Umar Fizzlepants Update Including a Picture of the “Burned” Seat

by Scott Creighton  

***UPDATE*** As it turns out, the photo of the seat section where Umar Fizzlepants was supposed to have ignited his “sparkler of terror” is even more fraudulent than I first reported. You see, Umar (or the poor Sudanese refugee playing the role of Umar) was seated in 19A… the picture is of 19B, the seat NEXT to Umars. You can see a little of 19A in the upper left part of the picture (below) and the seat is clearly undamaged.  The FLOOR however looks like something happened to it, but the seat where the supposed “Underwear Bomb” was, is not damaged at all.  Now why would they go through the hassle of taking a picture of the damage Umar caused, then not include the damaged seat in the shot (or edit it out later)? Answer: because the seat wasn’t damaged and they didn’t want you to see that. 


Yes, the son of one of the wealthiest men in Africa has a public defender representing him in Detroit. Yes, he is facing life in prison for his sizzling seat-theater performance onboard Flight 253,  BUT…  

Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, has said Abdulmutallab would be offered a plea deal in exchange for valuable information about his contacts in Yemen and elsewhereMSNBC  

So now people all over the world will be arrested under those new guidelines, while the only evidence against them will be “Umar Fizzlepants said so”.  And that’s it. He won’t even have to say it directly in court in front of the person he is allegedly accusing… the “good word” of the FBI and the CIA will be enough. As long as some undisclosed CIA agent reports that one of their contractor interrogators told him that “Umar Fizzlepants” said I was a terrorist… that’s all it takes in America these days.  


Yes, that is valuable information for someone looking to portray every revolutionary, union leader, or vocal government critic in Yemen as a member of “Al Qaeda” (or just innocent civilians they happen to kill).   

I wonder if they will pay him $950,000 like they paid the guy who made up the “Al Qaeda” story for the government back in 2001? Just look how valuable that information turned out to be. No. They didn’t stop any terrorist attacks, but they did fire up a trillion dollar cottage industry. They were able to list the Central Bank of Iceland right along side Al Qaeda as a terrorist organization in order to undermine their economy for a while.  

Outside the courtroom where Umar Fizzlepants pled “not guilty” to the charges, an American citizen was just begging to hand over his civil liberties.  

Earlier in the day, authorities set up metal barricades outside the courthouse and limited foot traffic in the area. A protester stood holding a sign that read: “No U.S. Rights For Terrorists.”  CBS News  

Probably just a CIA guy pulling some overtime.  

There were no pictures of Umar taken inside the courtroom or anywhere outside it for that matter.  So right now, all we have is the “good word” of those helpful FBI and CIA types as far as Umar’s identity is concerned. Oh, well, we do have that one picture of him on the plane where they blurred out his face… for some reason.    

Why did they blur his face?


They did release a court sketch artists interpretation of Umar Fizzlepants.  

Best photographic evidence of Umar


I have finally found a picture of the seat in which Umar was sitting in.  Now remember that one of the witnesses, the guy who turned out to be the “hero” of the day, said that flames were shooting up head level and that he couldn’t put the fire out himself so others had to use extinguishers.  Remember that? Here is a picture shown by MSNBC in a story they did on the “not guilty” verdict.  

Umar's seat


There are several problems with this photo. The first being that the seat isn’t burned. There might be a little discoloration but it’s impossible to tell with those fire extinguishers lying there.  Another problem that I see right off the bat is that while you can clearly see the chemical residue of the extinguishers on the floor (white residue) you can’t see it on the seat, on the seat next to it, on the armrest, or even on Umar’s jacket. Remember, this was supposed to be a serious fire on-board the plane, or at least that is how the “hero” described it.  Yet, I don’t see anything burned. Do you?  One more thing, look at the seat in front of Umars.  Where is the seat that is supposed to be to the left of it? It almost looks like that seat is gone.  

When you watch the video of the CNN  interview with Jasper Schuringa a couple things he says stands out. He mentions something “under” Umar’s seat on fire and the interviewer even asks him about that. Later he mentions that he heard a “pop” and “smoke started filling up UNDER” the “suspect. Under his seat?  

Jasper also deliberately ignored the interviewers question about the picture that had surfaced taken on the plane while the cops were there and apparently after all the other passengers had left. Turns out Jasper did take the photo and sold it to CNN.  

If you watch the whole video (which CNN seems to have removed from their site) you notice after about 5 minutes that someone off camera in Miami is coaching Jasper. It becomes so obvious at one time around the 6:25 mark into the video, Jasper is asked about the suspects frame of mind, and Jasper starts going into the answer, looks up a bit, and reacting to someone off camera suddenly stops and says “I don’t want to talk about that”.  He had been saying that the suspect seemed as if he was in a “trance”.  That’s pretty odd, don’t you think?  


16 Responses

  1. The picture of HOT-PANTY was taken within a 747 (look at the seats), but flight 253 was an Airbus A330. Jasper THE HERO probably is a SIM or an actor. His name at least does not exist in Amsterdam, nor his video company.

    September Clues

  2. That was one strange interview. I’m not convinced he’s acting though – I just think that he was extremely nervous. But then again, even considering tha, none of this story adds up and there was a lot of conflicting information/statements. Maybe he just finished smoking some stuff he brought over from Amsterdam and couldn’t keep his thoughts straight. Hard to say really.

    Now, about mr fizzlepants – how is it he can be in court so soon after nearly burning his balls off? That one doesn’t add up for me.

    What happened to the video of umar throughout the flight – with all the technology for surveilance you think they could produce this guy in a fucking hearbeat..

    This whole story is just too damn fucked up. It seems these assholes will stop at nothing.

