“When Chemical Weapons Attack!” Videos All Came from Same Source – It’s a Wag the Dog World and We Just Live in it

by Scott Creighton

“But for better or worse, this type of reporting appears to be here to stay.”

The Infomercial Actor in Chief, Barack Obama, has been told by congress that he needs to do more work to “sell” his next humanitarian regime change bombing campaign.

Subsequently, a story by David Kenner shows up today about the “Wag the Dog” propaganda production company in Syria responsible for all those “When Chemical Weapons Attack!” videos.

The Violations Documentation Center  (not to be confused with the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center  which ran the propaganda out of Iran during the State Department sponsored color revolution back in 2009)  is looking to retool their operation.

Sadly according to the Kenner story, they all sacrificed their lives to bring us “the truth”… all but one of course, the one needed to edit the videos and post them on YouTube. How convenient, huh?

(On a side note, all those videos were apparently produced by the same source, a woman named Razan Zaitouneh with the Violations Documentation Center, who is a long standing regime change “activist” in Syria who has been trying to create traction for a NATO “humanitarian bombing” campaign since early 2011. She’s been featured on Democracy NOW! no less than 7 times since starting up her propaganda operation. What a sellout Amy Goodman has become. Remember that dramatic quote “I haven’t seen such death in my whole life.”? It comes from Razan. Also interesting to note, the article linked to below which gives her credit for all those videos and tells the story of the sacrifice her staff made to bring us this ‘truth”, was written by a guy from the Council on Foreign Relations’ magazine Foreign Policy, David Kenner, who also just happens to have been helping her promote her regime change Wag the Dog stories since day one. Small world, huh?)

Opportunities abound for the soulless corporate ladder-climbers who can hold a video camera and write copy on the level of your average zit-faced high school freshmen theater geek.

And why not? There aren’t any jobs here, unless you’re dreaming about interning with Honey Boo-Boo for some masochistic reason.

Here’s the story.

I received a call last night from Victor Thorn. Victor is a long time Truth and anti-globalization writer/producer (he was one of the first to expose Di$info Jone$ way back in 2003, the first being Bill Cooper in 2001) and he was letting me know that his new article, “Boston Marathon Bombing: “Wag the Dog” meets a Strategy of Tension“, is featured as the cover story for this summer’s Paranoia magazine. According to him, It’s a 12 page comprehensive deconstruction of the Boston Bombing which he put together from his own research and multiple interviews with alternative independent journalists on the subject, myself included.

I mention this because during our talk last night, Victor brought up the subject of the current Syrian “crisis” and he asked me what I thought about it.

Without knowing the title of his article, I said it looked like yet another “Wag the Dog” production combined with an altogether too real Gladio type chemical weapons attack launched by Hillary Clinton’s “rebels”.

Today’s news from Foreign Policy magazine solidified my opinion on the subject. It’s a Wag the Dog world and we just live in it.

Allow me to explain.

Since the alleged chemical weapons attack in a “rebel” controlled suburb of Damascus, I have probably written 20 articles on the subject myself while re-posting blurbs to another 40 or so articles attempting to counter the mad rush of ridiculous propaganda which flooded the American media in the mad rush to war. Or it certainly appeared that way at least.

When Victor and I spoke yesterday (he’s graciously sending me a copy of the magazine since it’s not available online, so when I get it, I’ll let you guys know) I was a bit more forthcoming on my opinion of the events in Syria than I am on the website.

If you haven’t noticed, I have been constantly qualifying my articles about the attacks, writing about the “alleged” attacks in that there is really is no hard evidence of any chemical weapons use in the civilian areas.

You have a few people from Doctors Without Borders making statements regarding civilian casualties, but who knows how reliable those reports are. Could be made up by someone writing the story, could be made up by someone posing as a Doctors Without Borders representative. You don’t know. That’s why hearsay evidence isn’t admitted in court.

You also have to remember that Doctors Without Borders has been aiding the State Department run terrorists in Syria for over a year now. They’ve been patching them up in Jordan and Turkey and getting them ready to return to the fight like some kind of al Qaeda MASH unit. It’s not like they don’t have a dog in this fight.

The U.N. inspection team went there to investigate claims of chemical weapons use and it seems everyone from the terrorists to Barack Obama wanted them out of the country. There is probably a reason for that.

So, what “evidence” is left?

YouTube videos produced by a long time regime change activist in Syria who gets paid like a State Department NGO to promote Obama’s next “humanitarian intervention” bombing campaign.

I have recently written that it is perhaps one of the most tragic and discomforting facets of all of this, that the current administration seems just fine with waging war based on what amounts to a series of infomercials produced by professional “crisis actor” production companies in Syria.

What I didn’t know, is that all the videos came from the same regime change NGO.

All of them.

Kinda funny isn’t it? You would expect the videos to have been filmed by random residents in the town that was hit by these chemical weapons attacks. Just a bunch of ordinary citizens filming a huge man-made disaster with their cell phones like anyone here does when there is a car wreck or some other incident that promises to get lots of “likes” on YouTube.

