Damage to Miriam’s Car Not Consistent with “Ramming Barricade” Story

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:  Miriam Carey UPDATES: Obama “Communicating With Her” and “Controlling Her Life”… After Birth of Child

UPDATE: I have yet to find a single picture of the barricade at the White House she supposedly rammed.

UPDATE: Official story changes. See update at the end of the article.


Earlier I wrote about the strange story of Miriam Carey and how it would seem to me that the story might revolve around her child more than people think.

Looking at some of the photos from the scene, it occurred to me that I had missed a good part of the story and was taking something for granted that I shouldn’t have.

I don’t think she tried to “ram” her car through any barricade to start with. There is no damage to her car consistent with that story.

When I saw the video I assumed like everyone else that something had to have happened for law enforcement to be chasing her like they were outside the grounds of the White House.

I took it for granted that she had tried to make her way into the White House to see someone for whatever reason.

But the fact is, the only video we have of this incident shows her trying to leave the grounds, not go further inside. And apparently they really didn’t want her to leave.

The video we have of her being surrounded by 5 or 6 cops was taken well away from the White House, near the Capitol.

The story goes she tried to ram her way through either a barricade or the White House gate depending on which story you read. But the evidence at hand doesn’t support that story at all.


“Driving a black Infiniti with a young child believed to be her daughter in the back seat, Ms. Carey tried to barrel through a checkpoint outside the White House at 2:12 p.m” New York Times

“The incident began at approximately 2:12 p.m. when a black Infiniti rammed a barrier outside the White House at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The car was chased to 2nd Street and Constitution Avenue NW, police said.” ABC News

Carey rammed her car into a barricade outside the White House and then led police on a chase that ended with her being shot near the U.S. Capitol on Thursday.” NBC

“The sources say Miriam Carey, 34, tried to ram her car through a White House barricade before leading police on a high-speed chase that put the Capitol on lockdown and ended in a hail of gunfire.” NBC New York

Take a look at a couple pictures of her car. click on images for larger views






Here’s a close-up hi-res view of the front of her car after they shot her.


As you can see, there isn’t so much as a scratch on the front of her car.

Here’s a map which claims “fencing smashed” at White House. Does that car look like it smashed barricade fencing?


There’s some damage that was done to the side of it when the police truck pulled up next to her (see picture 2) and there is some damage to the rear which came from when she backed up and struck the police car that attempted to block her exit… but the front of the car? You can see white paint from the Capitol Police cars but that’s about it.

As you can see in the second picture, the white paint smear on her front bumper seen in the first photo isn’t there yet, so that paint smear didn’t happen “ramming” any barricade.

Look at it. Did that car “ram … through a White House barricade”?

As I stated in one of the comments I left, you know damn well there are security cameras covering every inch of the White House grounds and certainly at the entry points. Will we see those videos?

I don’t know what happened to make those officers decide to stop her from leaving the grounds, but I know this… that car didn’t ram any barricade prior to that video segment, that’s for damn sure.


UPDATE: The official story has changed.

Questions were also being raised about whether she posed enough of a threat during the fast-moving sequence of events that the police needed to shoot her.

Initially, law enforcement officials said Ms. Carey had gotten out of the car when she was shot on Thursday afternoon. Early accounts of such events are often inaccurate, however, and on Friday, new details emerged about the shooting and the woman who was killed…

… The woman who was shot to death after a taut, high-speed car chase through the streets between the White House and Capitol Hill was still in her car, snagged on the curb of a grass-covered median, when the police fired at her, a Senate official said on Friday.” New York Times

They changed the story so people don’t wonder why an unarmed woman who no longer posed a threat was shot dead in the street by Obama’s Secret Service.

Of course the old story is still around if you know where to look:

She was shot and killed fleeing her car near the Hart Senate Office Building.” USA Today

Go back and look at that first picture in the series I put up. Right next to the officer’s right foot you see what appears to be an outline of two legs. That’s towards the rear of the car. It would appear that may have been where she fell while “fleeing” the car.

