Aurora Massacre: More Questions

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: 11. Why is James Holmes such a bad actor?  At the end of this article, see screenshots taken from live hearing of James Holmes trying to act crazy, remorseful, and or drugged… if I am right and he is acting (which I think he clearly is) that opens up a whole new can of worms…


As is often the case, there are more questions surfacing regarding the Aurora Massacre and the “done deal” lock they have on their lone gunman suspect. How did he know where to park his car if he only purchased the ticket that night? He was in the closest space he could possibly have gotten to his exit door and there were three theaters showing the film. How did he know he would be in that one and where the exit door led to prior to parking his car that night? Why is CNN starting to fudge the timeline data in such a way as to contradict the official police log? Where is the drum magazine? Why was his window busted out? Why did he risk getting materials sent to a school that he quit?

And still, above all else, standing in direct opposition to the official story, how did that gas mask get all the way down the end of the building if he was arrested as soon as he exited, still wearing the gas mask? Is it’s location related to the security camera located right above where the mask was dropped on the way to the closest street and escape?

1. Acquisition of various equipment? – I had to wonder about the trail of purchases leading up to this cowardly assault in the Century 16 theater. I figured that whatever I and other researchers found which would tend to shift some of the suspicion away from James Holmes, in the end it would be negated by the fact that he received and signed for all of this tactical equipment at his home. Hard to put someone else in his house pretending to be him when Fed Ex comes by and launches his boxes over his fence (little joke there). But it turns out that may not be as much of an issue as I originally thought.

“Police have said that Holmes began buying guns at Denver-area stores nearly two months before Friday’s shooting and that he received at least 50 packages in four months at his home and at school….

… The university said Holmes gave no reason for his withdrawal, a decision he made in June.

Holmes was not allowed access from the institution after his withdrawal, which was “standard operating procedure” because he was no longer affiliated with the school, said Jacque Montgomery, a spokeswoman for the medical school.” MSNBC

I wondered if he had a PO box set up in his name by someone else but this new development serves to explain the same trick. How would he receive packages at school? Through a PO box which practically anyone could have set up using a fake school ID in his name.

2. Washington Post neglects to diagram the exit door he used?In yesterday’s article I posted an update which showed a Washington Post layout of the back of the theater. They sho the exits of all the other theaters with exit doors on the back of the building, but they omit the one exit that is the most critical, the one he used which HAPPENS to be right next to where he parked his car. Why would they do that? Wouldn’t that be the most important exit to show?



3. How did James know? –  According to the “official story” James Holmes purchased a ticket that night and went into the theater. But I have to assume his car was already parked. So how did he know to park in that specific space which was the closest possible space to that exit door for Theater 9? There were three showing of the Dark Knight at midnight. How would he know which theater he was going to be in? Did he purchase online in advance and if so did his ticket stub have the theater number on it? Even so, if that is what happened, did he go to the theater sometime before the Thursday night showing and buy a ticket to Theater 9 to see which of those several exit doors let out in the back?

“Holmes capped off his gun purchases with another pistol on July 7. Authorities say that, 12 days later, Holmes bought a ticket to the midnight premiere of the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” and entered the theater with the crowd, then slipped out the side door and returned dressed for battle.” Huffington Post

It’s official, he bought the ticket that night. There is no way for him to have known which theater he would have been in and no way for him to have scoped out every theater in the complex to know where each theater exit let out in the parking lot. So HOW did he just happen to get the one spot closest to the door he would be coming out of?

4. Down the memory hole? – There’s a current meme taking place which aims to erase Holmes’ name from our collective memory. It started pretty soon after the shooting with certain “news” sites instructing their readers to focus on the victims and not the alleged shooter but yesterday Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper took it to a new level when he made the statement in Denver “I refuse to say his name. In my house we’re just going to call him Suspect A,”. Hickenlooper is the same guy who called Holmes “demonic” yesterday on a Sunday morning talk show. Forgetting the name of the prime suspect is supposed to be somehow showing a “spirit of defiance” according to MSNBC. Take from that what you will.

5. AR-15 not shown with “100 round drum clip”? – In the crime scene photo, the AR-15 found right next to the exit door is not equipped with a 100 round drum clip as has been described by various members of the press. A commenter picked up on this on my last article. (note: over at ATS a commenter also noted that there were victims who appeared to have been struck by pellets as in shotgun pellets. I mistakenly assumed the shotgun may have been left in the vehicle in yesterday’s article. It would appear that the assailant brought both the AR-15 AND the shotgun into the theater.)

