Appalling Propaganda from Amy Goodman About Libya

by Scott Creighton

Amy Goodman of Democracy NOW! has become one of the most disingenuous news figures this country has to offer and that’s saying a lot because there are numbers of them. She is not worthy of your trust, she is not worth of your time, she is not worthy of your respect… anymore.  Such a sad legacy she now leaves behind after a long and storied career as a dedicated teller of the truth in spite of the power aligned against her. For whatever reason, she has become just another presstitute in service of the globalists who are at this minute still attacking the people of Libya, still bombing them and their infrastructure, still laying siege to cities and populations who refuse to surrender to NATO powers,  and still planning how to dice up the people of Libya’s state assets to hand them over to their favorite corporate contributors.

And Amy Goodman is in their service, lying to her audience on a daily basis.

Yesterday Amy had some “reporter” on who has been traveling around Libya (supposedly) with the “rebels” and various others, so that she could give Amy’s audience a first hand glimpse into what she (and Amy’s website) called the “revitalization” of Libya. If this “reporter”  did actually go to Libya, she was there as an embedded journalist, just like the ones CNN and Fox News sent off to Iraq to tell the “real” story about how the Iraqis were so happy we blew the shit out of their country. Remember the Saddam statue? Remember the Jessica Lynch story? That’s embedded journalism.

So Amy Goodman has this embedded “journalist” on to set the record straight and paint a nice rosy picture of a post Gadhafi Libya. According to her, the people of Libya and Tripoli specifically, are just so damn happy that NATO bombed the shit out of them and killed many innocent civilians in the process, because…

“The mood across Libya, particularly in Tripoli, is absolutely—like there’s just a feeling of euphoria everywhere. People are incredibly relieved to finally be rid of the man who ruled their lives, minute details of their lives, for 42 years.” Democracy NOW!

And don’t worry that the people of Libya are concerned that NATO is coming in to take over their nation and chop it up and sell it off to the lowest bidder because according to Amy’s “jounralist”, the people of Libya don’t think that at all. At ALL!

“One more point I want to make, which might be interesting to listeners and viewers in the U.S., is that very few Libyans I met seemed concerned about NATO hijacking their revolution.” Democracy NOW!

See? NATO didn’t hijack their revolution because this journalist met “very few” Libyans who felt that way. Of course, she was embedded with the “rebels” who were completely supported by NATO, trained by MI6 and British Special Forces, advised by Washington, led by exiled leaders who lived in Washington, funded by NATO, armed by NATO countries, and provided all the massive fire-power they needed to destroy Libya by NATO. But of course, the rebels Amy’s journalist met didn’t think that NATO had plans to take over Libya.

Well that’s good except for…

“Libya’s revolution may still be incomplete, but Western leaders are swooping into Tripoli to celebrate the rebels’ victory and offer support for the new Libya, whose success they see model for other Arab revolutions.

With sharpshooters on Tripoli rooftops, a 5-star hotel sealed by tight security, and fighting continuing less than 100 miles away, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron were today the first heads of state to arrive in the capital and embrace Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC).

The backing of Britain and France, which led NATO’s military charge, was crucial to turning the tide for Libya’s rebels – at first little more than rag-tag militias – and enabling them to oust the Qaddafi regime.”  Alaska Dispatch

I would go on and on with this, but to be honest, Amy Goodman and Democracy NOW! aren’t worth anymore of my time or yours.

I don’t know what price it took to buy off Amy Goodman, but whatever it was, I hope Amy enjoys it a lot because she sold out her legacy of legitimacy. Her entire career is now nothing more than a bargaining chip she used to cash in big time. I hope and pray her audience has enough sense to abandon her once and for all for this shameless propaganda piece she aired on her show. The memory of her courage and dedication to the truth is now faded away completely and all that’s left is just the realization that they can get to just about anybody these days.

And Amy? Do yourself a favor. Do us all a favor. Just fucking retire before you help them justify another Shock and Awe in Syria or Lebanon or Iran, ok? We expect that shit from Bill O’Reilly it’s kinda sad to see you doing it as well. Whatever they’re paying you, whatever they are promising you, it’s isn’t worth it. We are watching you sit there looking like a vapid, pathetic shell of your former self, reading this propaganda, setting up these fake “journalists”, and going through the motions and quite frankly all you are doing is proving to them that everyone has their price. Frankly, we are sick of it. So just retire already and sit back and write your memoirs or something. Because if you think that no one has noticed the change in you over the last few years, think again.


