Aurora Massacre: Stick Figures!? You’ve Gotta be F*cking Kidding Me

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Aurora Massacre: Stick Figure Confession = FBI Drop Gun?

While ABC “news’ is trying to spin up a new “psycho-killer” narrative and the “crazed spitter” explanation for why they keep James Holmes gagged (they don’t want one of these “I’m just a patsy” moments), the officials making this case up as they go along have gone completely crazy. And I mean completely f*in out of their minds, puppets on their hands, Batman-shit crazy.

This propaganda campaign to try James Holmes in the court of public opinion seems like it’s being run by drugged-up desperate half-wit pre-schoolers and I think this time, they may have just screwed up way beyond reproach.

A couple readers here sent me an email (thanks guys) saying I needed to chew up this latest bullshit story so I figured “well, how bad could it be?”

Boy was I overestimating the people who are running this little psyop.

Stick figure drawing confessions. I f*in shit you not… a STICK FIGURE DRAWING CONFESSION.

Here’s the story… you just can’t make up stuff like this.

Police and FBI agents were called to the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus in Aurora on Monday morning after the psychiatrist, who is also a professor at the school, reported receiving a package believed to be from the suspect. Although that package turned out to be from someone else and harmless, a search of the Campus Services’ mailroom turned up another package sent to the psychiatrist with Holmes’ name in the return address, the source told

A second law enforcement source said authorities got a warrant from a county judge and took the package away Monday night. When it was opened, its chilling contents were revealed.

“Inside the package was a notebook full of details about how he was going to kill people,” the source told “There were drawings of what he was going to do in it — drawings and illustrations of the massacre.”

Among the images shown in the spiral-bound notebook’s pages were gun-wielding stick figures blowing away other stick figures. Fox News

Now, let’s get this straight…

A professor from the school calls up the police and claims that he has a package sent to him by the suspect.

They get there and look at the package, and it wasn’t sent by the suspect.

But then, they just happen to decide to look around the mailroom and BY SOME INTERGALACTIC MIRACLE OF MIRACLES there does just happen to be a package sent to the exact same professor from the suspect.

What a coincidence that is huh?

So they don’t open said package there, they have to squirrel it away back to headquarters where they open it up and find that it is a treasure trove of evidence!!!! INCLUDING STICK FIGURE CONFESSIONS of his entire plan.

Apparently one “source” told Fox News that the package had been there since July 12th.


I guess that means the family members will sue the post office now and that will be the final nail in the coffin of that institution, allowing for them to privatize it once and for all.

Wow. Talk about multi-tasking. Never let a good crisis be wasted. Frame up the drugged out patsy AND finish off the public sector post office in the same stick figure drawing. Neat how that works out, huh? Cus yes folks, they will sue the shit out of someone… the school, the post office, the maker of the spiral notebook… someone is getting sued because if that thing had been there since July 12th and had been discovered by the professor back then, all of this could have been avoided.

Somewhere in Denver lawyers are clawing each others eyes out to get to the victim’ families to sign them up for the multi-trillion dollar class-action lawsuits.

I can’t even begin to describe how stupid this is. The guy carefully plans out this attack, rigs up his home with EXTREMELY sophisticated explosives, sets a timer on his stereo to entice the cops in, somehow gets the closest possible parking space, goes in, waits, fakes the phone call, goes out, gets changed, WAITS 30 MINUTES or so for perfect cover for his attack, goes in, tosses distraction grenades, times his attack perfectly because he is out just as the cops arrive,… and then he just kind of hangs out in the car waiting to be arrested? And he warns the cops of the traps in the house set.. for the cops?!?

AND he sends some professor a stick figure confession over a week before the event so he could be arrested prior to the opening night of Batman?



This is how dumb we’re supposed to be?


63 Responses

  1. Shades of 911. What with all the fire proof passports and such.

  2. I’m surprised they didn’t find anthrax or the bird flu in the envelope. Of course, there’s still time.
    “we found nothing harmful in the envelope.”
    “we found nothing harmful in the envelope.”
    “we may have found something in the envelope.”
    “there was anthrax residue in the envelope.”
    They boil us slowly, after all.
    And I always wondered why they didn’t seem to be in any hurry tO secure the mall next door WHICH had an open door. In the middle of the night!
    I believe the audio even states “we need someone in the back of the mall in case anyone comes out they can see ’em…or catch ’em.”
    Was letting someone get away an option?
    And what of the construction worker who reported seeing someone dressed in all black carrying a red backpack?

