have seen weirder things in my 14 years of working as Nurse in innercity Level 1 trauma ER’s all over the Nation. Especially from these Brain addled, Brainwashed, self described Liberals caught in the Right/Left paradigm that have no ability to critically think and overreact to everything.

      Fake is a relative term in these situations controlled by the Elitist. I have no reason to doubt that they killed that woman. But that does not mean that the reason she died was not for the same reason that they killed all the Navy SEAL’s that took part in the Osama hoax raid. They have to cover up their tracks no matter what the real story turns out to be. That is why I told any of my friends in the SF to not volunteer for any “Drills” for Homeland security that had to do with bombings in the US or anywhere in the world. It was to likely that they were being set up to be used as patsies. And to find a way to stay back if they are ordered to take part.

      Now, the car did not hit anything. That is obvious since their is no damage. We have video of a cop car smashing a barrier. She had no weapon. She was stopped. Why they had to kill her was either because they had orders to from a high ranking official, or they were just doing what brainwashed jackbooted Psychopaths do. They do love to kill and the weaker and more innocent the better.

      • Hi Jason

        I made it very clear, long ago when I was researching 9/11 that I wasn’t going to tolerate the “no victims” disinfo on my site. An old Bush Dept. of Commerce head, Morgan Reynolds, started that shit, and I simply wasn’t going to tolerate it. It is designed to disrupt sites like this one and to drive a wedge between us and the general public, with us looking like assholes saying all these victims and their families are liars.

        It’s like what Di$info Jone$ does and I don’t put up with that shit.

        I allowed a bit of speculation, with SOLID evidence, in regards to the Sandy Hook investigation…

        I am only going to address this ONCE since you asked…

        the fact is, NONE of these halfwits have one shred of SOLID evidence. I went to that “NODISINFO” site (how clever.. call their disinfo site “No disinfo”… geez, aren’t they smart) and they had posted up some video of some asshole talking over a witness and claiming he was one of the Kenyan crisis actors simply because he seemed to be from Africa due to his accent.

        That was his “evidence” and a shot of a speeding car he said “clearly” showed two people in her car… which it did not.

        Now, aside from the fact that they have no evidence and the basic premise suggests Obama’s goons didn’t actually kill anyone (which should in fact be enough right there to tell you what they are)…

        … here’s the point…

        what the hell could they POSSIBLY gain from staging a scene where the president’s goons shoot and kill an unarmed woman 10 from her child in broad daylight in the middle of the street?

        did you ever think about that? what is the POSSIBLE law they would want to pass, the POSSIBLE right we have they could want to repeal that involves this story?

        There is none. zip. zilch. that’s why it’s stupid.

        it’s disinfo and I don’t care if these two are too stupid to understand that or not. I don’t care if they bring it in here knowing it’s disinfo or not. the effect is the same to my site.

        did you ever stop to think that the family of this woman and this child may well find this site and these writings at some point and be absolutely mortified by these fucking assholes leaving bullshit like this here?

        I won’t have it on my site, and when they punch back in at whatever little 11 dollar an hour cubicle job they have selling their conscience for a few measally bucks, I will erase any and all comments they leave.

        and when they get their buddies 3 cubicles down to try to come here, I’ll do the same to them.

        and honestly, if someone doesn’t understand why I reacted the way I did after reading what I wrote in the original article, then I can’t help that nor do I care if they leave. nothing personal to anyone, but this is my site and I have to take responsibility for it. and if those family members read that shit, and I don’t react to it, I might as well be insulting them myself. and I won’t do that.

        and this is NOTHING new for me. I do not tolerate the Morgan Reynolds “TV fakery” bullshit disinfo and that has been WELL ESTABLISHED over the years.. and here they are, trying it again…

        nope. not here.

    • “I don’t give a fuck if it costs me every single single reader. I made this site searching for the truth and I will not allow you paid shill lying motherfuckers to come here and post this offensive shit on my site.”

      Well it won’t cost you this reader. I appreciate the fact that you try to weed out “no victims” disinformation from your site. Such nonsense has been very effective in poisoning the well, especially regarding the Boston bombings. You are right not to let your site be associated with it. Keep it up!

    • from now on, no warning, no explanation… your bullshit “tv fakery”crap is gone… you understand me?

      No disrespect, and no disinfo, intended, but —

      Wasn’t “TV fakery” your initial (current?) theory about the alleged chemical weapons attack videos from Syria?

      Sometimes, as you are obviously aware, “TV fakery” is the correct explanation for various events, or alleged events. And sometimes, as in the WTC collapses, it’s government disinfo, intended to discredit by association, anyone who questions the Official Story.

      But if the possibility can’t even be DISCUSSED, then how can we hope to figure out what the real explanation is, in any particular case? It does no good to say that it’s “obvious” — the Official Story is “obvious” to most people; it’s only by considering “obviously wrong” theories that we can ever escape from Official Reality.

      And who gets to determine what is “obvious”, anyway? We rightly reject Authority’s claim that they are uniquely qualified and entitled to do so.

      You may say that on your website, you get to determine what is, and what is not, obvious. Which is fair enough; other people can exercise similar control over venues which they create and maintain. But I think you should allow for the possibility, at least initially (and thus NOT in the WTC case), that somebody proposing a theory which you consider to be “obvious” disinfo, might know something that you do not, and might eventually be able to change your mind, if the issue could at least be rationally discussed.

      Which it never will be, if suggestions that various alleged events didn’t actually happen, are routinely deleted as soon as they appear. That, after all, is how Official Reality manages to maintain its superficial plausibility: by refusing to allow any competing theory to even be heard.

      The reason that “They” are now making use of shills and disinfo agents, is because that level of Reality Control is breaking down, thanks to venues like this one. A fact which should be celebrated. It would be extremely unfortunate if the efforts of insurgents and dissidents, in refuting covert government “disinformation”, resulted in re-enforcing overt government “information”, which often has no more connection with reality than the other variety.

      • “Wasn’t “TV fakery” your initial (current?) theory about the alleged chemical weapons attack videos from Syria?”

        No. I said they used chemical weapons but the staged those videos prior to the events so they could have then ready when the attacks occurred. ready to use them as propaganda against the Assad government.

        • they used chemical weapons but the staged those videos prior to the events so they could have then ready when the attacks occurred.

          Which is to say, the casualties are real, but the videos are fake. “TV fakery”. (I, also, find this theory plausible, although I wonder why the numbers were suddenly inflated from “about 350” to “1400”.)

          To take another example, would I be correct in assuming that you believe that the Flight 77 passengers are all dead, but that the airplane containing them never came anywhere near the Pentagon? In which case the large smoking hole we all saw on TV, must be the result of “fakery” of some sort.


          (If that IS your belief, I don’t mean to disparage it. I’m just not as convinced as I once was, that the Pentagon was NOT struck by a large airplane, of some type. So on this specific issue, you’re more confident of “fakery” than I am.)

          But if this level of Official fraudulence is possible, then on what basis should we believe that all the names on the casualty lists we have been presented with, are genuine? I think we have to assume that SOME of them are, in the absence of evidence that the government has fabricated entire communities of friends and family who knew these people. But do we know that about all of them? Why should we be confident that some of these names are not simply fictitious?

          Is it your position that if the government asserts that somebody died, then THIS claim, unlike everything else they say, must be true?

          If you believe, as you have implied, that some of the people publically presented as “family members” in the case of the Newtown massacre were in fact actors, why is it impossible that the identities of supposed victims are sometimes similarly fake? That would be even easier, because for that they only need to produce a name, rather than an actual living person.

          What about Osama bin Laden? Do you believe that he died at the time and place that the government says he did?

