Boston Bombing: Newly “Enhanced” Photos of the “Shootout” bring the influence peddlers out on Reddit

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE April 24: Boston Bombing: Who Says it Had to be Two Men? Who Says they Had to be Young?

UPDATE: The site that posted these has removed these images. I guess because people understood they were “enhanced”

UPDATE 3:20PM 4/23/2013: I have decided to take down the photos during the ongoing investigation.

UPDATE: Secret “unnamed officials” say that Dzohkhar Tsarnaev admitted his and his brother’s role in bombing and got instructions to build bomb “off the internet”.

Secret trials, secret evidence…. secret witnesses, secret victims…

UPDATE 2: The hijacking victim’s story doesn’t jive with the FBI’s version of the events

The FBI says that one brother hijacked his SUV and they went and picked up the other guy and some stuff they put in the trunk.

But now this story from the Huffington Post yesterday is totally different:

“One of the brothers jumped out of a Honda Civic and reached in through the front passenger side window of the SUV, opened the door and pointed a silver colored semi-automatic pistol at the driver… Inside the car, the brothers declared to [the victim] that they were the Boston Marathon bombers.” A report by Cambridge, Mass. police that has been seen by the Wall Street Journal, relayed the victim’s description of his abduction:

and it gets better…

The man who was the alleged victim of the Tsarnaev brothers’ carjacking does not wish his name to be made public.”

He supposedly heard them say “I am the Joker”  “I am the shooter” “We are the bombers” and he is key to putting them in a car and being tracked by cops… he was hijacked and they made sure to tell him they were the bombers before letting him go to tell the cops the bombers are in his car with his cell phone so they could track and find them in an hour or so…

… and he doesn’t want to be identified?

Yeah, I guess not with as much bullshit as that story is.


These images have been posted on Reddit. They purport to show the “final shootout” that occurred Thursday night around 12:30 am.

As one of the commenters points out on the original site where these were posted, it appears that someone has cleaned up the photos he live Tweeted and possibly Photoshopped more convincing details of the brothers into the images.

This is one of the shots that was live Tweeted that night. As you can see, the headlights washout much of the detail of the brothers. As the commenter points out, when that happens, the pure white wipes out anything behind it so there is no way to “recover” the image.

photoshop 1

And this is what these pics became:

photoshop 2

Notice how the angle is different and the wash from the headlights is minimized?

We all know Reddit has been sold and is now inhabited by a score of influence peddlers from various online marketing agencies and probably the NSA as well. As soon as this hit the front page, and they made sure it did, the peddlers were there to make sure everyone got the rightthink from the pictures. Though occasionally a few critical thoughts were able to sneak in…

Photos and comments after the break:

[–]jstud_ 99 points 3 hours ago

This was a great, incredible that this guy got these pics.. Helps solidify the official story..

Wow. Really? What a coincidence that is. ಠ_ಠ (ooooooor does it?)

–]SpeakingTruth 92 points3 hours ago

Hopefully this will shut up some idiot conspiracy nuts.

[–]OoogaOoogaYoink 31 points2 hours ago

I’m getting really sick and tired of those conspiracy nuts.
First they said the moon landing was fake, then they said WTC 7 was destroyed by a bomb, then they said Obama was a muslim terrorist, then they said he didn’t actually kill Osama, then they said global warming is a myth propagated by Al Gore, then they said Sandy Hook never happened and everyone involved is an actor, then they said the Russian meteorite dash cams were all cgi, now they’re working up in a frenzy over this. They’re playing the tape from the mother, then saying these two are actually FBI agents, or I even heard they were hired by the CIA and that the bombs weren’t actually supposed to go off and on and on. I’m sick of it. I want to punch them in their stupid faces and kick them in their retarded testicles. Enough is enough and enough already. If you believe crap like that you’re not allowed to sit at the “big kids” table and have actual discussions with us adults.

[–]draift 14 points1 hour ago

God I wish for the days when the stupidest conspiracy theory was the ‘fake moon landing’. It just gets fucking worse all the time. I blame the internet.

“I blame the internet”

You get the picture.

But then again, some people with critical thinking skills and no paycheck from a marketing company chimed in and nearly blew it.

[–]AmishAvenger 36 points 3 hours ago

I’ve been wondering if there’d be photos of this, and now I’m left with even more questions than before.

The cops are much farther down the street than I’d pictured. What was Tamerlan hoping to accomplish by charging the cops? If he was actually wearing a suicide vest, did he really think he’d get close enough to use it? Was he trying to create enough of a distraction to let his brother get away?

I hope we get answers to these questions.

