Sandy Hook Shooting: Adam Lanza Died Day Before Massacre

(seeing this makes we wonder why the investigators in the Sandy Hook case aren’t going to release any information on the investigation prior to the passage of the gun control legislation.)

Date on Social Security Death Record for Adam Lanza Is December 13, 2012, One Day Before the Sandy Hook Massacre

from Cryptogon

The main Sandy Hook thread is here. pulls the data directly from the Social Security Administration:

Adam P. Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Adam P. Lanza
State of Issue: New Hampshire
Date of Birth: Wednesday April 22, 1992
Date of Death: Thursday December 13, 2012
Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 21 days
Confirmation: Proven


Adam Lanza Death Record


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  1. TPTB will get and push through legislation no matter what.
    As they just did with the Malala psyops.
    ¨U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Mary Landrieu (D-LA) today introduced the Malala Yousafzai Scholarship Act¨
    This was a few days ago.
    Accordingly: ¨The Malala Yousafzai Scholarship Act would expand and enhance an existing United States Agency for International Development (USAID) scholarship program called the Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program¨
    USAID puts it like this: ¨The Merit and Need-Based Scholarship Program awards scholarships for university study to academically talented, financially needy Pakistani students. The program targets students going to government schools in rural or remote areas, especially northern Sindh, Balochistan, southern Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, or FATA….¨
    The front org. USAID is there to privatize public schools by simply setting up what will be their standards according to the wishes of the Empire and its corporate makeup.
    Excerpts from the USAID Education In Pakistan Working Paper: ¨The U.S. Government’s education program in Pakistan seeks to increase the number of students that enroll and complete courses in primary, secondary, and tertiary educational institutions.¨ -¨Research has shown that the lack of access to a high-quality secular education can contribute to violent extremism. U.S. assistance, in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan (GOP) and other donors, will help ensure that more Pakistani youth, particularly in areas vulnerable to extremism, are able to attain an education.¨ – ¨establish common student performance standards and school report cards¨ – ¨Develop effective teacher training, good textbooks, teacher guides, and teaching materials.¨
    And then there is this : ) Other Basic Education Programs:
    Pakistan Children’s Television: PCTV aims to increase literacy and numeracy skills, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking in children. It is designed to increase respect for girls and other marginalized children. Perhaps more so than any other education activity, PCTV offers the prospect of promoting tolerance as part of the learning process, something that is vitally needed in Pakistan’s education system.
    And this: Pre-Service Teacher Education Program in Pakistan: Pre-STEP helps improve teacher
    education programs by institutionalizing pre-service (training provided to teachers prior to
    them entering the classroom) teacher education. The program assists new and practicing
    teachers to gain revised and upgraded teacher qualifications.
    Meet the task force: ¨USAID will continue to work with the Pakistan Education Task Force co-chaired by UK
    education expert Sir Michael Barber and the Education Adviser to the Prime Minister. As the
    GOP devolves responsibilities for education under the 18th amendment, the provinces will need
    to improve their capacity to manage educational systems and establish common standards at each
    grade level. The curriculum, resources and common assessments need to be aligned with
    the standards, as will pre-service and in-service teacher training. Achieving reform will require
    all donors (e.g. USAID, DFID, World Bank) to actively and persistently reach out to reform-
    minded interests both inside and outside government.¨
    Michael Barber: Sir Michael Barber is currently the Chief Education Advisor to Pearson, the world’s largest learning company. In the past, Sir Michael served as a partner and head of the global education practice at McKinsey, advisor to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and a global expert on education reform and implementation of large-scale system change. ( wiki)
    So what is Pearson (I would not go on if it was not comming back to the usual suspects, fun , fun, fun) : In 1919, the firm acquired a 45% stake in the London branch of merchant bankers Lazard Brothers, an interest which was increased to 80% in 1932 during the depression years. Pearson continued to hold a 50% stake until 1999.[6] In 1921, Pearson purchased a number of local newspapers in the United Kingdom, which it combined to form the Westminster Press.[5] In 1957, it bought the Financial Times[5] and acquired a 50% stake in The Economist. It purchased the publisher Longman in 1968.[5]
    The company was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1969.[5] It went on to acquire Penguin Books in 1970,[5] and in 1972, Ladybird Books. In 1986, Pearson participated in the British Satellite Broadcasting consortium. BSB merged with Sky Television, the new company being renamed British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), a few years later.[7]
    During the 1990s, Pearson acquired a number of TV production and broadcasting assets and sold most of its non-media assets, under the leadership of future U.S. Congressman Bob Turner. Pearson acquired the education division of Simon & Schuster in 1998 from Viacom [8] and merged it with its own education unit, Addison-Wesley Longman to form Pearson Education.
    The Globalists are working full time…

