This is What We Do

by Scott Creighton

This is the picture, the “money shot” as it’s called in the industry… the sole remaining part of the “fake death scene” video posted on Andrew Sullivan’s “breathless blog” extravaganza.  This is the shot that I guess they are hoping will fire-up the “progressives” to support another imperial incursion into Iran… or at least another 400 billion dollars for more regime change businesses in the country.

This is a screenshot of a horribly fake, straight to YouTube, death scene that was  staged to make us outraged.

from Andrew Sullivan's "Breathless Blog"

from Andrew Sullivan's "Breathless Blog"

And it worked.  Lots of outrage in the MSM and the fake progressive Obamaite blogs… they say “How can a democracy do this?!?” and “Something MUST be done!”…


Obama just successfully blocked the release of torture photos that according to several sources,  show U.S. contractors or even U.S. soldiers sodomizing a child in front of his mother… as a form of torture.  The Senate has even recently passed a resolution blocking the release of these photos so the public won’t ever see them… and you want us to get mad about this staged death scene?

Let me show you something… let me show you what we do…  cus it looks like you forgot.

We did this - that's a real dead person and a gloating US soldier

We did this - that's a real dead person and a gloating US soldier

[more after the break]

we did this too. forced this Iraqi woman to degrade herself

we did this too. forced this Iraqi captive to degrade herself

we did this: that's what a real dead person looks like... beaten to death after being sold for $5,000 dollars to the US military

we did this: that's what a real dead person looks like... beaten to death after being sold for $5,000 dollars to the US military

we did this too in Obama's "Right war"

we did this too in Obama's "Right war"

we did this too. Funny, Iran's evil regime hasn't attacked anyone in, what, a thousand years? We did this a month or so ago

we did this too. Funny, Iran's evil regime hasn't attacked anyone in, what, a thousand years? We did this a month or so ago

we did this to students in Kent State University

we did this to students in Kent State University

we did this in Texas under the secretary of state's husbands reign (who says there are no oligarchs in America)

we did this in Texas under the secretary of state's husbands reign (who says there are no oligarchs in America)

we did this when Kissinger was advising another president, just like he is still doing now...

we did this when Kissinger was advising another president, just like he is still doing now...

we still do this all across the Middle East. This is our democracy being brought to the people of the Middle East

we still do this all across the Middle East. This is how we bring our "democracy" to the people of the world.

This is what we do. This is what we are.

If you want to get mad about a fake death scene in a country that rejected our special brand of free-market casino slash-and-burn capitalism at the voting booth, you have learned nothing over the past 8 years.

The fact that they had to fake a death scene in Iran while our administration was working overtime to hide real photos of children being tortured should tell you a lot.


17 Responses

  1. Willy, you forgot about MY LAI.

  2. The one lesson in life that I have learned is, not to loose our humanity.

  3. Happy Father’s Day, all you fathers out there–and you sons and daughters. Wish mine was still…

    R Ap

  4. Yeah, me too Roy….. wish my mom and dad were……
    happy daddys’ day to all…….

  5. I don’t mean to be rude… but when a person dies, their mouth muscles relax and the mouth opens…. and I thought the eyes tend to move upward a little… is she pretending to be hurt?
    did it seem that those men where hovering over her and dumping blood on her face….. just a strange mixture of so many hands on her unmarked face and then suddenly, she was bleeding from everywhere. Did they kill her?

  6. Yes she died…this picture was not fake…the movies are available for when she was shot…the person who shot her was arrested by people… and she was buried and her family were kicked out of their house by the government…

    how can you people be so cold heart and ignorant?

    • Her parents were not “kicked out” of their home by the government… they have gone into hiding til this all blows over. It’s not that people are being ignorant… some of us just require more EVIDENCE than anonymous Twitter “Tweats” when it comes to what we consider reliable information.

  7. “you people”? where you from Bibi?

  8. fucking cunts american propaganda puppets! what makes you think that killing one INNOCENT person makes it right to kill another INNOCENT person. and obviously the niggers are gonna get happy when theyve evidently tortured some innocent civilian… cus i guess thats how theyve been used to life for centuries

  9. Bibi is Persian, and so am I.

    willyloman, her parents where not in a tecnicallity kicked out of their homes but if they stayed they would´ve in combination with harder punishment.

    Im sorry to say this but its really hard for an outsider, a non persian, to really understand what is going on and what is fake or not.

    I read some comment that persian regime havent killed their foks in 1000 yrs. Are u kidding with me?

    The facts may not reach u but its unwise to make a false statment like that if ur not informed. The islamic regime of Iran has killed thousends and thousends of innocent civilians for yrs now.
    Eg. In Iran there are some special schools traded for “smarter” children, those how have special gifts in learning and becomming the best. These kids mostly get their PHD´s, Doc. etc. in their earlie twenties and are transfered by countries like Canada and Austraila for their researches and jobpossiblities… or to end their studies in above countries. Althoe many of this gifted children dont survive to become twenty.
    The most gifted kids get killed on diffrent fieldtrips in what looks like accidents. Since it is represented like accidents most people living outside of Iran accepts it like an accident… Like Im quite sure u would. But beeing a Persian and knowing the history, the violent this islamic regime is used to abuse the people with, and seing all the loopholes they missed. We understand it was an act of the regime. Most often a busdriverswife commes clean and says their family would get alot of money if the driver killed himself with all the kids in the bus. He was poor and his own family was more important… so he did it. etc.etc.

    Look I could go on and on about this for days and months… describing why your not in right element while ur judging whats happening in Iran, or what has happened.

