Gordon Duff Pimps New Disinfo Which Indirectly Threatens Bloggers with Prison

by Scott Creighton

I thought Gordon Duff had gone completely insane when he started pushing that Dimitri idiot who claimed the Twin Towers were brought down by 3 40-year-old 150 kiloton nuclear bombs planted under the bedrock on lower Manhattan back in 1967 when the towers were first being built. Fat Man was the nickname of the plutonium based atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki… it was 21 kilotons. Little Boy was a uranium based weapon dropped on Hiroshima with a yield of about 13-18 kilotons… just for the record.

Actually, I didn’t think he was insane, I figured he was a disinfo agent getting paid to promote stupid bullshit to make the Truth movement look like idiots. Looks like I was right.

Now Gordon is promoting some new, more dangerous kind of disinfo. Now he’s claiming that the rebel leadership is the rightful government of Libya because the US and Britain say so and that they have a “list” of journalists, writers, and bloggers who have been paid by Gadhafi apparently to write stuff that is not the official NATO approved version of what is happening over there. Duff goes on to say that these writers can be arrested and charged with a variety of crimes for writing these things.

Reliable sources in Libya, both with rebel forces and in Tripoli have verified that records of payments made to activists, journalists, bloggers and other media personnel by Gaddafi have been turned over to rebel forces.

The rebels, under the authority of the National Transitional Council,  constitute the legally recognized government of Libya in the instances of criminal jurisdiction, even in areas currently under the control of Colonel Gaddafi…

As the rebel government has been recognized, since July 15 by the United States, Britain and other key powers, there are unseen potential legal ramifications tied to, not only war crimes, but for being unregistered foreign agents. Acceptance of payments from the Gaddafi regime (including funds deposited via a Gadaffi controlled corporation and then paid to an ‘agent’) is also considered “money laundering” in accordance with both US law and international convention. Each article is a felony count and there is a past history of prosecutions on the statute.”  Gordon Duff

Duff claims that Veterans Today “has staffers on the ground” with the rebels and repeatedly refers to the armed al Qaeda linked terrorists as the official government of Libya. Notice how many times he repeats that theme in this short article.

“The rebels, under the authority of the National Transitional Council,  constitute the legally recognized government of Libya…”

Received from representatives of the National Transitional Council, the recognized government of Libya

As the rebel government has been recognized, since July 15 by the United States, Britain and other key powers…” Gordon Duff

Hillary Clinton couldn’t have put it any better.

I suppose a little blogger like myself shouldn’t worry too much. But ain’t it odd how Duff promotes this tripe trash basically threatening bloggers and writers to stick to the official narrative on Libya when someone like Stephen Lendman is publishing stuff like this on the same website?

“Falsified rebel gains are, in fact, unreported losses and disarray. Moreover, without NATO air support, they’d have been routed months ago. Air cover also gave NATO a chance to slaughter and injure thousands of Libyan civilians, as well as cause horrific mass destruction, related to imperial, not military, aims.

Both Times writers also reported rebel claims of having Tripoli surrounded as well as key supply lines cut off. None of it is true, but fact-checking isn’t part of Times writers’ job description – just reporting accounts ordered by their bosses.” Stephen Lendman

I guess the threat here is that we should shut up or risk being charged with money laundering because some al Qaeda linked CIA stooge in Libya says our names are “on the list”. Of course, that list itself will be super-duper top secret and therefore it won’t be produced in a court of law. We’ll just have to take their word for it.

Cute development huh? Leave it to Gordon Duff, the guy who brought us Dimitri what’s his name, to start spreading this crap around the blogs.


13 Responses

  1. I should have updated before commenting on the below story. As I said there, Duff is likely a tool himself but VT is still worth reading. Just be careful when wading through all the disinfo found there. FYI-Duff promotes “hijacker” myth promoter Sibel Edmonds among other bullshit(like Dimitri as Scott pointed out).