Notice, there is no picture of Tamerlan charging the cops as is the testimony of the person who posted the pics. You would think he might snap one of the suicide death charge under heavy fire since of course that is probably the most exciting thing that happened.. but no. No pic of that.

Then the questions get more obvious and that seems to bother the online marketers I guess because their pre-approved scripts didn’t foresee them.

[–]greenmountain17 16 points 2 hours ago

Why did they stop their cars in the street? Why didn’t they drive off away from the cops?

Why didn’t they drive away from the cops behind them? In fact, why run toward them and then the younger brother gets in the black SUV and actually takes the time to turn his car around and drive right at them rather than just going off in the other direction. Why is that? Seems kinda odd.

In fact, go here and look at the location yourself.  You will notice something right off the bat. They literally had 4 different escape routes to chose from so close they couldn’t possibly have missed it.

street 1

They couldn’t have been blocked in by cops behind them because if that was the case, they would be shooting in both directions. So, no cops blocking that intersection with 4 exit routes less than 100 feet away from them.

So why shoot it out and why take the time to turn the SUV around and drive into the path of greatest resistance?

But now the shit gets real…

[–]891134 8 points 2 hours ago

They have both cars at the shootout. The official complaint filed today only mentions the highjacked SUV, and says the carjacker and victim picked up the second brother and put supplies in the car. The victim eventually fled at a gas station. Did they go back for the second car?

Where did the other car come from? Why wasn’t this other car mentioned in the police report? Why is it in the middle of the street?

Here’s an idea: if the one suspect gets away in the black SUV (and he has to in order to run over his brother and create the reason for the martial law) then what is left behind to house all the convenient evidence that proves these guys did it?

Ah, of course, the other car.

Also, remember the BOLO warning issued Friday morning? They said to be on the lookout for the younger brother driving the GREEN CIVIC. Anyone remember that? Why would they issue an order like that for the GREEN CIVIC if it was in police custody?

Anyway, the pics are below and I want to say that they are as inconclusive and blurry as you might already expect. However, there are several pics with just the cops taken at night that aren’t so blurry. Form your own conclusions.

gunfight 1 gunfight 2 gunfight 3 gunfight 4 gunfight 5 gunfight 6 gunfight 7 gunfight 8 gunfight 9 gunfight 10 gunfight 11 gunfight 12

The chair was on a second floor of a three story house. It was shot. How do cops miss that badly?


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34 Responses

  1. My theory:

    Bomb number 1 (near the finish line) was a smoker out of the inside of Lens Crafters shop. Actors, red paint, amputees. Fake.

    Bomb number 2 (one block from the finish line) was real in a backpack placed on the ground by Mossad/FBI.

    The brothers are patsies. Paid by the FBI to show up at the BFF. They placed no knapsacks or bombs anywhere, ever.

    The Craft operators were contracted by the FBI and tipped off there was a bomb threat. They were there to increase security.

    The two bombs were a trap for truth seekers since the fakery of bomb nr 1 would cause a generalization that bomb nr 2 was also fake. Bomb nr 2 did explode in a crowd and kill 3 and injure over a hundred.

    The brothers and Craft were ALL patsies which were photographed to yield maximum confusion of the truth.

    Mossad and FBI did it. Multilayered. Mossad police coming from israel to put it all to bed.


    • Closer I should think.

    • interesting theory. Were all the deaths at one location(bomb2)? if so thats a bit suspicious.

    • Exaclty, and then they said they shoot and killed the older brother……. well it seems they arrested him at the scene (unless people believe the story of a nude guy hanging around the shooting area and been arrested!!!
      Rememeber that everyone was told to stay in their homes.

    • You wanna know what blows my mind as well? The house is actually 61 Laurel Street where these were taken from, as it has the third story windows facing all three directions, with the low roof facing east that is seen below those eastern facing pictures, The Google street view map of this house, shows the same car in the driveway…in the same spot…like Google just happened by there last week…

      • And even MORE puzzling to me after looking at that map from high above is, W T F were they doing THERE anyway? If your planning your escape, it would be hard to figure out why in the hell you would choose THIS place to stash your get-away-vehicle…

  2. Few questions,
    One way street? How are they comfortable taking cover on one side of vehicle?

    Why would they throw a pressure cooker 10 feet down the street, when the cops were posted up all the way down the block?

    Why would he get in suv, turn around (suv faced towards dead end, or a intersection with no cops) and go TOWARD the cops?

    Why did these international terrorist 20 somethings, who the media gave a Jason Bourne like persona, go back to school after the bombings like nothing happened, surely they knew they would be identified?

    I’m not some “loon” who subscribes to some conspiracy theory, but I do have a lot of questions..

    I for one would like to see some dash cam footage.

