Aurora Massacre: James Holmes Mugshot Taken Same Day of his Court Appearance?

by Scott Creighton

When someone is taken into custody and booked by the Sheriff’s office or city police departments, they are typically fingerprinted and photographed BEFORE they are processed into the system. During that processing they are stripped and put in prisoner’s clothing, usually an orange jump suit which they wear for the duration of their stay (unless they are in the “turtle suit”). That means when they are photographed for their mugshot, they are still in whatever clothing they were wearing when they were arrested. If you need proof of this, just go to your local convenience store and glance at one of those horrid little books on the counter showing who got arrested in your community. You will notice what they are wearing.

It would appear to me that James Holmes’ mug shot was taken on Monday morning right before he went into the courtroom. That begs the question, why?

And while we are talking about strange discrepancies, how come there is such a striking shift in his reported behavior during the attack?

Here is James Holmes’ booking mugshot. Now remember, at first they claimed they were not going to release his mug shot, but then, right before his court appearance, an hour before, they released it for some reason.

“Earlier statements from authorities indicated the mugshot photo would not be made public, but shortly before Holmes appeared for his first court hearing, the mugshot photo was released.” Examiner

Take a look at his mugshot right beside a photo of him in the courtroom taken the same day the mugshot was released. What do you see?

Notice something odd?

He has the exact same facial hair growth on Monday that he did on Friday? Now remember, the booking photo was supposedly taken when he was booked, on Friday morning, 3+ days before he went to court. But his facial hair is exactly the same? Take a look at the Adult Friend Finder pictures of Holmes. Obviously he can grow more facial hair. But here we see him with the exact same facial hair growth supposedly 3 days later.

Why is he already wearing the orange jumpsuit? And why does he look to be in the same emotional state as the did in court?

  • they release the mug shot that day after claiming they won’t release it
  • his facial hair growth is exactly the same
  • he is outfitted in orange jumpsuit which he wouldn’t get typically till after the mug shot

What does all this add up to? His mugshot was taken on Monday, right before he appeared in court.

Now why would they do that? Because James Holmes was so drugged when they found him already in the white car, he was too incapacitated to stand for the mugshot.

ABC “news’ is reporting that Holmes was running around in the theater screaming and acting like a madman, literally picking people up and shooting them with the other hand.

(It’s important to remember that ABC “News’ deliberately misrepresented a statement made by James Holmes’ mother on the day of the shooting)

“Clad in head-to-toe combat gear, Holmes allegedly burst into a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises,” tossed gas canisters into the crowd and opened fire. Friends Stephanie Davies and Allie Young, who attended, said the gunman moved around the room yelling and seemingly targeting people.

“He would shout, `What are you doing? I said stand up!’ And he would pick people up. I saw him stand over someone. I just see hair and him holding the shirt and `boom,”‘ said Davies, 21.” ABC “News”

Wow, what a crazed madman.. too bad that story is nothing like the myriad of reports that came out from witnesses right after the attack.

He looked so calm when he did it,” an eyewitness told NBC affiliate KUSA. “It was like scary. He waited for both the bombs to explode before he did anything. Then, after both of them exploded, he began to shoot.”

He had no specific target. He just started letting loose,” the witness added. MSNBC July 20th

“Witnesses at the Century Aurora 16 complex said Holmes, 24, slipped into the midnight premier of “The Dark Knight Rises” through an emergency exit door, armed with three guns and wearing a ballistic helmet, gas mask and body shields. He tossed two hissing gas canisters and calmly walked up the aisle firing at movie-goers, killing 12 and wounding 58.” Daily Record 7/21

He was so calm it was scary.” “He never said a wordMSNBC broadcast


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  1. ive watched many many many videos of witnesses. none of which said he was screaming or said anything. Very good job so far I am following and trying to collaborate also. I will keep in touch. Ive posted the main link to a couple news stories and will continue to do so.

    • thank you. Yes, I never heard one witness claim he was screaming and yelling and grabbing people either. They all said he was extremely calculated and detached during the process. Of course, it’s ABC pushing this crap. Keep us up to date as to what you find. thanks again.

      • There is one, Stephanie Davies, who claims he was yelling “what are you doing? I said stand up!” and he pulled someone up by their shirt and all she saw was “hair, and he’s holding the shirt, and boom!” Seriously, how did she see hair if he had the gas mask and, more importantly, the helmet on? And all the other witnesses say he was silent…

        Is it possible he discovered something in his neuroscience research that someone didn’t want discovered? That he bought the guns to protect himself based on his discovery? Even if so, why not just have him killed, why the massacre? This whole thing is fascinating nd infuriating to me.

          • damn.. if that is true I wish more witnesses would of heard him, then maybe once James starts talking the witnesses could listen to a recording of his voice and try and see if the voice matches at all. This is what is with this case, it’s just that no one actually SAW HIM because he had the gas mask on. NO ONE can seem to remember seeing him at the theater -and I’m guessing he was alone which I think is fairly unusual since most people go to the movies with friends and family, so a tall man with this bright orange hair standing alone had to be noticed by someone, NO surveillance camera of him anywhere, a few witnesses said they saw a man get a cell phone call and walk to the exit door, I heard one report say a witness said the man had a goatee but no one mentions if the man that went to the exit door can be identified as James Holmes! it just seems so crazy that noone can confirm it was really him out of this whole movie theater of people and just makes the patsy theory seem more real.

        • What does a gas mask do to your voice? Can you talk through a gas mask?

  2. here’s another interesting thing to think about. If that was his mugshot from Friday morning say (1-3 a.m.), then wouldn’t he have some serious helmet hair and marks around his face from the gas mask? Not to mention he probably would have been sweaty as hell from wearing all the gear he supposedly wore. They don’t exactly have hair and makeup waiting for suspects in the station. Perhaps that’s why they waited to take the shot, because he probably didn’t have any of those distinguishing characteristics.

  3. If they took his shirt for evidence , he would have been wearing oranges.
    But the facial hair!!!!
    You nailed it.

  4. to me, it looks like they did take his mugshot as soon as they brought him into custody and it does look like he has helmet hair on his mugshot? and his eyes are bugeyed and red as hell, it looks like he just took a bunch of vocodin..

  5. If he was in the theater who was sitting by him??

  6. As my girlgriend noted to me, “I think a commenter made a good point about helmet hair and such. But if he was only wearing the gear for less than 20 minutes, would he have helmet hair and mask prints on his face?

    Good detective work to all of you.

