Sandy Hook Shooting:Suspect Car Linked to Christopher A Rodia and Drug Family of Norwalk

by Scott Creighton (H/T curious canadian)

UPDATE: (Jan 3rd 2013)  The original recording from Dec. 14th (the day of the shooting) posted by Radioman911 on his Youtube account may have been flawed to start with. He lists two official sources as the origins of the video he put together as

Audio provided by
1. Newtown PD/Fire
2. CT State Police

There is nothing to indicate that he was posting partial recordings from Greenwich Ct. PD 50 miles from the scene of the Sandy Hook shooting. But that may have been what happened.

Below is an email sent to Radioman911 from the operations commander of the Greenwich PD in which he claims that Radioman911 has included their 800 MHz signal along with the CT state signal and Newtown’s. He claims to recognize the officer’s voice on the recording as well as the dispatcher who replies to his inquiry. I post the email from Capt. Mark Kordick Ct. PD in it’s entirety as published with permission by Radioman911.

Dear Sir:

Your upload to YouTube relative to the Newtown CT Shooting radio traffic has caused quite a stir as it relates to a Mr. Christopher Rodia. I’m not sure where you sourced your feed, but the traffic related to Mr. Rodia is from a 800 MHz six-channel trunked LMR system in use in Greenwich, CT. Greenwich is approximately 45 miles away from Newtown. The Greenwich system carries only municipal Greenwich traffic (public safety and non-public safety) and is in no way connected to the state’s 800 MHz trunked system or Newtown’s.

I am certain of this because after the matter (and all of the Internet Conspiracy Theory buzz – just google “Christopher Rodia”) was brought to our attention, we went back and checked our recordings for December 14. In addition to just recognizing the voices involved as Greenwich Police Officers and Dispatchers, we have all of the audio from our recording system that matches all of the “Rodia” traffic (and some of the other unrelated-to-Newtown casualty call traffic that occurs at the same time.)

In any event, I’m sure you’ll want to help clarify this matter. The “Rodia” traffic is definitely contemporaneous – but from miles away. This has unfortunately additionally clouded an already confusing and emotional issue. Worse, it has brought considerable (and wholly undeserved) angst to Mr. Rodia. Anything you can do to help clear this up would certainly be appreciated.

Feel free to message me back with any questions. I can also be contacted at

Yours Truly,

Capt. Mark Kordick
Commander – Operations Division
Greenwich Police Dept

Furthermore with regard to the recordings themselves. A reader here linked me to a GLP article which erroneously states that Radioman911 was monitoring several feeds from towns including Greenwich (Radioman911 sourced audio feeds ONLY from State Police and Newtown) but that article does give a breakdown of what appears to be additional mentions of what appears to be a traffic stop prior to the 30:11 mark in the video which mentions Rodia. I decided to take the time to either confirm or reject these listed references in conjunction with the original posting of the recording at the 30:11 mark:

“A man with the same voice who calls out the Rodia info says at 10:00:33 a.m. (25:02 in Youtube video) “33 to Headquarters, motor vehicle stop.””  CONFIRMED

“He comes back on the radio at 10:01:12 a.m. (25:42 in Youtube video), in between shooting-related calls about getting “buses” aka ambulances, he (33) says “722-ZHA, radar,” meaning that the MV stop was by radar of a car with that plate.” CONFIRMED same voice

At the 30:11 mark of the video in question, you can hear someone reading the license plate of the suspect’s vehicle: “872 YEO possible suspect vehicle“. CONFIRMED different voice

At 10:06:13 a.m. (30:43) he’s back, “33 to headquarters. Run the operator. R..O..D..I..A , Christopher A. (scrambled) 26th, 69CONFIRMED same voice

It is understandable that given the information from the original source, Radioman911, many came to the conclusion that the plate that was read over the air as the suspect vehicle tracked back to Rodia. Radioman failed to inform viewers of his video that the recording included an area 50 miles from the scene which would not have been responding to the scene at Sandy Hook. That’s a key part of all of this.

So it would appear that Rodia’s name was mistakenly identified with the license plate of the suspect vehicle. Again, this is based entirely on this recording which we already know is flawed as per the “official position”

As another reader pointed out, releasing the registration of the vehicle would easily put all of this too rest but as of yet, we have no information along those lines.

This also does not address the variety of problems with this case including but not limited to the growing list of efforts to fabricate a motive for Adam Lanza by the mainstream media and the alternative media alike. This and other issues are certainly the most glaring problems with the case.

But in light of all of this, I have to say it would appear that the connection between Rodia and the suspect vehicle have been misguided but not malicious. Independent researchers went with the information made available to them, myself included, and drew a conclusion based on that.

I will not erase the Chris Rodia thread I created before as other sites have done. I will post this update on the thread immediately so that people coming to view it will  see this new information and they can come to their own conclusions.

——- end Jan 3rd update ———

UPDATE: I wish to make this perfectly clear in response to a comment on the ATS thread: I have not said that Chris Rodia killed anyone. What I have said is it looks like this was his car at the scene of a mass casualty event apparently with weapons in the trunk. If accurate, this information is clearly understood by the police command structure in the area and is being suppressed for some reason.

If you look at the pattern of all of the staged FBI foiled terrorist plots, they always involve a confidential informant who handles the patsies right up til the event. Those CIs are almost always in trouble with the law, charismatic people who can manipulate weaker people.

This certainly fits that bill. Whether or not Chris was the shooter is impossible to determine based on the information we have.

But what can be determined is the fact that the developments in this case (big H/T to those at ATS and GLP) seem to follow an established pattern.

Perhaps someone should contact that man who stated he saw a guy in handcuffs in the back of the police car who had been led out of the woods and show him a picture of Christopher Rodia. That might put him at the scene. But again putting him at the scene  doesn’t him the shooter. Nor does putting his car there. His task may have been to get the patsy there to be set up for an arrest without having been told the event was going to go live. Who knows. All I am saying is, it looks like that car does not belong to Adam’s mother and the fact that it belongs to a guy who appears to be getting special treatment from the judicial process is very suspicious to me.

UPDATE: A reader, mangrove, found this view on Bing’s earth view thingy. Seems like it could easily be the same car. I know there had been some question if the Google Earth app had the right home picked out. Seems like the same one posted on Bing.


UPDATE: Not completely telling, but when pulling up the 19 Vollmer Ave. address associated with Christopher Rodia on Google Earth, you see what appears to be a black car, similar in shape to the Honda found with the gun in the trunk…….


UPDATE: The mayor of Norwalk Connecticut, the city where Christopher Rodia seems to be getting a “get out of jail free” card, is Richard Moccia who is a member of Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition”

“Mayor Moccia is a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition an organization formed in 2006 and co-chaired by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston mayor Thomas Menino.”


Suspect’s car registered to a Chris Rodia who’s family deals drugs in Norwalk and who is currently facing 7 felony charges including two narcotics charges himself. And Lt. Vance doesn’t mention anything about it?

Is this the missing motive of the Sandy Hook shooting?

Over at Above Top Secret, their “Who is Christopher A. Rodia” [edit: thread started by Ladyk74 ] thread is hopping. It all seems to stem from a video of the “unedited” version of the Newtown Police and Fire Radio Traffic from the day of the shooting. The video was posted on Dec. 14th 2012 by Radioman911TV. He has posted 3 videos total, all in the past month.

Christopher Rodia

Christopher Rodia

At the 30:11 mark of the video in question, you can hear someone reading the license plate of the suspect’s vehicle: “872 YEO possible suspect vehicle“. 20 seconds later the answer comes back “operator Rodia, R..O..D..I..A , Christopher A. (scrambled) 26th, 69

The audio is heavily scrambled during that part of the recording but you can make out Christopher Rodia’s name and what appears to be part of his birth date.

This is very interesting because if that audio file is indeed unedited, then that is the black car they claimed was the suspect’s vehicle and the same car they showed a video of someone pulling a long gun out of the trunk later that evening.

Car driven by Connecticut school shooter Lanza is towed from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown,



So who is Christopher A. Rodia? Well, the good folks over at ATS found some interesting info on the guy. Turns out he’s a low-life career criminal with at a drug possession charge back in January and a forgery charge pending from Dec. 2011 who was recently busted stealing copper out of new home construction sites while carrying some narcotics on his person. He was busted with a 19 year old girl. Lovely guy huh?

