Boston Bombing: New Photos Show Brothers Waiting for Someone (like the FBI’s CI?) in Front of Restaurant

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE April 24: Boston Bombing: Who Says it Had to be Two Men? Who Says they Had to be Young?

UPDATE April 23rd: Boston Bombing: Newly “Enhanced” Photos of the “Shootout” bring the influence peddlers out on Reddit

UPDATE April 22nd: Boston Bombing: The Official Story Proves Dzhokhar Is Innocent – a Photo Essay

You don’t need conspiracy theorists. Just take the Feds at their word and you’ll see it.

Earlier, I wrote about the FBI possibly using a confidential informant to lure the brothers to the location so they could be used as the patsies for the mass casualty event. I said it would be as easy as having the CI call them up and tell them to meet him outside a restaurant in that area. The Huffington Post put up these photos just a little while ago. You will see the older brother looking up and down the street for someone then after seemingly getting frustrated, he either places a call or is checking the time on his phone.

wait  1

looking up and down the street for someone. Bar or restaurant behind them

Boston Marathon Photographer

waiting and looking


getting pissed off?

wait 4

calling or checking time?

wait 5


They were there to meet someone, probably told to meet out in front of that restaurant.


45 Responses

  1. I keep wondering if the “shootout” was the next setup. Since the younger one went back to school after the marathon, met with friends, etc. in the days following (wondering if he told anyone he was there), its not like he seemed concerned or was planning on leaving town….. presumably not until those photos were released.

    So did they call “someone” and arrange a meeting?

    I have yet to see or hear from the person who supposedly had his car hijacked by them, and was “set free” only to call 911 and say the Boston bombers took his car? Maybe that person shot the cop, leaving the brothers so freaked out that they drove off in that persons car …. and right into police called by that person.

    And there’s no video or pictures from the boat capture. How do we know he was ever truly armed?

    If the younger one lived on campus, and presumably the older one lived with his wife (why havent we seen or heard from her?), why do they reference “the apartment shared by the brothers” as being full of more bombs? Convenient.

    The whole thing reeks.

  2. They are starting to pull out the pictures.

  3. Maybe It Works Out Like:

    The younger brother Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, who was captured alive on the boat, although wounded, gets tried and found NOT GUILTY. Then the zombie American TV worshipers will BEG for more surveillance and “security cameras” from their eleet ruling patrician observer-class overseers! Then we info-pleb observees can be observed even more intimately by our hidden wealthy info-eleet audience. Oh what fun!

  4. Good theory. I hope this guy doesn’t receive a conviction unless the public gets to see videos of them placing the book bags. Seems only fair. Also any advice on protesting would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I want to be active

  5. I have not seen any discussion of how, after his brother is shot and the police tending to his captured brother are “scattered” by him driving straight at them with the SUV and running over his brother, he is able to ESCAPE for almost a whole day. Please someone explain how in this or any alternate universe this is even remotely plausible. Are we to understand that after a huge shootout with 9000 police officers on high alert, anti-terrorism officers, FBI agents, and boy scouts ALL on high alert, and every mass media outlet covering it, that nobody followed this SUV that obviously EVERY policeman on the scene watched drive away? That no helicopter was there to follow the SUV like they do in every other city in America on an absolutely routine basis for run-of-the-mill car thefts and liquor store holdups? Somebody please explain how he got away from 9000 law enforcement officers who were using the most sophisticated equipment in the world…from literally right under their noses. Thank you.

    • Great point, Observer. How on earth, indeed.

    • Thanks for raising this. I’ve been wondering the exact same thing.

    • absolutely all good points. how does a 19 year old elude 9000 cops and 30 alphabet agencies for nearly 24 hours and why impose martial law on a city of 400,000 while he does? The answer is in the question: because the point of power is power. The point of torture is torture. and the point of martial law is martial law. how do you impose power on people, real power? you make them suffer and then applaud you for doing it.

      • Not just elude, how did he get away AT ALL? They are essentially claiming that none of the hundreds of jacked-up testosterone-fired law enforcement officers surrounding them followed him when he took off in a big, easy to follow SUV. It is so patently absurd that there just aren’t words for the magnitude of the impossibility of it.

    • Get this: according to the below article, the suspects were in two separate vehicles during the shoot-out. When you continue on with the article, however, it says that the suspects drove around in the hijacked vehicle from ATM to ATM with the owner in the car. At what point did they pick up the other car?! Also, it sounds as if they shot the MIT officer in his vehicle for no apparent reason. Yet, they didn’t harm the guy whose car they hijacked.