  7. This doesn’t add up.. They look like two different people! Not just the noses, but the lips and the eyebrows to..

    • no doubt – not the same – this things are usually really hard to tell if facial expression is not aligned etc, but the new guy is a red head – you can tell by the eyelashes…

    • which might explain why he dyed or painted his hair red – and not green

    • Can you post the picture? I don’t have Facebook.

    • actually I retract my comment – might be the same guy – the picture can be viewed without being on facebook

        Here it is anyway.

        I agree that it could possibly be the same guy, but the eye shape looks entirely different. It could be the disorientation from the drugs but it’s still hard to tell.

        • I believed it at first entirely because of the nose. My nostrils don’t flare at all when I smile so it didn’t exactly occur to me that the nose would be different due to him smiling. But now that I think of it – yeah, it could be him. This situation is just so fishy to begin with – it’s hard to tell anything for sure.

        • The nose does look different. But I also noticed… are those eyes different colors?

    • am I crazy or do the eyes look like they are a different color?

      • these are not the best pictures to do a comparison – there is an odd indentation between the eyebrows at the base of the nose though that
        to me makes it the same person…

      • That is the first thing I noticed.

        The base of the eyebrow is not the same. It could be the same person but the tip of the nose is different between the two. Yes, the nose flares open but the size should be symmetrical. The jaw line is different in both pictures unless he gained weight since the picture on the right.

      • he is 6′” and is also 24 and is friends with the 2 witnesses repeatedly shown..check the above links

    • I know someone who looks exactly like the person on the left. They are different noses. And his old roommate, the person it looks exactly alike, he’d been bringing up bombs and stuff around but before this time. And this one’s friends were getting arrested. There was a state police woman arrested for pimping her husband and hookers in various towns including mine, Wethersfield. The police won’t help with the threats we’d faced. They won’t listen to my side at all, when I was the one who knows most, because my wife went to work and I’d learned stuff from exploited/extorted strippers. There is police corruption at least peripherally connected to a person who looks exactly like the person in the picture on the left. This apparently has to do with UPS corruption and stuff too. Note that my father had a former director of the F.B.I. as a defendant at the time, in a labor case that was ongoing for years, and evolved from another one he’d won. And note that there are lanzas associated with the families involved in the stuff the police slandered me when I tried to report it. There was a guy taken out of my father’s hospital room by the police. There’s a lot.

  8. Did any witnesses observe this young man, with bright orange hair, purchase a ticket and enter the theater, as claimed, before propping open the emergency exit and gearing up and committing this atrocity? I would think someone would have noted that hair.

    • You would think someone would notice that huh/ Especially if he had that whacked out look on his face. Might kinda stand out in a crowd. Or maybe a security camera or two would have picked him up don’t ya think?

    • No one did and its too late for that now. So instead, they’re coming up with some ridiculous evidence that does not make sense. It seems like the witnesses didn’t remember the lines on the script.

    • My point exactly! No one, not a single person recognizes a guy with a bad dye job? Were there no “shallow” people there? Or is everyone seriously that blind? He had to have stuck out somehow. And I want to know WHEN he bought his ticket. Did he use cash or credit?
      And again, the hair, even in a darkened theater, you had to have noticed! If they “noticed” him getting out of his seat, they should have noticed the clothing BEFORE he went through that door. (Assuming it’s the same dang dude.)

      • You are right…there is not one witness that places him ever in the theater, there is not one person that saw him buy his ticket or sit in the theater……Security cameras are always positioned to see the cashier there should be footage of the ticket purchase. The photographic evidence of the back of theater is not consistant with a mass shooting inside the theater as the blood trail leads into the theater. The TV aerial footage of the front of the theater shows two policeman standing guard at the entrance but absolutley does not look like a crime scene at all…..imagine 60 people running out of the theater with gunshot wounds and bleeding…there would be massive pools of blood, blood stains, trails of blood etc…….but the entrance of the theater is impeccably clean…..not one stain!
        The person in the photo is not the same person….nose and eye color are clearly different.

        Where are the parents??? Why does the affluent family from San Diego not retain a top notch attorney for their son who could be facing the death penalty??? Why have they not hired a private detective to investigate the same evidence being discussed here??
        Is almost like they were told to stand down or maybe it is not their son…

        • or maybe it is not their son…

          now we’re getting someplace…

        • They could’ve hired a private investigator for all we know…but if it’s not their son, then who is it?

          • Well I know they have not hired an attorney for their son because he is being represented by a public defender which I find strange as they are an affluent family from San Diego…..AS far as the P.I…yes they could have and we are not aware…. but to me the parents have been absent…..if I felt my 24 year old son was innocent…I would be trying to find a forum to present possible evidence to exonerate my son…if we can see the inconsistencies..then they surely can…
            AS far as who is the guy with orange hair in the courtroom??? it could be anybody….if they used actors as witnesses why couldnt they use an actor??? it could be someone in on it….playing the role of the drugged schizo lone nut assasin

        • Well that would take the cover-up to a whole new level…Because it would beg the question where the real James Holmes is, and his parents and sister and really his entire family and friends would have to be in on it, because surely they would notice if the person in court is not actually their James. I think it’s far more likely that they’re being told to stay quiet.

          I just don’t see how it would make sense to pin this crime on a fake suspect and then have a fake person play the fake suspect.

          There are many reasons why the parents could be laying low, one of them being that they have to protect themselves. I think all of us have experienced the looks you get when you even so much as mention inconsistencies in this case to your friends. If they publicly came out to try and convince everyone that this was in fact a huge set-up they would make themselves look like a bunch of nutjobs in the eyes of the public and it could hurt their son even more. I think at this point we don’t what they’re exactly doing and what the scope of what they’re doing is. I’m sure they are trying to do the best that they can.

        • ok, I read some articles a cop told one of the victims that James was adopted by the parents we see now. Take it or leave it, remember how they twisted the words around the first night when they first called his mother asking if she was James Holmes mom and she said you have the right person, but then they twisted it around to make it sound like she said James was the right person when she didn’t even know what happened yet!

          There’s also reports his mom confessed to neighbors and friends that she felt her son was having problems and being in isolation and tried to get him help, but again it could be twisted, maybe it was something else. it’s so hard to know what to believe!

          but if he really is adopted maybe that explains why they aren’t putting much into this that we know of.