    • oh, forgot this tidbit: ¨In October 2012, Pearson entered into talks with rival conglomerate Bertelsmann, over the possibility of combining their respective publishing companies, Penguin Group and Random House. The houses are considered two of the “Big Six” publishing companies.[23] On 29 October 2012, Pearson said it would merge Penguin Books with Bertelsmann’s Random House to create the world’s biggest book publisher.¨ – Random House published Cloud Atlas…
      There is a lot more to Pearson, incredible actually but is it surprising?

  2. I have a suspicion Adam Lanza’s date of death was entered wrong into the SSDI on purpose as a distraction and a rabitt hole for researchers to lose themselves in. The more this case develops, the more I begin to think the wrong/faulty info given to the public on purpose.

    “Dance Monkies”, the PTB are saying, “Dance, while we drive your nation towards WW3”

    Obiously this operation’s objectives were multi-faceted, but I sincerely believe it may be serving as a distraction for the Alternative Research Community.

    • yes, exactly. A vast jungle of leads to get lost in. The information war will be waged up to a point where an agreement can be forged that makes internet regulations look like the only sane step to take – to the sheeple. A humanitarian intervention to shield OUR integrity as pretext. No more guns, no more free speech etc.

    • I doubt that. The whole thing could be a hoax by the site that posted it, but I doubt that the Social Security administration is out there trying to make us monkies dance.

      More than likely it’s a typo or the alternative…

      Who was it that blew the original narrative that said that ONLY handguns were used in the attack? The whacky medical examiner.

      Well, what if that guy refused to “play ball” again and actually reported on Adam’s real time of death?

      Would that help explain why they aren’t going to go public with the results of the investigation til after the gun control bill goes through?

      Could be. And it could also be that the SSD got that info to list his date of termination and simply filed the report and posted it as it was written in the M.E.’s report.

      There are all kinds of possibilities with this one. I can’t say I know one way or the other.

      • not a typo, they got his mothers date of death ¨right¨ and I doubt they would not double check on a guy like Lanza. But the medical examiner angle is… well, interesting.
        btw. there have been numerous computer glitches and typos with this case, probably a lot of photoshop too – I think I have never seen so much disinfo baiting since nearly 12 years ago. But then again I do not blame anyone coming to conclusions on this one that are not exactly orthodox – it is like they made a huge tragic announcement, placed a curtain over it all and call us criminals for trying to guess and understand what is hiding under it.

  3. I watched a lot of Sandy Hook Youtube on the weekend, it seems to me that there are more skeptics on this FF than Aurora. Two things I found strange were:
    1. There is road construction going on near the fire station. It looks like they are widening the road and building a stone retaining wall. No one video shows it well, I saw pieces on various clips. In the video with brushcut boy saying he saw a man handcuffed on the ground, while being led to the fire station, a worker can be seen behind him working on the wall. With all that went on that day, why would this guy still be working?
    2. 600 students, K – grade 4, yet, I haven’t seen any playground structures (swings, slides, sandbox ….) From an aerial view a ball diamond can be seen, but no play area.
    Just seems odd.
    Thanks for all you do Scott.

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  6. I thought it was me but another blogger on the story about the recent Colorado shooting the picture of the so called shooter looks like this Adam Lanza. check it out

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