“Holmes had shot dozens of people because his rifle was modified with a high-powered drum magazine that allowed him to fire immense amounts of bullets without reloading.” Huffington Post

(that is NOT a drum magazine. These ARE AR-15 drum magazines)

I remember seeing one eyewitness report saying that the assailant stopped firing with the AR and switched to a “slower” firing weapon. Very possible that this was the shotgun. But MORE possible, if this is the ONLY clip, that the assailant simply ran out of ammo in the clip in the AR and then switched to the shotgun on his way out. I don’t recall anyone saying he reloaded but I could be wrong on that. Why would they invent the “100 round drum clip” aspect of the story? Because there is a big push to ban those clips (especially in law enforcement)

6. Holmes’ rear passenger window busted? – (H/T ATS commenter) Why would Holmes’ car have a broken rear passenger window? It wasn’t covered with something as if James had locked his keys in the car some time ago and just put plastic over it and I don’t see glass on the ground next to his car in the parking lot (cops breaking window to gain access). Besides, the passenger window is down. It’s almost as if someone broke into his car and drove it there. Not as big of an issue, but certainly worth looking into.

(do you see glass on the ground? hard to tell)

7. What about that gas mask?Yesterday’s article explains the suspicious location of the gas mask, all the way over on the side of the rear of the building as if the suspect made it that far on his way toward the closest street.

8. CNN fudges the timeline account? Official account doesn’t account for location of the gas mask?– why would CNN fudge the official timeline account of what happened that night? They did. And how did that gas mask end up all the way over on the side of the building if the gunman was apprehended as he came out of the theater?

This is part of what they report as the official police transcripts (transcript starts with dispatch call telling officers to report to shooting in theater at 1:00:07):

01:06:14 16 I need a marked car behind the theater stable side,suspect in a gas mask. 01:06:22

01:06:50 everyone hold the air one second, cars where that white car in the rear of the lot, is that a suspect? YES! we’ve got rifles, gas masks, you can see him ive got a open door going into the theater, OK hold that position, hold that suspect! 01:07:05 CNN

Six minutes after putting out the dispatch call about shooting at the theater (and we all know that the first 911 calls were at 12:39 am when the assault began) they had a witness tell cops the guy was in the back with a gas mask. Yet CNN claims that at 12:42 “some witnesses say he was still in the theater shooting” but the cops had been on scene since a minute after the call went out.

Then, CNN goes on to show that at 12:46 the “witnesses” claim he “stopped shooting and walked out the exit”. That would put the police on scene for approximately 5 to 6 minutes with the shooter still firing inside the theater?

The police log talks about gas and about victims of the shooting, but not ONE single mention of “shots fired” from the officers on scene. Not one. All of the officers are reporting victims of shooting, not shots being fired inside the theater so the CNN report seems to be misleading. Do you really think cops would be close enough to the theater entrance to be tending the wounded and smelling the gas but not respond for 5 minutes while gunfire was coming from the theater?

The CNN report also claims that he was scene by the officers as he exited the building, still carrying his weapons, and still wearing the assault gear INCLUDING THE GAS MASK. So… if they arrested him right after he exited the building, how does the mask end up all the way at the end of the building and why did the first reports claim he was only in the building shooting for 60-90 seconds?

Around midnight The screening began. Holmes allegedly approached an emergency exit to the right of the screen, propped open the door and geared up.
Around 12:35 a.m. Dressed in black SWAT gear, Holmes allegedly came back through the door, hurled two canisters of an unknown gas and opened fire on the audience. He allegedly walked up the aisle, firing as he went. The shots lasted 60-90 seconds. The bullets pierced the wall of Theater 8 next door.
12:39 a.m. Police began receiving emergency calls.
90 seconds later Officers arrived at the theater and almost immediately arrested Holmes, who was next to his white Hyundai outside a rear entrance to the theater.

9. What about the security camera footage? Where the hell is that? – That one doesn’t need any explanation but at least I think I have proven that there was a camera on the back wall of the theater which looks like it was trained on the full run of the rear of the building, which only makes sense.

10. Blue Plaid Shirt guy wearing gas mask in the back? –  Part of my earlier assessment was to suggest that the assailant may have stripped everything off and tossed it next to Holmes who was drugged in his car. Everything except the gas mask which he needed to hide his face as he traveled down the length of the building, toward the camera, and to the closest street and freedom.

Is it possible that two of the log entries confirm this? At one point a cop reports he has been told of a suspect wearing a gas mask in the back and that prompts someone to go back there and find Holmes. But later we have another call put out about a guy in a blue plaid shirt.

I wonder, is it possible that the two calls are from the same cop. That the cop got more information from the person who tipped him off on the gas mask wearing suspect in the back, namely that he was wearing a blue plaid shirt AND the gas mask? Just tossing it out there.