    First of all I would advice u to study abit more befor u say such ignorant and hurtfull comments.
    Neda (RIP) is a Persian hero! She has saved many lives with her death by showing the world how brutal the regime is.

    I would like to end this with a personal story.
    My own mother got arrested with her friends in Iran 30 yrs agoe, by the islamic regime. The reason: she used to be a communist and wrote some marxist comment on a wall and drew a red star. For this she got the death penelty and so did her friends. She was still a teenager when this happened, and some of her friends where even younger than 16. Since this was the first time she´d been arrested my grandfather made a good deal with the judge. He sold all our belongings, house etc. to raise the money they wanted. My mother ended up being in jail for 6 yrs, being isolated for 2 yrs in a singel room. Being constantly raped, beaten almost to death, tortured and scared for life she fled to Sweden. But her friends were´nt that lucky. Most of them got killed in prision by the guards beating them to much, one got stoned and several killed in whats called “tiir baroon” meaning a rain of bullets.

    I told u this… because maybe now u will have a better understanding for how Persians feel. This true tail is just one of all the different stuff that has happened to my family, relatives and friends, including myself, done by the islamic regime. And I know a story like this is something i share with ALL other Persians… because all of us have had atleast ONE situation like this in our closeses relatives or family.

    Im sorry, but u cant feel us untill u´ve feeled the pain of beeing raised with stories from an innocent teenage prisoner. Someone that got in all innocent and virgin… left the place filthy and raped by body and soul.

    Thats exacly what the regime is doing to my people and my country… They are raping us, by body and soul.

  10. I don’t know what happened to you mother and I am sorry for her suffering.

    But the story of your mother has nothing to do with the fact that the VAST majority of Iranians DO NOT support the “Green Revolution” movement, which to they feel represents the return of the pro-western Shah of Iran type tyranny and more SAVOK type deathsquads. In fact, some of the “Green Revolution” members have been advocating for the return of the Shah’s son to power.

    And I do know that.

    I also know that just because a PR firm and a bunch of overfunded pro-neoliberalization business/”democracy” front groups in Iran pretend that the election was rigged, that doesn’t mean the election WAS actually rigged. In fact, it’s been proven that the election was fairly run.

    Which means the VAST majority of people don’t feel the same way you do.

  11. Bibi is right! The death, murder is real. Her name is Neda Agha-Soltan and she was murdered in 2009. Google it. I understand why people think its fake. I’m working on becoming a crime scene tech. Ive seen people die and seen them after they pass. Its real.

    • Working on becoming a crime scene tech? Wow. What an impressive appeal to authority.

      Uh, it’s clearly faked. Go back to your supervisor and try another PR tactic. No one buys that here

  12. I am Maori and I think yall are crazy!! When somebody is shot once it becomes nation wide news in my country because it is just not normal here, The whole war brings peace is bullshit!! The usa gun laws are shit!! Why the hell are you gonna legally let people walk around with guns? And you wonder why kids are shooting up schools and malls and shit. They are what you teach!! Why don’t the government from usa fund a martial arts program or self defence training program for everyone and get rid of all your guns, and learn how to kick each others asses that way?? Then the country will be a much safer place!! Everyone is scared of a black man these days because they are known to be criminals all because yall don’t give them fair treatment and they get pissed off with ya. I would be pissed off too to find out my ancestors were slaves to the white man and treated unfair, used and abused and shit!! It started from way back in the ages and it could have changed but you all bred way too many haters over there, the haters have never known to find reason and try to love the other race so all they gonna do is HATE!! Regardless of what they are told, they were born that way and lived and breathed hate so unfortunately that is all they are going to do.
    We need prayers and Gods intervention and a whole lot of psychologists because the only way to get those people to change is to show them the right way, it will take weeks or even months to change the way that they have been programmed all their lives. To us all this war and hate against other people/countries is horrible and disgusting and should just never happen, but to them it is what they have been taught, how they were raised to be and they know no better then to seek vengeance for what soldiers have done to their people. They are fighting for their rights and the war is just getting bigger and dragging on!!
    What is so hard about pulling the troops out of Afghanistan?? Some of them are abusing their authority too and mistreating civilians.
    How do the people of this world declare peace when there are so many that just want to kill each other? I hate what our world is becoming, but I pray that our heavenly father will help us find a way in the name of Jesus Christ.. Amen

    • With all due respect, sir….

      I do understand how a people, who have lived undisturbed, on an island a good 1400 miles away from nearest neighbor, pretty much unreachable to most humans until relatively recently, with very little strategic value until recently, without worrying from where the next year’s invasion would come, might watch our disgusting war mechanisms and the DIE FREE OR LIVE paradigm with a lot of disdain.

      But, this old part of the world where continents are connected by land has been a stage for countless tribes, countless gods, countless religions, continuous wars, countless genocides, countless nations with countless governing systems, toppled empires, mass migrations, crusades, vandals, slavery, oppression, freedom, oppression again, since the days that tribes started competing for hunting grounds, resources, other tribe’s women, etc.

      So, yes, we have definitely bred too many haters, too many dumb people, too many crooks, thieves, murderers, genocidal maniacs… But, we have also bred some bloody good people, geniuses, musicians, poets, painters, philosophers, farmers, traders, scientists, poets, athletes, good, decent common people…. Yes we did…. And then killed most of them… And there is still billions of us. Go figure.

      The ironic part of your comment is that the heavenly father you refer to was also there in the world, pretty much constantly fighting against other heavenly fathers… So, it did not do us much good… Maybe you can make better use of him…

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