          I don’t mean to imply that this latest state murder is necessarily, or even probably, staged. You can read what I said here:


          It now seems that there might be something slightly different going on. I don’t think we should exclude from consideration, at least initially, in this case or any other, the possibility that there is something GREATLY different going on. As I said there, it depends on the accumulation of evidence.

          • milosevic,

            You need a definition of “video fakery”…

            The term means something pretty specific in the Truth Movement, since the Shack, Morgan Reynolds Psyops and the “Clues Forum”.

            It doesn’t mean just anything done on video or TV that gives a false impression. It means to digitally alter video using special effects software programs.

            Some will go so far as to say a person telling a lie on TV is video fakery. These broad brush definitions make terms meaningless, like “communists” and “terrorists” — when they can mean anything, they mean nothing.


  10. Just found your site and thank you thank you. I was beginning to feel I was the only one seeing what was happening and tired of being mocked.
    Bad shit is happening and it is simply going away because nobody questions or nobody thinks it pertains to them. It may seem minor to many, but this is huge.

  11. I am not really sure what to think of the comments on this thread. I come here and other places in search of the truth and comment when I see things that don’t add up. I am no disinfo commenter. I don’t really know what happened. But its not what the “press” is telling us, that is for sure. I understand frustration at trolls and disinfo types but those replies (to comments) were pretty harsh and I feel like I got called out because I don’t think the the media is telling the truth. Can’t the “witness” to the shooting be just as much bullshit as anything else “reported”. Do you really believe that Farkas from Al Hurra just happened to be in the perfect (not too close) spot to film and then follow that car going round and round? Do you really believe that car rammed into barriers when the photos clearly don’t show that?


    • obviously I don’t think the car rammed into the barricades, as I have written an article on that subject just the other day using photos to prove it didn’t happen. I also call for the release of the security camera footage at the White House that day to see exactly what DID happen that caused all of this.

      As too my responses to the “TV fakery” commenters… I just left another long comment explaining my history and this site’s historical rejection of that specific, insulting kind of disinformation, and I will not repeat myself, please read that.

      As to the witness… of course… but just because a witness lies or misrepresents what he/she saw, doesn’t mean there were no victims… take Harley Davidson Guy for example.

      And it also doesn’t mean the thing was staged. You can find a witness to lie after the fact just as easily as before it.

      As too Al Hurra… the Capitol is one of the most filmed, photographed, recorded spots on the planet on any given day. It would only be suspicious if they didn’t have any film of the event… in fact, I am wondering why nothing has come out showing her last few moments when she got shot.

      this woman is dead, her parents and sisters are grieving right now, and that child, for WHATEVER REASON.. is in custody…

      something happened that set this all in motion. it wasn’t staged, it wasn’t an American Gladio type mass casualty event. That woman ran for her life… from the White House.. and SOMETHING caused them to kill her in a very public way.

      and of course it’s slipping off the MSM radar as fast as it popped up. no one’s going to come here and disrespect her memory or the suffering of her family by insinuating they are all lying.. not on my fucking site.

      that’s the worst kind of insult to injury and I won’t have it. they did it before multiple times dating back to 9/11 and I recognize the disinfo strain and reject it in the harshest way possible. I expose it for what it is in the hopes that some will read this here and take this rejection of this crap along with them to other sites, and reject it there as well.

      • Well I tend to question everything. And if the victim conveniently has a background of mental health issues, hearing voices in her head, prescriptions for medicine in her home, and believes in 9/11 conspiracies, my bullshit meter starts pegging. I am not saying she wasn’t killed. I am saying things don’t add up. And I too am wondering why no video has surfaced showing her last few minutes before she was shot.

        But as you pointed out. This is your site. And you can delete any comments or suggestions that it is a possibility that it is a staged event. Me, I think it was staged. Maybe we’ll get video of the shooting soon and it will be another snuff film that was staged. I don’t know.


        • as I posted earlier, the stories about her “psychosis” have been wildly inflated by the press to discredit anything she had to say, but her sister in the CNN interview CLEARLY stated she wasn’t delusional at any time and that she was seeking professional help after the birth of her daughter because she was stressed and depressed by something. again, that could imply PP depression OR it could imply she was getting stressed out because of … something else. but it’s clear, the ONLY person talking about her medical history who knows ANYTHING about it, says she wasn’t “hearing voices” or delusional…

          the press is doing that after the fact.. not before. there is a difference.

          apparently there is a witness who claimed they surrounded her car on that median, took her kid out of the car at gunpoint, and then shot her. again, this goes right to what I have been saying all along, that it’s about the kid, not her. but till I find that witness statement and view/read it myself, I don’t know.

          • Here you go
            Wolf Blitzer glosses that over though.


            • it was the cooper 360 show, not Blitzers.. I posted a link to the sister’s comments in an update to the article.

              • Well @58 secs in the video I linked its says exactly “…and when the child was removed from the car, that’s when the gunfire really let loose” The witness said the car was surrounded by a lot of men with guns. I posted the link at 11:10 and you replied at 11:12. The link has 30 second commercial and then starts. Did you even look at the video before replying to my comment? I was trying to help you.


                • from what you said, I thought you were referencing the sister’s statement on the same network.

                  Her statement is odd. She claims that hearing gunfire brought her to the window, yet, the only gunfire from before that last final scene, was on the other side of the Capitol building way out in front of the lawn on the street (the video shot by al Hurra or whoever that is)

                  Hard to imagine she would have heard those gunshots inside her building on the back side of the Capitol.

                  She claims the gunfire brought her to the window where she saw the black Infinity coming down the street. They weren’t shooting at her driving down the road.. so again.. I find that rather hard to believe.

                  also note Wolf asks about the child as if she left something something out in the story… he was prompting her, or at least that is how it sounded. In a court of law the opposing lawyer would object to his “leading the witness”

                  seems that is what she doing. I don’t buy it either.

                  thanks for the link. clears some things up

                  • Wikipedia has a page on ALHURRA TV, this is the intro:

                    “Alhurra (the Free One) is a United States-based Arabic-language satellite TV channel funded by the U.S. Congress that broadcasts news and current affairs programming to audiences in the Middle East and North Africa. Its stated mission is to provide “objective, accurate and relevant news and information” to its audience while seeking to “support democratic values” and “expand the spectrum of ideas, opinions, and perspectives” available in the region’s media…The fact that Alhurra is funded by the U.S. Congress through the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) has led some critics to claim that the channel is “state propaganda” and presents its news with a pro-American bias.[25] Alhurra has openly tried to distinguish itself from the perceived anti-American tone of its competition.”

                    Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alhurra

        • Wow, you said if she “and believes in 9/11 conspiracies”, your bullshit meter starts pegging! Guess your meter must peg most of the time when you are with most Americans then…
          and mental health issues… how many women talk to their doctors about depression or health issues after giving birth ….please raise your hands.. opps…. wow, so many hands in the air….
          after giving birth, hormones change and many women need (so doctors say) help….. it is a normal change….
          so, does that make a woman ‘crazy’? No…
          prescriptions at home… I bet almost everybody has prescriptions…. whose names were on them? What dates… were they just sitting…

          • Jan10
            If you are still looking back at this thread…I think you misinterpreted what I meant. I agree with Scott re: discrediting the victim. I see where he is coming from and that it is after the fact. My point was she was being discredited by those things I mentioned and those things will support a narrative that is being sold. No need to reply. I’ve moved on.


      • So, are you saying that you don’t think that any of these type of events since the Batman shooting were staged at all, in any way? Or are you just talking about the kind of crap like those who were saying that the guy that got his leg blown off at the Boston bombing was a amputee veteran playing a role? Because I would like to know how they could tell that from those photos I saw, since I couldn’t even tell that and I have worked with situations like that almost daily since Papa Bushes Iraq in the early 90’s.