01:06:14 16 I need a marked car behind the theater stable side,suspect in a gas mask. 01:06:22

01:09:58 one of the shooters might be wearing a white and blue plaid shirt 01:10:03

11. Why is James Holmes such a bad actor? Answer: It ain’t as easy as it looks on TV – I just watched the simulcast of the preliminary hearing in Co. and I have to say, James Holmes is one horrible actor. I say that as a trained actor, I studied it and practiced the craft for years. It’s what I went to college for and what I did after college professionally for several years (till I got tired of being around actors)

Take a look at these screen shots…

oh, I’m so remorseful

which way did he go George? Which way did he go?

Honestly, I was quite offended that he would sit there putting on this act, then I got even more offended when the MSNBC “experts” bought into it claiming he looked crazy and it was exactly what the defense needed the court to see. Well OF COURSE it’s what the defense wanted the court to see, but more importantly (and the reason this was broadcast when the entire rest of the case has been SEALED) it’s what they wanted US TO SEE….. obviously.

So why the performance? Why the bad performance? Acting ain’t easy. That solves one question…

Now the hard one… why the performance in the first place.

I don’t think he looks drugged but he could be.

Or, let’s look at it this way… he is approached about starting a new career by an intelligence agency. He’s very bright and they tend to like those types.

He also has a perfectly clean record which serves their purposes (more on that in a minute)

But there is a problem, James Holmes is no killer. He couldn’t possibly go into that theater and kill those kids at point blank range without freezing or fucking up so they need a specialist but they need James to take the fall because of his perfectly clean record would make people SCREAM for more gun regulation, and thus the new UN Treaty gets ratified in a jiffy.

So, they park him back there (drugged or no) and in goes the “specialist” from Tunisia or Sweden or Detroit… who knows.

When he comes out, James takes the rap and goes to court, puts on a show, gets a psych verdict and they tell him he will be taken in the front door of a Super Max and then rushed out the back door to whatever career awaits him. Slick right? Only problem is, once he’s inside, they keep him inside. What’s he gonna say? We had a deal? Who would believe him?

Anyway… more speculation I know… but, that kid was acting in there and he sucks at it. Given that perspective, go watch his “performance” and tell me you don’t see it. That’s the thing about acting… everyone can tell what bad acting is and so few can actually do it well.


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  1. Here is a record of things of tactical gear:

    [link to .pdf]

  2. James Holmes is on tv right now, looking clearly drugged up and struggling to stay awake.

  3. Well, how would anyone know which theater he got into that night – Holmes or other? Perhaps the alleged phonecall was to park the car.
    Car was parked backwards as to get away quick – trunk of the car looks unlocked, closed with duct-tape perhaps to throw in the gear quickly an get away.
    Did gunman use body armor in case somebody in theater was holding a gun – in case of being shot in the theater, the shooter would obviously have been identified – why else use body armor, does not look like Holmes was ready to get in fight with police as he striped as soon as he got out of theater.
    Personally I am not convinced of false flag yet, none the less this and other sites are raising the necessary questions and we as commenters can I guess chuck in anything that crosses our mind trying to help disseminate.

    • that’s all very possible Brian but like you said, if someone moved the car for him, if the phone call was real and not faked, then that in itself constitutes a conspiracy which means someone else out there is guilty before the fact of mass murder so questions like yours are valid and important.

      How would anyone know which theater he would get the ticket for? Well I guess the same people who are keeping the security camera footage from the people might know. Or the managers at the theater who failed to mention those cameras to the press. But, that also is a good question… without making this thing too big, how would the hitman “know” where the door was and where to park the car.

      Ok, what kind of cyber security do you think a theater like this has? Do you think hackers at the NSA for instance could have hacked their computers and figured out which theaters they were putting the movies in? And from there how difficult would it have been for them to pull up country records of the plans of the building? Don’t the cops do that all the time now? Patriot Act kind of thing?

      So then we are back to the phone call. They call him, ask what theater he is in, they move the car to a pre-planned spot for one of those three theaters, and we are off and running.

      You have three potential exits mapped out with three cars planted to occupy the parking spaces. The guy tells them he is in 9 and they move the cars to that space. No one at the theater is involved and a relatively few accomplices.

      just a thought. But it was a good question Brian.

      • yes, this is a possible scenario hackers and all. I am just not entirely convinced, because neither I or anybody else (except the self congratulatory msm) has tried to come up with a scenario which would make the lone gunman plausible – There are a lot of questions, a lot of symbology too, but in this day and age we have to get very close to proof to not just land in the conspiracy bucket –
        So I would ask, why would anyone else then Holmes want the car next to the exit?
        If anybody wanted Holmes as a patsy, would they not let him park anywhere, since a getaway would not be part of the plan anyway?
        The car looks suspicious where it stands, but really it need not be there for the story to unfold right?
        Holmes might of course had help and perhaps it was him who phoned for the car to be there, but that would mean he actually intended to get away and the only thing suspicious would be why is there a cover up of a second man involved.