  2. Nato bombing to save the people said…

    “Every Friday, a large demonstration in support of the regime is organized in a different city and all experts are unanimous in considering that Colonel Gaddafi enjoys at least 90% of popular support in Tripolitania and 70% across the entire country, including the ‘rebel’ areas.”

    Now the MSM states NATO is in the service of “saving the people” since not everyone supports Gaddafi.

    But Barry Soetoro has only 26% of popular support.

    By logical extention I think NATO should start bombing Washington until the tyrant Obama capitulates and allows a government of the people take over USA.

    What’s good for the goose – is good for the gander.

    Nato please bomb the shit out of Washington D.C. until Obama and his oppressive regime are driven out and replaced by a government supported by the people of the USA.

    Barry, fair is fair.

    Get the fuck out!

    P.S. G.Duff is imdeed showing himself to be a disinfo agent of TPTB.

  3. “ten years of evidence has debunked the hijacker theory.” This is a direct quote from a VT article dated last Friday authored by Gordon Duff Titled “Staging of Major Terror Attack on US Evident: 9/11 Annivesary and Israeli UN Vote to Coincide” So why do you imply that he promotes the so called “hijacker theory” Chris?

    • He banned me for asking why he promotes SIbel Edmonds, chief promoter of the bullshit hijacker theory. Rather than explain himself he simply banned me. Maybe you should go ask him why he chose to promote obvious disinfo tool Sibel.

  4. I did a quick Google and a slow scan: here’s one from Age of Treason:
    I’m not sure about the fighting-back part. Duff states, right off the bat, that before 1993 he “was working for a nasty, unnamed government agency, writing the same kind of deceptive things I do today, apparently.” He then shares his suspicion that many of the VT writers and editors are on the payroll of intelligence agencies. Later he says half the staff are muslims and “the rest are jews”. He says he gets phone calls from Mossad people. He claims high level US military contacts and has tea regularly with the Pakistani/ISI elite.

    Are these things true? If they are, how does this reconcile with the heretical things he says concerning jews and Israel? UNQUOTE

    Note Duff say above he’s deceiving today like he did before…….freudian slip???

    Where else does he get space with something controversial?

    • Upon reflection it reminds me of Bush winning through SCOTUS intervention in the middle of Florida recounts. This is more like a rigged
      poker game for every day that goes.

      And the problem with these lists is: that from past trials we know that evidence declared classified for reasons of national security, are never FULLY examined, not even in closed security sessions, as part of the trial proceedings.
      So, points of relevance like who made the list (nominally) are kept secret, and their eventual bias, unreliability, demonstrable lies, etc are therefore prevented from being examined, and casting doubt on the reliability of the list.

      Read rest of Chomsky piece last night; where he cites an extract from 2001 National Security Strategy where the overall goal is stated to be roughly: achieving and showing such armed and nuclear power that
      NO ONE, singly or together will challenge our hegemony.
      A document apparently in the public domain.

      So threats such as above are certainly part of our “power”, which is useable against ALL (including we FIRST AMENDERS) enemies.
      Soon they’ll be declaring us to be enemy combatants too.
      Guantanamo here we come.

  5. Dimitri Khalezov tells the truth about 9/11. All you f*balls popping around the internet calling him disinfo are either total morons or real disinfo agents. Good news is that if you find yourself being a moron, you can fix that by watching the Dimitri Khalezov documentary interview and finally waking up.

  6. Note also that Gordon Duff’s acknowledged CIA connection George Tenet who he recently defended from 9/11 up accusations by Richard Clark is himself an Israeli and thus Rothschild and UK Lords prostitute .


    Former CIA Director Reaffirms United States’ “Strategic Relationship” With Israel In Fight Against Terrorism

    New York, NY, October 7, 2008 … George J. Tenet, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), said Israel’s security is at great peril, but that the United States and Israel have a “strategic relationship” and will “always be bound together.” Mr. Tenet delivered the remarks during an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) dinner in upstate New York, where he was honored by the League for his efforts to combat terrorism, extremism and injustice.