        I do think that all of these had some staging going on, whether that be the set up, the pastie or the actors during the aftermath, with Sandy Hook having some of the worst actors they could have possibly found, or a mixture of them all. Do I think that they were a “Wag the Dog” event were no one was injured or died? No way. People died. People were hurt. They have to have that to push their agenda to the Sheeple.

        • ” Or are you just talking about the kind of crap like those who were saying that the guy that got his leg blown off at the Boston bombing was a amputee veteran playing a role?”

          Bingo. As I stated before, I allowed a little of the discourse on Sandy Hook and to be honest, I personally wonder about all the retirement aged victims of the Navy Yard shooting… and the guy they conviently dropped off on the street so there could be some pictures tweeted by a staffer of a gun-grabbing congressman (check my write-up on that)

          clearly that little trick was staged.

          But, this is different.

          Yes, they put that guy with the flag there to assist a victim and get himself in a picture or two, but that doesn’t mean they staged the event in Boston. People were injured, people were killed. saying otherwise is insulting and as I have pointed out, saying that about this woman and her kid in this event won’t be tolerated. it just wont. I didn’t let people go on and on about the guy in the wheelchair in Boston on this site, and I make my policy very public now.

          as you can see, comments have not been removed at this point, and if that is the end of it, they won’t be. But, I will not have this site turn into an outlet for “TV Fakery” shills getting paid to discredit sites… this one… by insulting grieving family members… will not happen.

          you should be able to understand that.

          • Have you seen Dave McGowan’s series on that?

            • I may have actually. I read some of his stuff on the Bombing back then… I guess that is what you are referring to… so I may have, but if you have a link I would like to read it again if I have.

              • Scott, Dave’s series of articles analyzing photos of the activity after the blasts can be found here:

                • I hadn’t seen these.

                • Thanks for that link Ed.

                  What do you think of that version Scott? I do understand your point that if those people were actually hurt in those False Flags and people are saying that it was all fake, then that would be calling them liars on top of being victims of the systems Psychopathic behavior to further their agenda. I really hate being called a liar and I try not to go their with others, unless I have some really good proof. I am going to read those links, but until I see some pretty amazing proof, I am going to believe that our Psychotic Government killed and maimed people for their agenda.

                  Pics only show that instant. If they had video of them milling around like they are on the set of a Wes Craven movie and taking orders and laughing, then I would be willing to go there.

                  • I read them too and thought the analysis was excellent. What I would like to see and know now is where is Jeff Bauman, who was he before, and the rest of them. It is not natural for people to be so joyous after losing their legs a few weeks ago. But if they were disabled actors how could they be sure they wouldn’t talk. No chance.

                    • Seymour, Jason, the analysis of the series of pics taken at the site of the blast is pretty thorough, I think. While I’m not saying (and neither is Dave) that there were no injuries or deaths, there were obviously some crisis actors on the scene, and some of the tales told on the news are wildly inaccurate.

                      Blow-ups pf the photos clearly show people who were reported by the news media as being injured who obviously weren’t. One photo shows a water bnottle that has remains of the obviously fake blood which was just as obviously poured out of a bottle. I think the photo analysis calls into question a lot of claims made by mainstream news outlets.

                    • I have been posting and reading at allthingsforum1.blogspot.com and have been reading and commenting with them on a daily basis on whowhatwhy. So I know how carefully and obsessively they have perused the piks, dissected them, gone back and forth with each other over them, etc. I trust these people. Then I read Dave’s from the link here and again I saw that same carefulness. I have encouraged the forum people to please at least look at Dave’s site as they have those piks inscribed in their brains and all the people photographed on that day and where they were all the time. They have used sophisticaled techniques in getting at the shopping the FBI did before they uploaded piks to their site, saying they had simply made them clearer. Not so. They blacked out a great deal to hide things, like Dzokhar’s backpack strap in crucial piks in places and times. This is a huge expose. What I want to know is just one person at the moment, Jeff Bauman before the bombing and now after the bombing. Why are these mangled and amputees so joyous? And what did they really look like before and now?

  12. Are you referring to this witness? That’s its Wolf Blitzer on CNN interviewing her, doesn’t impress me.

    • “as soon as the child was pulled from the car.. that’s when the gunfire really let loose”?

      What? Are we to believe someone ran up to a car that was being shot by Secret Service and police and grabbed the kid during the hail of bullets?

      or… did she forget that part of the story and when Wolf prompted her, she had to stick in there as best she could?

      yeah, I don’t buy it either. The story about hearing gunshots from the other side of the capitol building while she was in an office on the back side of the landmark really doesn’t make sense to me. Seems they crafted another witness.

      but notice she does say the woman got out of the car.. they’ve been trying to downplay that fact for the last couple of days.

  13. Sorry. This vid is upthread, posted by wondering ewe.

  14. Consider the following:

    This is what ramming into a barrier looks like: (this happened the same day)

    Also, remember the ongoing training drill in DC that ended on this very same day. (Capitol Shield)


  15. “On October 3, Washington, DC police gunned down Miriam Carey. They did so in cold blood. They did it willfully.”~Steven Lendman

    As far as I am concerned, what Lendman says above is correct, and it is the bottom line. All the rest is bla bla blather. It is bullshit based on rumor, innuendo, lies and stories they made up. I speak to both the mainstream media and the “alternative” media, especially the so-called ‘conspiracy-theorist’ blogosphere/blogosfear.

    And it is the cumulative whole of such bullshit that obscures and muddles the bottom line : This illegitimate state murders people in cold blood.


    • well, if you don’t care to ask the pertinent questions, you can easily come to the conclusion that the Secret Police just shoot people, willy-nilly in the street, in front of tourists and their cell phone cameras, for no good reason.

      but when you ask yourself what made her drive 270 miles with a baby in the back of the car out of the blue (what her sister said)…

      … when you ask yourself why a law abiding citizen with her child in the backseat was running from the guys with drawn guns in the first place (like her life depended on it… and apparently it did)…

      … when you ask yourself why they took the kid and apparently haven’t given her back yet (to my knowledge at this point)…

      … and why they executed her before she could get into the system, unarmed, for the capitol offense of bumping into a gate (that it appears never happened)…

      … yeah, it’s not “bullshit”

      it’s called deductive reasoning.

      something happened to set this in motion and they lied about what it was…

      … and believe it or not, they would rather not just kill unarmed civilians in the street, women no less, black women no less, with a child 10 feet away no less… for no reason, when they are wearing a White House Secret Service badge on their chests… such things tend to translate poorly on the 5 o’clock news.

      so yeah… something happened they aren’t telling us. and personally, I think we have an obligation to ask “what?”

      If you don’t, so be it.

      • Thanks for the thoughtful response Scott,

        If you read my comment carefully, you will note that I am speaking to the type of analysis that obscures this bottom line: ‘This illegitimate state murders people in cold blood.’

        I speak to the types of “analysis” that you go on to critique about the quack site coto, led by JGwhiz and here screws of woowoohoppers.

        I agree there are very strange circumstances in this “event”, as there always seems to be, and covering them well – as I think you have here, now includes guarding against the flipped out “theories” of the nutballs and “Sunsteinian Dissonance” agents.

        I admit to having made glancing remarks here – being involved in another ‘deep state’ issue on another venue. Sorry for the extreme brevity. Sorry to disrupt from the main topic. I just felt you should know about the chilly con carne cooking in that basement room…


        • it’s not a disruption at all, rogue. it was to the point that I was addressing in the comments and apparently it Sunsteinesque efforts I was railing against on my site are par for the course over there. I can’t say it’s shocking. as you point out, coto has been controlled op at best since early on. wasn’t started with that idea in mind, actually, ironically, it was started as a reaction to whatever his name is over at OpEd News being controlled op if I’m not mistaken. if I remember correctly, weren’t they erasing comments and shouting down those of us who were talking about 9/11 back then? i can’ remember the particulars. anyway, it’s certainly not off topic.