  3. What if a notebook was put together outlining an event to stage like the ‘fake’ events the campus is so well known for? It could have been a script for an exercise. He could have really kept a notebook while enrolled. I guess we’ll see. We need more light.

  4. key detail to focus on
    “Among the images shown in the spiral-bound notebook’s pages were gun-wielding stick figure(s)<— blowing away other stick figures."
    -if this was his notebook why did he draw multiple gun wielding stick figures if he was supposedly a lone wolf
    -Perhaps while he was in control of the handlers this was some sort of warning or help me message

  5. so he does a perfect short killing spree.. but he can’t go home… he could take off but just waits for police.. he is prevented from talking to anyone (even gagging him! )…… sounds like they are torturing him….
    in solidary confinement…..
    now the stick men show up…. confession they claim…
    Holmes is being tried by the public…. without benefit of any defense….

    they better leave our postal system alone…. something is so wrong about this…
    like the TV newsman who reported (in front of the camera) that building seven is falling due to internal fires…. before it actually did….
    something is so WRONG…

  6. If it was there since July 12… Does this mean that it was in the professor’s mailbox since? Or that it was delivered recently? It doesn’t make sense. What was the postmarked date and location?

    I am not buying this stick figure confession.
    1. Why would the professor/psychiatrist give it to the FBI without opening it first? That is a breach of confidentiality right there.
    2. Who is this professor.. his treating psychiatrist as well?

    • “Who is this professor..” exactly. Remember that spook found in a gym bag in the UK and his “landlord” was there to “confirm” his bizarre sex life? For every “suicide” there’s always someone crawling out of the woodwork to tell us how “disturbed/financial troubles/divorce/” et alia ad nauseum on and on.

      Oh- and to answer Scott’s question in last sentence “This is how dumb we’re supposed to be?” Yes, this IS how dumb we’re supposed to be. They are so used to us buying their other lies, they most certainly expect us to buy this one too.

  7. Even by standards of bullshit that produced such crap works like the Warren Comission Report and 9/11 Commission Report, this story is fucking retarded.

    I guess Americans really are that stupid, because unfortunately it seems that a lot of people, even many whom ordinary people like you and me might find intelligent, are accepting this bullshit at face value 😦

  8. We knew something like this was coming. They had to have it in writing from before the event.

    Lost in the mail. Fairly logical. The stick men fit the disturbed narrative. Sloppy but it will serve for the masses.

    What, no manifesto? Maybe later.

    This is never going to trial. We are going to be told James must stay in a psych ward until he’s competent.

  9. Those Al Quida boys are real bad asses…

    the bright side…imagine the hysterical laughter of the [admin edit] demonic kikes in the know…

    never misunderestimate the gullible braindeadgoy…to totally buy into the steaming pile of jew poo…

    finish the job…eh, hillary.

    • After hours of reading comments on this blog site, Anthony, yours is the first I’ve read with racist, anti-semitical statements. I’m new here and will find out soon enough if you are the type of person catered to here. If I find it to be so, I will be long gone.

  10. Hey, how can I tell when you start a new thread like this? I was on the other “Aurora massacre” and asked for notifications. Also, I have a confession, this is a lot to absorb as I only have been coming out of the sheeple fog for about 3 years. I am embarrassed. It is not just this info, but my awakening started with food, FDA, etc. I had been on the breaking point before (from sheeple land) but once you start looking into things it’s so frightening that you just shut the book and go back to a more ‘no worries’ mind frame that takes on so much less stress. But what really amazes me, is how my 14yo daughter (whom I do not share more than nutrition info with and not leaving the xbox on when not in use.. I mean camera that connects to internet?) and I had a discussion about Aurora. She said “wait!” and took both of our phones apart, removing batteries and simm cards.. then says “ok, now the gov’t can’t listen in”. Dead serious!! I will admit I have preached to her and her lil sister about what you should and should not share via internet, to pay attention to surroundings while texting when walking home from school, but nothing that suggests for her to fear the gov’t. Mind is exploding! (ps did not vote for O)

  11. Got a question: Is this the same county that is run by a “take no bs from gov’t” sheriff? Or is he in another area of law in the county?

  12. @TxMom- this is off topic, ( i hope that’s ok WillyLoman?) but in regards to how the younger generation is viewing things, some good news- “KONY 2012 SCAM… Bankers Outsmarted by Millions of Young Activists!”