        • the closer the better for the set up afterwards and of course the entrance to the theater. They don’t want some guy dressed up like the apocalypse having to walk halfway across the lot being seen by 50 or so kids playing in the arcade to freak out or run over thinking he is part of the show. Or, some security guard watching the videos to alert the cops. No, I think the gear and the car being close to the door makes a world of difference in this case.

          • Ok, granted – So the car was parked that way to look like it was a getaway but in fact it was just meant for storage – yep, sounds plausible.
            Still am not quite sure where and in what position Holmes was apprehended – any help on this, should I reread?

          • I have seen several different reports on this but the “official” position seems to be that he was apprehended just after he walked out of the theater. Though there is an earlier story where a police officer talked of the pride of his fellow officers noticing he had a different gas mask and that gave him away. That could mean, just as he left the theater as well though.

            But again, neither of those coincide with the location the gas mask was found. They also don’t explain the tactical gear in a pile on the ground near the car. Would the cops have stripped him before he could be photographed wearing the gear? And if he still had weapons and was obviously just coming out of a building where he shot so many people, why won’t the cops just shoot him? He was armed and VERY dangerous.. why take the risk unless he posed no risk (and now they are starting to explain that he was drugged when they arrested him which leads me to believe he wasn’t wearing the gear and carrying the weapons)

          • omg – did not know how open this part of the story is – ¨earlier story where a police officer talked of the pride of his fellow officers noticing he had a different gas mask and that gave him away. That could mean, just as he left the theater …¨
            could also mean the officers stripped him off the gas mask then and there, or walked a few paces stripped him off the mask and let it drop.
            Maybe to late to get anything further on this – in the court hearings maybe?

          • Hey Scott — Please check this out. It might even have relevance to these very peculiar incidents:


        • Brian: “I would ask, why would anyone else than Holmes want the care near the exit”.

          Holmes was in the car. He was a patsy.

  4. Here is a thought. Now that we know that James Holmes dyed his hair bright orange, if he did in fact enter the theater after purchasing a ticket, shouldn’t there be at least one eyewitness who can confirm that fact – that is, someone with bright orange hair sitting in the front row? Especially the witness who described the individual in front of him on the far right who answered his cell phone and then proceeded to the exit door. However, if the witness (or any witness) cannot describe an individual with bright orange hair, then the possibility exists for an accomplice.

    • So far I have heard Holmes painted his hair, not dyed – takes 5 seconds to spray your hair…

      • A possibility, but unlikely and probably takes more than 5 seconds. Also, wasn’t his hair already dyed (painted) prior to the theater, per the Adult Finder website? Not to mention, his priority was to suit up and get armed quickly, including wearing a ballistic helmet that would have covered his hair. It’s possible he may have been wearing a hat in the theater, but that too can be confirmed (or denied) by eyewitnesses. Given his hair length, he would require something like a knit pullover to cover all of it – a ball cap would still reveal the orange hair.

  5. I dont think hes that good of an actor. He looks genuinely sedated and tired. Hes struggling to keep his eyelids open in many of the clips. If he is acting its a damn fine job in my opinion. I feel like they drugged him up and sleep deprived him like they do with “terror suspects”. Makes them more malleable.

    • It’s possible. Did you see the update? The Telegraph is saying he confessed to taking a bunch of Vicodin prior to the assault which means he was drugged when they found him… just like I theorized.

      • Common side affects of Vicodin are:
        “Blurred vision; constipation; difficulty breathing; dizziness; drowsiness; flushing; lightheadedness; mental/mood changes; nausea; vomiting.”
        “Vicodin strengths come in 500mg, 660, and 750mg, the maximum dosage for this medication is 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours”

        So if he claims he took 100mg of Vicodin… he is not telling the truth… 100 mg is nothing… not even a dosage……
        something else was given to him…. getting even stranger !
        Why would he say 100mg? He is bound to know the difference… he has studied medicine.
        Strange….. is he trying to tell us something?

        • incorrect. that dosage of 500, 660 and 750 mg includes both the hydrocodone (generally 5 or 7.5 mg) and a LARGE amount of tynlenol. so if he had say ONE 500 mg vicodin, that’s actually only about 5 mg of the active opiate ingredient. this being the case, 100 mg of the active ingredient is definitely a large dose.