      • She was exiting with the DNA she went there to get.

  16. Scott,

    I suggest you read the current comments from today by Booberwank and jerseybitch on coto that mention both of us in a spurious manner:



    • Oh Fuck Rogue1. Offer your comments here, and let it be. Like you said to me dismissively, if you recall. Don’t stink up Scott’s thread, ’cause he ain’t in no mood for Bullshit!

      The only Wanker is one who acts like one. He should delete these comments here, because they’re not germain to the import of the thread. Let bygone’s be bygones or begone.

    • wow. thanks for that link.

      they got all the Di$info Jone$ distraction crap in there, don’t they? “death panels”, “MK ultra”, “handlers”…

      here are a few of my favorites… “a possible OBAMACARE postpartum abortion”

      and of course the classic from Jerseygirl… “Wow, this guy made an awesome catch on that cop plowing through the barricades…! woohoo… to me, this nails. it! There is no way to explain why that happened unless it was all part of the “plan.”

      let me give you a little clue Jersey, the officer was racing toward the scene of the final shooting (where the mother died) and was two blocks away. “Shots fired” announced on the radio, he knew his fellow officers were involved, and he was racing as fast as he could, doing what he was SUPPOSED to do, running TOWARD gunfire (he didn’t know she was unarmed), and he forgot about that little pop-up barricade, which read his speed and since it was an emergency lockdown situation at the Capitol, it activated, taking his vehicle out, as it is supposed to do in such a situation when someone is speeding toward the Capitol.

      get it? so uh, yeah… this IS another way to explain that other than it being “part of the plan”

      JerseyGirl “What utter bullshit. ANOTHER hoax. I doubt she was killed or that there was a baby in that car.”

      JerseyGirl “Look at all the reptilians applauding shooting to death an unarmed woman with a baby in the car. (though I don’t believe that’s what happened at all)”

      Say and do anything for Obamagod huh?

      You see why I don’t allow that kind of bullshit drivel on my website?

      Stick to COTO, Jersey. You’re outclassed here.

      thanks for the head’s up rogue

      • Ignore coto. I came here without knowing anything about them and still don’t. When you accuse them back or defend yourself you simply make them stronger and give them more hits. DeLillo says it best in Cosmopolis. When you do that you go on their turf in their frame. Don’t.

  17. Have you nothing better to do than watch everything we say or do on Coto? I’ve been kept abreast of all your nasty little comments about every coto member on your lonely little blog.. What a sad little life you must lead.

    Scott will delete this because i am calling him out as well. Let him go read what was written. It’s the truth and he’s proven it by his vicious little outburst against those that have an opinion outside his own..

    Really Scott, Obama is the baby daddy? That’s your theory? Where is YOUR proof, Scott? Talk about hypocritical ego-centric tantrum throwing crybabies ! Both of you.

    • Frankly JG Rachet, I read Scott’s balling out of some flatliners here, but I am not aware of him deleting anything by anyone. That is your department.

      My advice to you is the same as it has always been. Pay more attention to knowing what you are speaking to. Your use of the word “hypocritical” is obvious blithering psychobabble to anyone who knows your real history.

      You say here; “Really Scott, Obama is the baby daddy? That’s your theory? Where is YOUR proof..”

      Again showing your ignorance of the meaning of words. A “postulate” is not a “theory” – that is, to propose a “hypothetical” — which is Scott’s actual terminology here.

      You had best be very careful away from your own protected territory of C1. You aren’t going to be able to change the record of what is said at your own convenience, and to protect yourself from your blatant errors of logic and your superstitious jabberwacky.


      • I know you can read Rogue1. I said on the COTO thread, something to the effect that this is Scott’s site and he can do what he wants. HE IS THE EDITOR-N-CHIEF. Stop fucking around because of your ego. Since you can’t handle anybody telling you to “shut the fuck up” or pointing out your shit might stink, your time here may be short if Scott doesn’t like your rhetoric. Whatever. This comment, I hope, will vanish into smoke with the others when Scott decides to pull the trigger. That’s the way it works when you’re treading on other people’s turf, and shitting in their yard.

        • “This comment, I hope, will vanish into smoke with the others when Scott decides to pull the trigger.”

          Yea Boomer, you always hope the evidence gets purged don’t you…
          That’s how coto works, you screws can say anything you want then clean it up later when you realize it looks bad.

          Look “pal” – you’re the one who started flappin’ your tongue on coto, mentioning my name and calling Scot a tyrant. But now you come on here with this “Let bygone’s be bygones” dickspittle. Go twitch in your own corner.


          • Super lame and twisted. As usual. Something happened to you along the way. When’s the last time something positive came off your keyboard? Something creative, insightful, and worth contemplating?

            • as you well know, I have yet to remove any comments on this site regarding people spreading the “TV fakery” crap on this story. you might want to go back over to your little site and make that correction. that would be nice. not to say I won’t remove them if someone comes and starts spamming up my place with that crap, but at this point, I have not. so in the interest of accuracy, if such a thing is of interest to the people running your site, it would be nice to see that corrected over there. thanks.

            • “Something happened to you along the way.”~Booberwankshank

              Yea…I got rope-burn on my neck from an attempted lynching by a gang of hysterical twits prone to blithering fits.
              A ‘Chorus Of The Oinkers’ — read: COTO.

              You have a ‘selective memory’ — you don’t remember, you can’t recall, you have no memory of any of that at all. It’s called a psychological fugue…an episodic amnesia — assisted by the use of the Memory Hole.
              THAT is what is “Super lame and twisted.”

              Be honest with Scott here Boober, there will be no apologies on coto for the disinformation about bannings and deletions here. The screws at coto can “do no wrong” because “COTO Knows”….hahahaha…


      • As of yet, I have not deleted any of their comments. If they post more and they are offensive to the families of the victims (the mother AND the child at this point) then I will.

  18. Hey my brother, look here. You know, in situations like this, any living soul who has had any type of contact with a suspect such as this, they dig them up and identify them within hours. I haven’t seen any reference to to anyone identified as the babies father. A male has been identified as being in some sore of relationship with the girl but I don’t think he was identified as the father.

    Clearly, she was trying to get some sort of access to someone inside the WH. That is a logical conclusion absent any other evidence to suggest something else was taking place when she first arrived there at the point of the contact with the concrete pillars which, clearly, can be possibly explained as her way to bring attention to whom-ever she was after inside the WH. IE. “hey motherfucker!! get you ass out here and face accountibillity for this child!” That’s what I think was going on!
    That’s what the physical evidence suggests. And there ain’t no damage to the front end of that car consistant wth striking concrete pillars sufficient to generate that her striking these pillars hard enough constituted a threat!

    My brother, I encourage you to keep digging on this one. This is what you do best.

    People, we are sustaining casualties not because we are at war, but because the eneamy is at war.

    Thank you,,,,out

    • thank you scumphrey. good to hear from you. and you know I will continue to dig till they bag and tag me… thus is my fate… again, nice to hear from you. missed you brother… really have

      • I’ve learned NOT to ever except, but with few exceptions, the easily readily EXCUSE put for, by the gov that, any individual, who dares take any type of adverse action against the gov, is mentally unbalanced, or dulusional or what ever. After all, remember what they were saying about me?
        An we all know im not dulisional, or crazy,,,,,,,,,,now willy, be nice.

        My highly educated comrads are telling me, incidently, with these closings, Iwo Jimi & WWII memorials for instance, these closing’s were met to taunt and counter attack any action involving civil unrest. You have heard I hope the bikers are going back to DC this week to challenge the closings and rumor is they are arriving ready for the worse case scenario. Better go to WM and get a 50 lb bag of rice and a bottle of soy sauce.