The man, Christopher Rodia, 42, was charged with 3rd degree larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny, criminal mischief, possession of narcotics and failure to carry prescription drugs in a prescribed container.

The woman, Cassandre Scire, 19, was charged with 3rd degree larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny and criminal trespass.

Each is being held on a $2,500 bond and their court date is set for August 7th, 2012.” News 8

But check this out… he was facing 7 felony charges including two narcotics charges, and he was apparently released from custody just a few months ago on his own “promise to appear” (?) Really?


It gets worse though. Chris Rodia has a construction contractor (carpentry and roofing) brother Dennis who just recently died and his mother’s name is Lilli Rodia.

“Survivors in addition to his mother (Lilli) include a long-time friend ,Donnella Bryan; a step-mother, Diane Rodia of Norwalk; two sisters and their husbands, Michele & Todd Turner of Norwalk and Mary & Matthew Pisani of North Haven; a brother Chris Rodia of Norwalk;” The Hour

Notice that his brother was a roofer and the crime Chris Rodia was charged with was stealing copper roofing off of a construction site. Coincidence? No.

“A Norwalk man and woman were caught in the act Saturday night of stealing copper gutters from a house under construction on Stony Brook Road, police said.” Westport News

Dennis Rodia

Dennis Rodia

His brother and his mother have a long history of narcotics trafficking in the area. In fact, his brother was arrested with heroin and cash back in Feb and then Dennis and dear old mommy were arrested in March for trafficking drugs not a month later.

“According to police, when the officer approached the car he noticed a six-pack of unopened beer, and large sums of money scattered on the back seat. Upon further inspection, police say, there was also a roll of money on the center console of the car and Rodia was leaning over, seemingly, in an attempt to hide something. The amount of cash discovered in the vehicle was not given.

Police say, the car was searched and both men were arrested after finding two silver cans containing a total of 40 bags of heroine, 21 Oxycodone pills, 40 pills derivative of Oxycodone in a prescription bottle in neither persons name, and drug paraphernalia.” Norwalk Patch Feb. 17th

“Dennis Rodia, 44, and his mother Lilli Rodia, 67, of 1 Gregory Blvd., Norwalk, were charged with possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, illegal possession of narcotics within 1,500 feet of a school and possession of narcotics with intent to sell within 1,500 feet of a school.

The two are being held in lieu of $100,000 bond. If they are not released will be arraigned at state Superior Court in Norwalk Thursday.” The Stamford Advocate

Here’s the court docket for his mother:


There are so many questions here it’s hard to put them all together:

  1. How did a career criminal facing 7 felonies get to walk out of court with a “promise to appear”?
  2. How did Dennis get back on the streets of Norwalk in less than a month after being busted with 41 bags of smack and all kinds of Oxycontin?
  3. How is this guy’s car found at the scene supposedly with a shotgun or rifle in it and it isn’t even mentioned by the local cops or the media at large?
  4. Was Chris Rodia the guy found hiding in the woods because he was fucked up and stayed too long and the police cars were all around his escape vehicle?

There are a lot of questions to be answered here but as we have seen before, Lt. Vance doesn’t appear to be the one to ask: in the video below, Lt. Vance is asked a question about whether or not Adam Lanza’s mother actually worked at the school and he inexplicably starts to answer a question about the guy they may or may not have arrested in the woods behind the school. Does it sound like Lt. Vance is running on a tight script?


There is so much to this development, I’m still looking.

But it is worth noting that often times when running a psyop, the Feds get someone who is facing serious time to do their little dirty work for them. In this case, an obvious drug addict facing 7 felony counts who’s mother is facing 6 herself. Could that be motive enough to do something like this?

Is that the missing motive everyone has been looking for?

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    New update on Sandy Hook investigation

  2. Right on Scott :)

    • [EDIT: Someone at GLP linked to this part of the comment section of this thread. I wish to make this very clear. I have not verified this is Chris Rodia nor have I said that. The IP address tracks back to the public library system in Norwalk, Ct. That is all I know. IPs can be faked or it could be someone other than Rodia signing in from that location. But I have not confirmed this too be Chris Rodia. It could be but I don’t know. I have also not said that I believe he killed anyone. Please read my comment below.]

      this is chris rodia and you assholes have nothing better to do then to try and connect me to what may be the most evil crime in our life time….i got caught with 2 5mg percocet not in the correct bottle and you think i would committ murder for that,let along 20 beautiful children,my prayers go out to the families of those angels and they have suffered enough,now you are making my family suffer and live in fear and there is no connection,the car in my driveway is not mine,its not even the same make or model…look it up

      • [EDIT: Someone at GLP linked to this part of the comment section of this thread. I wish to make this very clear. I have not verified this is Chris Rodia nor have I said that. The IP address tracks back to the public library system in Norwalk, Ct. That is all I know. IPs can be faked or it could be someone other than Rodia signing in from that location. But I have not confirmed this too be Chris Rodia. It could be but I don’t know.]

        Chris… good to see you.

        You were facing 7 felonies buddy. 7. That’s like… let’s see, 4 more than the number required to lock you up for life if I’m not mistaken. And your mom, she was facing, what? 6? Funny you are out and about these days.Funny how you got out without even posted a dollar for bond.

        “The most evil crime in our lifetime”? Really? Considering you weren’t born after 9/11 and the millions of Iraqis who died after that based on lies, I would say that you are stretching it, just a tad huh?

        But since you decided to stop by, and you seem to be of the right IP location, I’ll play along.

        First of all, I never said you killed anyone. In fact, again, I stated that it takes a very special kind of monster to pull the trigger on kids at close range. You, I said, were a low level criminal who probably got hooked into playing the role of setting up the patsy for whomever did this or arranged it. At worst you were a facilitator for an out of country team.. maybe. Maybe not.

        But did I ever say you did this? Nah. You got that one wrong buddy. You might be flawed like everyone else, but I never said you were a monster.

        Now, since you are here, why don’t you explain why your name is on that police radio traffic recording from that day and how you got such a nifty deal to stay out of the slammer after such a criminal history of not just you but other members of your family as well.

        I mean you have to admit, it does sound like your name comes back linked to that license in the recording and clearly that license is on that car which was towed out of that parking lot with that gun discovered in the back.

        So. Rather than just coming here making baseless accusations toward me, answer those questions and clear up the situation.

        Or would you prefer to just throw around some more generalized platitudes?

        • Good analysis.

          • This was a mass email so don’t take offense to some things written in the body of this brief. Again, do not reply. Thanks.

            Gotta read what I came up with. Forward with discression. This is posted in allot of sites now. Thanks for reading my point of view.

            “I will be leaving for Sandy Hook with a friend to get to the bottom of this case in our own documentary. You know where I was last at that point of broken communication.

            My last correspondance to everyone, thousands of my followers on my social sites get it, some don’t, I will post these facts for the last time and if people can’t wrap their collective mind around what a psy op is, I can’t help anyone. My last post from this morning. >>>>

            Once these assholes can start explaining these important questions, and or inconvienient truths, I will stop being a critic. Until then, all bets are off.

            This link places our DHS and crisis actors on the scene pre 09:00 at Newtown. Read it carefully and you will see that this “drill / exercise” was to take place 45 miles North of Bridgeport registration location for the participants which would place them in Sandy Hook / Newtown area, Google maps.


            Google map confirmation of Op location.








            Honda with weapons found in the trunk and front seat didn’t belong to Nancey Lanza.

            “Emeilie Parker” still alive, PROOF.. Photographed with the President at the 12-17-12 Memorial >

            Anyone else asking the hard questions? I will be in Newtown this weekend. Search Chalk Hill elementary school, I don’t have the time to reseach it right now but there is a filming connection here I believe from the day before the shooting drill.. I made the calls to the parents, teachers, police and have been shut down verbally and now threatened so I have to make a trip up there to get to the bottom of the farce. Is anyone else prepared to go that far? That’s why I am fighting for EVERYONES sake. THIS CASE IS FOR ALL THE MARBLES.


            Some interesting information, take it for what it’s worth.

            Wake up America, they ARE comming after the 1st and 2nd Amendment based on a hoax. How deep the Hoax goes? I am not there yet, but this is 150 hours and 17 phone calls has brought me the best research I can serve up for right now.