34 Responses

  1. What did they do with the body of the real Amy Goodman?

    Pods found anywhere?


    • Great comment. I figured Amy had been replicated after Climategate, when she still stuck to the Goreite AGW party line.

      • Amy Goodman is no different than dozens of her related “left alternative” media shills- Chomsky, Scahill, Naomi Klein, Cockburn, Phyliis Bennis etc etc etc. The litmus test was 911. These whores have either said “It doesnt matter who did 911” !!!?? (Zinn, Klein, Scahill) Can you imagine anyone daring this statement vis a vis a terror attack in Israel even if it only killed 1 person, much less 3000? Or outright mockery from the likes of a condescending Alexander Cockburn. Death threats werent necessary to control these fakes- just a threat to their self-interest via media marginalization.

        They are classic sell outs who pose as ‘opposition’. The most basic apolitical critical thinking of pure scientific inquiry should have driven the above prostitutes to question 911. It didnt. THAT ALONE should have turned readers off, and away from according any of the above media spokespeople and their ilk, from further credibility. These failures were duds a decade ago, and they’re duds now.

  2. Sorry to hear that….. maybe they threatened her life?

  3. Has Amy Goodman ever been questioned about the Ford foundation funding and other shady sources of funding of her show? I cant remember the last time I watched an episode. I know its not a whole lot better but I watch RT instead now. Gotta love Alyona…

    And I would argue this is par for the course for Amy. See her 9/11 fail. All good disinfo speaks a lot of truth but its the lies that count most.

  4. don’t know what price it took to buy off Amy Goodman

    At the end of the day she belongs to the “Tribe”, her loyalty will always be with/for the “Tribe”

    • Best to not mention this fact. Scott is inclined to ban people for pointing out that America is actually ruled by a Yiddish fifth column.

      • If thats true, then he is just another of their team but farther down the continuum and less obvious and more furtive. Sigh. Does the contagion never end???

        • do stupid remarks have an ending? If you can ‘quote’ anything from Scott’s written postings that supports his being just another
          team member’ , then post it… if you don’t want to seem stupid, I suggest you read postings before you comment.

  5. She should have asked about the hospitals and morgues – what has been happening there since NATO forces started their “work.”

    Ridiculous that this is an acceptable reason for war. What diplomatic resources were tried first? So many other choices but no destruction is the first choice always.

    And the no more nationalism of oil profits? What are the people like in the transition government? Are they pro-Gaddahfi? pro-West? pro-Libyan people? How nice families with dead people are so excited, that reporter talked to different people than others have. Also did she bring up the “ambivalence” of the parents who have young men fighting when a few weeks ago they were studying?

    • Why would she even ask : “What diplomatic resources were tried first?”
      This was a waged and planned war against a nation for no other reason except the neo-cons wanted control of oil and money. Oh, maybe the neo-cons should have asked politely if they could have Libya?

  6. par for the course nowadays. amy has been on this path for some time now. can’t help but wonder if her “long and storied career as a dedicated teller of the truth” was all a pre-planned set-up for moments like this (along with 9/11, rigged electronic voting, and other deep events). if not, then how was she hijacked?
    re: “I hope and pray her audience has enough sense to abandon her once and for all for this shameless propaganda piece she aired on her show.” my guess is that only a small percentage of her still-deluded minions will see thru this.

  7. Amy Goodman sold out? When was she ever authentic? She parrots her own “courage” on issues like Timor, but tried for a long time to even avoid talking about 9/11, and when she did, she brought on that bilious character assassin Chip Berlet to try to “balance” the discussion.

  8. I certainly agree with Chris on this one. I didn’t know about the Ford Foundation funding, but I certainly never spent more than two minutes listening to Amy Goodman. She was always talking in her nauseating mawkish style about things that I knew perfectly well anyway.

    I don’t think she even “sold out” — she was selected in the first place by the Foundationeers to hold forth from her prominent media pulpit. I don’t know what goes on in her woozy head. Maybe the Foundationeers just tell her what to say, or maybe she is just stupid, and easily persuaded by handlers.

    Ask yourself this: Will the Foundationeers ever in a million years provide, say, Scott Creighton such a giant soapbox? Of course not.

