Syrian Destabilization Campaign Updates

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Can you say “remote piloted aircraft?”. Wasn’t there something in the Northwoods plan about using a remotely piloted aircraft to frame Cuba and start a war or force regime change? The pilots of the Phantom jet have vanished leaving behind just boots and helmets.


Kofi Annan’s requested that Iran take part in the multinational talks on Syria but then the mega-imperialist nations America, Britain, and France have threw a hissy fit and Iran will not be allowed to participate. Oh wait… it was just Hillary Clinton who threw the hissy fit.

“Clinton had expressed doubts about the prospect of convening what Annan christened an “action group” and said she would not attend if Iran was there.” The Hill

Once again Hillary is undermining the Annan peace process from behind the scenes. That’s what it takes to install a puppet Islamist regime in place of the secular Baath Party.

Now Hillary is going to meet in private with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to see if they can hash out some kind of agreement which will allow Hillary to neo-liberalize yet another little country for the benefit of her private central banker masters of the universe.

After the obvious provocation target was downed on their second or third run into Syrian airspace, the Turkish president is trying to look tough for his Saudi benefactors by warning Syria about not “approaching their border”. Of course he says this while sending tanks to their border.

The Turkish Phantom F-4E was retro-fitted to be a high altitude recon plane. It was unarmed. So why was it flying at a low altitude at high speeds and why did it violate Syrian airspace, leave Syrian airspace, then turn and enter Syrian airspace once more flying straight toward Syrian land from the West? Oh, but wait a minute… Turkish government officials have said that there was no”covert mission” involved, so there you go.

“Turkish foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu said the plane was “on a training flight to test Turkey’s radar capabilities and had no covert mission related to Syria”” Strat Risks

Meanwhile, while the world holds it’s breath waiting to see if Hillary Clinton decides a country isn’t allowed to defend it’s territorial airspace from speeding war planes, her terrorist “activists” went to a Syrian TV station and slaughtered reporters and security personnel alike… just like Gandhi and Martin Luther King used to do.

Remember when Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks strapped on the AKs and went in and shot up a bunch of TV reporters because they didn’t like what they had to say about them? You remember that, right? The Syrian opposition activists are JUST LIKE MLK AND ROSA PARKS.

Gunmen have attacked a Syrian pro-government TV channel, killing seven people, state media say.

Journalists and security guards died in the attack on al-Ikhbariya TV south of Damascus, Sana news agency reported….

State TV showed pictures of burnt and wrecked buildings, with fires still smouldering.

Syria’s Information Minister Omran al-Zoebi, on a visit to the site, said some of the victims had been abducted, bound, and killed in cold blood.” BBC

That happened literally hours after the EU decided to impose sanctions against institutions in Syria like the state owned oil company, the Syrian International Islamic Bank, and the Syrian state run news agencies. What a coincidence that these terrorists would strike at the same target that the heads of the European Union would target just hours later… a coincidence indeed.

If you would like a bit more of an update, Webster Tarpley gave a good interview in this recent Press TV news show about the recent developments in Syria and Turkey.


5 Responses

  1. I had to read that part about MLK and Rosa Parks twice… yeah, I see you are being sarcastic….. but it did sort of startle me at first….
    How in the world does Hilliary get away with so much …. you would think the other nations would be so tired of her by now….. .

  2. Could you give me a link detailing the movements of the Turkish F4? I’d like to use it in my article.

  3. Thanks, Scott. Done.

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