            And this “Fiscal Cliff” has been in the making for 1 year now, just nobody searches for information themselves. Turn off your television, MSM are all lying at this point to further a UN ATT agenda. By the way, the Sandy Hook case is now sealed. Another fact to research. CONNETICUIT DOES NOT HAVE A SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT. Never have for years, so why do they keep saying, we have sent sheriff deputies to the families homes for safety reasons? Anyone bother searching those facts? No, because Americans trust their MSM news sources and have been stupified.

            I am trying to help people snap out of the child like state the main stream media has everyone under their trance. I am the good guy here, I have skin in this game and am at a great risk now exposing this fraud being hoisted on the World, and the American Constitution..

            Start making the calls and investigate this for yourselves to learn the truth about “shooting victims” from this school that have been on National missing children lists for years. “Don’t be fooled again”. Much love to everyone. Don’t let the Devil win.

            Your Champion of the Constitution.


            • I saw this list posted before over at Zero Hedge and followed the links to the Ct websites detailing the drills.

              Indeed it is a bit odd. 3 drills within a week and a half of the Newtown shooting, all dealing with helping children cope with a post crisis environment and all three in neighboring counties, the closest 45 miles away on the 14th of Dec.

              Could someone have been preparing the responders to help kids after this event? Is it an ongoing training program across the North East?

              When you have four cases in a very short period of time, out of the national trend (which described by Mother Jones was 61 of these mass casualty events in 30 years, that’s two a year – we have had 8 this year with 6 since Aurora), with no determinable motive, with similar MOs (assault weapon, shotgun, pistol (Holmes, Lanza, Spengler), with similar outcomes (assailant suicide or drugged into unconsciousness) which are all being used to promote several projects that are of critical importance to the restructuring of the country, you have to look at the connections. You have to look at the similarities.

              There is a motive and it isn’t the “evil gene”. It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to see that, it takes a realist.

              Now, the only problem I have with what you have posted is the automatic inclusion of the Crisis Actors in this. We don’t know that Crisis Actors were in play in Newtown. 45 miles away is a ways away even if they were to take part in the training and there is no proof that I have seen that they were.

              Perhaps, if this is something more than a coincidence, it was an effort by someone to prep agencies prior to the event to mitigate the damage done to the surviving children and the staging of the last drill on the 14th was an effort to ensure there were a number of these trained agents nearby without looking too close.

              Going to Newtown may be a bad idea. Of course, doing nothing is probably worse.

              • Who is in charge of FEMA? Is it possible that these events are created to ensure that FEMA obtains plenty of funding support ?
                This agency has grown huge over the past years.

            • JBP, in regards to the child wearing the same dress as the Parker girl… it appears her next-in line sister is wearing it….. the big difference between the two girls is that the younger one has softer facial features…..(not the baby)… her parents probably let her wear the dress in order to ‘honor’ her deceased sister …. the hair part is not important …. would depend on how the mother combed the child’s hair….
              personally…. sort of harsh of the parents to make the child reflect the image of her sister…. poor little girl.
              I certainly don’t think Obama would be that stupid to pose with a supposed-to-be deceased child.

            • I’m afraid you are providing incorrect information about the location of the FEMA drill. When you click on to the official link, it clearly states that the drill is being conducted at 2800 MAIN STREET in BRIDGEPORT:

              “Location: 2800 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT
              This event is 46 miles from you (06106).”

              The “46 miles from you (06106)” means the event is being held 46 miles away from the DEFAULT zip code (06106) which AUTOMATICALLY appears on the site each time you log on to it. 06106 is the zip code for Hartford, CT. This is the state capital, so it would make sense that this would be the default zip code, Hartford city limits is 46 miles from that particular Bridgeport address. It in no way implies that the 46 miles refers to Newtown. If you took the time to calculate the mileage between Bridgeport and Newtown, you would discover it is roughly 20 miles.

              It then goes on to give you the opportunity to enter a different zip code to calculate the mileage:

              “Input your zip code to calculate the distance to the event:……….”

              After entering a different zip code, the distance will change accordingly.

              So, while you’re advising the readers to “Read it carefully”, YOU did NOT do so.

              With that said, I find a FEMA drill specifically targeting children’s safety and scheduled for THAT particular morning, and to take place only 20 miles from the shooting scene to be highly suspicious (your inaccuracies not withstanding).

            • Hi. Good info. Can you email please. Thanks:]

      • Hi Chris,

        This is the Queen of Sheeba…

        Thanks for coming out of the woods to claim your innocence. We were a bit confused because of the police radio that mentions your name… And this black Hondas are so confusing. I apologize on behalf of all the assholes here at American Everyman.

        Did you have any insight as to what might have happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary school that day?

        • according to a discussion on GLP a coincidence would have it that at the same time the licence plate of the Honda was read out, another dispatcher located a ( few miles) away from the scene took in Rodia for posession of narcotics (I think) – I linked to the discussion at the article about Rodia
          So I don’t know…

          • If it was a few miles away, then why wasn’t that officer responding to the mass shooting event taking place at the elementary school? Hundreds of first responders ended up coming there from surrounding counties. So why did that guy bother with a traffic stop at 9:30-10:00 am? Shit, for a while, cops were reporting gunfire while they were there and some cop thinks its more important to pull over Chris Rodia rather than respond to cops and kids under fire?

            You buy that? cus I don’t.

            Was that radio broadcast from Norwalk? That’s a long ways away. I doubt that as well.

            It’s possible someone added the name in to the recording to throw people off…

            It’s possible someone is fixing the narrative after people got wind of a loose end…

            We could confirm the tag and car are registered to Nancy Lanza, but I have seen many CLAIM that has been done (one even said his FBI friend did it for him… hmmm…) while not one single person offers up any evidence to support it.

            • Have you heard about Jordan Marsh? The guy attempted stealing a Bushmaster rifle the very next day to the shooting, later the police found another rifle in a hotel room he checked in a few days earlier and then police found out he had been stealing the rifles at the same gun sale where a whole cache of guns where missing unaccounted for. This was in Hartford CT I think.

              • nope, update on Marsh – this was the same Riverview Gun Sales where according to police source Nancy Lanza purchased her guns (or have they scrubbed this part of the narative?) in East Winsor CT

        • Hi Queen of Sheeba,
          I haven’t seen any real assholes here on American Everyman… just angry ones about what is going on in the US….

          Let’s hear his answer to Scott…. let ‘Chris’, if that is Chris, clear up the fog …..

          • Oh Jan10… You ruined my good cop cover… My honey pot for Rodia… My Rodia trap… ;-)

            Of course it’s not him… But I thought would have been an interesting conversation :D

            • (he’s leaving comments from the Norwalk public library system… just thought i would let you know)

            • I’m sorry, Lilaleo…….I did try to keep your ‘Queen of Sheeba’ ID intact…. I just lost my head over that ‘asshole’ thing…..
              I am not very clever…….
              can I blame it on my age? :(

              • Oh, yes you are!!!!… And no, you can’t… :D

                In the meantime, a belated happy birthday to you… I forget when exactly it was (late December, right?)… But, in any case, your birthday will always be January 10th in my book.

                • No, very early Dec. and can you believe that I am already only about 11 months from my next birthday! Not fair… ‘Time’ does not give us space to get used to being one year older before it blasts us with another year. (if you believe in the perception of reality and time)
                  btw, your birthday is in January?
                  and Thank you… :)….
                  and, yes I can…. it is the only benefit of the elderly…. to have ‘something’ to blame everything on….. such a relief ! :)

        • “coming out of the woods to claim your innocence.”

          :) that’s funny… :) you’re a clever one, aren’t you?

      • Somebody is going through alot of trouble to pretend to be Chris Rodia

      • we looked it up!! its his

        • Somebody contacted me to say they have a friend who was able to look up 872YEO and it’s Nancy Lanza’s. What database shows it as being Rodia’s? Has anybody been able to sharpen up the license plate on the black Honda parked at the school? The version that I have seen is still too blurry to be sure, but it does not look like the YEO plate

  3. Unreal! Great work, Scott!

  4. Makes more sense now. Someone like Rodia as the perp who kills children, is more believable than shy Adam Lanza .

  5. Someone connected a lot of dots about Rodia and the strange menagerie of criminals that surround him:

    Very interesting stuff. Apparently he is known for manipulating the mentally ill to engage in his criminal activities. The people he is connected to include the Uzars, who have been connected to illegal assault weapons sales and to Big Pharma.

