“CHANGE!!!!”: Panetta and Obama Don’t Need Congressional Approval to Start Wars

by Scott Creighton

Just another example of all that CHANGE Martin Sheen is claiming that we have to support this coming election. It’s not enough that the president claims the RIGHT to kill U.S. citizens anywhere in the world but he also apparently doesn’t need an act of congress to declare war on any other nation.

That is CHANGE isn’t it Martin? (stick to acting jackass and keep your moralizing platitudes to yourself. Just because you PLAYED a liberal president doesn’t mean you understand politics any better than Rush Limbaugh’s ridiculous ditto-heads. You’re an actor with little to no understanding of geopolitics)

Leon Panetta told the senator Sessions and the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday that he and the Obama administration don’t need congressional approval to start wars but rather all he needed was NATO to “make the decision to go in”. He makes the statement while a smug general sits behind him in the senate sneering at Senator Sessions for daring to question the military’s authority to “defend the nation”

Sessions specifically asked Panetta if he thought he didn’t need congressional approval to attack Syria and Panetta replied that he worked for republican and democratic presidents who claimed the “right” to “defend the nation”

Apparently he forgot the propaganda… we aren’t going to bomb Syria to defend OUR nation… Syria, Bosnia, and Libya were never marketed as threats to OUR nation… we are going to bomb Syria to defend THEIR nation from THEIR government. So Panetta’s justification just fell apart completely. (video of Panetta’s and Session’s exchange after the break)

Panetta mumbled through the questioning and when Session pinned him down for a reply to his question (where do you seek legal permission to deploy US forces in combat?) he claimed; 1. a coalition of the willing 2. the United Nations and 3. NATO (which is run by the United States military (Panetta himself)).. “We have options here”. He never ONCE admitted that it takes an act of congress to declare war.

Senator Sessions disagreed with Obama’s CIA man in the Pentagon:

“I’m really baffled by the idea that somehow an international assembly provides a legal basis for the United States military to be deployed in combat. I don’t believe it’s close to being correct. They provide NO LEGAL AUTHORITY. The ONLY legal authority that is REQUIRED to commit the United States military is the congress and the president. That’s the law and the constitution.” Senator Session

After that, Obama’s man Panetta comes back and makes it perfectly CLEAR that he will not seek congressional approval for either another Libya type bombing campaign NOR even another AFGHANISTAN!!!

“Let me for the record be clear again senator so there is no misunderstanding: when it comes to the national defense of this country, the president of the United States has the authority under the constitution to act to defend this country and we will. If it comes to an operation where we are trying to build a coalition to work together to go in and operate as we did in Libya, Bosnia, for that matter Afghanistan, we want to do it either with permissions by NATO or by the international community” Leon Panetta

Syria is NOT a threat to the nation as was just sited as the ONLY justification for Obama to act in “defense of the nation”… NO ONE has even ATTEMPTED to make that case. Bosnia was also not a threat to our nation. Neither was Libya for that matter. None of them are even connected to the global war on terror except for the fact that Hillary Clinton recently acknowledged that al Qaeda is actually helping our forces destabilize Syria and we put them in charge of the military brigades around Tripoli.

Leon Panetta has just made it PERFECTLY CLEAR that under the left cover of Obamamania, they have absolutely no interest in seeking congressional approval for ANY of their planned military adventures no matter what the constitution says.

Panetta should be removed from office immediately.


2 Responses

  1. Ron Paul needs to ‘publicly support Rep Jones Impeachment of Obama. Paul’s army of supporters should expect nothing less and support all of congress with the backbone to do it.

  2. Wow….Proof that we won’t be a soverign nation much longer if we don’t get people like him and his boss out of power in Nov.

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