  6. If it’s the premiere, how could he possibly have known how to time his attack at a moment that coincided with action in the film?

    • very good point. he would have had to have foreknowledge of the script. In fact, the fact that he waited for that specific scene, dressed in his tactical gear and exposing himself to being discovered before he launched his attack, lends even more credence to the fact that this was WELL planned out and not the impulsive action of a “lone gunman nutjob”

      • That’s exactly what I would have said… if I were capable. lol.

        An excellent series of articles you’ve done here, sir.

      • I thought about that, but I bet you anything you could hear the explosions going on in the movie from right outside the door. So knowing the type of movie it is, all they would have to do is wait to hear it.

  7. Where exactly is the gas can locate? Shown in the picture below.

  8. Personally, I think the dude looks drugged, I don’t think he’s acting. Watching the video his head is wobbly at times, his eyes move in and out of focus and he looks like he’s almost struggling to understand what’s going on.

    Something I haven’t heard mention except for once on the weekend on CNN. Apparently there are normally two security guards (off-duty police) on every night, however, on the night a major premiere at midnight, there were no secuirty guards on duty.

  9. Mr. Creighton, I believe you’re missing an obvious fact here.
    “transcript starts with dispatch call telling officers to report to shooting in theater at 1:00:07”
    So, if the first 911 calls were at 12:39 you’re *assuming* (because the media is leading you that way) that the cops were there “within 90 seconds” .. but, the dispatch transcript clearly shows the DISPATCH CALL went out at 01:00 am .. ****21 minutes AFTER the first 911 call**** Perhaps that will help you sort out the timeline. The implications of that 21-22 minute difference is … very interesting.

  10. ….this is reminiscent of the Oswald sightings prior to Kennedys’ assassination. This guy was meant to be seen and remembered. Hence the outlandish color(s) of hair. “Denver resident Austin McKee says Holmes had pink hair on July 1 when he saw him at that Gander Mountain. He says he was having a scope installed.” “A young guy about my age walked in with pink hair and earrings,” McKee said. “[He] looked a little out of place you could say.” “When he walked in there, he just looked like his eyes were super wide open,” McKee said. “[He] kind of looked like silver dollars. He was out of it I could tell.” However….. looking at his mugshot, he doesn’t even have pierced ears. I have multiple holes in both my ears. I haven’t worn earrings in years, yet the holes are clearly visible, even in smaller pictures that that.


    The ” super wide open, like silver dollars” dilated pupils can be seen in one of the AFF dating site photo. The person in that photo is obviously wasted on, my guess would be, acid or meth. I say “The person” because I’m not convinced that person is James Holmes. A number of the facial features are inconsistent with other “normal” photographs, especially the nose. The length, curvature, and width at the base are all wrong.

    Definitely something fish goin’ on here……

  11. ……… as a side note, and this is just my opinion based on personal experience, but I didn’t find his court room behavior all that odd. Yes, he looked medicated, but he also looked exhausted. Having spent a weekend or two in jail myself, waiting to see the judge on Monday morning is no picnic. Trying to sleep on a concrete floor atop what amounts to a one inch think sandbag is difficult, if not impossible to do.

  12. Clearly stating the shooter reloaded.


    The first recording begins at 12:11 a.m. on July 20, 2012. The initial mention of the shootings comes 28 minutes into the recording, around 12:39 a.m.

    The second recording of the Aurora police and fire response to the shootings begins at 12:41 a.m.

    The third recording of the Aurora police and fire response to the shootings begins at 1:11 a.m.

    Read more: Aurora theater shooting: Police and fire department scanner traffic audio archive – The Denver Post
    Read The Denver Post’s Terms of Use of its content:

  14. Thank you for getting all this info out, you have done some excellent research. There’s one thing you haven’t hit on though. It’s the copious amount of blood outside the theater. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve only heard of people being shot inside the theater and not hearing of anyone coming out the back door except for “Holmes”. I think the original shooter was the 13th fatality that night.

    I live here in the Denver Metro area and have tweeted your story and a few others to @danielpetty from the Denver Post. I got a reply out of him if you want to look at my timeline, but it seems he and the media don’t give a flying fuck about these things called facts.

    Again, thank you again for the research you have done on this horrible event. At least a few of us will know the real truth.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Along with the fact that the blood doesn’t even go to the car where they found him. Definitley doesn’t add up.

    • Your idea of a 13th victim being the ‘shooter’ is shocking….. wouldn’t surprise me though…. ‘they’ murder’ one of their own after the deed is done….

  15. The author at this URL makes a point: due to gang violence, midnight premiers in Aurora typically have police assigned to the theater. Yet no officers were on-site the night/morning of the shooting. Can anyone confirm?

