Two Months Ago the Obama Administration Paid Egypt’s Military to Oust Morsi with $1.3 billion of Your Money

Just two months ago, Secretary of State John Kerry approved $1.3 billion in annual U.S. military aid to Egypt – the second largest recipient of such help after Israel…

…On Wednesday, the same military ousted Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi.

After the meeting with Sissi two months ago,  Kerry would meet with Morsi in order to convince him to accept the conditions of a new IMF loan as a last ditch effort to see if the Egyptian president would play ball (March 2013 , May 26 2013) . Morsi refused, so the coup was on.


Sec.Kerry met with Junta leader in March of 2013. Pledged 1.3 billion of your dollars in military “aid” if he ousted Morsi and installed technocrats to destroy the Egyptian constitution.


US billions prop up military that toppled Egypt’s elected president


7 Responses

  1. So Kerry is not only a traitor, but he’s committed treason by encouraging terrorism… and paying for it

  2. What’s a Billion in Military Stuff nowadays? A Truckload? Easy Pickens for a Determined Resistance. They’ll surely be winking and flashing thigh at Unc Sam for a few Billion more, shortly.

  3. I’m sure that this was just a coincidence! 😉

    • Of course it’s a coincidence. Otherwise, do you imagine it must be a conspiracy? Certainly not! John Kerry is such an honest and fine gentleman. Just because he’s a hundie-millionaire from the Skull & Bones Club he would become a snake? Just because he looks just like the Frankenstein Monster and was a Total Tool™ from the day he was born?

      No. It’s all just a coincidence. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  4. “Military aid — which comes through a funding stream known as Foreign Military Financing — has held steady at about $1.3 billion since 1987” –

    • exactly… 1.3 billion a year to pay off the military under Murabak all those years and under the one year of Morsi, they held it back until 2 months before he was ousted in a military coup, which they won’t call a military coup.

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