Steven Jones Flashback: The War Against Cold Fusion

In this episode of “Steven Jones Flashback”, our hero, Steven Jones, took a little tip from the Department of Energy (then under the regime of oil-man George H. W. Bush?) and proceeded to hastily put together his own sinkable version of the Ponds-Fleishman cold fusion discovery, denounced their claims of excess heat, and helped pave the way for the eventual dismissal of the government funding of the research (well, the MIT false negative study didn’t help either) by forcing Ponds and Fleishman to present their findings before the peer-review process was complete.  The science is now being studied and many peer-reviewed papers have been written about it.  Whether it was or was not the revolution Ponds and Fleishman thought they had found, the Truth is… our hero, Steven Jones, was there to do the bidding of the hot fusion researchers and the oil executives like George H. W. Bush and help submarine the study with his own flawed “research”.  BP thanks you, Steven Jones. BP and of course all those Rockefellers hooked up with Exxon Mobil… they thank you as well.


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  1. I saw this before, but I missed the mention of Jones who apparently was among the first to mount an attack on P&F. This scientific suppression is a betrayel of science, all living things and beings, and the earth itself.

    Whether the motivation is status quo maintenance in science, job/grant money security, or the perpetuation of fossil fuel dependance makes no difference. The environmental degradation and loss of life continues while this technology could well have been fully developed and implemented by now. Even if the slightest encouraging evidence was produced, and experimental results are well beyond slight, it should be a top priority for investigation.

    Instead, they profer only alternatives that are insufficient and unreliable while they make plans for the vastly more dangerous and environmentally detrimental form of nuclear power. Those responsible for burying this work are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity on an immeasurable scale.

  2. Once a gatekeeper, always a gatekeeper.

    So what else is Jones trying to keep hidden? Surely not just the use of conventional explosives in the tower demolitions? His thermite theories haven’t brought us any closer to a new investigation and I don’t think the verified presence of conventional demolition explosives would either because the system is still rigged to keep that from happening. You could take the evidence to Congress, the justice dept., state attorney generals, etc. and as of right now nothing would happen but ridicule and fake replications of tests just as happened with cold fusion.

    There’s a deeper agenda of cover up going on here with Jones just as it is in varying ways with most of the rest of the so called leaders in the truth movement. And it’s very frustrating to those of us who only want the truth and the criminals brought to justice.

    As an aside there’s a symposium on “Debunking the ‘War on Terror'” this Wed. in London with an interesting mix of Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barret, Gilad Atzmon and Kenneth O’Keefe. Maybe there will be transcripts and videos available later this week.

  3. May I submit a modified version of the cognitive infiltration strategy for public approval. Discuss.

    We suggest a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who undermine relevant conspiracy theories: cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, like government agencies or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) to undermine the distorted epistemology of deceivers by planting doubts about the diversionary theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups and among their naive targets, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity.

  4. I agree with you Kenny, to a point. But look at it this way…. you are conflating two seperate roles, the role of the forensic investigator and the role of the prosecutor.

    It’s understandable. That’s what we all do to a point in this movement.

    But let’s take one role at a time… say, the prosecutor.

    I know personally at least 50 people who took Jones’ “nanothermite” paper to their local representatives, city councils, attorney generals, even police departments… they presented it as evidence, in all honesty and with the best intentions, and they waited diligently for a positive reply.

    none was forthcoming.

    Now, as a prosecutor, they had the right idea: they took their best physical evidence, combined it with much of the circumstantial evidence compiled by Chandler, Gage, and Griffin (and others) and they presented what they thought was a solid case.

    When that case was ultimately rejected they (like you are now) assumed the worse… that no matter WHAT no one will attempt to carry the mantel forward into the heat of battle with us on a official level.

    Unfortunately they (like myself at the time) didn’t realize that once they dropped off the “nanothermite” paper, it was reviewed by experts in the attorney’s office or connected with the congressmen… and they told them the paper was bunk.

    because it was (according to the editor of the Bentham publishing house who quit over the “political” aspects of the publication of the nanothermite paper)

    so really… when you think about it… have we really been rejected by all those politicians and authority figures? or have they been waiting for something that will hold up in court and not make them laughing stocks?

    Now, that is the role of the prosecutor that we have all been trying to figure out during this process…

    THE PROBLEM is that not ENOUGH of us have been looking to fill the role of the forensic investigator.

    Look… you can have all the proof of motive and opportunity in the world, but without the MEANS, without the physical proof that a crime was committed, your NEVER going to get a new investigation.