    • Your right. I’m sorry. I stayed up too late. Permission/request given to remove. Embarrassed too, reading about one state and thinking of another.

      • no no no! i meant, my comment is off topic, lol! i thought that video might be something you’d like to see. i have kids also, and it is very encouraging that they can see how crazy things are, how they don’t make sense, when alot of us had just accepted it as ‘business as usual’. sorry for the confusion!

  13. ( i should’ve replied to her comment, oops. speaking of Kony, i decided to see what you’ve written here about it, and, bam! a buncha articles. Really Great work here WillyLoman, and i’ve barely begun exploring. when i get less broke, i will definitely make a donation.)

  14. It sounds to me that the suspicion of this incident is getting more widespread due to the fact that it sounds like they are acting out of pure desperation with a stupid story such as this. It seems when you find a hole in the story they “fix” it in a day and have an “explanation” to each question. All this means is keep it up and get more information and questions out there!

  15. stick figures are perfect since anyone can draw them, no artistic prowess needed. how lovely, they can find out that he was buying guns for months within a day but just now discovered a “confession”

    • Less than two hours after his arrest, they already announced that Holmes were buying guns for couple of months prior to the shooting.

      We hear local news… They never, ever release information till after they gather the facts and evidence.

  16. Evidence photos of the envelope will show a date-stamp of the day the postal office received it and sent it out. It will also show the zip-code of the box office that handled the mail.

    will the notebook evidence be enough to show the jury who will decide the fate of him to show that he is sane and meticulously thought this out? and he will be convicted of either:

    A. Life in prison.
    B. Sit on death row for another 40 years?

    Maybe it will not go to trial at all if he agrees to a plea of Life in prison and that the notebook is his confession to the crimes and all victims are satisfied with him spending the rest of his life in prison since some victims have announced that at some point they will forgive him.

    Or will he “commit suicide” in jail and everyone will be happy. But really he is put into witness protection like Casey Anthony. SO far no civilian reports about her. They hid her pretty well.

    With all the cell phones today and bragging rights on facebook/twitter, so far no one has photographs that they uploaded before the film started out in the lobby, or in line and noticed a red/orange hair guy in the background.

    Not one witness said a guy dressed up in gear with red/orange hair left the theater.

    They (Corbin Dates) report that it was a person answering a cell phone call and that is the most of the description except for the one witness that said it was a person with a goatee who got up looking like they were taking a phone call and exiting. Not a guy with red/orange hair.

    No one has said..OMG that guy was sitting right in front of me..or right next to me.

    When did he arrive and how did he get the 1st row seat.

    Who sat next to him.

    There has to be some more footage on cell phones, but maybe that was taken as evidence by police at the investigation center at the high school.



    some news says she is 24 some says she is 22

    • Strange that you would describe it like he was watching the movie, where did you hear that? What I read in my local news paper (I live in Sweden, Scandinavia) is that he entered through an emergency exit door and started shooting, he wasn’t in there from the start of the movie.

      • He supposedly bought the ticket, went in, sat in the front, faked getting a phone call, stepped out the exit door (for 30 minutes) then came back when the gunfight started on screen.

    • Was a cell phone even found on James Holmes after the shooting? I’ve never heard the cops mention if his phone was recovered at all.

      • I find it funny that the most critical evidence to prove that Holmes committed such act is the only thing that is left out in the media. Only “verbatim”..

        I am curious to hear from the neighbors, his family, relatives, girlfriend or significant other (if they exist)?

  17. myspace pic of her

  18. now the witness corbin and the witness jennifer that have been doing multiple interviews are pictured together here.

  19. For what it may be worth…

    New Mexico SWAT team exercise very similar to Aurora was going on that same day.

  20. As soon as I heard of this latest investigation gem my exact words were “I’m done with this shit”

    A confession that conveniently wasn’t found until afterwards. Stickfigures!

    That, my friends is called a TEXTBOOK set-up move. I can’t believe this.