    From Wikipedia, (the “non-profit” encyclopedia (a private asset) built by volunteers):
    “Libya has the 10th-largest proven oil reserves of any country in the world and the 17th-highest petroleum production.”

    Its populations is 6,420,000 souls, or 78.5% that of New York City’s 8,175,000. Our humanitarian aid consists of carpet bombing its infrastructure.

    I don’t blame the selected Goodman. There a plenty more where she came from. With all due respect, I blame the people who took any of her palaver seriously. “Democracy Now” my ass. If we want democracy, we should junk the damn voting machines. And get approval voting with consecutive runoffs!

    • Direct Democracy: Understanding The Libyan Political System

      Democracy as practiced in the US and elsewhere, even without rigged voting, is a sham.

      As stated aptly in Gaddafi’s ‘Green Book‘:
      “A parliament is originally founded to represent the people, but this in itself is undemocratic as democracy means the authority of the people and not an authority acting on their behalf. The mere existence of a parliament means the absence of the people. True democracy exists only through the direct participation of the people, and not through the activity of their representatives.”

      • You know, that makes sense….. good point, Wafflestaffel

      • Thanks Wafflestaffel. I already knew some of this but this video says it all very well.

        Qaddafi, Chavez, Castro, Kim, Ahmadinejad, Aristide, Zelaya, the late Saddam Hussein, are/were all thorns in the side of those who would subjugate the entire world to the service of a few elite.

        Not all of them were saints but I doubt that any one of them measured up to a Papa/Baby Doc-type, western friendly, parasite.

  9. Scott, you are never going to run out of outrage covering what has been done/said by our totally corrupted and Orwellian corporate press. If you are going to continue to expose these hacks, I suggest you keep a few cases of Maloxx on hand at all times, to counter the stomach churning lies, and newspeak that flow from the lamestream sewage lagoon.

  10. If she did retire from Democracy Now, she could get a good Job at the BBC. Headline news today- “Sarkozy & Cameron greeted by hoards of cheering Lybians “(-Paraphrazing from memory) – but the video pictures showed only about 20 people standing on a small corridor staircase in the Tripoli hospital cheering, followed by substantial numbers in the subsequent Bengazi shots(hardly suprising!)

  11. The media drone Amy Goodman does get some fantastic interviewees, however. Here is an absolutely incredible interview with The (famous) Economic Hit Man (John Perkins) (but she has the audacity to keep interrupting him!). It provides an incredible insider view of how the International Financial Syndicate operates:

  12. “Al Qaida threatens to attack Libyan oil fields!” squawks the AP press. but, of course! we have to be there bombing, maiming, murdering, divvying up oil and assets!

  13. I sent Democracy Now videotaped interviews by Cynthia McKinney taken in El Khadra Hospital in Tripoli in June. The interviews included about a dozen civilian bombing victims of US/NATO. They were not only not aired, they were never even referenced, nor was the content (civilian bombing victims in Triopoli).

  14. BTW, I also sent them a February 25, 2011 article in the Pakistan Observer (Pakistan’s English-language daily) that reported US, UK & French troops landing in Benghazi along with a weapons delivery on February 23 & 24th. I sent the article the day it came out, and several times more over the following weeks. I also sent RT reports and actual statements by Russian military officials about the Russian satellite evidence of NO aerial bombardments which were alleged in February and March. They never even referenced these reports, let alone reported them.

    • At least you tested the machine and proved, if just to yourself, that it is corrupt. I’m already convinced and hopefully you’ll help others understand this truth.

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  16. Prove to me this isn’t anElitist made character assassination site. If someone doesn’t agree with your 911 theories that doesn’t make them part of the conspiracy. It may mean that they really don’t believe you or that they may believe you but the proof vs the enormity of such a thing doesn’t stand up. I agree with Chomsky – “even if it is true it takes away too much attention from the main issues.” You’ll never convince enough people. SO instead of trying to destroy ppl -use that energy to encourage pll like Ron Paul.

    • Better yet, just admit that you have your opinion and unless willyloman agrees with you, he’ll be wrong. I agreee with willy and with David Ray Griffin’s argument that 911 is the main issue as it’s the “justification” for 10 years of war and oppression.

      I also agree that Ron Paul, despite his great words, is either in fact or in effect, controlled opposition. Feel free to convince me that I’m wrong but I can assure you that my mind is already made up.

  17. I agree with Willy and John….. 🙂

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