    • One of the early witnesses confirmed there was a cop on foot at the theater, and that it was crawling with rent a cops.

  16. I just wanted to add that the passenger window of the car is not down but broken out, you can see shards of glass still protruding from the belt moulding along with glass on the trim panel handle and the ground, they have also evidence tagged the pocket on the passenger door. Also the handgun on the top of the car is placed in such a way that if a person were right handed they would have set it down while getting into the passenger side of the car. Finally over by the gas mask there are peices of what appear to be clothing and several blue items, my guess would be the person bleeding down the sidewalk ended up there and all of the blue items are gloves worn and removed by paramedics/police. The best way to sort this out is to find out who ran down that sidewalk bleeding and get a first hand account.

  17. If the batman movie was being shown for the first time in a multiplex cinema and shown on 2 screens. How did the shooter figure out which cinema (#9) would be premering the film? How did he know to park his car next to the closest exit of the theater showing the film. Whenever I have visited the cinema I like to park on the end spot…I never know if the end spot I park at is going to be closest to the cinema I will end up in.

    Other questions….
    Why have no witnesses mentioned seeing a man with red hair sitting nest to them or near them get up and walk out the door.

    why is their no CCTV footage of him walking though the front door after buying a ticket…or did he get the ticket on fandango?

    what time did he park the car? Did he buy a ticket for a movie showing earlier that day, and hung out playing in the arcade and buying popcorn…moved his car closer later?

    if he was acting loopy and surrendered to police….why did he warn them that his apartment was booby trapped if its purpose was to kill?

    did he have a moment of clarity and warned the officers because he felt bad?

  18. There are a few possibilities with the car (I haven’t read anything official yet, so this is mostly just conjuncture):

    1: two people, the phone caller goes out and signals for the car with Holmes/setup car/the car full of gear to park there while the shooter/phone-guy go in, possibly a second getaway car at the end of the block already, maybe its near the white car. Maybe the shooter gets into this 2nd car, maybe its near the main road. Maybe he was injured, hence the blood. Maybe they saw the cops coming and abandoned Holmes, maybe the car was left on purpose, maybe he was the fall guy. Maybe he did it all but had a getaway driver/insider/financial backer. Maybe his life turned to shit and he saw helping out with this as going out with a bang. Maybe he pulled the trigger maybe he didn’t. Alot of unanswered questions. Police reports and security footage would help. Do those rear camera feeds even get recorded?

    2: one person, he goes out the back and moves the car closer for a getaway then gears up. It would explain the time difference. He was in armor so maybe he planned on leaving, maybe he sees the cops and decides not to run. Maybe the car was locked, hence the broken windows. Maybe he was in the car when the cops got him and they smashed them. Maybe he was in his gear and the cops made him remove it.

    Too many questions and not enough answers. Yet.

    • He could have been smart enough to get rid of the gears and pretended to be one of the victims or witnesses.

      I am doubting that there was even a so called booby trap in his apartment. Doesn’t sound like they would have known Holmes was the suspect. How did the cop knew it was Holmes? Sure, on the radio it was mentioned that there was a gas mask and all that. Or the evidence leading to the car.

      Now I am also thinking that Holmes was drugged and left in his car while the assailants did all the work and ran away. So in fact, because there is NO credible evidence that Holmes was even in the theater that night, he might have been “kidnapped” and drugged and left in his car.

      • That is exactly what I think happened

        • Please watch this:

          Now, you will see only ONE victim partly covered in blood escorted by an EMT.

          And I am reading that there were 250 police officers and 100 FBI agents that night after the shooting. Really?

          I saw initial reports that CNN reported NO, I repeat, NO bombs found in Holmes’ apartment… shortly before 6:30 am.

          • i thought it was really “interesting” that they made it a point to emphasize how extremely sophisticated the bomb set-up was. “web of trip wires”, “bottles with incendiary and chemical substances”, “bombs”, etc. They claim they can’t even send bomb squad in and it may take days. Then the next day you hear a little ‘boom’ and the site is clear? Taking stuff out the apt shortly afterwards?


          • No one is rubbing their eyes or coughing as they are running out of the theater.

            No witnesses show signs of tear gas or pepper spray being used.

            Why only one cell hone video?
            Because the police blocked the parking lots and gathered everyone up..took them to the highschool for questioning and got any footage people had.

            The neighbors who speak of Holmes say that he was quiet but friendly.

            No neighbors interviewed have said, “His hair was black up until after I saw him on tv with it being orange.

            James E Holmes is probably not even his real name.

            There is no old Myspace profile, Twitter Page, of Facebook page for James.

            He does not show up on People Finder nor does he show up on Intellus.