        And Willy, you should know,,,,,,,i can’t wait. Ill tell you this my good brother, the min men citizens of these 50 states have never been more combat ready than now. I say no more otherwise, there will be another knock on my front door. Ofcourse, like before, they’d be barking up the wrong tree. Anin’t nothing here to see. or confiscate.

        • There’s been some rumors from Park Service employees of orders to “make things as miserable as possible” (paraphrasing), so yeah, your theory about provocation seems spot on.

          Regarding Scott’s theory about the paternity .. I’m not buying it. Throw Occam’s razor at it. But, for hypothesis sake, let’s assume she WAS trying to reach Obama … was she trying to reach baby Daddy or Black Messiah? Follow me?

          As for the trigger happy cops … well, that’s what we’ve come to expect these days isn’t it? Plus, if they know about the deliberate provocation going on and are keyed up EXPECTING an incident … it’s not real surprising that they resorted to guns (when nothing we’ve justified the execution.)

  19. Where’s the audio file recordings of local D.C. residents who were listening in on police band signals? There should be some revealing info recorded? This was apparent at some of the other recent “events”. The cross talk would have escalated dramatically from the first encounter with Ms. Carey, to the point where the commands for lethal fire upon her were given.

  20. Razz, Alright. I respect your opinion. To answer your question, if I was to take a guess, i’de say baby daddy. My rational for that choice is because, what I stated earlier, was, in incidents similar to this one, they, and im referring to the media and gov, they always seem to dig up any person who has had even the most casual contact with a suspect, usually going back several years however, in this case, there has yet to be anyone identified as the childs father (the child in the back seat)

    Am I accurate in that claim, that no one has yet been positively identified as the father? Willy,, wanna answer that? I would like that clarified here, I am coming into this kinda late.

    Let me ask this,,,who else could be inside the WH that we could consider?????

    Razz, where in now sittin, and typing these words, is approximately 2 miles from the exact spot, where this jive ass silver tounged devil first announced, to the entire world, his desire to seek the office he now holds. Remember all the chanting? o-bam-a o-bam-a o-bam-a.. It was just fucking sickening!!! And a DEMOCRAT just said that. sickening!
    I began to believe the motherfucker was the anti-Christ. And I have not entirely dismissed that suspission. I never saw such a rise to power from nothing, like this dude rose. Jesus christ superstar!!! So much of this asshole’s background has been concealed. This current administration, and im gonna be nice, leaves a lot to be desired. Hell, Im starting to look at Bush with some compassionate nostalgia.
    This dude is a fucking player and now has the power to pull some shit over our eyes and totally, in camera, and under color of law. If you don’t think this is possible let me remind you of this fact. One of his buddies, who’s wife is in this administration, got a fucking blow job right there in the WH, and got caught. Don’t tell me presidents can’t be players! And lets not forget all the lying met to try to escape accountibillity. And we have essentially, the same bunch of players there inside that WH. Plus probably some new players too. And some gay players to boot.

    Now I don’t know how this slick ass jive motherfucker could have pulled it off, but who on this planet has more ability, than this jive ass motherfucker? Putin? not with a face like that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • they (MSM) have hinted at who the father is, suggesting it’s the boyfriend… but no, no one, including the sisters, to my knowledge, have stated categorically, who the father of the child is.

      technically speaking, by law, if the father is known (legally speaking) then that child should be in his care at this moment.

      • Yes I now agree with you it’s baby daddy. And someone on high. and someone who likes Black women. Somali women are lovely looking.Absence is a startling “floating sign” asserting its opposite in our Simulated Reality. Her race was never mentioned by the mass media either. Why?

    • Jefferson had affairs, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton, hell… I think even Nixon had an affair while in the White House. It’s wouldn’t be the first. Jefferson had kids by his. It’s not unheard of, nor is it particularly spectacular in that regard. Truth is, few would probably have cared… but now? It’s totally different.

    • Putin is way above our Oreo Cookie. He is literate, articulate, intelligent, devious,and slicker than any bad ass in our govt.

  21. Hey Scott, thanks for analyzing the weirdness surrounding this. I don’t always agree with you completely, but you always have a sensible angle and frequently make sense of what doesn’t.

    I think these people who are coming in here to say it’s all fake are going to increase over time after each event. I’ve thought for awhile that some of the more obvious bloopers (like Robbie Parker) may have even been intentional. It may well be that there is a deeper psychological purpose to them – specifically, making it difficult for people like us to discern what is real and what is fake. I’ve heard it said before that a primary purpose of disinformation is to make everything possible and nothing knowable.

    • “a primary purpose of disinformation is to make everything possible and nothing knowable.” Exactly. And why you must read Jean Baudrillard and Diane Rubenstein to learn to analyze masks and “floating signs.” That quote can be used against them if you think JUDO.

  22. Just for your illumination Scott, I posted this on the coto site, to remind them that you haven’t banned or deleted anything here.
    As far as deletions and bannings…this post didn’t last more than ten minutes before it was axed:
    . . . . . . . .
    No one was banned or deleted on Scott’s site you assholes.

    That is the bottom line that you keep avoiding with all this crackerjack drivel.
    You can delete this, as the hypocrites you are – but calling out Scott for something he hasn’t done – for something that is clearly the MO here is really the prime slab of bullshit.

    As usual Mr Dunne has his mind up the dark side of his moon, and has no idea as to what is actually transpiring, taking JGwhiz’s lying words as truth. ~hybridrogue1 on October 7, 2013 at 12:27 pm


    . . . . . . .
    Yup, true to the coto MO.


    • Stay off Coto..rogue.. you are no longer welcome there. I will continue to delete every comment you make there. No one there gives a shit about you and your little vendetta. You have burned your bridges with every member. Scott and his group here are welcome to you. Enjoy your stay !

      • Not only does she mislead to her readers about what happens here and the news she reports on, but she’s rude on top of it. Comes all the way over here to ban you… over there? that is just impolite if you ask me.

        strange transition in Jerseyg…. wonder what it’s all about?

        “Thanks for the link Scott.. I like your posts. I find very little,if anything that I can disagree with 🙂 ” Jerseyg

        “Nice article Scott. Alex Jones, Jon Rappaport, Mike Adams, Paul J Watson, all pushing the SSRI meme, why? BS I say! Adam Lanza was nowhere near Sandy Hook that day and as you state had been pronounced dead the day before.” Jerseyg

        “Well done Scott. From the very beginning this whole scenario was suspect. It’s got MK-Ultra,govt op written all over it. James Holmes was their brilliant student in training and ultimately their patsy.” Jerseyg

        really is a strange transition for Jerseyg. She left a thoughtful comment when my father passed away not that long ago. and now this.

        As you can see from the photo I left in the update article, there is no other person in that car… and as you can see from the explanation I left you, there are certainly other explanations as to why the officer hit the barricade. If you chose to mislead your readers, that’s up to you, but typically when a journalist finds conflicting facts that shed light on their assumptions, they post a retraction or at least an update so their readers can formulate their own opinion based on all the relevant information available.

        let’s see what you do.

    • I appreciate the effort and certainly can’t say I am surprised.

  23. I don’ know if this has been mentioned, or whether or not below video has already been posted already here at AE . The thread seems to have taken a weird character over the weekend with the Cotowars, which I did not have time to follow.

    I have no way of knowing what is really going on, but since this is now the second site wars on these pages within the last month (last one was with ICP) I would like to submit to you all that there might a concerted effort to butt independent sites against each other from within… But, as I said, I’ve never visited either of these sites at all to be able to catch a pattern of sorts… But, maybe they are indeed disinformationists.