    • It isn’t possible to explain in given environment. Logic isn’t useful, legal system is corrupt and methods such as investigation and evidences, facts in oligarchical society doesn’t work. They create reality and conflate with the truth. Since they have monopoly over the media, they have monopoly over “reality”.

    • This should blow your mind, witness to shootout on dexter street.

      • They shot him after he was ran over…..??

      • At 1:30 she says that she saw “the first suspect was hit by a police SUV and then after he was hit, shot multiple times”. Then later “watching the neighbors pulled out of their house at gunpoint”.

  6. I think the lady in the green jacket in the second to last picture is signaling to someone…or is it the guy with the glasses and brown jacket in the last picture?

  7. “The FBI put on a show asking us to identify the guys in the pictures to make it seem like WE identified them and they didn’t know who they were when they CLEARLY knew exactly who they were from the start.”

    In previous post you respond like this above.

    I wonder who is “US” and/or WE?

  8. This could be fake imagery. In particular the second one. They are in business to “create” reality, literally.

    • why fake it? they just had their CI call them up and tell them to meet him at the restaurant or bar. It’s not even one of the bombed sites. It’s just on the street. I guess the CI didn’t want them to get killed.

      • “Why fake it?” Despite everything legitimacy for its narrative is nice thing.
        “I guess the CI didn’t want them to get killed.” So, you believe it was “real” blast?

        • Of course it was a real blast….

        • Sava, you hit the nail on the head with your question. It’s about “media fakery”. A theory that begs to be put out there is that we’re looking at doctored imagery. It’s interesting from Prison Planet to sites like this, there’s no discussion from that angle. The last truth layer is that of the role of the media. To show us false/phony/doctored imagery in the telling of the ‘event’. Forget the story details, most every site like this admit everything ‘happened’ but give the cut out that the FBI and others ‘handled’ these 2 kids, that it’s a ‘inside job false flag’… The video and imagery we have thus far seen is showing a very controlled scene — yet we are to presume it is a ‘live capture’ of the scene – ie: no photoshopping, or perhaps even some of the pictures taken days before? What’s with this ‘new age of media’ where people who lost kids, family members, or legs… leap to the airwaves to tell their story ? They seem to handle it pretty well, and anxious to be interviewed. Why? What’ with all these drills and exercises that are being run for ‘events’ like this ? Look at the funding being spent. What’s with these crisis actors that are hired for these type of drills to ‘pretend’ ? Have any of them found their way to an actual live media press conference ? paging Robby Parker of Sandy Hook, get rid of the smile! I’m sure you’ve seen the intro of that ‘interview’… BS meter rising.

          I think the best litmus test for a ‘truth’ site is their tolerance and weight in discussing the role of media in influencing the official narrative through doctored imagery and videos. Remember, there’s no law against it… and they were already caught in ‘officialdom land’ of photoshopping wounds:

  9. If you were carrying a bomb, on a timer, in your backpack – would you really hang around like is shown in these pictures? I’d imagine you would want to drop the backpack and get the hell out of there. What reason would they have to stick around?

  10. For what it’s worth, these pictures were taken in front of the Back Bay Social Club at 867 Boylston St. About a block and a half front the nearest explosion.

  11. Someone over at Daffy Duff’s VT put up a link the this video.

    Hard to know what to make of it. Maybe one of the 2 guys that were originally named as suspects?

    • some guy taken out of his car and stripped. Never heard of them doing that before. He’s bigger than the older brother and not shaved… has that light beard thing going. the brother’s autopsy pic shows him with a clean shaven face. they would not have shaved him. not one of the brothers. i’m not surprised it’s up at Disinfo Duff’s spot.

      • Yeah, I didn’t think it was one of the Chechens. Boston PD originally named 2 others as suspects didn’t they?

        Saw this at BLN too. Kinda weird.

      • I saw that live the other night. They never said who the naked guy was. For a while they were speculating he was the owner of the highjacked car.

  12. Lee Harvey Oswald(s).

  13. Scott, just so I’m clear when you say FBI CI, you mean confidential informant, and not Craft International, correct? I was filling Craft International in for all the CI’s, but I now realize you probably meant confidential informant.

  14. If Dzhokhar planted the bomb on the way while walking toward the finish line, why do we see the strap of his backpack still on his shoulder in the second picture from the bottom near the finish line at this link?

  15. […] You’re goddamned right it was a “tactic”… they already knew the names of the Tsarnaev brothers. There was no video of the guys doing jack shit except standing around in front of a restaurant waiting for the FBI’s confidential informant to show up. […]

  16. This is a DISINFO site – nothing here but nonsense – GO TO INFOWARS.COM

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