  21. this whole situation would make a great movie plot 🙂

  22. Definitely quite a scenario. Believable? On it’s face? Honestly, no. What the hell was going on here? As you say, “why rig the apt/bldg, then tell smoky it’s there?” “Why you waiting to be arrested?” “Then, you wanted to be arrested–before!–that’s why you mailed the notebook?” “If you wanted to be arrested–but were not–and you went on and killed (why?), who were you killing in there?” “What is the ‘statement’ being made here?” “If you had put a bullet in your own head you’re kinda saying ‘figure it the f_ck out for yourselves world” and you did not do that. You still here so it is kinda like you’re saying you still have more to say/do… WTF is that (that you still have to say or do)?
    I definitely hear all that.
    If the they want to jump to the “mind control” go ahead. Issue there is we got to go back and look at a whole bunch of stuff. And if so, so be it. Take into account though that ultimately it sort of resolves around a “who?”, or a “what?”, or a “why?”. And then from there… What is he doing, what is he (they!) aiming for? And all that is way way before (in my opinion) individuals start asking themselves other “deep” questions they may have on their minds.
    For a chuckle…
    In “The Matrix” Neo had to go through all that, a whole bunch of stuff BEFORE, again I say BEFORE, he felt or believed he was/could be “the One”.
    Ha Ha.

    (If I have not bored you too much)
    On the road to “conspiracy” take note of these points:

    *USPS was goin’ down the tubes anyway
    *’cause package was not delivered, who do you sue, for what?

    and… the USPS will be (significantly, largely, budget-savingly, eventually) privatized. Bet on it. Take a look ‘over there’ and you can see him with “the horse”, “the touchtone/dial phone”, “the DVD player”, “the floppy disk”, “the work-at-til-you-retire-job” and “the non-interracial family”, you take your pick.
    (and I ain’t madatcha)

  23. Now the MSM is reporting that HOLMES HIMSELF told investigators that he sent the notebook to the psychiatrist. Apparently, the whole psychiatrist-contacting-authorities bit proved too implausible!

    • It was discussed earlier. Then they contradict the story. Remember, Holmes has been “uncooperative” and isn’t talking to the cops.

    • Never mind that he has being shall we say supposedly uncooperative, spitting on people, has a gag in his mouth, and now claims to have had amnesia, all of course from isolation and with a gag order.

  24. No way he told them himself about the notebook. I think some of these “sources” are obviously made up or just in it for the attention the reporter pays to them. The Defense would be freaking if James Holmes said anything to anyone!,

  25. Holmes does not remember killing – fine – does he remember his elaborate plotting in his notebook tough? He does remember rigging his quarters with explosives, or does he – whatever, the stick figures are back:

  26. Interesting that the court documents released today include an assertion that the contents of the package have not even been examined. If they do indeed turn out to contain stick figures of the sort described, it is now clearly damning evidence of at least an attempt to set up Holmes.

    • Or that they have the tech to read things inside packaging.

      • Truthfully, I think the media, more so then the courts, have got their walking orders to do everything they can to make Holmes look guilty, and more importantly a lone nut. Looks like King is public defender too.

        • Very true. Interestingly enough no friends coming forward, the only people that have been speaking out were from way back. We’re supposed to believe the guy was a hermit and was hatching terror plots huddled away in his apartment. Then they put a dash of sexual awkwardness/frustration by digging up sex profiles and stories about visiting prostitutes in the mix and there we have it.

          Besides…going to the bar on your own to have a beer is clearly indicative of being antisocial as well (eyeroll)

    • I’m sure the feds created it and mailed it pretending to it came from Holmes. Anyone can do that.

  27. James Holmes registered a classmates account on 20 July 2012

  28. why would law enforcement lie about what they found in the box since they havent opened it? nope theyre not suspicous at all. theyre killing themselves. love it.

  29. Just read an account of what happened from one of the wounded victims…. from what he seems the shooter was only in the theater about 90 seconds…

  30. […] News is standing by their original timeline (read my first article on the story when it broke) which stated that the package that was “discovered” at the university mail-room containing a […]

  31. PROFESSOR James Holmes was paid a $176,000 by Obama for mind control, er, neuroscience “research” in 2012. His female psychiatrist formerly ran the US Air Force medical center in San Antonio, where coincidentally lots of MKULTRA took place on veterans (who sued in court for damages).

  32. […] of Lee Harvey Oswald’s backyard photo come to mind. As does James Holmes’ stick-figure confession journal “lost” in the post office at his school and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s “boatside confession” […]

  33. […] of Lee Harvey Oswald’s backyard photo come to mind. As does James Holmes’ stick-figure confession journal “lost” in the post office at his school and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s “boatside confession” […]

  34. […] explanation of the disclosure of the so-called “stick figure drawing confession” changed 3 times and in the end the prosecution wondered how the media claimed they knew what […]

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