But you would be wrong.

The amateur Syrian videographers’ accomplishment, however, came at a high cost.

Activist Razan Zaitouneh, who runs the Violations Documentation Center in Syria, tells FP that her team sped to the Damascus suburb of Zamalka immediately after a chemical weapons attack was reported there on Aug. 21. The media staff of Zamalka’s local coordination committee, which is responsible for filming videos in the area and uploading them to the world, also sped to the scene. According to Zaitouneh, all but one of them paid with their lives. Foreign Policy

Don’t forget, Foreign Policy magazine was parroting the Israeli intelligence report on the intercepted Assad government phone calls just the other day as fact and a good reason to launch a war against Syria. Just sayin…

In short, what Mr. Kenner has inadvertently admitted to us is the fact that all those videos, some of which appear to have been posted on YouTube prior to the actual chemical weapons attack, came from the same biased source who gets paid to promote regime change in Syria.

Think about that for a minute.

I mentioned the Victor Thorn conversation for a couple of reasons. It’s kind of ironic that his conclusion about the Boston Bombing is apparently (I haven’t read it yet) pretty similar to my conclusions about the Boston American Gladio event as well as my conclusion on what happened in Syria on Aug. 21st of this year.

By that I mean I think what happened was a pre-planned chemical attack carried out by our terrorist assets operating from Jordan and Turkey as well as a pre-produced social media campaign complete with staged videos, ready for distribution just as soon as the attacks took place. Kind of a “one two” punch which Mr. Kenner described as “a gut punch to the world’s conscience.”

Remember, time was of the essence in this propaganda operation. The U.N. team was on the ground investigating the terrorist’s use of chemical weapons in the past and so something needed to be done quickly in order to scare them out of the country. Authentic videos posted online of the carnage would have taken days if not weeks to surface via normal channels, thus, Razan Zaitouneh and her organization of regime change employees staged “crisis actors” type “Wag the Dog” videos and scheduled them to be posted moments after the attack with the appropriate news organizations simply waiting to haul them in like a news feed. You have immediate major press coverage which promotes the crap out of the stories, Razan herself is on Democracy NOW! within hours promoting the “Assad did it!” line with no evidence what-so-ever, and the Obama administration is “forced” to respond to the Assad regime crossing the “red-line” in Syria. War-mongering and saber rattling leads to the U.S. telling the U.N. to pull their investigators out of the country and when that didn’t work at first, our terrorists took some pot-shots at the U.N. inspection team as they drove through “rebel” controlled areas.

A slick operation designed to help build a consensus for regime change in the longer term, but immediately chase the inspection team out of the country in the short term. A slick operation which failed.

After all this time doing research and writing all those articles about what happened, that’s the conclusion I have come to and apparently it’s a pretty well established opinion in the right social circles from what I understand.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said reports circulated online. They did so hours before Wednesday’s incident.

It was a “pre-planned action,” he said. It was an insurgent attack. Assad had nothing to do with it. Claiming otherwise is spurious anti-government propaganda.” Stephen Lendman

Here’s an interesting question since this article has turning into a kind of stream of conscientiousness thing:

  • Since this does seem to have been a pre-planned chemical weapons attack carried out by the State Department’s and the CIA’s assets in Jordan and Turkey, does that mean Amy Goodman’s darling Razan Zaitouneh could be considered an accessory before the fact to whatever real chemical attack they launched?
  • Does that mean Amy Goodman is an accessory after the fact for her Aug 23 infomercial?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Stephen Lendman, one of those with whom I include in the all-be-it small group of the “right social circles”, sums it up nicely:

“Big Lies launch wars. Public opinion’s manipulated. It’s done to enlist support. Truth is suppressed. Fear and misinformation substitute.

Patriotism means supporting what’s wrong. It means ignoring state lawlessness. Terrorism’s what they do, not us.

Imperial wars are called good ones. Reasons why they’re waged aren’t explained. Wealth and power alone matter. Sacrificing human lives and freedoms are small prices to pay. Humanity’s at risk but who cares.

Media scoundrels aid and abet state crimes. Truth is the most dangerous disinfectant. Suppressing it matters most.

Syria was largely peaceful until Washington initiated conflict. So were Libya and Iraq earlier. Iran’s moment of truth awaits.

An entire region’s being systematically destroyed. The worst of all possible outcomes may follow. Where things end, who knows.” Stephen Lendmen

As Victor understands and as Stephen understands, it’s a Wag the Dog world and we just live in it.

All the wrong things get the big budgets these days. The CIA is in the business of making movies, former agents are featured nightly on the “news” posing as anchormen and “liberal” leaders like John Kerry bemoan the difficulties of “governing” while the internet is still free and open… for now.