    “I knew that on 9/11 we had all become Israelis,” said Mr. Tenet. “Israel has seen people die in bus bombings, or sitting in cafes in Tel Aviv – now I’d seen it happen on our soil.”


    Also note that Gordon Duff’s Israeli colleague and Veterans Today ‘journalist’ Gilad Atzmon is related not only to Tzipi Livni but apparently the whole Israeli Atzmon crime and mass murder family of convicted,(in Israel),money launderer Menachem Atmon whose ICTS International stock fraud bought Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops and the contract out on Logan Airport Boston where according to official story the two planes that hit the WTC originated from ! Gordon Duff IS IN BED WITH ZIONIST MASS MURDERERS AND MONEY LAUNDERERS HIMSELF.IN FACT ,HE IS ONE ! :


    WTC,,9/11,Logan Airport Boston,VeteransToday Agent Provocateurs Gilad Atzmon,Gordon Duff,Menachem Atzmon, ICTS International

  7. In response to anthonyc,who says,’Dimitri Khalezov tells the truth about 9/11. All you f*balls popping around the internet calling him disinfo are either total morons or real disinfo agents.’,Ive finally stopped laughing long enough to reply.

    First I provide this link and brief quote from it and recommend that anyone wanting to know what Gordon Duff and Dimitri Khalezov are saying about the WTC being ‘nuked’ on 9/11and a good rebuttal to the claim to read it.However I particularly quote the part of the article about his claim to have met Michael Harari who is iunfamous for his role in the murder of an innocent Palestinian in Norway a few decades ago where he is still wanted for that tragedy although I guess from his stand point the only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian.Michael Harari later showed up in Central America as an Israeli agent during Iran Contra running guns and drugs and finally being Noriega’s right hand man in Panama doing more of the same apparently with George Herberg Walker Bush’s blessings because when he invaded Panama to overthrow his former busisness partner Noriega he also made sure that Michael Harari made it back to Israel safely.
    If Gordon Duff’s pal Dimitri Khalezov is or even was a friend of Michael
    Harari he can’t be trusted even if he pretends to be informing on him to add to his already weak credibity by beiung connected to Duff’s pal ex CIA George ‘We’re All Israelis Now” Tenet who is also infamous for his role in In-Q-Tel and Agora Inc stock fraud and money laundering against his own fellow Americans just as ‘bank expert’ ordon Duff appears to be !

    Note that ICTS International of Israeli Menachem Atzmon that was responsible for those planes that the U.S.government said hit the WTC in the first place has a very similar company name to another also incorporatated in Joe ‘Im a Catholic Zionist’ Biden’s state of Delaware
    called ICTS National and run coincidentally by other members of the Israeli Harari crime family,i.e.- Kami Harari and Rami Harari.There is also a Brig.General Harari and well as another terrorist suspect Harari running some pro Israel lobby in Canada of course……..


    The Dimitri Khalezov “WTC was nuked” hoax

    Revised 14 June, 2011

    For years, various disinformation agents have been attempting to
    sabotage the 9/11 truth movement with claims that “mini-nukes” or
    “nuclear devices” were used to demolish the World Trade Center…

    Khalezov claims to have had breakfast with Harari and his son on the
    morning of September 12, 2001, at 7:00 a.m. Bangkok time. The elder
    Harari was said to be “almost dancing”, and supposedly bragged of
    “organizing 9/11”. This little bit of disinformation from Khalezov is
    rather reminiscent of a story about a “conversation in Hebrew” that
    was promoted in 2006 by a certain Texas-based “patriot” who “supports
    the Jewish State of Israel” (listen to this video at 3:10), a
    “patriot” who readily admits his wife is of Jewish descent (1:34 in
    this video) and whose advertisers are Jewish. At 11:05, Khalezov says
    he “used to know some other Mossad agents in Bangkok”, who eventually
    introduced him to Mike Harari, who needed a Russian interpreter who
    understood weapons terminology.