    Apparently these families are connected to members of the Lanza family on Facebook.

  6. Oops. GreadyGeniu$ himself beat me to the punch.

    GG, do you have any firm evidence of the connections to the Lanzas on Facebook? I can’t find that myself. Maybe they’ve scrubbed such stuff since your thread made the rounds.

  7. This is the facebook link map I took to make the connection.

    From Cassandra Scire -> Phylis Byington (Rodia’s Cousin) -> Christopher Rodia -> Ty Scire Skarupa -> Barbara Lanza-Coppola -> Rest of Lanza family..

    Cassandra Scire

    Phylis Byington

    Christopher Rodia

    Ty Scire Skarupa

    Barbara Lanza-Coppola

    There are probably more connections between them through other family lines.. it is hard to find them without tons of time spent researching though.

  8. Awesome work! Thanks, man.

  9. Another view of 19 Vollmer Ave. can be seen from Bing maps in birds-eye view:

    This shows a similar car. Perhaps someone with better imaging software can blow that up….

  10. If that Google picture does show Rodia’s car , then can the date the Google pic was taken be found? Might prove that he didn’t sell his car to anyone (as some have speculated). It certainly might prove he wasn’t in Florida.

  11. How does it figure if they are towing out the car in the daytime, they are searching the trunk at night by flashlight? Splain that. Where would the car be now and can it be seen by air. Could the video of the trunk being searched have been taken not at the school but elsewhere?

    • I believe they didn’t tow the car until the 16th.

    • no, it’s at th school cuz you can see the no parking painted on the asphalt that is also seen at the school in daylight when they have the car sitting there all day roped off. They must have flatbedded car next day.

  12. Also, what about the Newtown Bee interview morning of 12/14 which they definitively stated was with the principal, Hochsprung, and quoted her as saying the shots went “on and on”? They don’t say if the interview was in person or by phone. Was the reporter incompetent or lying? Was someone impersonating Hochsprung? The article now is “removed” from their site.

  13. OK, so – here’s something weird: I went to that “radioman” site that you link to above, and was listening to the unedited radio recording from the event. At 22:50, a voice comes on and says (unmistakenly) into the radio: “Units outside stand-by, we’re conducting an interior search,” then the radio squelches for half a second, and the same voice – but not sounding like it’s trying to talk into the radio (but to someone else) says what sounds a LOT like, “end the life of Adam.”


    • Especially cuz they claim to think he’s Ryan at this stage. It’s sort of like a commentary on an event in a play. It’s soft or distant like it’s not meant to be recorded. But I think the entire event is a hoax, in which case th scanner & other sloppiness is maybe meant to keep us busy.

    • That is pretty intriguing – I heard that too – sounds like take the life of Adam or end the life of Adam

      I always wondered about how a “drill” contributes to these FF operations. Understandably that add confusion but what else?

      There is a good documentary on the 7 7 FF in London- apparently some ordinary friendly Arab Muslims were asked to play a “role” in a terror attack. They went along with it thinking they were being helpful. The power Players then created a real terror attack and blamed the muslims and killed them.

      Perhaps Rodia and Lanza somehow were invited to do something similar?

      Many people that kill themselves leave a note but in this case not only did Lanza apparently not leave a note he also destroyed his hard drives?
      These guys did a good job laying out all the anomalous circumstances

      here is the 7 7 documentary

  14. How stupid do you have to be to think there’s a psyop conspiracy behind everything that happens? Pathetic.

    • You find your way to this blog (showing how uninterested you are), read through it, then show more non-interest by trying to shoot people down who aren’t even doing what you seem to be annoyed by? THAT’S pathetic.

      I don’t think anyone is “thinking there’s a psyop conspiracy” (ok – maybe some people – but no one here has said anything like that). They’re just pointing out that there are some strange things about this event.

  15. The Rodia connection might be there, but what exactly is the connect?
    Somebody needs to follow this thread:
    Have not had the time to follow this story lately, but I think from reading the above, that the provided discussion on GLP has been at the least overlooked here…

  16. What is up with black Hondas in this case? How come the MSM brings forth witnesses which sound like they are faking it? Check out this witness report by AP interviewing a man named Gene Rosen:
    In the background you see a black Honda on which the driverseat window is covered with a blanket… why?
    He takes in 6, (6) year old kids and supposedly has access to a casualty list 2 days early at 6 o’clock in the evening.
    In another interview done with CNN same G. Rosen repeats his story while at the 20 sec. mark of the vid, you can make out a black Honda(?) taped off at the crime scene and the driver seat window has something white either covering it, or maybe it is just some reflection…
    2nd vid:
    CNN supposedly is also the originator of this now hard to find pic. found at the bottom of this article (have not read, just used for the pic):

    In above vid this pic. flashes on screen very brief, but the handsignal in question is cropped – or is it?
    Most likely there are so many agents out there trying to feed truth advocates with false leads, doctoring pictures ( I believe this one above has been doctored and never appeared this way in any CNN footage) – no one here would give a second thought to using this pic to prove anything any how, but the doctoring most likely goes on on many levels of this story, so that by now it will be quite hard to get to any hard facts/evidence etc. using only the internet – this story is certainly evolving into being a very great clusterfuck – the rabbit hole does not only go deeper, there are multiple entrances.
    Check out above comment btw.

    • What exactly is the significance of an old dude making the “rock on” hand gesture in a picture with one of the (later to be) victims? Calling it an illuminati signal is nothing short of ridiculous. Is there even such a thing? And who really uses the term illuminati except for disinfo sites?

      • There are supposed to be many anomalies to this case deliberatly made to steer a variety of people into ludicrous directions alltogether.
        The Illuminati people have this pic to chew on, while the fraction of people believing this whole thing never happened, get smiling/laughing parents like Robbie Parker and this couple:
        The anomalies, multiple coincidences and deliberate lack of proof provided by authorities, serve multiple purposes generaly to keep us distracted of everything else happening in the world, and specifically that this is all about gun control and limiting freedoms.

      • That is also the sign for the Devil. Newtown is home to a Connecticut Chapter of the Church of Satan. Their phone number is listed (or was the last time I checked.)

    • Looks like the old man deliberately walks slowly pass that black car that is parked in his driveway and that is a white blanket over the driver side door….. maybe they wanted people to see that a ‘black’ car is a common sight? but in that last video, you can see a black car at the school…
      and if the police see a black car leaving the school parking lot and they stop it….. good for them…. the driver may have been trying to escape? and they find a rifle in the trunk?
      How hard would it be to check to see it that rifle was the murder weapon? Have they even done that .?

  17. Looking in to this G.Rosen guy a while longer, seems he is a multiple faceted guy. In a Fox interview he is claimed to be a psychiatrist.
    This vid:
    wants to show us, that in fact he is the CEO for CTV21 Newton Conneticut – then on GLP the same poster who made out to ¨debunk¨ the Rodia connection (two comments above) serves up this link:

    • Sorry, no real need to get in to this person – the guy certainly is weird, but he leads to nowhere – except perhaps the Honda in his driveway is strange and the obvious fact that he is acting and telling an unbelievable story – ( I have also made a false statement above: The GLP poster was not the same… – see above.)

    • I called him (G.Rosen) and told him that I thought my Guinea pig may have sexual identity issues or is perhaps bi-polar.

  18. […] bil som vapnet återfanns i på parkeringen ska ha varit registrerad på någon som suttit i fängelse för narkotikabrott, men […]

  19. The long gun taken from the trunk, upon close inspection, is a Saiga shotgun, gauge unsure, but most likely 12 gauge. Magazine fed, Kalishnakov action, Russian made semi-automatic.

    • That’s great that you can determine that much detail from that fuzzy video. I looked at it for quite sometime and compared the silhouettes of the image to images of various rifles and shotguns and couldn’t make a final conclusion. Why don’t you tell us all how you came to that determination?

      • The full version shows the cop releasing the magazins at the very beginning of the clip. Saiga’s take a very long mag be they the 6 or 12 round version. Saiga is the only shotgun with that type of mag feed.

        • I never saw the version where the clip of that shotgun is disengaged – I thought that was strange that someone would have a Saiga with one shell in the chamber and no magazine

    • That makes more sense, a shotgun loaded with the right sized shot(i think it’s #00?) would produce the same sized entrance wounds as a .223. Also makes the multiple shots in every victim more feasible.