    Anyway… back to Miriam…

    The context of the video is quite significant…. It shows the session in progress in the House of Representatives very shortly (less than a few hours-not sure about exact time) after the Carey incident. Although there might have been some super-connected members amongst them who knew a little bit more about what really happened, it is fair to assume that all that the majority of these people knew at the time was that an unarmed young woman/mother was shot and killed in the middle of the street, in broad daylight by the secret service and capitol police. And that, regardless of the assumption of Carey’s guilt, there was a toddler who was left as an orphan in the process. And, the obvious fact that a human being was just shot dead right in front of their workplace (if you can call it that)

    I don’t know about you, but I would nominate the following video for the 10 most appalling videos that demonstrate the psyche of these douchebags we call representatives… Representing whom and what, I really couldn’t say.

    Watch and weep!

    • Correction… That”other” site I mention should have been ICH… not ICP

      • yeah, might be a divide and con pattern developing or people trying to start flame wars for page views. who knows. I did post a link to the congress critters (nod to WRH) applauding the death of this woman and I said it was pretty disgusting. as it was. never hurts to get a reminder of just how amoral our “representatives” really are though. thanks.

        • Ah.. Sorry… I should have known you would not have missed that 😀

          But what is this coto site really? I can’t even find it to check it out.. Well, never mind actually… No point in linking to it here…

          • Couldn’t help my curiosity, finally found the site, and was sorry that I did so almost right away. What a sad place!

            I don’t mean to play lip service to these people, but her subheader reads:

            CeCe McQueen ‏@CeCeMcQueen: @BarackObama every time u wank save ur delicious cum in a pudding cup until it’s full, then please mail it to me so I can eat it all up(:

            WTF? I don’t even wanna know if this is meant to be funny or sarcastic or serious… But certainly sets the tone… Bleh!

            (is cece mcqueen = jerseyg??? Why is her comment in the sub header?)

            • like the stories of lying victims and “TV fakery”, it seems they spend a lot of effort doing things to make their own site look as offensive as possible. I saw that crap on their banner when I went there yesterday and it’s just… wow… and Jerseyg has the nerve with that on her header to say they erase Rogue’s comments “because they are offensive”?

              it’s almost laughable.

              apparently CeCeMcqueen is a drag queen. they have a tweet from a drag queen on their header for their site.


              no wonder their global ranking is about 4 million while mine is 400,000.

            • Yep. I read it the same as you.

          • It’s Foucault. The opposite just strengthens the system. the system, whatever it may be, is strengthened by opposition in the DOMINATING DISCOURSE as long as you stay in it. The trick is to JUDO it. DeLillo explains perfectly in Cosmopolis (not Cronenberg’s film tho) with the Foucauldian quote, “There is no outside.”

        • People still have this ingrained ideology that Congress represents us. It doesn’t. First because “representation” is a concept that is over, finished in all fields: literature; music; painting; sculpture and politics. Of course they don’t want you to know that so you won’t be corrected. That’s so you will keep complaining they are not representing you. The fact is they are not representatives of anything at all. They “float free as signifiers” separated from the signified, masking emptiness.

  24. Scott, you have NO idea what this guy has been up to. Don’t condemn without having the facts. Come to coto and ask the members there about it if you want to learn the truth. He’s a liar. And yes, I have read your blog from time to time and appreciate your insight and agree with much of what you write thought not all. I honestly, haven’t read enough to know. I’ve got a very busy life away from this computer.

    . However, I don’t think anyone should be called a disinfo agent for posing a different angle to a story that you may disagree with. THAT is rude . Our blog also does not ask for donations. I consider that rude as well. Aren’t we about exchanging ideas not $$$?

    Are you a professional journalist? Do you go out in the field and do a real live investigation of these things you write about? If not, than don’t act like one. I’m not and don’t pretend to be. We are all here speculating on what little evidence(if u can call it that)we have and intelligent people can disagree. . You pointing out something in a picture or vid is no different than someone else pointing out the opposite. On coto we allow people to do their own thinking. The only thing we don’t allow is one member continuously putting down others with foul language for having a different opinion. Rogue crossed that line more times than any of us can count. He’s not banned. His nasty slurs are just no longer allowed to see the light of day there.

    . I’m out and I’m done… And YES, I was truly sorry that you lost your father. I am neither a nazi nor a rude bitch as this creature would have you believe. Anyone that knows me will vouch for that.

    There is however, a difference between free speech and verbal abuse. If you allow the later, you will lose readers in droves.

    • you, jerseybitch, are rude and two faced….you speak out of both sides of your mouth…..
      what? You desperately trying to gather readers for your blog?

      Independent Journalists: “A journalist collects, writes, and distributes news and other information. A journalist’s work is referred to as journalism.” from Wikipedia

      a reporter does interviews and on the spot news collection.

      Go ‘fish’ somewhere else.

    • People disagree with me all the time.. and there their comments are. big as day.

      I don’t need to come to COTO … again… to see what you guys are about. Remember, I helped start the place and I had multiple comments erased and not for “foul language” as you suggest with Rogue, but because of their content. and you probably don’t want to disagree with that, as I still have the evidence of it. and yes, it did deal with 9/11.

      as to what you consider a “real journalist” I’m sure Diane Feinstein would agree with you on that one, but I don’t. What we do, supposedly, is journalism. No, I’m not hired by Fox or CNN, but spend dozens of hours a week investigating what I can and reporting as best I can on subjects that don’t get nearly enough coverage, or they get dishonest coverage from the MSM. And many people appreciate the efforts I and so many others put out.

      Lots of online news sources, of which I am one, take in donations in order to help run the site. You’re little jab aside, it’s done by many of the larger sites and some of the smaller ones. Back when I had my own business and did my own designs, I had less time to dedicate to the site, but never needed to ask for help… things change… it’s so nice that is what you find “rude”

      but I guess if that is the best you got to try to discredit me, understand, there have been trolls here in the past who have leveled the same insult at me for doing it. unlike your site however, their comments of derision are still up for anyone to read if they are so inclined.

      As too Rogue’s language. He’s a bit rough around the edges, I’ll give you that. But, at least he’s honest. hell, you just claimed he wasn’t banned, yet in the other comment you left, you said he was and that all his comments would be erased. All his comments. so which is it?

      Erasing his comment that only stated that I did not erase comments from the people I yelled at earlier, as you and Boomerang said, shows that there is something else going on with your site these days. Its sad to see, but, alas, there it is.

      Frankly, when you started pushing the story about the guy in the wheelchair faking his injuries at the Boston Bombing, I pretty much lost interest in you guys. and here you are, pushing a similar story about this young woman and her child. if you fail to see how that hurts our efforts, maybe you should be on Prison Planet’s payroll especially when you use such spurious “evidence” as some idiot Youtuber claiming there are two people in the car and saying things like “there is no other explanation for the Capitol police to hit that barricade”… that’s just ridiculous.

      So, if you’re done here, great. have a good one.

    • and as to my “little website” you made reference to before…

      How popular is willyloman.wordpress.com?

      Alexa Traffic Ranks

      How is this site ranked relative to other sites?
      Global Rank 444,376
      Rank in United States 296,721
      United States Flag 222,558

      How popular is cotocrew.wordpress.com

      Alexa Traffic Ranks

      How is this site ranked relative to other sites?
      Global Rank 3,994,671

      You have 163 sites linking into yours, I have 754…

      when you get big enough to actually have a US ranking, let me know. till then, with numbers like those, I would be more careful calling someone else’s site “little”… get me?

    • Okay, if anyone is EVEN INTERESTED in this whole fight and what kind of Nazi-Nanny-Bitch JG aka Jerseyg is:
      It all started over an argument about me saying that a Ouija board is just a toy – it is not contacting demons and devils and teaching you “Satanism” or any of that other superstitious woowoo.