    Veterans Today’s,et.al.’s Dmitri Khalezov has posted what I believe is
    disinfo re the ‘WTC being taken down by a nuke’.
    But of more interest and almost more believeable was his claim that
    Israeli Mike Harari of the Norway ‘wrong Palestinian assassination’
    crime as well as guns and drugs in the Iran Contra era in Central
    America which might be titled ‘Mike Harari from Norway to Noriega’,as
    he was protected by George Bush when he invaded Panama to imprison GHW
    Bush and Harari’s former partner Emanuel Noriega .
    Besides the 911 nuke theory Dmitri Khalezov also claims Harari was
    involved in 9/11.
    MORE interesting was my recent
    discovery that a number of Harari’s(Kami Harari,Rami Harari,et.al.)are
    part of a ‘company’ called ICTS National’ that like ICTS International
    was incorporated in Delaware with NY,Florida and of course Israeli
    connections in 1990.
    Is this in anyway related to Menachem Atzmon’s et.al.’s ICTS International ?
    ICTS Norway by the way acknowledges corp connection to both ICTS
    International as well as ICTS Europe meaning all 3 are the same
    thing.I only wonder if they are really active there and if they took
    part in the police security drill that supposedly took place on the
    day Anders
    Breivik went on his rampage ?
    Veterans Today’s JP Campbell who writes about Dmitri and Mike Harari
    and 9/11 is suspect in his own (far) right due to his Rhodesia
    mercenary past but that’s another story.Are ICTS National and ICTS
    International related or a coincidence ? If not a coincidence that
    brings Menachem
    Atzmon,et.al. of ICTS International and Mike Harari of Norway
    Palestinian assasination infamy are pretty close together doesn’t it


    Icts National Services Inc.
    Updated 6/22/2011 – This profile of Icts National Services Inc. was
    created using data from California Secretary of State and Florida
    Department of State
    Company Reports from Dun & Bradstreet


    Issachrroff, Dan
    Harari Kami
    Rami Harari

    Connection Visualizer – Click an icon below to explore!

    Icts National Services Inc.
    Icts National Services Inc. Icts National Services Inc. has a location
    in New York, NY. Active officers include Harari Kami, Rami Harari and
    Issachrroff, Dan.

    Filings: Foreign for Profit Corporation (FL – Inactive)
    Statement & Designation By Foreign Corporation (CA – Inactive)
    Sources: California Secretary of State last refreshed Wednesday,
    March 30, 2011
    Florida Department of State last refreshed Wednesday, June 22, 2011

  8. I like your website so I thought I’d warn you about Deep Capture and Overstock.con and Geico billionaire son Patrick Byrne who owns and operates both Deep Capture and ex WSJ and CSJ ‘reporter’ Mark Mitchell.They repeat CIA connected Agora Inc.’s and National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson’s lie about stocks such as Overstock.com and the mortgage scam called NFI or Nova Star Financial and myriad worthless penny stocks(whose shares are or were used for for illegal pumps and dumps and insider manipulations and money laundering) being instead victims of ‘naked short selling’ or ‘naked shorting’ over and over and over with the philosophy that if you repeat a lie lomg enough…….
    In fact I could show you how Bud Burrell who used to threaten my life on thesanitycheck.com also funded by Deep Capture’s Patrick Byrne,and I believe James Dale Davidson,is also connected with – believe it or not,Gordon Duff – and they met in Arizona a while back with old ‘military’ pals in Arizona to discuss penny stocks and money laundering no doubt !
    For a laugh here’s what Mark Mitchell and Deep Capture have to say about me.And Bud Burrell’s CFRN or Christian Financial Radio Network appears connected to Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio !And Burrell is also connected to a Rothschild attorney nameed Andrew Greystoke recently fined for a stock fraud in the UK THEY WERE BOTH PART OF.called PRIVATE TRADING SYSTEMS PLC.:


    The Story of Deep Capture by Mark Mitchell, Part 16
    Sat Jul 5, 2008 5:08 AM EDT
    business, theft, sec, economic-crisis, naked-short-selling, overstock-com, dtcc, patrick-byrne, strategic-failure-to-deliver, joe-nocera, regulatory-capture, deep-capture, herb-greenberg, dan-colarusso

    here are a few journalists whom we have not yet mentioned.