  9. It’s the same guy…. one pic is of a sightly younger ‘Holmes’ and with no drug influence. The red hair strikes a different contrast with his skin and eyes …. remember, girls…that’s why people change hair color….. and the lights are different in the pictures

  10. astute

  11. the first pic is helmet hair, and the second one is not. curly hair does not flatten so much. he is odd in both pics. abc and nbc need to get their witnesses straight, one of the two is lying, or talking about two killers in two theatres. lifetime sociopath, appealing to puppy eyes to get through. For one victim, two, maybe, but not 70 victims. If I were the judge I would order him to shave his head and be presentable in court, the public photos are embarrassing, straight out of, well, a movie.

    • Helmet hair can straighten hair, as long as the cover (whether it’s a ballistic helmet, a bike helmet, a hat or beanie) has been on the person’s head long enough. But it helps a lot if the hair is wet. But anyway, we hear of shots from both sides… We hear he moved and talked… We hear that he stood in one place and opened fire… We hear there were two canisters… We hear there was only one. Granted the witnesses were being hounded by everyone and their brother, but still… I’m just glad I’m not the one who has to compile all of these records together…

  12. Maybe they had to put him in orange right away because of the shower the police gave him to get the red paint off of his body?

  13. I am absolutely amazed that none of they witnesses once described the guy who went on his cell as orange-haired. if i weere to describe what happened i would say what the person looked like (if they looked odd, in this case they did) but if it were a normal looking person i wouldnt describe their looks. thats just me though, anytone else?

  14. IMO, one of the blatantly off things is the downstairs neighbor’s story – it changes with each interview…

    As for JH getting up and walking out the emergency exit to take a call or whatever, would not the movement in the darkened theatre have at least attracted tons of attention – hence, as zayne mentions, the descriptions of the hair. Especially if he opens the emergency exit door. When I’m in a movie, and someone gets up and walks around, ESPECIALLY one that is sold out, everyone notices it.

  15. ya all the people that witnessed him going out said not one thing about his appearance which leads me to believe it was a normal looking person. not one with orange hair or that woulda been said. I also heard he was dressed in all orange. (not sure if thats true or not)

  16. I posted video commentary on the very same contradictory witness statements after they appeared in a article yesterday. Looks like the “Allie & Stephanie” witness accounts are being promulgated by the AP.

    Interestingly, “Allie & Stephanie” make another convenient appearance in an “heroic” story relayed by the President that he “doesn’t think anyone has heard or read about yet” (paraphrasing). Fake?

    • Why is it that I have only seen Obama pictured with these two and not the other victims?

    • Reminds me of other “heroic”, if fictional accounts pushed by media about Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch. Using BO to push the more convenient version. Perhaps to distract from the facts being presented, and to give him leverage re gun control.

  17. Crap. The above comment posted my rarely-used email account instead of username. Still, I’d like to keep it safe from even more spambots–could a moderator please delete?

  18. What I don’t get is this….This guy supposedly enters the theater like everybody else and sits down in his seat. The movie is sold out, so there were at least some people that were sitting right by him. Whenever I go see a movie I at glance at the people who are in my row, especially if they’re right next to me.

    You mean to tell me NOBODY noticed the bright red/orange hair, that didn’t stand out at all? What about the people who were in the ticket booth? I understand there were a lot of moviegoers, but seriously? Nada?

    Let’s not even begin to talk about security cam footage which is released for every corner store robbery…

    • If more people question the security footage.. I am sure the FBI can “reenact” one…

      • oh i sure wouldn’t doubt that…maybe that’s why it’s taking a while.

        By the way, were people camping out in front of the theater? I know in my city people were out there several hours before the movie.

        If we are to assume JH arrived early, there was more than enough time for someone to notice him standing around waiting. If he arrived late, however, things must’ve died down enough for staff to notice him.

        This is gonna drive me nuts. It sucks to have this feeling of powerlessness in the face of this.

        • Like the fake video FBI/CIA/MOSSAD created with osama bin laden watching Obama on tv. lol.

          • lol..that was so laughable it was sad.

            When i saw that video it was confirmed for me that the powers that be know they don’t even have to try anymore. People do not question anything.

          • America = Hollywood.

            Look at how things can be created with makeup, prosthetic, etc. I am wondering how real the gov’t people are.

        • think those are my feelings too- just makes me feel sick this innocent man might be put on death row. if he get the insanity plea it’s not any better they will just drug him up like a chemical lobotomy and make him a vegetable so he appears mentally ill.

    • It is not unbelievable I suppose, but I find it incredibly lucky that he got the very last seat to the right on the first row, right next to fire exit… a sold out theater doesn’t sell all the seats, but sells about 90% of them I believe, so available seats would be randomly scattered. He also entered during beginning with credits playing when pretty much everyone that bought a ticket is already seated… that was a lucky find. I realize the first row is prob the last to get filled, but still, very fortunate for him. Perhaps somebody saved his seat?

  19. What is also interesting is that I noticed some of the individuals look like former actors… strange. I was checking out a youtube video about the hoax and now I am wondering if there were actors playing the part.

    In addition, CO is known to house the biggest gov’t op.. FBI, Military, CIA, etc..

  20. Scott, its been pointed out Holmes was in the car with a gas mask on his face. If there’s a 2nd one down at the end of the building — that makes “2” gas masks.

    It was reported he was still in his “gear”. If that’s true, then note the second set of gear shed on the sidewalk. Are the 2 sets of gear of the same size? Blood and other tissue on both? Forensics can easily determine the DNA. Also, the DNA in both masks, and on the inside of the gloves, armor, etc.

    How many casings, bullet holes noted in victims and around the theater site. What calibers? Matching which guns found at the scene.

    If Holmes was incapacitated in the car, then he could not have pulled off the shooting. The MK question is key as well. Highly unlikely the shooter would go outside, get in a car and lock it, then sit there drugged out.

    Nice work so far!

    • Also, I had to replay the part.. but I am pretty sure I heard it correctly in the Police audio that they mention he has rifles, and gas maskS, (I wish to emphasize the ‘s’ in masks.. ) in the car. why all the gas masks?

    • So, he sits drugged in his car… With the gas mask already on him so that the others can run and therefore leaving the police to find James Holmes sitting there, drugged out of his mind…
      Everything is just so confusing and the puzzle isn’t being put together at all. There are so many pieces missing and the ones that are there, they don’t fit.
      It’s possible that he was in his car the whole time while someone else shot. And what about his hands… Did he have gloves on as part of his armor?