            He does have a Classmates account that was created on 20 July 2012

            No people have contacted the media and said, “yeah I know the guy”


  19. How did authorities find out he was having guns shipped to his house and school for months before the incident a day after it happened?

  20. He had to have been in his car. If cops get called for a shooting I doubt they would readily approach a man in armor toting large guns.

  21. was it a smoke bomb that filled the room and made it hard to see or was it tear gas.

    or, was it a home-made modified pepperspray-smoke-bomb with bullets as shrapnel?

    wouldn’t video and peoples testimonials show that their eyes were burning, they were blowing tons of mucus out ans some were vomiting?

    When I was in the college dorms somone was messing around with their pepperspray keychain and sprayed its contents for a short burst. THis happened a good 50 ft away in another room.
    Soon we were all coughing and evacuated for 45 minutes before it cleared.

    The police do request gas masks but no one sounds like they are suffering or even coughing saying they cannot breathe..nor they describe the smell.

    • Exactly. There were no evidence of injuries to someone’s eyes, nor were there pictures of victims DAYS after the incident that shows evidence of such. I would imagine that their eyes would still be swollen and/or red. Even so, they would mentioned it. If there were tear gas or smoke bomb then how the hell did the witnesses can actually identify what the suspect did. But I think I remember reading “tear gas” but there were also reports that stated that “smokes” were up in the air.

      So this is confusing.

  22. This is interesting….

    “Most important to note about James Holmes, however, this report says, is that his father, Robert Holmes, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the largest bank fraud scandal in world history that is currently unfolding and threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system. Robert Holmes, whose “blueblood” family links go back to the Mayflower, is known throughout the global banking community as being the creator of one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed and is credited with developing predictive models for financial services; credit and fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.

    Educated at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, Robert Holmes is currently the senior lead scientist with the American credit score company FICO, which was formally known as Fair, Isaac and Company, and which every American citizen is beholden to should they need to borrow money.”

  23. What about the bloody marks…foot prints leading from the exit to where mask was found. And the bloody flip flops….i wonder if the victims were also exciting out that door

  24. this provides some possibilities

  25. specialist from israel mossad. brother nathaniel proves the dual citizen israelis want our guns. you are right about hey we had a deal. look at anders brehvik. he is the lone wolf also. but the courts never investigated that large deposit into his bank account.

  26. I have been wondering about his current hair color. It looks as though it has been “faded”..Just wondering how long he had that hair color. maybe I am wrong.

    • The guy who had a beer with him on Tuesday never mentioned anything about orange hair but pointed out glasses. This leads me to believe his hair was dyed after Tuesday. Also interesting in connection with those profiles, since he had orange hair in the pictures already. Wonder when his last log-in was….

  27. Seems like the question about how he knew to park his car there is pretty easy to answer. He left the theater via the exit door, got suited up, and came back in, right? Seems like he could have easily moved his car to the closest parking spot at that time.

    • He certainly had enough time to move the car. I think he was out there about 25 minutes or so?

      But of course, the other possibility is that his car was already there. Which would make it easier for him to get suited up and launch his attack before anyone saw him drive around and get out of his car and go into the theater via a back door (which the theater probably frowns on and looks out for especially during premier showings of block buster movies.

      However, it is certainly possible that he left the theater and walked around the building to the car and moved it to that location.

  28. […] 4: Aurora Massacre: More Questions …….. Share this:PrintEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was […]

  29. I am totally linking your journal. I’m the guy who did the short vid. People need to realize that there is a story here no matter what angle you take…. if Sorcha Faal is BS then who is Sorcha Faal and why do it? And you cannot escape the odd coincidence of the movie’s them and Robert Holmes’ profession. I am moving today and tomorrow but will delve deeper into the actual shooting “facts” soon….

  30. 730. Colorado theatre shooting (8/1/2012)

    People have a lot of suspicion on Colorado theatre shooting. A big question is that if Holmes took that much effort to build 30 booby traps in his apartment, why did he so easily giving up his hard work and released his secret to the police right after his arrest? Many think government was involved.

    Possible Second Shooter in tragic Batman Denver Shooting Eyewitness Account

    Most people link mind control to it when they saw Holmes’ behave in the court. It seems like he had been drugged and was senseless to anything. Holmes had taken part in Mind control programs. He might have been chosen as an experience subject involuntarily since then.

