From “Car Fire” To Foiled Homegrown Terrorism: MSNBC Changes Their Story on the Green SUV Once the Politicians Got Involved

by Scott Creighton    

Detonator? What detonator?

***UPDATE 4*** –  On MSNBC’s Today Show, the talking heads said there was  a “detonator” in the SUV.  They said that even though they showed the official contents of the SUV as reported by the NYPD official, and no detonator was listed…  

The guest on the show just goes on and on about all the horror that COULD have happened… but he doesn’t understand why the bomb didn’t go off… (maybe “the smoke defused it”) 

***UPDATE 3*** IT’S JUST SO FUCKING STUPID!!! I CAN”T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!  Here is the story as it was related by a CNN “reporter” on their “news” show a little while ago… follow along now… this is good…  


Dumbest reporter EVER

According to this “reporter” a police official told her… “it’s possible that the smoke from the fireworks SOMEHOW DEFUSED THE PROPANE INSIDE THE SUV AND THAT IS WHY IT DIDN’T BLOW UP”    

uh…. her story, that she goes on to explain, is that the “terrorist” lit the fuse… (I guess while inside the fucking PROPANE FILLED SUV)… tossed the firecracker on the seat… then left… the BURNING FUSE didn’t ignite the propane SOMEHOW… and the SMOKE from the firecracker… SOMEHOW FUCKING DEFUSED THE PROPANE GAS IN THE AIR…   


All of that means the propane didn’t ignite because the propane tanks were either not open, or completely empty.

It’s just so goddamn stupid…  

Green SUV and his partner's HotDog Stand...

***UPDATE 1***  

Guess what I found? One of CNN’s first interviews on the scene is a guy named Hamid Baubaln and he is … a hotdog vender, who was on the corner of 45th and 7th avenue… he said his “partner came” because it was Hamid’s break time… and he was sitting “facing the car”… (so it was right there)… he said the SUV was less than 15 feet from his hotdog stand… hahahahaha… was it his “partner” bringing him some supplies and giving him a break so he could eat who was parked with the engine running and the lights flashing? Just a thought….   

The Shopping Terrorist

***UPDATE 2*** “The Shopping Terrorist“… A photo of the bomb squad technician removing a brand new looking large box from the SUV… what’s in that box? Looks like the “terrorist” went shopping prior to leaving his “car bomb” at the scene… who goes out and buys a large item, then leaves it in the car to get blown up? what kind of sense does that make?  Is anyone paying attention to this shit at MSNBC or do they just repeat whatever the “officials” tell them?   

———— original—————    

Does Bloomberg take a podium everywhere he goes? Just look at that product placement

The reports were coming in fast and furious last night. The dark SUV in Times Square was all over the news. Everyone watched as that stupid little robot rolled up to the window and earned its million dollar cost to the taxpayer by breaking out the windows and removing various “stuff” from a vehicle parked on the side of the road. The talking heads on CNN and MSNBC were all beside themselves trying to make the best out of the unexpected viewers. They were droning on and on about this terrorist attack and that terrorist attack. They all tried to sound like a counter-terrorism expert because that would certainly earn them more time on the air. But just like NASCAR fans, they were there hoping for the big crash. They were all hoping that the device would go off while they had the spotlight and they would have their big “Hindenburg” moment of broadcast history.    

But the car wasn’t even smoking while the camera were rolling. No fire. No boom.  Nothing.    

So they droned on and on for hours as the story leaked out to the less glamorous press: not terrorism. MSNBC ran a written article about the whole thing that had just been updated at 12:47 am, quoting several different federal officials and first responders who were on the scene as saying it was NOT an act of terrorism, but rather simply a small car fire.  But somehow I just knew that story wouldn’t do for the politicians what they wanted it to do, “somehow” I just knew they would change the whole thing.  So this morning I get up, and the whole is “terrorism” again.  MSNBC changed their article and Mayor Bloomberg is contradicting everything anyone says about the event.     

The entire event was broadcast live for 6 hours on just about every news channel there is.  A vender’s car-fire causing the heart of New York City to come to a stand still makes the officials there look like overreacting “chicken littles” who can’t tell a car-fire from 9/11.  But a foiled “homegrown terrorist” bombing attempt makes them look like heroes who need even more money for even bigger toys because that “endless war on terror” is still very much a “hot war”.    

Times Square Vending Cart

(I can tell you right now, I lived in Manhattan for about 6 years and I actually worked on Gansevoort St. right across from a warehouse that the hot-dog and bagel venders kept their carts in. Every day at about 6-7 pm, these SUVs would show up, over and over again, towing the big stainless steel hot-dog carts.  The venders used SUVs because they could also carry supplies and were lockable (as opposed to an open bed pick-up truck). The hot-dog carts use propane tanks as fuel to keep the hot-dogs warm.  The SUVs would drop off the carts and run off real quick to go get others from their various locations around the city. The reason they had gas cans in the SUVs is because they drove around so much in Manhattan traffic, they needed the emergency gasoline in case they got stuck in a traffic jam.  As far as the “black metal box” that resembled a gun-locker is concerned, that’s a cash box, a lockable cash box they use to keep cash in… not hard to figure out.    