      • considering the fact that initial police reports stated that everyone was killed by one of the two handguns found on the body of the suspect and they didn’t revise that statement until after the coroner’s statement to the press, anything is possible at that point.

  20. One thing to bear in mind is that the radioman911 recording has mixed frequencies and includes the CT state police. You will hear many plate descriptions throughout that have nothing to do with Sandy Hook. That plate reading is not on the Fairfield County track.

    The radioman911 YEO plate description is at 0:30:19 at 10:05am. You don’t hear it on this recording:

    But you DO hear other on-site officers giving details that are not heard on the radioman911 track.

    The photo of 872 YEO on the tow trailer is attributed to Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters. Maybe it was mis-tagged as Lanza’s vehicle in the caption? It is raining in that photo and there is a house in the background. The weather and scenery doesn’t seem to match Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    The plate on the taped-off black car in the fire lane at the school is fuzzy but it is definitely is not 872YEO.

    Possibly Rodia’s car was involved in a different event?

    On the radioman911 tape at around 1:49:23
    “Be advised we’re having a hard time copying you again. You’re going to respond to the scene, to the school, number 12 Dickinson Drive in Newtown. You’re going to be looking to the right of the building for possible suspect vehicle. If you can, switch to channel 119. That’ll be command post. One one nine.” Notice the time: 11:25am.

    Can anyone get a recording of channel 119? Seems like that’s where we would hear significant details. Perhaps it would include the transmissions when they entered the Lanza residence.

    Too bad the scanner uploads are so brief. We see from the photos they were at the scene well into the night.

  21. It WAS raining on Sunday, December 16, the day 872YEO was towed (according to the caption). Here is another photo attributed to Michelle McLoughlin

    “People embrace at a memorial for the victims of the shooting near Sandy Hook Elementary School, on December 16, 2012. (Reuters/ Michelle McLoughlin)”

    Perhaps the scenery doesn’t match because the photo was taken after the tow trailer left the Sandy Hook parking lot and was en route?

  22. The research at GLP shows Rodia’s direct association with the UZAR family, through the very residence he is listed as living in, the same address that his niece and partner in crime Cassandra Scire is listed at.

    2 other members of the Scire family share the same address with Chris Rodia, as well as another Rodia.

    Also sharing that address is George Uzar Jr. Whose other known address is that of his father, George Sr.

    UZAR’s are mid level gangsters. The “DON” George Sr. Fabricated automatic weapons and supplied them to LATIN KINGS. He ratted them out when caught and served reduced prison time.

    George Sr’s wife Allison is a master’s degree level “analyst” at Purdue pharma’s manufacturing plant producing…. OXYCONTIN . Which Chris Rodia is addicted to, and sells.

    Chris Rodia is likely another patsy, used to handle Adam Lanza, as he did the mentally retarded (emotionally/sexually abusde/traumatized) Cassandra.

    Also realize that the Newtown Bee retracted their initial story quoting Principal Dawn Hochsprung about her experience during the shooting. The retraction read that their reporter was informed that the person being interviewed was the principal named Dawn Hochsprung. Yes, you read that correctly, someone impersonated the principal OR the principal was alive and gave an interview.

    Similarly, the AP reports in the early hours had at least 4 complete falsehoods reported quoting official sources on the scene, including the initial ID of Ryan Lanza as the shooter, which soon became the report of the deaths of Peter and Ryan Lanza, the “missing” girlfriend and friend of Adam Lanza, the fact that Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher shot dead in the school, and others.

    Which means either the AP reporters were being fed false info, OR they were simply MAKING IT UP as they went along for their own agenda.

    • Can you refer us to a copy of the Bee’s retraction which indicates that the reporterm was told interviewee was Dawn Hochsprung? Thx

  23. Great analysis Bala Dasa.

    But, I have a two part question for anyone who’d care to answer:

    After every one of these incidents, which reek of a very sinister pattern from their first moments, very sharp, astute and uncompromised people like Scott, in good faith and with utmost competence, start dissecting the story and try to put together the available pieces of the puzzle, see which ones don’t fit and eliminate them, and try to make educated guesses as to what the missing pieces might look like.

    And then, others start chiming in, bringing new pieces to the table, and at times some amazing threads begin forming that might be resembled to a mass feeding frenzy on one side, and beautiful brainstorming session on another as more evidence materializes, yielding even better analysis… Once all the available bones are licked clean, people’s opinions start to mature, new findings become sparse, discussion slows almost to a halt…. And then…. BOOM!!!! A new incident in such and such town, school, mall, temple….

    Wash, rinse, repeat…

    Sorry about the long setup… Here is my first question:

    If I were one of “them”, all busy trying to make up a mildly plausible narrative to fast developing and volatile incident, cover up tracks, plant false evidence, etc. and hope to get away with it, the best thing I can wish for would be an army of sharp people tirelessly dissecting my narrative, and expose my weak spots, point out inconsistencies, overlooked evidence, etc…. And I would be very happy if these people would make all of their findings public, every step of the way, allowing me to bend and twist until the story dies and the unwanted photos and stories are scratched off the Internet. Thanks to all those unpaid volunteers… (And many trolls that beta test different storylines)

    I know the dissemination of truth to the society at large will have its long term effects, but do you guys ever feel that we might have unwittingly become an integral part of the destabilization process by helping them with their lies?

    Question two is:

    There is no doubt that the destabilization campaign has been accelerated in an effort to create more and more context to limit more and more of people’s constitutional rights.

    But, when we lift our heads up from this cockroach nest and look at the dark developments in the world around us, we might realize that, as awful as the deaths of these children sounds and feels, it’s guaranteed to be overshadowed by not only what is to come here in this country, but all the horrors certain to fall upon this world as the powers try to forge a new design to this old world.

    Are our eyes on the ball??? That is my question… And, if yes, are they on the RIGHT ball???

    Just weeks ago, while sandy hook was sweeping the nation, harry Reid walked in to a virtually empty senate, interrupted the speaker mid sentence, asked for unanimous consent to take out an amendment off the NDAA bill, which protected us citizens from indefinite detention, presidential killings, suspension of habeas corpus, etc. Nobody objected…. And since he is a democrat, I’m guessing it happened with the president’s blessing.

    The Syrian invasion is now a certainty, Europe is falling apart, the combined Arab springs are being rigged in to a ticking time bomb, and the sovereignty of all the nations are being centralized under unelected governance unbeknownst to their respective citizens…

    It’s not one ball… There is a matrix of ball machines constantly showering us from all directions.

    • I believe that people of goodwill MUST bear witness, act by speaking the truth, and face the ramifications. That our efforts at revelation will be used by the perpetrators of heinous crimes to sharpen their skills, to classify us and mark us for termination at their convenience, is inevitable.

      Simultaneously on a parallel track, we must set aside time for practical matters such as organizing locally with like minded individuals to meet the extreme challenges of the times with common sense solutions.

      Most importantly, starting out each day remembering the Lord God, begging for his graceful mercy for ourselves our family, friends, and enemies, and then praying for the guidance to spiritually nurture, educate, and protect our family and friends, and the ability to defeat our enemies soundly.

      That is my perception.

    • I’ve been thinking nearly that exact same scenario myself. So much of these holes in the “official” narrative could just as likely be deliberate. Furthermore I’m seeing GLP and ATS forums being used as the platform for many of these sources to post their “latest breakthrough”,”smoking gun” revelations . No offense to anyone, but both those forums reek of counter-intelligence, having reputations for censoring, banning, and other unethical practices. Someone once said,”If you want to know who is oppressing you, find out who you’re not allowed to talk about”. Is it a surprise that the so-called “alternative” media, as well as the mainstream media attacks Mike Harris for suggesting this might have been a Mossad/Israeli Zionist attack of vengeance? In any case, the Zionist-controlled MSM is acting indirectly as accomplices in the cover-up. The alternative media isn’t much better as most of them will promote some of the most reaching “conspiracies” yet refuse to look at any information that proves the Holocaust to be just another one of these false narratives.

