Neoliberal News of the Day – Dec. 5th, 2012

by Scott Creighton

Morsi supporters and people who actually have Egypt’s best interest in mind are driving out the state department funded “opposition” to the new constitution – “Mohamed Mohy, a pro-Mursi demonstrator who was filming the scene, said: “We are here to support our president and his decisions and save our country from traitors and agents.”

Meanwhile, one politician in Egypt suggests maybe they could “rewrite” some of those passages of the constitution that Hillary’s color revolution thugs take exception to.  Coincidentally, Hillary herself said the exact same thing today. “Vice President Mahmoud Mekky said amendments to disputed articles could be agreed with the opposition.” Yes, of course, a small minority of neoliberal supporters of the former dictator want a consensus, they want to write the constitution themselves, so of course, why not?

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An All Out Liefest Featuring 3 Neocon Warmongers Scheming Over Ways to Illegally Attack Syria and Iran

A Conversation with Bernard-Henri Lévy and Senator John McCain, held at the 2012 FPI Forum at the Newseum in Washington DC on November 27.

One lie in support of our New Middle East project after another from these three warmongering hacks. They can’t stop fawning over Killary, by the way.

Notice Levy claims we should attack even without a UN resolution, in absolute violation of international law. He uses as examples of the need for this criminal action, Rwanda and Bosnia, two other criminal and murderous attacks based on the “humanitarian intervention” pretext. Bloody, brutal attacks from the U.S. and NATO which left tens of thousands dead in their wake and the surviving populations stuck in a neoliberal nightmare from which only McCain’s and Levy’s buddies profited. It’s sickening watching these people get together and spin up this bullshit.

Egyptian Color Revolution Continues: Efforts to Block New Anti-neoliberal Constitution Failing

by Scott Creighton

Contrary to popular propaganda, only 16 out of the 100 members of the assembly who wrote the new Egyptian constitution were from the Muslim Brotherhood. 16 out of 100 folks.

Egypt’s new constitution despite what you have been told, was NOT written by all Islamists and fanatical Muslim Brotherhood members hell-bent to enshrine Sharia law in Egypt. That’s just a downright lie.

It was written, in accordance with the 2011 Provisional Constitution of Egypt which itself was written by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt , not “Islamists”, on 30 March, 2011 in order to forge a new Egypt governed by the rule of law in the wake of the removal of our puppet dictator, Mubarak.

When you are told this document “enshrines Sharia law” and was written by the Muslim Brotherhood, that is a direct lie. Pure and simple.

They formed, according to the law, a 100 member assembly in order to write the new constitution. It is called the Constituent Assembly of Egypt and the main criticism coming from both the MSM as well as various “alternative” news sites is that it is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and thus they wrote the constitution. Again, not true.

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Obama Meets his Prestitute Megaphonies to Prep “Fiscal Cliff” Compromise Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

Barack Obama has every intention of betraying his base… once again, this time on the subject of crippling “austerity” measures (read as “IMF structural reform package”) that will be “needed” to avoid the ever looming mythical fiscal cliff. So he called a special meeting with some of the left-wing propaganda peddlers to have a little off-the-record meeting at the White House. The idea is to get the talking points directly to the megaphonies so there’s no communication divide while at the same time expressing to them their personal importance to the administration, capitalizing on their feelings of entitlement in order to ensure they will strive their hardest to convince their audiences that something that is in their worst interest is actually in their best interests. To lie to their fans for the president and his neoliberal agenda in other words.

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Two Middle School Wrestlers Act Out the 2012 Presidential “Election”

by Scott Creighton

The kid in the black singlet is playing the role of Barack Obama. As you can see, the Obama character is kinda out of it from 4 years of exposing himself as a complete liar and fraud to his base and playing all those rounds of golf.

The kid in the blue is playing the role of Mitt Romney. Mitt comes out strong at first, but then after considerable effort, he is able to easily secure Barack’s win for him.

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