  21. Why are they trying to lead us to believe he wanted to be the Joker. The Joker had green hair not red, as JH is supposed to be obsessed with this comic he would know this. I didnt know anything of the history of the Jokers character so i did some reading and……… The Red Hood persona is given to him, signifying him as the inside man of the operation and also seemingly making him the leader, who would take the fall in the event of the operation going wrong… When this happened to the Joker he was a normal nice guy whos career at a chemical plant had failed and found himself mixed up with criminals to financially support his pregnant gf. He turned evil after falling in chemicals and that is also where he got his green hair, white skin and scared big red lips. So why did JH dye his hair red????

    • arrrrr.. poor Joker…. did not know what happened to him….
      hey….. he was a nice guy whose career was failing, he got mixed up with criminals, and he turned evil after getting mixed up in chemicals….
      is Holmes sending a message? chemicals = drugs
      maybe that’s why he choose red hair instead of green… !

  22. Never even thought of the facial hair.

  23. I find it really fucked up that in almost every media interview of the victims, important questions are never asked. Every time it’s- describe the carnage, has many people did you see shot? What kind of injuries did you see? How many little babies did you just see who got their guts blown out? Describe all the violence in detail.

    They were dancing around the real questions. Did you get a look at the guy who left through the emergency exit? They always start with “Describe what happened when the killer walked through that door. Tear gas, shoots in air, starts shooting. The End.

  24. The more I look at the pictures.. the more I see that it is not James Holmes. What is interesting is that the younger version of Holmes was when he was about 18 I think.

    Why is there NO other pictures or information about James Holmes? Is he someone that just fell from the sky?

    Check this out and let me know what you think:

    Not sure if this is true, but we all know that anyone is involved in occupy to instigate a riot, protest, etc is more likely to be a FED or CIA.

  25. I’ve been following these threads for days, and everything about it just stinks.

    As I was trying to run errands, these questions came to me and I had to come home to ask:

    How in the world did they ID him as James Holmes in the first place (and so quickly?) That seems like step one…positively confirm identity. I assume that is his car, so it must be registered to him, so perhaps they could obtain that ownership information quickly… but in terms of James himself…. did he say he was “James Holmes… the joker?” Was he carrying a wallet in his red pants? Was he carrying a ID (conveniently with address)? Which also begs the question, why no drivers license picture shown? Colorado? California? Surely he has both. Which also have finger prints attached to them in that system. The only other picture we have seen is his student ID picture.

    It’s not like he was previously in the system, so they wouldn’t been able to find him that fast. Have fingerprints been compared to DMV records determine if this really the same guy? The picture resembles him only slightly (the eyelashes… they are super light now. He couldnt have dyed those lighter.)

    I live in Denver, and his name was already out by the time I started watching at 7:30 AM. The “planned for months” and other details too. How so fast for someone no body knew?

    Has his family seen him? Surely they might realize this isn’t our son.

    Just wondering…

    • You know, I remember somewhere, maybe someone can check this, but I think it was Ray Kelly from New York who started the whole “I’m the joker” thing.

    • And now they are trying to gather clues to figure out this when they knew all along. ….

      It was confirmed around 3am or so that he was positively ID as James Holmes, according to ATS and the radio scanner.

      Among the crowd, they would have spotted him… with all the gears all over the floor? Rrrriiiiggghhhht.

    • good questions

  26. New reader here but this latest news is interesting, he claims he can’t remember the killings and asked the prison guard “Why am I here”

  27. Wow, here’s a must-see! At the very bottom of this article, which discusses Holmes’ erratic behavior in jail (spitting, etc.), is an update that states that the Local ABC affiliate is reporting that Holmes’ behavior in jail has been just as docile as it was in the courtroom–the whole time! What in the world . . .? I tend to believe the “updated report.” Am posting on Youtube STAT.

    • It’s pretty much verbatim the same thing.

      Sirhan Sirhan:

      1) Arrested, without a fight or incident, with the murder weapon literally in his hand.

      2) Eyewitnesses describe Sirhan as being completely calm, cold, and self-possessed.

      3) Once in custody, he goes bananas. Literally climbing the walls of his cell.

      4) Maintains, and has always maintained, that he doesn’t remember anything at all. Memory stops right prior to the shooting and then picks up again once in a holding cell.

      5) Key piece of evidence emerges later, in the form of a notebook, pointing specifically to his intent to kill Robert Kennedy.

      6) No discernible motive. No evident history of psychosis.

      James Holmes:

      1) Arrested, without fight or incident, with the murder weapon and tactical gear at his feet.

      2) Eyewitnesses describe Holmes as being completely calm, cold, and self-possessed.

      3) Once in custody, he goes bananas. Spits on guards, creates a ruckus, etc.

      4) Maintains that he has no memory whatsoever of the crime.

      5) Key piece of evidence emerges later, in the form of a notebook, detailing his intent to kill people in a movie theater.

      6) No discernible motive. No evident history of psychosis.

      • Kay, where did you learn that Holmes “Maintains that he has no memory whatsoever of the crime.” ? Some one has talked to him? That is ‘new’ news !

        • You’re right. I have no source to back that up. But just thinking about it, he has not said anything, and if the jailer claims he said “why am I here?” What does that mean?

    • That article makes no sense. Not only does ABC report tons of wrong stuff, but what in the world was this:

      ““The other thing that we’re seeing — and we’ve seen some of this behavior in the past couple months — might suggest mania. Meaning hyperactivity, hyper energy, been possibly up and not sleeping for days. What we might be seeing here is the post effects.”

      We’ve seen some of this behavior in the past couple months?
      Who has?

      I must stop reading this stuff. It just gets more and more ridiculous.

      Anyone try contacting the lawyer for his parents? Maybe she would be interested in freeing their son.

      • then again… maybe not

        • Parents retained a lawyer for themselves …but not for their son who could be facing the death penalty??? Either they were threatend and told to stand down and shut up or it is NOT their son……
          I have a 24 year old……and would move heaven and earth to find the truth, hire a top notch attorney for him.if he were facing the death penalty.

  28. this whole story is breaking my heart. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

    There must be something that can be done besides spreading this article. This stuff must be delivered to someone who will demand answers. Maybe internationally? Start a petition? Something. I feel we are moving towards the breaking point and more and more people don’t buy this crap anymore.

    • The difficulty is, there has to be time for grieving. But you are right, more and more people aren’t buying this shit anymore.

