OWS Oakland Protesters Shot in the Face with Rubber Bullets and Attacked with Flashbangs

by Scott Creighton

(videos and photos after the break)

A US Marine veteran Scott Olsen was shot in the face with a rubber bullet by either Oakland or San Francisco police officers yesterday while peacefully attending the Oakland Occupy Wall Street protest. Scott was a member of Veterans for Peace.  Those same police officers (officers of the peace?) used tear gas and flash-bang grenades on the mostly young, college age protesters.  At one point one officer is seen throwing a flash-bang directly in the middle of a group of young kids who were simply trying to help a fallen protester. The following is what I found on the M84 Stun grenade… in the video below, notice how close the grenade is to that young girl’s leg when it goes off.

“When detonated, the fuse/grenade body assembly remains intact. The body is a tube with holes along the sides that emit the light and sound of the explosion. This avoids shrapnel injury, but can still burn. The concussive blast of the detonation can injure and the heat created can ignite flammable materials such as fuelWikipedia

The videos below give testimony to the police department’s reckless endangerment of the lives of innocent civilians who are simply exorcizing their constitutional right to protest an illegal and immoral economic system.




the following photos come from Russia Today… click on image for larger view





. This last image is the most ghoulish of them all. Notice the troopers behind this woman in the wheelchair. Notice their glowing eyes behind the masks. Most likely night vision of some kind paid for by all those Homeland Security tax dollars. Reminds me of a scene from The Wall.


There is another photo of this scene, this one I found at Gawker

It also seems like the live feed from ABC and CBS helicopters flying above were cut out just before the police attacked with rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash-bangs… this indicates a premeditation and a complicity with local affiliate news channels to hide criminal acts by the police.

The conflicting reports came as live helicopter camera feeds for both ABC and CBS news networks were apparently cut right before police hurled tear gas canisters, only to cut back in later, as reported by the popular website, Gawker.” Russia Today

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bytMNoKNeRAUpdate: Alternet’s Josh Holland reports that 500 people have been tear-gassed; others on Twitter say flash-bangs and percussion grenades have been used as well. Live helicopter camera feeds from ABC and CBS were apparently cut off right before the police threw the gas grenades. (Update: They’re back!) Left, a picture another video of tear gas being fired”  Gawker


13 Responses

  1. One can only wonder when the people of this country are going to give these pigs their own medicine in spades. I don’t think the time is too far off.

    • As Chris Hedges has often stated and as was shown in the movie “V”, it only takes one moment of stupidity on the part of the oppressors to lite a fire which burns as hot as the sun. It happened in Tunisia and looks like it might just happen here in the states. Hard to say what the outcome will be… they have had ten years to arm their local police officers like soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and just as much time to teach the American citizens that any rebellion against the system is “terrorism”. They have seen this moment coming since before 9/11 and set the mechanisms in place to defend their corrupt system to the death.

      • You have to go back to the murder of President Kennedy and the coverup, to understand the beginning of the BREAK DOWN CRISIS, now upon us, unleashed in the United States by enemies of the Republic, with the intent to destroy it. For more on this go to:

  2. This is what they live for, lots of them–to safely beat on people. Keeps their country safe, makes their mommas and papas proud, maybe–“That’s my boy, right there, keeping the peace! Getting licks in on radical scum!”

    r ap

    • You should read some of the comments at sites like Gawker… looks like they are riding the internet as well.

      • Just got back from spending some time over there.

        Tell you what, willy: If there’s a reckoning getting ready to flame here, I hope I’m still around to see it through. If not, I’ve got a daughter that’s a school teacher, too. Maybe she will. That’d be good enough for me.

        Been a while coming, but it’s bound to happen. This shit can not stand.


  3. Night vision doesnt glow outwards like that. That would defeat the purpose.

  4. THEY …have a very long history of engineering, controlling,
    financing and guiding almost every revolution of the past 300
    years or more.

    So THEY end up in power AGAIN…when all is said and done.

  5. […] Syrien, Iran eller något annat av länderna deras herrar har utsett till mobb-offer? – OWS Oakland Protesters Shot in the Face with Rubber Bullets and Attacked with Flashbangs […]

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