    One is Chris Byron, a columnist for The New York Post. Byron has insisted that phantom stock is not a problem. He has accused Patrick of being a conspiracy theorist. And he has written a column, “Gagging the Market,” in which he argues that Amr Elgindy’s prosecution for bribing FBI officials and manipulating stocks is a threat to the free speech of short-sellers and their media allies.

    In April 2006, while the Media Mob is at the height of its anti-Patrick Byrne hysterics, Byron publishes a story alleging that a “CIA front operation continues to funnel agency money into penny stock and micro-cap companies in Wall Street’s murkiest back alleys.”

    The only source Byron names in his story is the “tireless complainant,” Tony Ryals.

    Tony Ryals lives in a hut in Guatemala. On most mornings, he walks to a nearby internet café and begins writing – sometimes for stretches of more than 24 hours. He has, indeed, become one of the most widely published human beings on the planet. It seems almost impossible to achieve such prolificacy – thousands of long-winded screeds, most of them posted on Indymedia, a collection of websites that publish anything by anybody.

    The vast majority of Ryal’s rants concern Patrick Byrne. Depending on his mood, he writes that Patrick is linked to stock frauds, boiler room operations, the death of Vince Foster, Skull & Bones, Osama bin Laden, or the Israeli government.

    “To see my latest,” Ryals says in a recent message board post, “You can google ‘israeli prime minister ehud olmert stock fraud orthodox jews gay prostitutes.'”……….

    ha ha ha ha heee ha ha heeeee
    Tony Ryals

  9. Because my reply to Gordon Duff’s most recent hypocritical ‘editorial’,in which he pretends to befriend the Wall Street protesters while in fact he is part of the international stock fraud and money laundering criminals who disappeared Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and myriad other shorted and manipulated stock shares into money in his and his pals’ offshore accounts will never see the light of day on his fraudulent ‘veterans’ website, I decided to post it here with a link to his most recent self serving dribble.I’m sure 40 years ago Mr.Duff must have been protesting the Viet Nam war rather than the war profiteering ‘work’ he does today.

    A Short Note to Readers
    A Rare Opportunity

    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
    I have waited 40 years to see young people on the streets. I don’t care if they all understand economics or that maybe Wall Street itself may not be the center of all evil in the world. What I see and many don’t is that this is going on around the world, Americans are getting suppressed news.
    These kids, anyone under 50 is a kid to me, make me proud. We have sent vets to help protect them by shaming police. It has worked, not perfectly but some…….. – Gordon Duff

    Dear Gordon Duff,
    How could a penny stock fraudster and Bud Burrell and George Tenet associate and money launderer like you pretend to want justice for Wall Street protesters ? That would mean that you would be jailed ? You must be opposed to and fighting Agora Inc and In/Q/Tel and CIA stock fraud money laundering as well ? Sure…..By the way, Wall Street criminals are now just internet criminals because Wall Street doesn’t really exist since internet stock manipulation and fraud has replaced it regardless of the fact that Americans’ real enemies such as Sheikh Mohamed al Rashid bin Maktoum of Dubai with his 20 percent plus ownership of NASDAQ and the anonymous billionaire criminals who bought the NYSD and located in Germany for their own reasons are the ones who really control it.
    When are you going to ask your lard ass butt buddy in Arizona, Bud Burrell, of CFRN or Christian Financial Radio Network with his Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Geico billionaire son Patrick Byrne of Overstock.con and ex FBI Houston office crime boss Don Clark of the botched 1993 WTC ‘investigation’ and Rothschild money laundering attorney Andrew Greystoke connections and myriad stock fraud and financial frauds against us to apologize and rescind his death threats against me and return money he stole in stock frauds to us? Same goes for your scum sucking CIA money laundering and 911 cover up buddy George Tenet with his AIPAC CONNECTIONS…
    Maybe you should explain your ‘work’ in the ‘banking business’ while you are at it.
    Tony Ryals

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