      So, Let’s get out there and “fight the New World order, folks!” as a certain alt. media celebrity tells his listeners before or after every commercial break. Why? Because,that’s exactly what “they” want you to do! “The NWO wants the NWO to Fail, order through planned chaos”

      I’m sorry for posting a link to InFauxwars, I’m just trying to prove my point. *note: that was one of, if not the, last time an article written by Jeffery Grupp was picked up by infauxwars.

    • I agree with what you said about ATS and GLP crawling with paid shills and operatives spreading disinfo.

      However, you need to drop the Holocaust revisionist garbage right now. When somebody drops something like that I have definite reason to believe they’re a hired troll. I’m not sure where you can get away with talking about that “opinion” of yours but this is not the place.

      • The fact that you had to make a big deal out of that one sentence, combined with the fact that Israeli JIDF organizes and directs paid and volunteer Hasbara operatives is very suggestive of self-projection on your part. Your “opinion” about my “opinion” is nothing more than a distraction, Hasbarat.

      • Right, I concentrated on that one sentence because it seemed purposely planted and hidden. Holocaust revisionism is the number one fake conspiracy theory used to discredit us.

        • [admin edit: this thread is not about the Holocaust and this site is not in the practice of debating who and how many died as a result of it. Please stick to the topic]

        • there you go, shift the blame onto “Holocaust deniers” for your inability to provide any convincing evidence to support your confantasy theories. Trust me you do enough discredit to yourself, you don’t need any help

    • If we cd expose this as a hoax a great many more people wd wake up & this is our best bet to correct all the ills you mention.

  24. […] Sandy Hook Shooting:Suspect Car Linked to Christopher A Rodia and Drug Family of Norwalk ( […]

  25. […] Sandy Hook Shooting:Suspect Car Linked to Christopher A Rodia and Drug Family of Norwalk ( […]

  26. […] created four days before her murder and the car that was allegedly Nancy Lanza’s was owned by Christopher Rodia, member of criminal family of Norwalk, CT linked to another criminal family of G…) and there was nothing on the front page when the censorship issue should have been a pinned […]

    • Hmm:
      “Facebook suspends accounts with content that deviates from …”

      Just another itty bitty observation:

      Facebook Disabled My Account


      UPDATE 2: According to a member post below, Facebook accounts for truth bloggers are being shut down by Facebook. These include…

      Michael F Rivero 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Anthony J Hilder 11 min ago (account inactive)
      William Lewis 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Richard Gage 11 min ago (account inactive) [<————— !!!]
      William Rodriguez 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Infowar Artist 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Weare Change 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Wacboston At Twitterr 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Michael Murphy Tmp 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Robert M Bowman 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Peter Dale Scott 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Jason Infowars 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Mike Skuthan 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Packy Savvenas 11 min ago (account inactive)
      Sean Wright and Katherine Albrect are gone as well

      In the days before 9-11, the FBI went around the nation shutting down the websites of Muslim charities, so that no opposing voice could be heard to challenge the “Muslims did it” propaganda. Looks like a repeat, which may herald a m-a-j-o-r false-flag event in the immediate future.

      Note also:

      "You loose your YOUTUBE account if you disable G+"

      And people wonder why I don't have a Facebook or Google+ "account"?

  27. […] We also hear on the police scanner that the car is actually registered to Norwalk, CT native and alleged petty criminal Christopher Rodia and not to anyone in the Lanza family. Why are we not hearing about this? Who is Rodia, and what is his connection to Lanza? The subject is discussed here. […]

  28. Hi … There are apparently 2 Cassandra Scire and they both reside at the same address 19 Vollmer … One is listed between 35 and 39 and one is listed as 19. Probably mother and daughter. Showing how important it is to do your homework thoroughly.


  29. […] Scott Creighton, “Sandy Hook Shooting: Suspect Car Linked to Christopher A. Rodia and Drug Family of Norwalk,”, December 23, […]

  30. […] Scott Creighton, “Sandy Hook Shooting: Suspect Car Linked to Christopher A. Rodia and Drug Family of Norwalk,”, December 23, […]


    I’m a newpaper reporter in Connecticut. You might like to read the story ( see above link) which is about Christopher Rodia.

    • Hello Anne

      I covered that here

      I hope you read the detailed update on both of the articles I have related to Chris Rodia. Perhaps the CT Post article could have gone into more detail explaining the mix-up like I did rather than simply saying Rodia said he wasn’t there. But, aside from that, again, please see my updates.



      [edit} oh, it looks like that is your article.

      “In the dark and shadowy world of Internet bloggers and conspiracy theorists…”

      Read more:

      “Dark”? “Shadowy”? How about “tepid” “seething” “lurid” “murky” “incestuous” “foreboding” I mean, you can do better than that. Next time toss in “their mother’s basement” if you want to get all the cliches in there at once. That might be more productive for you. But don’t forget, alternative journalism is quickly replacing mainstream news for the simple reason that we don’t simply regurgitate “official” sources and expect the public to buy it at face value. We delve into what used to be called “journalism” and investigations in order to get to the truth.

      And of course there is always that little Sinking of the Maine incident your parent company participated in so long ago… what was that called again? Oh yeah, yellow journalism.

      Also of note: I never suggested Chris was “the second shooter” as you infer. I simply made the connections between his name and the license that was reported and then investigated from there. But I never said he was the second shooter and in fact, I said quite clearly on a number of occasions that I didn’t think he was capable of it. Just to be clear.

      I might remind you that once people who suggested the banking industry was colluding with each other and various members of the government to harm our economy for their own interests were called “conspiracy theorists” as well… how’s that looking these days? Or that the same was said about people who claimed we were being lied to about WMDs in Iraq…

      You will note I hope that this site doesn’t deal in UFOs or ray beams from space. And if you wish you can quote that information listed in the updates as too how the “conspiracy theorists” came to the conclusions they did based on the information from Radioman’s official recordings.

      But perhaps more importantly you can address the real reason I posted my article about yours which is the fact that though you jumped on this story, you failed to notice all the efforts put out by “legitimate journalists” trying to fabricate a motive in this case from day one, when of course, as we know and you can see from my links, there is none.

      Perhaps that would be an interesting follow-up to your article on Rodia. Just a suggestion. Or maybe you will leave such inquiries to the conspiracy theorists.

    • Thanks for posting, Anne… I think most people who frequent this site are already aware of your article as it was discussed here earlier.

      I have a question for you though…

      When I go look at your previous articles, here is what I am seeing… These are the titles of your reporting since the shooting:

      Newtown school massacre claims 27 victims
      Hundreds attend vigil for teacher
      Newtown prepares for mourning
      Police: No Newtown conspiracy

      You don’t seem to have engaged in any kind of “investigative reporting” on the incident in these articles… Offering us just the standard issue narrative of how Lanza killed his mom and then shot all the kids, with considerable logical leaps of faith in stating everything as “Fact”, without a single instance of questioning the whys, the wheres, and the hows of this massacre that took place in your backyard,

      So, how does Rodia, both the man and the story, fall on your lap? Are you a follower of conspiracy sites which allowed you to become aware of these stories (claims) about him, which prompted you to do a story on him? Did you actively pursue Mr. Rodia to get the story, or did you have a someone who knew someone who knew him?

      And, lastly, why is the title of your article “Police: No Newtown Conspiracy”? Since you have had access to the “Police”, did you happen to ask them about anything else regarding the Sandy Hook shooting? Is there any other aspect of the shooting besides Rodia that you can shine your journalistic light on?

      Thank you in advance for your reply.

  32. ok there is exculpatory evidence for Rodia but didn’t somebody detect links on Facebook to Lanza? And isn’t a similar car parked in Rodia’s driveway? And wasn’t Rodia tied to Uzar? And who owns the Black Honda that was seized? It seems like the Post wants to lay a guilt trip on the bloggers but under the circumstances were the questions asked unreasonable?

  33. hmmm did ya notice on the EuGene Rosen interview there was a dark (black?) Honda sitting in his home driveway with a blanket covering a broken window on driver’s window? could this be the car? and not Rodia’s?

  34. So it’s supposed a mixup in radio communications.

    But if Chris Rodia is driving his mother’s car in Greenwich (according to his story) then why did the dispatcher say the car was registered to Chris Rodia?…and not his mother?

    Strange stuff.

