ABC, CBS, NBC Admit No Assault Rifle Used at Sandy Hook


4 Responses

  1. Well guess that sews up the details for banning hand guns…. they had to get all that straight….. already had an event that closed the case for assault rifles…. but it does seem odd that they claimed that the assault rifle DID the killing…. guess they have to change that too.
    The clumsy kid took in 4 hand guns….. and quickly rotated them as he used them up…. and did it calmly and efficiently….

    What happened to the assault rifle that was found close to his dead body? Guess they will have to say that someone just ‘made that up’ ?

  2. Definitely crap…

    Might be crap, might be true…you decide.

    Interesting why this plane flew underneath the helicopter at Sandy Hook:

  3. 1/18/13 Conn. State Police send out immediate release identifying weapons used in Sandy Hook; Investigation continues.

  4. My one problem with this: How many of these videos are from the first 1-2 days after the shooting, when media misinformation was more of the norm than the exception?

    If this is trying to build a case for the AR-15 to be in the car and not used in the shooting, then is there any corroborated evidence from more than several days afterwards? Not that the info couldn’t have come in the first couple of days, but we can’t simply choose which information we want to be true as any of it could be untrue.

    I have an AR-15, and am fine with anyone knowing the true capabilities of the AR-15 — pretty much the same as any semi-auto rifle or pistol. However, I just want this argument to be based in credible fact, not the unreliable media.

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