All that said, perhaps the CFR’s David Kenner sums it up best when lionizing the “Syrian activists took the YouTube videos that dragged America to the brink of war“:

“The local activists who filmed these videos, then, have accomplished what years of hectoring from the official Syrian opposition have been unable to do — bring the world to the brink of military intervention against Bashar al-Assad’s regime”

… “But for better or worse, this type of reporting appears to be here to stay.” David Kenner

Yes, according to marketing masters who think they are so much smarter than everyone else with their high school drama like productions, this kind of “reporting” is here to stay. After all, it’s their fabricated greedy self-serving version of the world… and we just live in it.

You ever watch the Andy Griffith Show? Remember Barney Fife and all of his hair-brained schemes and tricks? Andy would just sit back with that smile on his face and let Barney do whatever it was that Barney was going to do, waiting for the inevitable outcome along with all the rest of us.

Here’s my gift to all the Barney Fifes of the New Vichy Apologencia from Goodman to Kenner:



18 Responses

  1. Good work.

    Watching parliament yesterday for most of the day (Yawn) and all the post reaction, I am depressed that what should have been a victory against state propaganda v2.0 is being blanketly portrayed in UK media, as either a mistake, a victory for democracy, or for the best in a complex situation. What actually happened is that many MPs, and most of the country did not believe the government’s bullshit but that has been universally swept under the carpet.

    State propaganda v2.0 is a whole level of effectiveness above version one , and it has yet to be impaired in any meaningful way. Version one was mainly employed by dictatorships whose population knew that free speech was unwise if not illegal, and was fairly easy to defeat in monumental shifts- Nazis/ Romania USSR/Mubarak for example. Version 2.0 employs total state propaganda wrapped in an illusion of free speech and democracy.

    So in Parliament although Galloway was good for 5 mins and a few others made valid points, the vast majority were echoing the fact that they were all convinced the Assad gov was responsible quoting the JIC intelligence. The JIC (Joint intelligence Committee )Statement , concluded that it was almost certainly Assad, because the opposition did not have chemical weapons. Thats it! pow Knockout blow ! At least Galloway made the point that even a bunch of fruitcakes on mount Fuji could make Sarin (Japan Underground attack)so why cant the rebels, and raised the incident where rebel forces were caught with sarin in Turkey.

    But that was it ! Galloway never made the highlights. No one is up for saying this evidence is pathetic, no one is arguing about the likelihood and ease of false flags (Fitting with the form of the rush to war against Assad by the west), no one is even attempting to dent the effectiveness and continuity of State propaganda v2.0, and it is back in full swing today with a bunch of slim shadys like Ashdown and Howard moaning about us cowards not standing up to CWs.

    That’s why I always thought media propaganda was the front line in ever changing the world for the better, and glad to see “the small group” are active on this. Thanks.

  2. Good research job and nice to see “democracy now” busted to boot.

    I’m sick of amy and all the dog waggers on all fronts.

  3. Yes, good research, Scott….
    I just have to tell you though….. that Barney Fife video lifted my spirits.. He He…. sure miss that show…. 🙂

  4. I’ve disagreed with you before but please allow me the opportunity to say that your writing lately, and your tone, is perfection. The contempt is Biblical. I like it. Don’t argue, just accept it.

  5. Oh, and, The Andy Griffith Show was play-acting, playing on our emotions. Manipulating our emotions. Fancy that. They earned lots of cheddar. Wow, really?

    Sorry, I guess you didn’t know.

    • Disclaimer: I grew up with The Andy Griffith Show. It, and Lassie, gave me comfort. I understand about it. I was born in 1954. In my lifetime, things have changed.

    • But that is what good fiction does… it plays havoc on your emotions!
      At least those shows were designated as ‘fiction’…..
      a pan of popcorn and Lassie !

      • Good fiction. What is that? Is it in the form of books, or is it all digital? Don’t answer. I don’t actually care.

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  7. Now, I have a grand-daughter. Her name for me is Dah. i guess you could say that i have a vested interest in her well-being.

  8. Oh and, the death, or fake death, of others,
    makes me very angry.

    Anger has become my middle name. In fact, wrath unmingled with mercy is not too outlandish,

  9. Many of you will have seen this by now. Hope it’s the real deal:

    I’ve hacked colonel Anthony Jamie MacDonald mail he is intelligence US Army Staff boss. First I hacked his Link3dIn account and got access to his mail through it then.

    Among mail Mayhem like Amazon mails I’ve found his correspondence with his colleague Eugene Furst. He congratulates Col. with success and gives a link to the Washington Post publication about chemical attack in Syria on August 21. . . .

    Then a friend of Anthony MacDonald’s wife Jennifer writes she was shocked seeing on TV the children died after chemical attack in Syria. Jennifer answers she saw the story but Tony calm her down saying children were alive and the scene was staged.


    • I am leaning strongly toward these messages, at least the relevant ones, being bogus. The English is too non-idiomatic. Does not sound like native speakers of English.

  10. […] som laddades upp strax efter attacken, några sägs ha laddats upp innan, kom från Razan Zaitouneh och the Violations Documentation Center, en aktivist som länge jobbat för regimbyte i Syrien. I en annan artikel påstås det att […]

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