Even the clock with a wire attached to it is easy to figure out. Many of these venders used by the companies to man these carts are dirt-poor, many of them working for 2 or 3 dollars and hour, if that, off the books.  They just came to the country, legally or not, they are being taken advantage of, and some might not even have a watch.  So what the cart pick-up guy with the SUV has to do if they don’t have a watch is leave a clock with them so that they can start to prep the cart before he returns to pick them up. If they aren’t ready to go when the pick-up guy gets there, then that throws the timing all off. That costs money. So what they do is leave a cheap alarm clock with the vendor if he doesn’t have a watch and it has a piece of wire on it which they can use to fix the clock to the umbrella stand.    

Even the illegal aspect of the SUV fits this theory.    

There are a lot of illegal cars in the big city. Vehicle insurance for a hot-dog vending company in New York City must cost a fortune so they pay insurance on a couple of legal cars to make it all look legit, but in reality they need more pick-up vehicles than they can afford to pay insurance on.  So… they “contract’ some of the guys to use their own vehicles, where-ever they get them, and they have to provide assurances they have insurance.  So, an industrious new immigrant decides to stop standing around a smelly hot-dog cart all day and he “acquires” an SUV so he can move up the company ladder.     

Now, imagine what that guy was thinking when he went out to his SUV and found 10 cops and bomb sniffing dogs all around his illegal car.  People were running down the street, cops looked scared, and there he is, barely able to speak english, and he had just arrived from Pakistan… maybe even with no Green Card in his pocket.  What the fuck do you think he is going to do? Walk up to a New York City cop and tell him it’s his truck? Or slip off into the crowd and hope he can find another under-the-table job?    

I promise you… they found vending supplies in that vehicle… cases of soda, chips, hotdogs and buns… but you will NEVER hear about that… not now that the politicians are involved.)    

Now that is probably what happened, just for the record… but let’s take a look at how the story changed overnight from a non-terrorist carfire into the biggest foiled Domestic Terrorism act in a decade….    

“Area evacuated; federal official tells N.Y. Times it’s not terrorist threat MSNBC 12:47 am    

At 12:47 am, after 6 hours of non-stop “terrorism” coverage,  MSNBC had concluded that the event was not a terrorist event. They hadn’t come to that conclusion on their own.    

But the New York Times reported that a federal official said the incident was not considered a terrorist threat.“… “Other emergency personnel on the scene called the incident a “car fire.””  MSNBC 12:47 am    

Since I just had this strange feeling that the politicos wouldn’t let a good opportunity like this pass by, I copied and pasted the entire MSNBC article into a Word document before going to sleep. This morning, that story is gone and all the questions about whether or not this event was “terrorism” are gone with it.  Now, it is clearly an act of homegrown terrorism.  See what happens when the politicians get involved?    

Mayor Bloomberg can’t seem to get his story straight yet though. Either that or the rest of the propaganda mill hasn’t quite picked up on his efforts to control the narrative. Take for instance the quality of the “bomb” itself. Everyone else says it was “amateurish”, even Bloomberg said that at one point. But that story just won’t do… so Bloomberg changed it.    

Bloomberg called the explosive device “amateurish” but potentially deadly, noting: “We are very lucky.” New MSNBC Story    

Police found an “amateurish” but potentially powerful bomb in a smoking sport utility vehicle in Times Square… New MSNBC Story    

The wiring around the device “was nothing that looked amateurish,” Bloomberg saidCNN Story    

At one minute the device looked “amateurish” to the good mayor, then all of a sudden it looked like nothing that was “amateurish”.  But that wasn’t the only contradiction that the good billionaire mayor would make…    

The officer, who did not give his name because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said a man was seen fleeing the vehicle. MSNBC 12:47 am    

So far, we have no reports of anybody running away (from the car),” Bloomberg said.    

Well, there’s one report…    

New York Governor David Paterson is also calling this an act of terrorism and using the spotlight to praise the counter terrorism task force.    

New York Governor David Paterson called the incident an “act of  terrorism.”    

“Luckily, no one is hurt, and now the full attention of city, state and federal law enforcement will be turned to bringing the guilty party to justice in this act of terrorism,” he said in a statement.  MSNBC    

Even Obama had to get into the act…    

President Barack Obama, who attended the annual gala, praised the quick response by the New York Police Department, White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said.    