      JG the supposed drop-out from the Catholic church became livid and banshee like, and it escalated way beyond … WAY BEYOND, anything I could ever have imagined.

      I started thinking about minnows pausing in a stream, head-drops as a young child..?? WTF??

      Short story:
      I stopped posting on current threads on COTO of my own accord.
      Within a couple of weeks Boomer posted a thread dedicated to getting me back up and ‘with the fold’ — I respectfully declined. Jersey would have none of that and insisted on a final showdown…she invaded my personal space, a thread no one ever visited for at least a year, a thread called ‘Prologue’…which was used as more or less a diary page. This was on the afternoon of the new thread by Boomer looking for a peaceful solution between JG and I. When I found the shenanigans going on at the Prologue thread I brought all that up to Boomers current thread…and that is where the sha met the boomy, the shaboomy was thunderous…

      My next move was a new thread called BIG SISTER IS WATCHING YOU. It was a variation on the Milgram Experiment…
      The history is at the following URL, complete with links to proofs and time/date stamps:



    • Sorry but at this point in time a scolding on rudeness – a bourgeois term I hope you realize – just does not apply at all. We are not talking politeness as they desensitize us to the coming martial law.

      • “Sorry but at this point in time a scolding on rudeness – a bourgeois term I hope you realize..”~seymourblogger

        I absolutely agree with you Seymour. This is a passage from my blog on that topic:

        People. Timid people. People who are afraid of words – afraid of “language”, afraid of their own shadow thoughts, are the most fucked up people in the world.

        People who read creative, expressive, and brutally frank writing and interpret it as “angry,” are suffering from cultural conditioning, and haven’t broken free as true individuals. They are the kinds of people who in their fear of simple things like words, demand censorship – which is the first step into despotism.

        You say something like; they are jejune diaper dumpers, and they get the vapors and faint on the spot. Now THAT is domestication, THAT is wearing a shock collar, THAT is the profile of a herd animal.

        Now I have said it before and I will repeat it again; Life is not an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, and I do not need or want your approval, forgiveness nor blessings.


  25. […] Blitzer’s show claims they took the kid from the car, then killed the driver as she got out (H/T Aris Tocles […]

  26. Scott … that would explain why you collect $$$ from your readers. Everyone knows you can pump up your site and get way more views that way. We have never collected a dime, nor would we. That’s not what we’re about. But, I won’t fault you for trying to make a buck.. just doesn’t seem right to me … and you were the one always blasting Alex Jones for selling things.. A bit hypocritical? Yea, I’d say.

    As for the Carey story.. Do you really think anyone from her family is going to read your blog? Wow. That’s a bit arrogant. But even if they did, do you think they’ll like your baby daddy theory any better? Would Obama be so stupid to allow her to get as far as she did if it were true? I don’t think so. Not only would she have been under complete surveillance, she’d probably have been offed in Conn and gotten nowhere near the white house. Think about that one. Where’s her body? Why was her family forbidden to view her? As in Sandy Hook, all they saw was a picture.

    Besides, haven’t you heard about the dirt Madsen uncovered on Obama and the bathhouses in Chicago? Look it up. But then, I’m sure you’re gonna say Madsen is disinfo as well. blah blah blah

    Carry on with your BIG BLOG and enjoy your new tenant. Thanks for taking him off our hands :).

    • I’m not going to continue this with you. you said you were going. good, go. post your gay obama stories and your “death panel” disinfo to your readers, the few you have, and go. bye bye, adios, later, see ya, won’t be ya… fill in the blanks with the rest. you have distracted here long enough. and by the way, rogue is certainly welcome here… you on the other hand…

    • JoyzeeGee… I don’t know you from a hole in the wall… But your spiteful words don’t hold any water, do not sound sincere or honest, and are downright idiotic… So, can I ask you to just bug off??? You are occupying too much space in this thread, and I doubt that anyone cares if you delete posts on your lovely site. Just a falling tree in a forest with no one around…

      And if hybridrogue1 is all that you say he is, it will be just a matter of time for Scott and other people here to realize that, and deal with him accordingly…

      But I can’t resist asking… If you don’t take a dime from anyone on your site, where do your dimes come from? Is your cum-soaked site just a hobby for you? Why would you care what hybridrogue1 says or doesn’t say? Why would you care what Scott says or does? Why would you care if he accepts donations? And why on earth would you choose the CeCe tweet as your header if your site is dealing with serious issues, conspiracies and world events, and expect anyone to take it seriously???

    • and that is funny. buuuut no… I don’t pay someone to pad my stats. you see, once again, your lack of reasoning skills betrays you… if you don’t have advertising or sell anything on your site, there really is no reason to do that, is there? I do my research, I post my articles, I chat in the comment sections, and that’s it. I don’t even go start flame wars with other more popular sites hoping to pad my page views… I just write.

    • ah yeah, right… user supported independent journalism is EXACTLY like Di$info Jone$ selling tangy tangerine and trying to get his readers signed up on Walmart pyramid schemes.. yeah, that’s exactly the same thing… ಠ_ಠ

    • Lol JG,

      It is obvious how desperate y’all are over there at coto…you are buttering up Martha like a prize heifer. Better put up adds for replacement troops. Aye?


    • Who cares about Obama and the bath houses. Foucault went to them in San Francisco and loved them and died of AIDS. doesn’t diminish him at all. Obama is a liar in every aspect of his life. That’s why I hate him. I am sure there are more and other reasons for other people. Obama’s sex life is irrelevant.

  27. Rogue started the fight..not me. He brought it here didn’t he? HE is the one that’s the asshole. Which is exactly why the exchange of Martha for this pompous ass is a win for us and a great big fat loss for u. You’ll find out soon enough .. He always shows his true colors . Someone else has his proof of his alter ID and it’s a doozy…. He pretends he believes the 9/11 fairytale to set up arguments with himself Right roguey? LOL Shall I reveal the evidence to the crowd here?

    • You are a liar – total and absolute. I have no alternate web ID. That is a fairytale began by your other new member, that cheesy Señor El Spook.

      “LOL Shall I reveal the evidence to the crowd here?”~jerseyg

      Yes indeed smartass.

      But if you just repeat the Señor entity’s theory, you will merely show yourself for the stupid cankerous worm you are.

      • she’s now just trying to get banned, rogue. people see what she is and how desperate she is. don’t feed the trolls, if you don’t mind. if this is what she is reduced to these days, so be it. i have to give you this though… “cankerous worm”… nice.

      • “LOL Shall I reveal the evidence to the crowd here?”~jerseyg

        Yes indeed smartass.

        uh… and no. you guys want to get a room somewhere, be my guest, but readers come here to be informed and share relevant information, not be bombarded with distracting pissing contests hashing out old rivalries from distant, unimportant blogs where some drag queen’s tasteless Tweet is proudly featured on it’s title page.

        go fight it out on OpEd. no one wants to hear it here.

    • Go back to your own site, troll.

  28. OH and as for replacement troops… NO one has left since you left. They all agree that you are one helluva nasty bastard.

    • could you be more boring, please? Your desperation is riveting but it belies your sing-songy redundancy. no one here cares about you or your site so do what you said you were going to do and go away. trying to bait me into banning you or removing some of your more insulting if not cliched comments is not going to work. it does however prove rogue’s criticisms about you, doesn’t it? what’s wrong? don’t have enough readers to distract and lie to over at COTO?

  29. My persona is not so complex and horrific as has been characterized here by my detractors. So just a quick introduction – if no one minds.

    Like Scott, my main impetus is to write. My main interest as a subject for that writing is; History in Forensic Context

    Opportunity & Means, Modus Operandi, Cui Bono?

    Motive…Consequences – Result/Aftermath.

    Legally there is “proximate cause” – but there is also general milieu in which to ‘discover’ proximate cause. It is also critical to consider ‘result and aftermath’, as being necessary for comprehension of events.