    • You misunderstand…with reference to the police scanner which gave birth to this controversy, an officer at let’s say location A calls in to report a license plate, “872YEO”. Approx 1 minute later, an officer at location B calls in to inquire about any wants and warrants on “Rodia, Christopher A.” The officer in location B is not answering the officer in location A. Both officers are calling in inquiries to a central location. That said, it may be the irony of the century for us out here in blogger world because without that coincidence from God, likely no one would have unearthed the info on the rather significant Uzar family gun/drug bust. Rodia happens to live at the same house as George Uzar jr. Uzar Sr’s job was to remove serial numbers from guns purchased from local gun stores and to remove the serial numbers before handing them off to yet another relative to sell to a local gang the “Latin Kings”. Does this solve Sandy Hook? No, But it may serve to help us understand some of the broader dynamics at work in Connecticut. And if those dynamics are explored, we may well find out answer.

      • Your post is irrelevant. No mention of checking for warrants was given by either Rodia or the officer who supposedly gave him the warning. It’s an assumption. It didn’t happen. Remember this important fact: 722-ZHA has to be connected to Rodia or the obvious is true.

        • It is POLICE POLICY. Do you expect every small detail of an incident to be in an article??? Anybody who drives a car knows that when a cop stops you, they ask for the license and registration and they call it in. Are you having a problem today?

          • Your problem is your lack of proof. The only id request was for 872-yeo and that was given immediately after that request, in no uncertain terms. 722-ZHA RADAR also has nothing to with Rodia because he was supposedly parked.

            • Strictly speaking, we have no proof that 27 people died at Sandy Hook nor that there ever was an Adam Lanza, nor that Lanza was at the school. All “evidence” has been suppressed. Witnesses refuse to speak, even now, citing fear of the Feds. The building has been demolished and many of the people involved in the drama have moved away from Sandy Hook. What proof are you looking for in this particular case? There isn’t any.

    • Great point. His mother’s green car would have to be registered to her son.

    • I also should have pointed out that the officer reporting the Rodia stop said “OPERATOR, Rodia…Christopher”. He was reading from the driver license which is quite typical. He was not inquiring about the registration at that point, just the driver license.

      • Why would he be inquiring about a driver’s license of a person who he supposedly gave a verbal warning to for parking in a firezone? That makes no sense and is simply a false assumption.

        • I disagree. Police always ask for license/registration. They call it in to make sure there are no wants/warrants. The decision to give a warning can not be made until one has confirmed that the person in question is not a wanted felon. No false assumption here, Tom

          • It sure is false assumption. You are assuming that Rodia’s story is correct. That’s the assumption. The story is bunk.

          • The officer who gave “722-ZHA RADAR” never requested an operator ID. It’s not connected to the RODIA ID, but has to be for the fictional story to have any hope.

          • If your assumption’s correct, then that would dictate that the operator ID request for 872-yeo was ignored. That’s absurd, considering there was a mass shooting in progress.

            • Have you personally listened to the scanner?

              • Yes. Not the whole thing, but the scrambled and unscrambled is very interesting, especially in regards to what the true audio is. I got up to 10:40 on radioman’s copy, which is scrambled around the rodia id.

                • I am happy to hear that. Most people, even people that blogged heavily about SH never listened to that audio at all. And yes, there was heavy scrambling throughout which is why you can’t be sure that the plate you referenced earlier was not responded to, as you proposed.

                  • You’re missing the point. There is a scrambled and unscrambled version of the Rodia audio. Have you heard them? The scrambled has some audible audio.

                    • Yes, I listened to both

                    • Well, then you’d know that on both versions he says, “Rodia, operator.” That just affirms what the audio tells us. Rodia is the last name and he’s the operator of the suspect vehicle.

                      All those who said the audio read “run eh the operator” are liars. That is not what he said at all. He wasn’t asking anything, but provided what the computer had listed for operator id of 872-yeo.

                    • Tom

                      What is your point with this never ending trail? With all the many articles that I wrote about SH, from my point of view, it is among the least significant and I never saw it as anything that I wanted to probe to this extent. Rodia is a petty thief and molester. He has convictions for that. He has family ties to gun runners. If anything, he may be connected to all those guns they found all over the place but very doubtful that he was a shooter at the school. The shooters were in the purple van and they were set free, just like the men in the woods.

                    • My guess is, if Rodia was involved at all, he may have been the asset or handler that brought Adam to the scene. But even that I doubt because for all his criminal history, it doesn’t seem to me he would be the type (the handler probably had to kill Adam as well)

                    • Hi Willy-I love your blog. Happy to hear from you! I do agree with your viewpoint for exactly the reason that you state. This was not Rodia’s specialty based on his long list of priors.

                      Regarding the black Honda parked at the school …the photo that circulated widely was of a black Honda being taken away on a flatbed, license plate fully visible. It was the plate called in, 872 YEO which is the plate registered to Nancy Lanza. But the background does not look like Sandy Hook. It may be the Yogananda Street area where Lanza lived. This means that the Honda at the school was a different black Honda. The problem is that there are no clear photos of the license plate on THAT black Honda. Both doors were open and black sweat tops were on the ground. Any thoughts on this aspect of the case?

                    • The image of the Honda taken from the right front while it was on the flat bed is of her car, I believe. It looks like a different area simply because it was. The car, as far as I know, was left at the scene till forensics and the evidence team processed it, then it was loaded up on the tow-truck and moved down that little private road that the school was at the end of, to a spot on that road where it sat waiting to be taken to where-ever it was destined. In that case, there was probably some question as too where they were taking it. The photo of the car on the flat bed was taken when it was in that location, to my understanding. So it doesn’t “look” like the Sandy Hook school lot because it wasn’t. The plate being blurred in the photo from the lot doesn’t prove anything except the plate is blurred in the photo. Could mean different cars, but I doubt it. To much trouble and no good reason for it.

                      Remember, Nancy was dead already that morning, killed in her bed when she came back from her 3 day trip. Taking her car and leaving it there to further implicate Adam makes perfect sense. That, by the way, explains the two dark sweat tops on the ground. The two guys who moved Adam from his house to the school ditched the tops they wore on the way there. That would make it harder to identify them from CC street cams. They killed Nancy and Adam in their home, drove her Honda to the school, loaded him out of the car into the school and in a rush when finished there, they stripped the shirts off and tossed them into the vehicle on the way out to the woods, but one was still wearing the camo pants when he was caught. The image was taken after the cops went through the vehicle, pulling out things like shirts and such checking for other weapons or explosives. Maybe the robot pulled the shirts out and left them there. Who knows.

                      That’s my guess anyway.

                      I’m glad you like the site. Welcome.

                  • The only scrambling at issue, is during the Rodia ID. Heavy scrambling on Radioman’s version occurs when the officer struggles to locate his birthdate. There was scrambling to cover up that he couldn’t find the birthdate right away, which he would have, had he been viewing his DL. The birthdate was given at the end of the transmission, therefore he would have been reading from it prior to the birthdate. HE WAS READING FROM A COMPUTER SCREEN, NOT A DRIVER’S LICENSE.

                    • You are passionate in your position and you may very well be correct. I do not want to discount you out of hand. All I ask is that you PROVE it. If you have a friend in the police dept, ask them to run the plate for you. If you or a friend who knows how to get into registration records online, do so. If you can do so, then you have made a great discovery which may contribute to solving the SH massacre. Get on it Tom. I am still immersed in the Hastings crash with two more articles to finish. I have no time to turn back into SH. For my money, SH was an elaborate psy op that may have had a team there trying to stop or mitigate it. If you can come up with actual proof of that Honda’s registration, then I will make time to report on it. Fair?

                    • The proof’s in the audio. That which you nor anyone can disprove that Rodia was registered to the suspect vehicle. That evidence has to be challenged by someone like yourself or anyone who disagrees with it. It has not been challenged but excuses and assumptions have been offered with no backing of hard evidence.

                      As it concerns you, my simple and honest analysis of the audio debunks your fairly clever excuse that he was reading off his driver’s license. It would not take the officer 9-10 seconds to locate his birthdate. I suppose the excuse is back to Rodia’s ID being connected to ‘722-zha RADAR’. The official lie for Rodia had him parked in a firezone, not being captured on radar. So, that it also unsustainable.

                      I believe all 4 voice transmissions in question are from different men. The first is around 10am, second at 10:01. Two critical ones are heard between 10:05-10:06.

      • He was reading from a computer screen. ‘Florida license Connecticut as well’ is consistent with that. Maybe Rodia gave Banner two licenses from two different States.LOL That info came from a computer.