    [quote] James Holmes Wrote And Made Mind Control Programs

    James Holmes Wrote And Made Mind Control Programs. After graduating in 2006, Holmes worked as a student intern at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies and Miramar College’s biotechnology summer boot camp, where “cream of the crop” students were given rudimentary laboratory projects. [/quote]

    [quote] MK-Ultra responsible for James Holmes and Aurora shootings Part-I

    by Doc Vega | July 25, 2012

    PSYOP the practice of modern psychological warfare, propaganda, Political Warfare, PSY OPS, Hearts and Minds, and PSYWAR, all names for a covert form of abhorrent conducted intelligence operations. These operations can be utilized under many forms from selective assassin training, false flag, or black operations. These highly specialized forms of covert and mind control operations, lavishly funded, carefully guarded, are manifestations of the New World Order. Carrying out a strategy of keeping nations at war, the public off balance, and the diplomatic relations between international countries manipulated [/quote]

    The media beat the drum to broadcast Holmes’ court attending picture. The purpose was to show people the red dyed hair of him to ensure that he was the right suspect. On the contrary, was Holmes stupid enough to fix an eye catching evidence on his head to run all around? Was that easier to wear a red dyed wig so he could throw it away in his escape?

    731. The criminal style (8/6/2012)

    There was an anthrax attack after 911 in 2001. The purpose was to frame Iraq as the perpetrator so US could start war on it. The plot failed when the scientists found the anthrax was from the US lab.
    [quote] U.S. Inquiry Tried, but Failed, to Link Iraq to Anthrax Attack

    New York Times, December 22, 2001. By WILLIAM J. BROAD with DAVID JOHNSTON [/quote]

    The failed plot created an unexpected problem for FBI. It must find a scapegoat for the case. For years the FBI was under pressure to find a “perpetrator”. It finally found a victim- Ivins. Since it was a framed case. Ivins had to be a dead man who could never defend himself.

    With this lesson, to avoid any more trouble, they always had a prepared victim to take the responsibility of the new plot. In this Colorado theatre shooting case, not only they designed a red dyeing hair, but also had a written plan to prove the case.

    [quote] Lost In The Mail – James Holmes Mailed His Murderous Musings To Professor

    AURORA, Colo. – James Holmes, mailed a notebook “full of details about how he was going to kill people” to a University of Colorado psychiatrist before the attack, but the parcel sat unopened in a mailroom for as long as a week before its discovery Monday, a law enforcement source told [/quote]

    The similar style had been used in Virginia Tech shooting massacre case.

    [quote] Va. Tech gunman sent material to NBC

    4/19/2007 By William M. Welch, USA TODAY

    Minutes before Cho Seung Hui gunned down 30 people in a Virginia Tech building, he mailed a hate-filled package of video and photos to NBC, sending what amounted to a deranged final message aired after his death. [/quote]

    As a matter of fact, they prepared this shooting case first in May, then carried it out on July 20 as a prelude for the 7/27 plot. (see “728. The 7/27 plot and Olympic Game (7/18/2012)”

    [quote] FBI Warned of Theatre Shooting on their Website May 17
    Watch this video to see the FBI warning that was taken down within minutes of posting it this past May. [/quote]

  31. […] UPDATE 4: Aurora Massacre: More Questions […]

  32. […] passt das nun alles zusammen? Nun, eine Theorie eines Bloggers namens  Scott Creighton, die vor kurzem kolportiert wurde, und die mir sehr gut gefällt, […]

  33. fingerprints on weapons
    and the gas mask

    • which gas mask? there were two that I know of. How about partials on the spent rounds, the brass? They must have been left on the floor in the theater. How about them when he loaded the clips? Prints there? And how about showing me that security camera footage of him buying his ticket and walking into the theater? I would love to see that rather than some picture they finally took of him two days after the event calling it a booking photo because we all know he was unconscious and in the car when the cop found him. How about showing me that security camera footage because as you probably know, prints can be lifted and staged… happens all the time. Shit, as high as he was, they could have handed him the unloaded guns and mask when he was in detention and he wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it.

  34. Whatever the case, US citizens are arming themselves by the thousands every day, not previous gun owners but the ones who have thought about buying a gun for years now are doing it. If the sole purpose of the gov to setup these shootings were to scare the public into banning the 2A , they did the complete opposite, BO is the #1 gun salesman in the universe! Now the gov has millions more armed citizens bearing arms and things will become much more worse. Write your senators, congressmen , sheriffs etc. and tell them how you feel(whether it be pro 2A or anti) let your voice be heard. Voting will not be necessary for our decisions. Wake up America ! It’s more than guns and mass shootings , this attack on the 2A will will turn out to be more, like attack on your every right to be free. Read the US Constitution and read it again, learn and socialize with your loved ones, fuel others to find their standing on the US Constitution. If you want your freedom learn your rights and how to keep them.
    Cervicide out!

  35. […] UPDATE 4: Aurora Massacre: More Questions […]

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