Here’s another interesting tid-bit:

“McCaul said law enforcement authorities told him that she had a stay in the mental hospital though he didn’t know the details. He also said Carey thought that her apartment was under surveillance and president Obama was monitoring her.” USA Today

If this child was the illegitimate daughter of the president, he would be monitoring her, wouldn’t he?


20 Responses

  1. Good grief. So many of these fake stories surfacing. Who can believe the Boston Bombing one?

  2. Will these despicable nazi murderers be brought to TRIAL?

    Why did the WH-igger’s SS cowardly butchers get the order, through their earpieces, to EXECUTE her?

    • It’s unbelievable isn’t it. You can stop a car by shooting the tires.

      • or you can track her by satellite or helicopter or OnStar navigation, whatever the Infinity uses…

        or you can simply follow her at slow speeds until she stops or you spike strip her car and that is that.

        in this case, she was out of the car when shot according to ALL early reports (and it seems her body is out of the car in several photos) so they simply could have walked up to her and arrested her….

        that is the story.

        • The answer nowis to be found in Brian Massumi’s concept of “preemptive threat.” We know its military use as in WMD in Iraq and Bush but he extends it into the civil and the way it is metastasizing under Obama and will continue. It is the glue that holds all of this together without getting into simulation versus read as it takes both into consideration

  3. […] a look at a couple pictures of her car. click on images for larger views https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/damage-to-miriams-car-not-consistent-with-ramming-barrica… The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to […]

    • Yep…I noticed that and had asked why we don’t get to see the footage of her so called ramming the gate and proof she tried to enter two separate locations as well. Very suspicious indeed! Doesn’t make sense at all. None of it does yet.. I also don’t understand why she didn’t remain in place though. This is adding a ton of confusion. You would think if guns were aiming at you…you’d stop and comply..??

  4. The Capitol Hill Police rammed a barricade:

  5. Good point. Its just there’s another Agenda with the Carey execution. It plays better for the masses.

  6. Maybe this woman was chosen more or less randomly to participate in a “training exercise.” Someone from the Secret Service may have called her and told her that she needed to come to the White House for some reason. If she felt that she was being watched, she probably was. But I strongly doubt it was for the reason you suggest. I believe this is another “blood sacrifice” that is often done in these types of “exercises.” Someone always seems to have to die. She was probably told by whoever called her not to tell anyone that she was going to the White House, so that they could more easily use the “mental illness” angle and so that the plan would not be disrupted by some friend or relative following her or asking questions. If she had left her baby with someone, she would have had to tell them something about where she was going and/or why, and that’s why the baby was with her. It’s true that the “official” story makes no sense on its face. There’s got to be something more going on. This scenario would be a little bit more consistent with other incidents where ordinary people are used by the FBI/CIA/Secret Service or whoever to carry out some sort of plan that ends up with someone dying.

  7. Scott. I ended up analyzing the same video footage. Wish I’d known you’d already done that. I sure can’t find ANYTHING showing that first encounter. Only stuff from the Garfield circle encounter.
    Every picture of the Infiniti shows the bumper intact and all but undamaged.

    • all I see is a little white paint from one of the Capitol Police vehicles on the left of center on the bumper… but you notice that is after the incident at Garfield circle.

      Check out https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/forgotten-witness-and-the-lie-of-ramming-the-gate-at-the-white-house/ for what I could find on the one witness who described what happened at the White House security gate… also notice, no one has interviewed him since.

      • He has probably been told to shut up. considering what has happened to others who have spontaneously given out interviews tht was smart of him. Tedoshev (spelling?) was shot by the FBI and his gf is in solitary and being deported for talking. (Boston Marathon Bombing)

        • he’s damn sure not getting anymore face-time on the networks, is he? and what he saw is really the root of this whole thing.. what he saw or didn’t see, to be more specific. and {poof} he’s gone.

          Yeah, I wrote about her a while ago. they got to her quick. She’s a Russian citizen too. I would imagine someone would want her back. but she’s still being held as far as I know. i guess she serves as a lesson to all would-be witnesses.

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