      I know that because before, anyone posting a link to my site on places like Huffington Post or even Reddit, saw that link vanish in mere seconds from the comments. Now, since the first of my articles broke on the subject, I have literally thousands of hits coming from Reddit, Huffington Post, the Toronto Post, even a Major League Baseball chat site. Apparently the truth isn’t just for the conspiracy theorists anymore

  29. They do in fact sometimes take a booking photo before and after so they can ensure suspects are not beaten in custody. That still begs the question, why can’t we see the original.

    • Yea, why at first did sheriff say they weren’t releasing the mugshot when JH’s pic had already been splashed everywhere!

      • That’s the question isn’t it? Why wouldn’t they show his photo that was taken the night of his arrest and then release this one trying to pass it off as his initial booking mug shot? We lmow they claim he was drugged at the time of his arrest and he still looked drugged three days later?

        • Would you think that maybe James has always been in a holding cell for days until court appearance? So he can be heavily drugged?

          No one has not even identified Holmes as the shooter or placed him at the scene. Not even the location. In my experience and even watching the news, I hear eyewitnesses actually placing the suspect at the crime scene, even details.

          I am learning more about some of the initial eyewitnesses are actors. I just dont understand if they are exposed to gas and chemicals, they need to be medically evaluated immediately, not stick around and do press news.

    • They only take the photo ONCE during processing. The only time another photo is taken is when they are transferred to another county jail facility or prison.

      • This is true. I know you have law enforcement experience but I have experience from the other side of the line and yes it is odd they wpuld waot to take his booking photo.

      • So still, there should be another mug shot. He was moved from the city jail to the county jail. We see his city mug shot but not one taken at the county level?

  30. Most mugshots show the person in their own street clothes. I imagine JH’s clothes were taken for evidence. Hence the jail uniform. He just looks more messed up at court. I’m losing my train of thought because so much is wrong. Why not release the pic? Was there actually gun residue powder? Why tell cope his apartment was basically a bomb? Arghh!! Sorry repeating myself.

  31. I am interested when he updated his sex profile site, Jackie Mitchell said he had beer with him Tuesday and mentioned nothing of the hair color (so I’m assuming it was natural color at that time), yet said he had geeky glasses and a backpack. He wears glasses? Not that there are many pics out there, but I haven’t seen one of him with glasses. Plus he must of dyed his hair after being at the bar, which means… either Wednesday or Thursday. I suppose I’m saying if the date of the sex profile update with the hairstyle is before Tuesday.. then that is quite eyebrow raising. Plus, if he dyed it Wednesday that means he must not have gone anywhere for the rest of that day, or Thursday, cause surely someone would have seen or mentioned that…

    Links with his sex site info and Jackie Mitchell mentioning their encounter Tuesday

  32. Question: Does anybody remember shortly after the story broke it was mentioned that the suspect was believed to be Indian? What the hell was that all about?? I just now remembered that…

    • Did not hear that….. Indian? Why would anyone even say that? They couldn’t even see his face.

  33. Yall think that is really him on the adult finder site? Good point about his drinking buddy not noticing anything wierd or off about him.

    • If he’s being set up, whoever’s behind it could have made the profile to create more evidence and more confusion for the public and the police. But, then again.. TMZ isn’t the most trustworthy source. It could be all made up for all we know at this point.

  34. I do not believe the stories about him spitting at guards. The story of him having amnesia came from the NY Daily Times I believe. I could be wrong. The gag order stops the prison guards from talking to the media I assume.

  35. Imagine my shock. Few days ago, I did a Google Image search of Holmes and of course, there were no photos of Holmes other than what has been released. I just did a Google Image search of Holmes and there’s some new addition photos of him, especially 2 of which it was from the camp he worked at. It will be good to use for comparison.

  36. by the way, where is the first released picture of Holmes originally from? No one cited the source, right? So I am guessing that it was from a driver’s license, because of the background, headshot size, etc. Besides the fact, it might have been altered…

    • I believe that picture is from his school ID, presumably Colorado which would be no more than a year old. I dont know why no CO or CA drivers license.

      • I first saw it on his peek you site. It’s a data mining site, so it grabbed the picture from somewhere online. Would University of Colorado release that picture to the public? Maybe Holmes used it as a myspace profile pic or something and that’s where it came from.

  37. Too incapacitated to stand for a mugshot, but not too incapacitated to shoot 70 people. Hm, sounds pretty stupid. I’m not sure why he would be wearing the orange jumpsuit in his mugshot, but I’m pretty sure your reason is incorrect. Also, he had only 100 mg of Vicodin in his system. Make sure you know facts before you publish false information. I don’t believe we will know exactly why he carried out such a senseless act, but God bless the lives affected by this horrific tragedy.

    • “Also, he had only 100 mg of Vicodin in his system”… where did you get this information please?

    • Someone mentioned he had Vicodin but that report is false. Minimum dosage of Vicodin has been 325mg; however, the FDA dosage amount will reduce to 300mg.
      Read more here:

      • Ingesting 100 mg of Vicodin is impossible. Vicodin is the brand name of the combined drugs acetaminophen (Tylenol) and hydrocodone (an opioid analgesic). Each tablet contains 5 mg hydrocodone (the stuff that makes it a controlled substance) and 500 mg acetaminophen (the stuff you buy at Walmart for a headache). So if the average person were to overdose on Vicodin to reach 100 mg of hydrocodone, he would also be ingesting 10,000 mg acetaminophen = liver failure and probable death. Lies upon lies upon assumptions based upon false reports. Vicodin is just another red herring.

  38. Also, did you notice that the mug shot picture is photo shopped.???
    Look at the nose in the pic without the red hair, then check out the nose in the orange jump suit picture. The whole thing is a manufactured event, just like the Trayvon Martin case, Casey Anthony, etc. All fake.

    • If you’re going to link to a site for information, at least make it a site that doesn’t start off with statements like, “I heard..” and has some original thoughts. I love how brainwashed some still are to blame a certain party as if they are somehow against each other and not in on it all together. Don’t be so naive.

  39. Could James Holmes have been a product of M K Ultra? Fits the description

  40. Is there anyone who witnessed a guy with orange hair buying a ticket to get into the movie? Is there any witness in the movie, before it started, that noticed anyone with bright orange hair?? If so, was that the same person who got a phone call when the credits where rolling to leave the side exit door?? People notice these things!!

    • They said nobody in the first row died. Someone must’ve sat next to whoever left the theater. I find it highly unlikely that said person wouldn’t have noticed orange hair. Even if we assume he wore a hood or something, still would’ve been noticeable.