  3. “Also pictured at the bottom of the image is a Watertown Police SUV that had crashed in our driveway at the start of the gunfight and had many of its windows shot out.”

    The police suv crached in the driveway next to the brothers?
    Was this police killed, wounded or did he run away?

  4. in the wall street journal…there’s a report that the suspects had their own mercedes…why would they need to hijack a car in the first place… curiouser…and curiouser….they’re all crazy!!

    • Yes, they spoke to the mechanic of the brothers who told them that one of the brothers had come in and told him they needed their Benz back.

  5. Islamofascism derives from papofascism, which permeates most of our security services together with their Fatima and Medjugorje myths and their Argentine ratlines

  6. You ask: How did cops manage to kill a chair on a third floor? Remember the manhunt for the California ex-cop a few months ago and the 2 unfortunate women in a car who were fired upon and nearly killed – by mistake? Reports were that a massive amount of rounds were fired and many bullet holes were in the roofs of surrounding buildings. I read that the military calls this “spray and pray”. How comforting to know that this spray and pray is being utilized on our city streets.

    • It sounds like a movie. The official story of the shootout is they were shooting at cops from behind the sub then the old bro ran towards the cops firing at them and that’s when the young bro accidently ran him over and continued to plow through a police barricade

    • It’s like it was a staged gun battle, like they weren’t even aiming at the mercedes. I wonder how bullet ridden that car really was.

      I remember ppl reporting that there were 15 cops injured that night, what ever happened to that? Now its just 1?

      • They hit a second story apartment 20 yards from the suspects. How the hell do they miss that badly? Here’s an idea, they were trying to miss. It was a show for the guy in the 3rd story apartment and his Iphone (which he has now taken the professionally enhanced pics off line.)

        • or maybe it was a “warning” for the guy with IPhone? what if they had not missed whoever was in the room?

  7. They also seem to disregard the eye witness saying the suspect was hit with a police suv the shot several times.

  8. Interesting that they’re saying they killed the MIT cop to get his gun, but were still unable to; yet they did find two guns in the Sedan. Where did the second gun come from then?

    • Tonite Dianne Sawyer reported there was only ONE gun and it was recovered with Tam. I had previously read 2 handguns, bb gun and m4 carbine. The carbine was supposedly used by the younger one in the boat. Now they are saying younger one was unarmed. Doesn’t it bother anyone in the media that the police riddled the boat with bullets to shoot an unarmed man? He couldn’t have started that firefight as previously implied. Especially given he is the “alleged” bomber. I want to see the video proof of him placing the bomb.

      • The facts don’t matter. The facts about the number of guns and who had what gun will completely change by the time of the trial, if there is a trial.

        If there isn’t a trial, the facts won’t need to change and everything will be lost down the memory hole.

  9. “Police SUV”

    Damn right it was. The FBI’s own Mercedes SUV, to be specific.

    Thankfully unmonitored eyewitnesses to these overkilled false flags can never be completely silenced, even if somehow these scenarios are eventually ‘perfected’. And once a high-res photo is on the internet it never dies, unless the internet itself does.

  10. Great summary of the inconsistencies in the case as we know it. I also think that the after-photo suggests Dzhokhar may have had his backpack still on, because the colors on the hardly visible right shoulder have a similar light-dark-light color pattern as his backpack strap in other photos. On prior photos, he had been wearing it on the right shoulder, and even in this photo he seems to be leaning slightly to the right.:

    Besides, an exact same backpack was found in his apartment during search:

    • I checked out that picture from the apartment, and it does appear to be genuine pic, as reported here on a MSM outlet: –

      It’s identical to the backpack Dzhokhar had. Now who has ever bought TWO of the same backpacks?

      • exactly!

        I strongly feel for the victims and am shocked by the tragedy by the event. However, precisely because these feelings are shared by many people in the public, it makes the latter vulnerable to incorrect and misleading information and manipulation by whoever knows the truth.

        I am also shocked about how many people are NOT even questioning the media story with so many holes and inconsistencies.

        so again, many thanks to the author of these eye-opening and thought-provocative articles. Regardless of who is really guilty, there should be a proper and thorough investigation and a fair consideration of the REAL FACTS.

  11. All the photos were taken down on the original website. Here’s the Google cache. Check it out while you still can:

  12. […] UPDATE April 23rd: Boston Bombing: Newly “Enhanced” Photos of the “Shootout” bring the influence peddlers out o… […]

  13. […] UPDATE April 23rd: Boston Bombing: Newly “Enhanced” Photos of the “Shootout” bring the influence peddlers out o… […]

  14. Pictures are back up on the original website but gone from google cache. Also not available on wayback.

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