    Uranus, I’m curious as to how you can tell just from these pictures what type of plane it is.

    I’m also curious about these “head level” flames – I thought these seats have enough flame retardant to drown a person in.

    Willy, got your email – no problem we can try tonight after I’ve had a good day’s sleep – I just put in almost 10 hrs straight. It’s a bit easier the second time around, and more fun, but still time consuming!!



  3. It seem to me that someone BEHIND THE CAMERA is telling him what to say or not to say.


    Kurt Huskell also said the ‘Bomber” looked like drugged.

  4. AJ. I have been wondering about that my self….. seems the kid should still be in the hospital.

  5. lennon;

    that is exactly my take as well. Especially when he starts talking about the guy being in a trance. It’s obvious at that point someone next to the camera is telling him to STFU.

    Yes, several people reported that the guy looked drugged. That he needed help getting through the airport and that a flight attendant actually helped him board the plane.

    The Danish security agency says they reviewed 200 hours of security tapes and that no one helped Umar get through check-inor board the plane and Kurt Haskell has challenged them to produce the videos so that everyone can see Umar get on the plane himself and check in himself, but so far, no videos are being released.

    After all this time, it my opion that the poor guy on Flight 253 is not Umar. I believe Umar left Yemen when the school took him to the airport and this whole thing has been concocted by the CIA and Umar’s daddy using a stand-in for Umar… some refugee from Sudan or somewhere. They promised him a job in America, drugged him, stuck him in that seat, triggered the pyrotecnics display, pre-placed Jasper 4 seats away to play the role of the “hero” of Flight 253, filmed the whole thing.

    That’s what the evidence is pointing to so far.

  6. […] January 9, 2010 by disinter More questions arise about the latest government false flag and their patsy Umar Fizzlepants. The seat he was sitting in shows no signs of a fire. […]

  7. I just had another look at that video. He certainly was nervous, but things got really weird about 6 minutes into it. I think it was you willy who mentioned that it looked like he was being coached, and it certainly looks to be the case at least at that point in time. With those two questions he got really jittery and wanted to end the interview.

    Very strange indeed.

    This story is sizzlin, isn’t it Jan? You’d think he’d have 2nd or third degree burns and an arraignment that soon would be highly unlikely. This story just does not add up.

    Anybody else hear about another passenger taken into custody after bomb sniffing dogs appeared to have discovered something? Things are just beginning to get interesting.

    To divert the lazy media away from:
    9//11 facts,
    official terrier-ists (sic) and ???


    What do:

    * Richard Reid (the shoe bomber – captured on December 22, 2001),

    * Saddam’s ‘Capture’ (“We’ve got him,” but, according to his wife, “That’s not my husband!”) reported on 14 December, 2003,

    * Might be Saddam’s, ‘execution’ on December 30, 2006),

    * Auschwitz-gate’s ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ sign (“stolen18 Dec 2009”, with a replacement already prepared) and

    * Farouk Abdul Mutallab (the undie bomber – captured on 25 Dec. 2009) –

    all have in common?


    ‘Merriest Terrorist Christmas’ Psychological Operations = PsyOps

    AKA: Not-so-pure Leninist – AgitProp, short for Agitation and Propaganda, plus the

    Mass Mind Control Diversions Department – and, of course,

    Other, similar, symbolic atrocities committed on ‘symbolic’ dates. READ: CARL JUNG ‘Man and His Symbols’!


    All brought to you by???
    None other than, allCIAduh???


    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false”. –The late, arguably suicided, William Casey, Director of Central Intelligence’s 1st address to his staff in 1981.JOB’S DONE

  9. now ain’t that a eye-opener….. christmas presents from
    allciaduh. How can we say ‘thank you’?
    Send them cards that express our disbelief? Would that frustrate them? Probably make them mad.

  10. Good piece and the comments are good too. I can’t help thinking of a couple more issues. Why would he go to the lavatory and come beack to his seat in order to “inject” whatever into his skivies? Why not trigger it in the loo?
    I’ve also read several times that this type of explosive needs percussion to detonate it. I know that’s the way the plastic stuff works (if it’s different from this), you could cook with it. Now, Mr. “Lets Roll II” banging around on his crotch may not have been such a good idea in hindsight.
    Now we have the “object” trown by Mr. “Roll”, and now the flaming pillows? What was this “object”? I think this kid is probably not the banker’s darling boy either.
    It’s pretty obvious that they don’t even care if they lie convincingly any longer. They just put it out there and those who lap it up do, those who don’t just get frustrated.

  11. Your update should explain why Umar was able to go to court so soon.

    I’m curious about these “head level” flames someone was talking about then. Sounds like a fish story to me.


  12. When nothing adds up: read this article by a Marine combat veteran

  13. What a bullshit Uranus. Jasper is just a Dutch person and if you had done some real investigation, you would have found his name and details on some website. Why you Americans always think so crazy !?

  14. […] never in danger. We have been shown no photos of seats burnt by fire on that flight 273 to Detroit.… What people saw seems to have been a sparkler-type effect. The 23-year old ‘terrorist’ (Umar […]

  15. […] never in danger. We have been shown no photos of seats burnt by fire on that flight 273 to Detroit.… What people saw seems to have been a sparkler-type effect. The 23-year old ‘terrorist’ (Umar […]

  16. I was watching the video and my perception of it is that the guy was acting weird from the very beginning.. I mean the very first question the news reporter asked he responded in a rehearsed manner… Incidentally, if he is supposedly a hero then why is he nervous… this is supposedly his time to shine – and around the end of the video (7 min ) notice how he tries to escape any more questioning

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