  41. Has anyone mentioned that mugshots are taken in front of measuring tape to show the height of the suspect? And that mugshots show two photos, one a profile? And that they have a booking number shown at the bottom? This is a photo, not a mugshot.

  42. He couldnt stand for a mugshot but he can go on a shooting rampage. tisk tisk.

  43. good work, a few things to add:
    -location of the gas mask is very suspicious
    -the journal they found conveniently has stick figures simulating a shooting, which i think its really convenient that its stick figures which anyone can draw an not easibly comparable to other drawings he may have actually had
    -it was reported he had his rifle on him but the crime scene photis show it was by the exit door
    -the man in the adult friend finder photo is not james holmes at all if you look closely
    -they also said he can’t stop spitting which is why the have a muzzle on him (which conveniently keeps him from saying anything)
    -hes in isolation which also keeos him from saying anything

    I feel bad for this kid honestly, I don’t believe he did it. I hope his parents are looking into the same info we are.

  44. I have one question. Look at the mugshot and where his “mole” is. Bottom left corner at mouth. Now look at court picture there is a mole at the top corner of mouth left side. Hummmm….

  45. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who has been conducting a little research on this. And he in fact bought me lunch simply because I discovered it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending the time to discuss this issue here on your blog.

  46. The AR-15 shown laying on the ground outside of the exit does not look to have a magazine larger than a 30 round unit. The 100 round AR magazines are much larger if the stacked type or very different looking if a double drum type unit.

  47. Scott,

    Please see photo of James Holmes from Telegraph article of July 23rd and amend your article accordingly. Note different mustache and hair presentation. And, where is the jumpsuit.

    It would seem that his image at the hearing was carefully prepared.

    • The picture in the article you linked is allegedly Holmes from his and Adult Friend Finder profile. That is not his mugshot. The photo in that article is undated and some have questioned if it is Holmes at all.

  48. I was a firefighter for many years and one thing that struck me about his mug shot is this. The gas mask he was reported to be wearing is typically the same face piece as the ones used on a firefighters self contained breathing apparatus. In fact they are usually made by same companies. The pressure or seel around your face makes a very distinct red circle mark on your skin that stays for hours. I don’t see this on him. Also there will be large clumps of orange hair in the rubber straps of the mask.

  49. What I don’t get is why are you wasting time blogging about a mass murderer? Who cares when his MS was taken? Who cares what he is wearing? All in all it was a sick and twisted evening for all who were involved. Giving this man credence for his horrific crime by blogging him is just another way for him to get the attention he so desperately was seeking!

    • In my case, I’m “wasting time” researching because I don’t like anyone coercing me into thinking someone is a mass murderer without irrefutable proof that he is. Even more so when there’s so much evidence that questions the veracity of the stories we’ve been told so far.

  50. I can’t remember who said it or if I read it, but I heard something about his body being painted red and it having to be washed off. I don’t know if sure. But things aren’t adding up, at all. So many missing pieces that it is a bit hard to believe anything. There is only one fact, 12 people are dead.

  51. Hi Misty Benjamin. Check out this link re: red body paint,
    Hard to imagine they would have stripped such a high profile prisoner infront of visitors though..

    • I see that man’s, Caleb’s father, comments every time the case is mentioned. I don’t see how James could look any other way besides drugged out of his mind :T I don’t see how he could look like the devil or as if he did not care what he “did”. I see someone who is trying to process what is going on.

      And this, “The Daily News has learned that Holmes had painted his body red for his killing spree, too.

      Tasha Taylor, who said a relative of hers is in a cell near Holmes, described how he was brought into the jail wearing body armor.

      “Once they got his armor off, his body was painted red,” she said. “They had to shower him right away.””

      I thought when a person goes to jail/prison, they strip that person down in a room, not in front of others :T And was this a person in the jail before James was transferred to the county jail or the person next to him in the solitary confinement area of the jail he’s in now??

      • If he was wearing the body armor at the jail, then what the hell was all over the parking lot at the theater? The said armor would include things that were still at the theater. And who is the male in the blue and white plaid that was mentioned in the radio transmissions?
        Too much confusion…

        • I am just as confused as you are. From all the notes I’ve written down about this case from police audio to what i’ve read, there were different stories. One being Holmes was caught in his gear and brought to jail in that gear, etc etc. I think that gear found by the gas mask at the end of the theatre may have been one of the shooters who probably, now don’t take my word for it but maybe just maybe, stabbed the six year old girl.

    • I read the entire university application and can’t help but notice a marked departure in the writing abilities/style of James in his personal statement vs. the social media sites on which he is alleged to have written a few sentences seeking a fling/mate. I realize that people generally do not write in the same styles on both social media sites and PhD program applications; nevertheless, the social media sites are either dumbed down quite a bit from what he is capable of, or they were not written by him at all, in my opinion.

      Also, I noticed his sunglasses in the Llama pic (which was kind of a ballsy/confident move on his part to be remembered by graduate schools, methinks). When we see James Holmes’ mugshot, we see that he appears possibly mildly sunburned on his cheeks, nose, and just above the bridge of the nose, except for a light patch across the bridge and eyes that is clearly due to his wearing these or similar sunglasses. Why is this significant? Well, I imagine that he would have needed to hole himself up in his apartment whilst booby-trapping it–a feat that no doubt took a great deal of time…indoors. Yet, his sunburn indicates that he spent more than a small amount of time outdoors in the day or days leading up to the shooting. Why? It’s a small, possibly insignificant detail, yet one that caught my attention nonetheless.

  52. ….and he’s being evicted because *gasp* booby-trapping his apartment with bombs is a lease violation. Really? They do state that if no one picks up the rest of his property it will go curbside. Who lives in Colorado? Anyone? Anyone? lol

    • I would hope that his family takes care of that…I still don’t know what to make of their complete silence.

      • You bring up a great point and I have posted this already….but the parents behavior makes no sense…they hire an attorney for themselves but not for their son who is facing the death penalty…..also thought they might hire a private detective to try and exonerate their son,,,,if we can see glaring incosistancies in the evidence why wouldnt they?? if seems they would be looking for any shred of evidence that could prove him innocent,,,,,as well as a forum/platform to present to the public and legal team.

        • I, too, wonder about them not hiring a lawyer for him. Would that be kept secret though, if they did? Same with a p.i. I really hope they have, and I hope they are quietly compiling all kinds of information/evidence that points to him NOT doing this.

          I don’t trust anyone in this case…including his lawyers. And the way this case has gone, I just can’t fathom a parent trusting anyone other than someone they’ve hired themselves.