        • Given Rodia’s criminal record and family connections, that would not surprise me. In any event, Rodia is of far less interest to me than the men in the van that had nun outfits and ski masks. They were stopped by Connecticut police and permitted to go on their merry way. Being that people on site had made a comment early on (never to be heard again) that they thought the shooters were clergy, Rodia seems a bit irrelevant.

          • That Honda and who it was registered to is the most simple thing going. The average person can connect with that much easier than most of the things floating around cases like this. You reduced this evidence to what I’d call, “the last ditch excuse”.

            I do think it’s possible that the voice who says 33 headquarters at 10am may be the same as the Rodia ID at 10:06, but a different voice gives 722-zha at 10:01.

          • Rodia would not provide is FL license to the officer, because he was living in CT at the time. It is logical that a dispatcher or at least an officer in a cruiser gave that info.

          • If it wasn’t important, you would not have spent the better part of a year (on this blog) trying to convince everyone that 872–yeo was registered to Nancy Lanza when it was clearly registered to a Christopher A. Rodia. If it wasn’t very important, there wouldn’t be countless videos dedicated to doing the same thing you are failing at, connecting the plate number to anyone other than Rodia.

            The earliest evidence is always the most reliable and that comes from the police scanner audio which excludes everyone but Rodia. You simply misrepresent the evidence and repeat the same disinfo. You cannot provide any audio that says 872-yeo was registered to Lanza or anyone else because it was registered to a person named Rodia, whose name came up immediately after the plate number was requested for operator ID.

            • Tom, you need to produce proof that the 872YEO plate is registered to Rodia, and I don’t mean scanner audio which contained crossover. For your information, I did not spend a year trying to prove anything and I certainly did not spend a year on SH. I contacted Captain Kordick CT PD and he is adamant that the plate was not registered to Rodia. If you are such a know it all, then the burden of proof is on you. I put the case down a long time ago. I do not know Rodia, I do not know any of the victims’ families, and for that matter, I do not know you. You need to put up or shut up. If you can prove the plate belongs to Rodia, specifically actual DMV records, please share that with everyone. Personally, I am not a detective, I am not a cop, I have no subpoena power, and that does limit what I have access to. For you to make wild accusations is asinine and helps to define who and what you actually are.

              • You need to produce proof that the 872YEO plate is registered to someone other than Rodia, and I do mean the scanner audio which contained proof that it was registered to Rodia. You have been denying facts on this blog since January. I don’t care who you contacted, the audio is proof that it wasn’t connected to the Lanza’s. Of course he’s adamant about lying about such devastation proof against the official story.

                You need to put up or shut up. If you can prove the plate belongs to someone other than Rodia, specifically actual scanner audio which gives something other Rodia. It has to be in there because the suspect vehicle in the parking lot. For you to make wild accusations is asinine and helps to define who and what you actually are, a disinformationalist.

                • You have done nothing other than to convince me that you are a shill. Sorry Tom. I take a lot of pride in my work and I take care not to make wild accusations as I have seen so many bloggers do. If you don’t see that, nothing more that I can say to you.

                  • You have done nothing other than to convince us that you are a SH shill. But, you are a liar as long as you continue to pretend that the officer was reading off a DL. You have to admit you either lied or misunderstood. I don’t care about anything in this case except what I post about. I engaged you, and wiped the floor with your false theory, that is in fact inconsistent with the party line excuse for this evidence.

                    • You, Tom, are rude. I see no reason to deal with you any further. My blog speaks for itself. If you are so convinced of Rodia’s involvement, I suggest you locate him and perform a citizen’s arrest, hot shot.

              • I don’t mean to interrupt your discussion, but I have to ask… doesn’t the police report which details the evidence collected from that car make the claim that it was registered to Nancy and also list the license plate at the same time? I seem to remember that.

                • To my memory, it does, but brother Tom does not believe in police reports. Everybody is a liar except him. The only way to prove it is to get into state DMV records. I can’t do it and I don’t know anyone who can. If anybody out there has that ability, it would resolve this issue. I think that is really something that we would all like to see…proof….simple, independent proof. I would love to put full faith in the CT PD, but they have actively participated in suppressing SH evidence, reports, etc. Tom has a hunch. Hunches are wonderful, but there has to be something brought forward to support the hunch.

                  Thank you for the welcomed interruption =)

                  • I don’t have a hunch. I used the audio which you misrepresent and really don’t offer any analysis of your own. The audio does not include an operator id of the suspect vehicle if Rodia was somehow mistakenly listed as such.

                  • If we go with your theory, then provide a logical explanation for why the request to run 872 was ignored? This makes no sense, considering a school shooting was in progress.


                • You made some mistakes within the transcripts. You are seeming to indicate the deep voice who gave Rodia’s ID started with ’33 headquarters’. He definitely says 53 at 10:06:05 AM. The difference between TH and FI is unmistakable.

                  Someone from another blog or some comments said he said ’53 Edwards’. I’m listening and hearing that, but it could be mistaken for headquarters, but there’s no way to mix up 33 and 53. I’m hearing only two syllables that sounds more like Edwards, while headquarters has three. The two voices also sound different. It’s not the same voice.

                • If that was the case, then Nancy Lanza would’ve came back as the operator on the scanner audio. She was not, therefore the earliest evidence trumps anything later.

        • Tom and adriaen22…

          I would certainly not discourage anyone discussing the Rodia issue, or any other issue… But, purely out of curiosity, I will ask:

          How come this issue has resurfaced after all this time and turned in to a heated argument? Has there been any new revelations or evidence or something?

          • It took the officer 9-10 seconds to locate Rodia’s birthdate. That excludes the excuse being used to coverup up this evidence because it would not take anywhere near that long to locate the birthdate on a DL. He gave the operator ID from a computer screen. He was giving the info, not asking for it.

      • Have you listened to the unscrambled version? That’s the only way a transcript was possible.

  35. Check out Lauren Rousseaus’ bullet ridden car and compare it to Rodia’s car…….. same make and model????? could license plates been changed out on the 3 cars????

    • Is this the green honda bullet ridden car with holes in AND out. Out being the most interesting. over head photo shows it parked 25 yids from front door. with diergrams for shots

  36. there are a couple of good videos regarding teh questions about Chris Rodia – I am all about innocent until proven guilty and making an assessment of the fact but there are some fair questions here. The State Police could help out alot if they simply made some disclosures- why would they not if Lanza was the sole assailant?

    [admin edit: second video removed. uh… I don’t allow videos that use derogatory terms in relation to someone’s race. you should know that.]

  37. there is additional exculpatory evidence I saw – apparently the Norwalk personal property tax records for 2012 indicate he only owns a Chevy cavalier For what it’s worth- I don’t have the link readily available

    regarding the videos I did not produce them I just reference them if they have pertinent information.

  38. we still do not know who owns the Honda

  39. Check out this image I made. This is a composite of the Black Honda from a long lens parked at the school, and 2 views of the resized 872-YEO plate superimposed on the first image. One plate is just resized and the other one is deliberately blurred to see how it looks beside the other two plates. Check it out here:

    Based on my work with that photo I have to say that it looks like a different license plate on the car at the school vs. the car on the tow truck.

  40. Not all drug dealers are satanists, but all satanists deal drugs. And also hypnotise people.

  41. I found a YT video that has the birth date for Christopher A. Rodia, and the plate was from Alaska. The dob is August 6th 1969. See

    • If you watch the entire clip section RE this vehicle plate you learn the info called in pertained to a traffic stop of C. Rodia. I believe that audio got mixed into the other audio and that it would problematic to assume C Rodia was a second shooter suspect.

  42. Clearly Rodia and Sandy Hook are separate incidents. There were several concurrent events.

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  45. […] from custody just a few months ago on his own “promise to appear” (?) Really?". Sandy Hook Shooting:Suspect Car Linked to Christopher A Rodia and Drug Family of Norwalk | American … Why was Chris Rodia's car at the school? If he wasn't the guy that ran through the woods, was […]

  46. Our friend Chris Rodia got arrested again:

    6th degree larceny this time. He plead guilty to ALL 6 of his previous charges, got probation with one unconditionally dismissed!

  47. Uhmmm… did anyone notice the charge sheet is Norwalk GEORGIA not Connecticut?


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