He has also directed his homeland security and counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, to advise New York officials that the federal government is prepared to provide support. MSNBC    

(Notice that Obama has Bush’s old ex-CIA big wig, John Brennon on the scene and still on his staff. This career CIA bureaucrat will be sure to get to the bottom of this. And I am sure he will do it in a way that doesn’t take into consideration that a foiled homegrown terrorist act will be a boom for the Domestic Security industry that his old company,  The Analysis Corporation would be able to profit from… I sure he isn’t like that at all…)    

In short, the politicians got involved and the story has changed. Gone are the statements from the first responders and gone is the statement that this was not a terrorist act.    

But what do you expect?  There is nothing to gain from a story about an city-wide official overreaction to an illegal SUV owned by a hot-dog vender while there is a lot to be gained by turning it into a foiled act of Domestic Terror.     

In the first case, you might even find business owners suing the city for needless loss of revenue on a Saturday night.  But with the other narrative, the City that Never Sleeps gets an influx of counter-terrorism money.    

The ways they can use the second story are endless. The spotlight leaves that sticky little mess in the Gulf and politicians will soon be using the illegal nature of the vehicle to press for the passage of the Real ID act or some other god-awful law.    

The point is, take any event, any one at all, and let these lying conniving politicians get their hands on it with their PR (propaganda) specialists, and they will turn it into whatever serves their interests. Period. And if you don’t pay attention, if you don’t copy and paste the early stage reporting, it’s lost into the void of the internet, never to be seen again.  In the post 9/11 world, nothing is what it seems. Everything serves a greater purpose to these criminals and the truth is always the first casualty.

25 Responses

  1. Apparently they found “fire crackers” in the car(saw a report on NBC news this morning confirming that). Be afraid!!!!!!!

  2. You are right. I should have mentioned that.. it went from “a canister of black power” to “firecrackers”

  3. Thank-you for having the foresight to save the rhetoric from last nite, so you can substantiate today, what fools these gov hacks are. If this wasen’t actually so dangerious an implication, in the long term, it would be laughible. But im not fuckin laughin. Cause it ain’t fucking funny.

    Keep it going today. Post what you got everywhere you can. They can’t argu with solid evidence.


  4. I’m almost disappointed that it wasn’t another episode of Umar Fizzlepants. Just enough smoke to attract attention without anyone getting hurt.

    Great work Willy

    PS: I took the liberty of referencing your article on ATS

  5. That’s funny,… he probably did not have a drivers lic….. or permit for vending…

  6. I hope you’re sitting down for this one:

    “Police in New York are investigating whether a car bomb in Times Square was targeted at the makers of South Park over a controversial depiction of the Prophet Mohammed. ”



  7. I saw that earlier Katin. That’s funny. They will try anything won’t they.




  10. Bet they cost more too, (TTA)C ! 🙂

  11. BBC reports that “Duane Jackson, a 58-year-old handbag vendor, said he had spotted the car parked illegally and when he examined it he saw keys in the ignition with about 20 keys on a ring.”

    Hope the terrorist hot-dog had a spare set of keys, otherwise he’s locked out. Thanks for the great investigative work.




  13. Interresting news is blooberg realy that rich ? i always thought he is a kind of goveneur from new york ore something sounds fantastic to be in politics and in the economy

  14. yeah.. I think there’s acctualy a policitan behind the media.. Am I right?

  15. Very nice article.. worth reading it. Thank you for posting such a nice good!!!!!

  16. sandhiez;

    Well, sometimes there is… that is true.

    Remember when the Bush/Cheney administration fed false intel to the New York Times and then quoted the Times on a Sunday morning talkshow during the lead-up to the Iraq War? In that case they used the media to make people think there was a consensus of opinion about WMDs in Iraq, but in fact, the entire bullshit story all came from the same office.

    But other times, they don’t need to be told by a politicain what angle to take on a story… for example…

    The Times just did a piece saying that the BP oil-spill in the Gulf is bad… but not THAT bad…

    Now, they didn’t need to be told to start to sugarcoat this ecological disaster, they just did it.

    Major corporations will always look after other major corporations and the industry they represent. Especially oil. Look at how reletively polite the media handled the coal mining accident… reports started coming out (from smaller independent media) about all the safety violations at that mine, they had the funnerals, and “whammo”…. the MSM stopped talking about it altogether. You would think that would be a big story, with all the accusations of safety violations leading up to the bing mining tragedy, but no…. the story is dead and gone.

    The media giants don’t always need to be told what strings to pull when it comes to supporting the neoliberalization of this nation. They will support the process without being given talking points.

    On the other hand, when it comes to “the official story” of anything these days, like events like this one, that is ALL they do…. no one, and I mean NO ONE from the MSM does ANY KIND of investigational journalism anymore….

    they sit around and they wait till some government spokesman comes out and tells them what to say…

    they are nothing more than stenographers in that case. Even when the story is completely idiotic.

  17. Stunning photos and a really interesting and well thought out post. many thanks, and Im glad I came across such a good read on my random google search! Will be back for more.


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  19. You are right. I should have mentioned that.. it went from “a canister of black power” to “firecrackers”

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