  53. Not sure if this was posted already, but some documents from James’ application to the University of Illinois including acceptance letter, etc.

    Kinda hurts my heart when I look at that picture of him.

    • Thanks sunshinez. Why does it hurt your head?

      • My heart, not my head, lol. It’s just sad to read how passionate he was about his studies and how fun of a person he looks in that picture with the llama. He had a lot of promise and it’s all been destroyed.

        • I understand. I feel the same way.

        • That’s how I feel too. It’s heartbreaking. They all had something going for them, James included.

        • I love how the MSM has described his llama photo as “bizarre.” Do these people not get out much or what?

          Keep the faith, sunshinez. Hopefully, someone will come to his rescue and the truth will come out. There’s got to be an honest person with some sort of power, somewhere, who can help him.

          • We are the ones with the power! We just need to keep spreading awareness, through directing people to this website or others like it.

          • The one thing we have over them is numbers. In the grand scheme of things we only have a chance if more people start waking up, but it has to happen soon and there have to be people who are willing to put themselves on the line.

          • I’m trying. I’ve posted some stuff on Youtube (and the good thing is, there are a LOT of people there who are questioning things), and other news sites, but it’s really like talking to a brick wall when you talk to those who think he’s guilty. Even when you talk to them about the second gas mask, it’s like they just turn a blind eye to it. They don’t even care to ask questions about it. It’s very frustrating, and honestly, I just don’t understand it. I don’t understand why they’re not questioning the things that don’t add up. They’re like a bunch of robots.

          • Yeah, it’s really astounding to see the effects of a brainwashed and tamed populace. Everyone has been conditioned to not question what they’re being told, but fortunately some of us can still smell bs when bs is put in front of us!

            I think we all deserve a pat on the back for the work we’ve done here these past weeks. It’s much easier to act like the rest and remain in a comfortable bubble where there are no lies and deception.

          • True, Sunshinez. I just hope and pray that something helps him. This bothers me a LOT. I just wish there was something we could do, someone we could contact.

          • Here, here to the pat on the back! Everyone is doing an excellent job thus far! Truly–astounding! I know what you all mean about the heartbreak of this case. This one really struck a nerve. I normally have no interest in psy-op busting in my spare time, but this is one exception. The injustice of this case, and the magnitude of damage it has inflicted on so many, including JH and family, are impossible to simply walk away from.

        • I agree with you completely sunshinz. It saddens me what has happened to him and what our world is becoming.Discussion of this case has made it very easy to discern who the sheep in my life are. Its amazing how it doesn’t even cross their minds to question the nonsense they are being fed.Luckily most of my friends are not sheep 🙂 and we are all outraged by this. I started looking into this case because right from the get go it just didn’t sound right…the more I dig the worse it gets …
          Lately I’m curious about WHY they put out the disinfo about his dad and Libor? What do you all think?
          Btw I love this blog and really enjoy reading the opinions of (well,most of) the people who participate. I’ve found a lot to ponder on here.

  54. Echoing the last few posts especially, it’s tragic. I’ve been stuck into this every waking second for the past week.

  55. I have no idea where to post anything on here anymore, it seems like everything’s all over the place. Anyway, I have a question about the booking order. Notice how for “vehicle location,” the officer put “N/A.” WHY would they do that? Oates and everyone has claimed that that was James’ car at the back of the theatre (although its been pointed out that when the police ran a check on the license plate it did NOT match James apt. address) so why wouldn’t they record “back of Century 16 theatre” on it? Because it wasn’t his car? But then the question becomes well whose car was it, why was he in it, where is the owner of the car, etc.

    Also, why wouldn’t they record whatever he had on him on that report? As in his civilian clothing, and everything else he supposedly had?

    • That’s a good find. I was looking at the Booking Report myself and found it really weird that under Date and Time of Arrival it said “0040” as in 12:40am. They didn’t apprehend James at the scene until 12:45am according to the police radio and the official timeline of events. So I have no idea where they got 12:40am from.

      • Yeah, I saw that, too, and thought the same thing. The first 911 call went in at 12:39. And why didn’t the media report on when he was transported from the theatre? That’s usually something they’d be all over, helicopters flying overhead, following the car on the highway, etc. We have NO idea what time he was taken out of that parking lot or where he was taken. My God, we know more about Randy Travis being arrested naked than a supposed mass shooter.

        Interestingly, I was looking at TMZ, and some other celebrity was arrested in a church…naked. TMZ said he was wearing a paper gown (or jumpsuit type thing, I can’t remember the word used) just like Randy Travis because both were found naked. Lauryn Hill’s booking shot she was wearing her regular clothes. When I asked on another page why didn’t they list all of his belongings on the booking report, one person suggested that maybe it was because they had taken it all as evidence…she also said that might be why he was given a jumpsuit. BUT, from what I researched, that is NOT the procedure for booking someone: search/pat down, removal of jewelry, listing of all items on the person, including the clothing on the person’s body, booking shot, fingerprints, questioning. It also said that the booking shot is generally taken towards the end of the booking process. Anyway, how would that even be legal then? Didn’t they not follow the law by NOT listing his belongings? And why didn’t they? Because he didn’t really have on what they said he did??

    • They are good questions, Justcarolyn…..
      that car ownership has really been hushed up….

      • It really has. I wonder how they’ll squirm their way out of it.

        • Whether he is James or not ..whoever the orange colored hair man in court is ..continues to be drugged to avoid declaring himself a patsy possibly???
          ICould the whole trial be a sham??/ I dont believe there are any private attorneys involved…..only public defenders and prosecuters… A good private attorney would rip the states evidence to shreds or lack of evidence against their client…….A good private attorney would have him dye his hair back to normal so when he does appear in court or in front of a jury he would not appear so strange… can the trial move forward if a psychological evaluation has not been performed in light of his appearing drugged in court, in light of his supposed history of mental issues, A defendant has to understand the charges against him and has to be deemed competant to stand trial…..Has any of this been done>>>???
          The first time he appeared in court…I thought the whole courtroom scene appeared contrived……with one deputy who seemed to be smirking and trying to not to laugh….maybe I have become to cynical and not sure what to believe anymore….?But why would the judge allow the proceedings to continue if the defendant clearly appears to be under the influence or incoherent in the courtroom?
          I am still intrigued by the report of a woman who stood up in court stating she had important evidence for the defense. She was willing to risk a whole lot by doing that and it leads me to believe that maybe she was denied by the defense team already and picked the courtroom as her forum…….