    That’s what Jones et al was supposed to provide for us… that is what his entire distraction was all about… to convince us that we had “the smoking gun” while at the same time, make it vague enough to never be taken seriously in a court of law.

    That way, when it’s all said and done, we never tested for high explosive residue AND we THINK there is no reason to do so, because nothing would happen anyway.

    When in reality: nothing happened BECAUSE we never had REAL evidence.

    You combine the circumstantial evidence provided by the historians and the investigators of the politics of the event like Griffin, Parenti, William Black, Harold Pinter, with the demonstrations of the failures of the NIST investigations like those done by Gage and Chandler … WITH hard physical evidence of the use of massive amounts of REAL high explosives in that Ground Zero dust…

    and then I think we would have a completely new ball game.

    But even still, and this is where the obvious obfuscation of someone like “Gregg” Roberts falls apart, even still… even if we can’t play the role of prosecutor AND investigator all at once…

    … the point of the Truth Movement is to get to the Truth. To find out, to the best of our abilities, EXACTLY what happened that day.

    The use of “nanothermite’ limits the range of suspects to just the “super secret military” which of course, you will NEVER be able to pin down… (that is by design of course)

    However… the use of conventional high explosives opens up a RANGE of possibilities, now doesn’t it?

    Look… if ONE part of this fake official conspiracy theory starts to really fall apart, if people start getting scared that others might start talking, what do you think they are going to do? especially a group of weasels like these? cut deals…

    if one part falls apart… ALL OF IT falls apart… and THAT is what Jones is trying to keep hidden… or at least Jones’ handlers.

    Perhaps the real question is “Why would BYU pay so much money to create this “nanothermite” red herring in the first place?’ “What do they have to do with all of this?”

    It doesn’t matter what happens with the evidence in the end. Our role as the Truth movement, contrary to what “Gregg” Roberts once said, is NOT “PR-public relations”…

    … our role is to get to the Truth… THEN we take steps to do something with it.

    Jones and his crew set us back. We got knocked down. The question is, are we going to get back up or just lay there.

    (BTW. thanks for the link. I look forward to watching that)

  5. Only top-down solutions will be accepted because they are the only ones that allow a small group to maintain control while reaping piles of money.

    Bottom-up solutions diffuse control and liberate the masses. We can’t have THAT now, can we?

  6. 9-11 Truth is hard to find, unless you let the spooks show you the way. Sorry the 3 links are dead.

    Former BYU physics professor, Steven Jones, has done research at
    Los Alamos where directed energy weapons are researched.…ic/jones_cv.htm

    Jones steered the “truth movement” toward thermite/conventional
    explosives/molten metal theories. Jones’ molten metal evidence has
    been shown to be fabricated.…id=91&Itemid=60

    Jones ridicules the directed energy weapon and TV-Fakery theories with
    statements such as ”These two are noted for their
    no-planes-hit-the-Towers theories and for promoting the notion of
    ray-beams from space knocking down the Towers.”

    the jones brothers

  7. When I first learned that Steven Jones was responsible (partly, along with MIT and the Department of Energy) for the demise of cold fusion/LENR, I knew he was up to no good in the 9/11 Truth movement. I first heard of him through 9/11 Truth, but rarely do I see people who are familiar with his previous work in the fusion community.

    New Energy Times has an excellent expose on Jones’ role in cold fusion here:

    That website is pretty well researched. It cleared up misconceptions I had about cold fusion — namely that it’s not a fusion process, but rather another nuclear-scale process which appears to produce excess heat (via weak interactions with the nuclei).

    Glad to see someone else sees through the Jones fraud for what it is.


    • thanks and thanks for the link. I figured him out once I realized his “nanothermite” study was a distraction. then I took a look at who he was partnered with (“ray beams from space” Wood and “no planes” Reynolds) and I figured him out. That’s when I started doing more research on him and found out about a similar role he played with the cold fusion story a while ago. You know, I also figured out when he first hit the Truth scene, there were a lot of activists who saw him for what he was immediately. I think he was pretty much the end of the movement. Guess the Bush admin and BYU got their money’s worth out of him.

      • You’re welcome!

        And yeah…the “nanothermite” distraction has such a strong grip on the Truth movement. I mean if the Truth movement were to be polled about what brought down the towers, I would say 30-50% would believe it was thermite.

        BYU definitely got its money’s worth.

        • i still hear the word “thermite” popping up in otherwise good, well researched videos on 9/11. Makes me sick. I guess that’s what he created it for.

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