    My downside is impatience with the jejune and silly, the superstitious and “prophesy”.

    I admit, when pushed, I can be abrasive. But in my opinion not unreasonably so. My critics often view my pointing out their own self contradictions as “ad hominem”. Discussion of what is ‘justified ad hominem’ and what is ‘false ad hominem’ become off limits in such circumstance, and despotic measures may be taken to ‘shut me up’.

    It is my position that the only way to successfully predict the future is to engineer it. This is why I spend a great of deal time studying ‘Social Engineering’.

    I have no long range plans, and certainly have no intention of ‘dominating’ Scott’s site here. Which is one of the charges leveled at me by my critics from ‘that other blog’. But as I may be posting commentary from time to time, I felt I should introduce myself from my own perspective. My real world name is Willy Whitten.


  30. There is far too much wrong with this story for us to just chalk it up to “crazy talk” and turn the page. A woman died in a brutal fashion for no apparent good reason and a child will forever be denied that crucial bond for the rest of her life.

    We as a civilized society have an obligation to find out why. People don’t deserve to die because they run from cops with drawn guns or knock on the president’s door a bit too hard, even if that happened at all. At BEST someone needs to be fired and a full investigation conducted by someone OUTSIDE the White House gaggle of apologists and Yesmen

    Those are your very words Willy and their very inspiring. I would translate what you’ve said above to mean your advising every reader here to understand the seriousness of this situation & the negative impact to our national heritage, of our obligation we as American citizens have toward each other and I submit the obligation we have to the rest of the civilized world, yes, the rest of the world where we allegedly have tried to set a high standard of civilized behavior through the sacrifice of our military personel in that alleged endeavor.

    Now,,,here are MY words:


    We’ve stood passively by, on the sidelines, for far too long and quietly watched as our constitution is slowly eroded away until now we are at the point where our protector’s are now freely murdering us in broad day light on our very streets without any fear what so ever, and they submit inexcusable justification as their rational. Last week, it was an unarmed female, presumed by constitutional right to be considered innocent of wrong doing until proven otherwise in a COURTROOM. This female’s courtroom was the streets of Washington DC and she was instantly adjudicated as guilty, and sentenced to death and sentence carried out instantly, there in the streets! What, or whom is going to face this type of justice next? You? Me? Or a family member?
    A large group? A hundred? WHERE DOES THIS END?

    A legal president is being established here that may set the stage for the next incident where we may see a thousand human beings murdered in the streets by our own police . Is that the country you people want for your children?

    I do not want to find suddenly, where my only recourse in answering to situations such as this, is to resort, in mass, to civil disobedience to the 100th power. Addmittidly, I do have a philosophy that goes like this:
    “if you want peace, prepare for war”. And godammit,,,,,, I am. But understand, I don’t want to be pushed into those last resort decisions. And I shouldn’t have to be! Why? Because truthfully, in this country, we are blessed with possessing the best criminal and civil justice system in the world. And you just gotta understand how it operates. And you gotta know your amendents and how to apply them.

    So, what can we as citizens do, to seek vindication for this Mariam Carey Murder? We could just sit here on our asses, and do nothing and just rant about “oh,,,what a terrible thing this is. Bad cops,,,BAD COPS!!” “Pass the sweet corn please” You read what Willy said above. Did what he said get through? Or do you all really, REAllY,,,,,,,not care?

    I do care. and I think the best response here is to attack at the weak points, and by-pass the strong points. The strong point here is the Execitive Branch of the United States Government. So, ignore any implied or suspected involvment of that entity. Instead, attack the weak point!!! The weak point here is the Capitol police, and possibly, the United States Secret service. Do they frighten you all? Well, you’ll be surprised to know they frighten me too. And I don’t like to be frightened especially by folks who are actually suppose to be protecting me and you.

    Instead if sitting here and just spewing out words in this here computer, I have already taken certain actions. I sought out through googleing the names AL SHARPTON, and JESSE JACKSON. Guess what? Both of these civil rights crusaders have individual public web sites. And on these 2 web sites were a link to contact the offices of both gentlemen, and I have.

    The crux of my communication with them was “DC COPS GUN DOWN UNARMED AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, ON STREETS OF NATIONS CAPITOL AFTER ALLEGING FEMALE RAMMED HER VEHICLE INTO SECURITY BARRICADES AT WH. WHICH THEY ALLEGE FURTHER THIS CONSTITUTED BREACH OF SECURITY HOWEVER, PHOTO AND VIDEO EVIDENCE CLEARLY SHOW NO DAMAGE TO FEMALE’S VEHICLE CONSISTANT WITH CLAIM OF RAMMING BARRICADES, AND VIDEO EVIDENCE DEMONSTRATES IRRIFUTIBY THAT FEMALE WAS NEVER GIVEN OPPORTUNITY TO SURRENDER, AND the DC COPS ASSASANATED FEMALE INSTANTLY WITHOUT JUST CAUSE. (theres no gray areas here what so ever) And remember this,,,the cops have claimed the female was dulusional and had other mental problems but they have failed to submit any sworn or non sworn testimony or documentary evidence from any medical professional to substantiate this claim therefore, IT IS ONLY HEAR-SAY RHETORIC made to cover up a murder.

    Remember Big Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson reguarding the recent Travon Martin case? Isn’t that exactly the kind of
    effective heat this case deserves!? Isn’t Mariam Carey equally deserving of this kind of reaction like these two civil rights activists are known for?

    NOT THE WH or anybody inside. The DC cops. That’s the weak link here.

    The more people that contact JJ and Big Al, the more likely their NOT going to be able to blow this off. We want them into this up to their asses! This is what they do BEST!

    I even tried Louis Farakhan” Nation of Islam but their site lacked a communication link.

    Tomorrow, the NAACP ! And im going to drive to the Muslim church and see if THEY got Farakhan’s direct phone number.

    We have sustained casualties not because we are at war, but because our enemy is at war.

    Well, im at war now. AND IM FIGHTING FOR ALL OF YOU!
    Am I all alone in this fight?


    • Honey they are preparing us for Martial Law. What ya gonna do? Who ya gonna call?

    • no. do what you need to.

    • you could file a Freedom of Information Act to get:

      1. visitor logs from the White House that day (to see if she was actually there longer than it took to make a u-turn)

      2. security camera footage from that checkpoint and all other entrances…

      if you do it, make the request as public as possible. of course, if I’m right, you might want to eat out of cans only for the next couple of weeks.

  31. Response to Seymourblogger

    I presume im addressing a female subject

    I can’t tell you what im gonna do, or be doing, because actually, you do not possess any need to know. But you can rest assured madam, what ever it is im doing, it will be with your best interest as the objective.

  32. I think we’ve veered off the main subject here.Let’s concentrate on the actions of the police forces that have killed an innocent woman and forget the trolls and disinformation specialists now assigned to discredit this blog!

  33. And once again-where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.Running scared?Pastor Manning is the only one willing to adress the situation

  34. A website called What Does It Mean? claimed in October that Russian authorities had intelligence showing that Obama fathered Carey’s child during an emergency dentist visit on May 18, 2011.

    According to the theory, Obama who was going to deliver a speech at a graduation ceremony at the US Coast Guard Academy in May 2011, stopped at the dentist office because he needed an emergency dental attention as a piece of pistachio had lodged in one of his back molars.

    While the president was there, he struck up a friendship with Carey, who became pregnant shortly afterwards, the website claims.

    Carey refused Obama’s request to have an abortion, at which point Obama “lured” her to Washington and had her killed, the website claimed.

  35. “People get used to anything. The less you think about your oppression, the more your tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think oppression is the normal state of things. But to become free, you have to be acutely aware of being a slave.”
    ― Assata Shaku

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