      • I was wondering about that because when I woke up that morning to the news, our local Nashville stations were all discussing a gray car with Tennessee plates. Later in the day, the car turned out to be white. Did that one have Tennessee Plates?

    • where did you get that the plates didn’t match Holmes address? Was that off the police radio tapes?

  56. Gag order to remain….

    Judge says if information is released , it could jeopardize the defendants chance of a fair trail…. a closed one.. can you believe that?

    • Have you checked out the documents they unsealed? There’s really next to nothing there. It’s very frustrating.

      • I do like that James gets to sit at his attorney’s table now, and not in the jury box. That was at the request of his attorney.

        • He was sitting in the jury box again because of his own safety… Until people can control their hatred, he isn’t safe, even with his defense team.

    • Are cameras going to be allowed in the court room in the future? I want to see what mental state he is in now.

      • I would be surprised if they did leave cameras in the courtroom again. I will be surprise to see him again to be honest. We will see him through pictures from now on. I hope not though.

      • Yeah, I hear he managed to say “Yes” once. Kind of interesting if you think that we’re supposedly dealing with an evil genius that carried out a meticulously planned killing spree and rigged his apartment with highly sophisticated bombs just a while ago.

        I wonder what kind of drug cocktail they got him on.

        • Holmes spoke just once Monday morning. When asked if he agreed to waive his rights to a preliminary hearing within 35 days, he answered “yes.” -Huffington Post

          I really wonder how that exchange went down?

          Is he sane enough to understand that question. I wonder if his handler lady, not sure her name (women in the box with Holmes, part of the defense team perhaps?) was just like “say yes”.

          James Holmes Appears Blank, Sleepy, and Possibly Drugged in Court: Arapahoe County district attorney Carol Chambers said she had no information on Holmes’s medical state. In a press conference following the hearing, she also stressed that “there is no such thing as a slam dunk case” and insisted this is “still a very active and ongoing investigation.” 7/23/12

          – According to Oates this is an open and shut case.
          – His highest priority is getting a conviction on Mr. Holmes not finding out what happened that night.
          – He says “It’s a perverse enough crime for one person to formulate (WTF) I don’t think it’s really conceivable right now that there is a second person who is in on this thing”
          – He then says “This thing is so bit, its so complex, these things will take time”
          – Check the very end where I believe we see him choke up.


          ^^^^^^^^^ also one of the white stretcher boards in the background.

    • That doesn’t surprise me. I was so hoping it wouldn’t be though – how predictable can you get??

  57. Robert Holmes, James’ father was apparently supposed to testify in front of congress about the LIBOR scnadal, banking fraud and has a computer program which tracked the elites creating trillions and keeping it for themselves offshores…now we have a motive for them setting up his son.

  58. […] that Holmes was so drugged they couldn’t even take his mug shot booking photo for 3 days […]

  59. hi, not doubting your thoughts, but the booking photo has an orange jumpsuit and in court he has the burgundy colored one. is that a usual thing to change jumpsuits in one day? different colors?

  60. There are people who believe that obama would stage a fake attack to take away their guns. Romney and the republicans are the ones benefiting from this.

    • Concentrated Wealth Benefits from this.

    • It’s not just gun rights. Look at the National Defense Authorization Act. It’s a destabilization campaign as Scott Creighton has said on here. Obama wants to throw us into FEMA camps.

      • Maybe you should reconsider the FEMA camps thing.

        Last Sunday was the 20th anniversary of Ruby Ridge (and provided opportunity for numerous mainstream articles that continue to white-wash the events despite the 20 years of clarification of what actually occured). Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Waco. Obviously 10 years ago there was no need for a domestic terrorist threat as 9/11 was all they needed for both foreign and domestic policy.

        At present the US is facing major military cutbacks that bring into question whether it can sustain its international position by pure force. To do so would mean cutting back (heavily) on domestic spending which would bring even stronger protest than the occupy movement. The past Summer has seen a rash of shooting incidents (some suspect, some probably just coincidental) and also a refocusing on the ‘Sovereign Citizen’ movement as potential domestic terrorists which, if anything like White Power groups or Muslim ‘militants’, have been throughly infiltrated by the FBI.

        To suggest that the next few years might see a harsh crackdown on domestic US dissent is not to go off into Alex Jones territory and FEMA concentration camps or Blackwater (later Xe, now Academi) death squads roaming the streets, but rather raises the possibility that certain groups will be demonized and made to seem like a threat to the general (noncritical) public in order to maintain support for police powers and divert attention from dissatisfaction with the government.

        Already with the movie the Dark Knight Rises itself, you have Negative Framing of the Occupy Movment. It doesn’t matter that the idea of that movement being violent terrorists is ridiculous, the connection exists now on a widespread subconcious level. It has been reinforced by the Aurora shooting (whether intentional or not) and further highlighted by the media’s allegations that Holmes was a member of the Black Bloc anarchist group.

        The greater the gap between the elite and the common people grows, the more likely that a political movement will arise arguing for immediate and radical restructuring of the system. Should that occur the atmosphere has to be kept ripe with tension so that plausible (to the average person) allegations can be made and the key people arrested that will allow the movement to be neutered/co-opted.

        Any official involvement in domestic US terrorism is about curbing dissent to a certain extent, but widespread dissent is highly unlikely in an era when the majority still believe Obama represents a major step forward in justice/democracy. A far more likely motive is the creation of a subsersive underclass for ‘regular’ people to fear.

  61. I know someone who looks exactly like the person on the left. They are different noses. And his old roommate, the person it looks exactly alike, he’d been bringing up bombs and stuff around but before this time. And this one’s friends were getting arrested. There was a state police woman arrested for pimping her husband and hookers in various towns including mine, Wethersfield. The police won’t help with the threats we’d faced. They won’t listen to my side at all, when I was the one who knows most, because my wife went to work and I’d learned stuff from exploited/extorted strippers. There is police corruption at least peripherally connected to a person who looks exactly like the person in the picture on the left. This apparently has to do with UPS corruption and stuff too. Note that my father had a former director of the F.B.I. as a defendant at the time, in a labor case that was ongoing for years, and evolved from another one he’d won. And note that there are lanzas associated with the families involved in the stuff the police slandered me when I tried to report it. There was a guy taken out of my father’s hospital room by the police. There’s a lot.

  62. […] that Holmes was so drugged they couldn’t even take his mug shot booking photo for 3 days […]

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