Houla Massacre: Burhan Ghalion, Head of Syrian Transitional National Council, Calls for More Terrorism

by Scott Creighton

Despite the fact that their initial propaganda about the Houla Massacre has completely fallen apart after being exposed for the lie that it was, globalist powers in Great Britain have convinced their fellow NATO co-conspirators to expel their Syrian Envoys in what amounts to a pointless and desperate attempt to finger the Assad regime for their own terrorist destabilization efforts.

While the rest of the civilized world is calling for an end to the violence in Syria, Burhan Ghalion, head of the Syrian Transitional National Council, is calling for more terrorism till the Security Council approves and invasion.

The UN Human Rights Council has stated that the “majority” of those killed in Houla were executed at close range, shot or stabbed to death. Robert Colville stated that “fewer than 20″ of the victims were killed by artillery or tank fire” and the rest were summarily executed by “pro-government militias”

What Colville doesn’t explain is…

  1.  How many does “fewer than 20” mean? Does it mean 19 or does it mean 0. Both are “fewer than 20”
  2. How does he know if those killed by artillery fire were actually citizens? Could they have been terrorist fighters?
  3. Were any children killed by artillery or tank rounds? Were they all killed by “militias”
  4. How does he know that the “pro-government militias” were actually “pro-government”? The fact that they are listed as militias means they weren’t wearing army uniforms.

The propaganda surrounding this heinous act is still taking shape. They are having to retool their stories as fast as they can but the fact remains their first story has fallen apart in front of them.

Yesterday the early lie was that the Russians blamed Assad for the deaths of the 108 civilians (and we still don’t know how many were actually civilians and how many were terrorist fighters). As that lie started to unravel they needed something else to occupy the MSM headlines so the British came up with expelling the envoys.

Seems like everyone in Russia gets it, not just Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“What are the US and NATO doing? They are provoking disturbances in the country, they are looking for artificial opposition, are financing and arming it and killing civilians with their own hands and then they are laying the blame on the official authorities as was the case in Iran, for example. All this ends up with troops being brought in so as to ‘defend’ civilians.”  Vladimir Zhirinovsky Russia’s Lib Dem leader

Lavrov said yesterday that he was concerned by certain foreign powers trying to use this atrocity to foster support for a full on military intervention in Syria. According to SANA news agency, he also took exception to the head of the fraudulent Syrian Transitional National Council apparently calling on “all opposition” inside Syria to continue the terrorism until the Security Council is forced to attack.

Lavrov denounced Burhan Ghalion’s statement in which he openly called on all Syrian opposition factions to continue what he called “the liberation strife until the Security Council agrees on military intervention.”

Lavrov pointed out that Ghalion’s statement is a direct provocation for a civil war, adding that such acts contradict with Annan’s plan which stipulates for unifying the opposition to start dialogue with the authorities, not unifying the opposition to start a civil war.” SANA

Any question as to Ghalion’s connections, he’s French and here is a picture of him back in Nov. of 2011

If you want to know what happened last Friday, listen to this guy. His story hasn’t changed once.


2 Responses

  1. The Houla Massacre: from a Syrian with true information. The reason there were so many children killed, or available to be killed all in one house, was the fact they were children who had been kidnapped and held for various reasons. One reason was to be sold as sexual boy-slaves to rich Saudi men, another reason was just simple ransom, to collect cash from their families, and the third reason was to harvest organs, such as kidneys, which is a big ticket item in Syria. These children were the ‘left-overs’ and became expendable. The Free Syrian Army, the foreign Islamic mercenaries, Al Queda, Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Wahabi terrorists, and just plain old Syrian Sunni terrorists are all involved, but they are not all coordinated or cohesively working together. You can lump them together as “Islamic Paramilitary groups”, but they are not under one leadership. Some are funded by America, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The money and weapons are flowing into Syria from Jordan, Iraq and Lebanese borders, not to mention Turkey to the north.
    The massacre was staged, like a Hollywood movie, in order to bring worldwide condemnation of Syria. It worked, the terrorists have been successful. It is not clear which group did the killing of the children in Houla. But what is known without a doubt, that Houla was a fortress of the Free Syrian Army. They even boast of the fact and are first to admit that no one and nothing can go in or out of Houla except them. This is where they went wrong, because the blame is all too obvious. If they had picked an area which was open to the Syrian Army, then their staged massacre could be plausible. But they picked their own safe neighborhood, because they had motive and opportunity.

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