Guilty of Being Poor

by Eric Ruder, Dissident Voice

The jailers of the 19th century — even in the pre-Civil War South — largely abandoned the practice of imprisoning people for falling into debt as counterproductive and ultimately barbaric. In the 1970s and ’80s, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that incarcerating people who can’t pay fines because of poverty violates the U.S. Constitution.

Apparently, though, some states and county jails never got the memo. Welcome to the debtors’ prisons of the 21st century.

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Partnered with Gore in his “Cap and Trade” Venture Capital Companies are Former CEOs and Executives from Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers

by Scott Creighton

In a video put out by TPM, Rep. Blackburn committed the ultimate faux pas in congress by asking a politician, in this case former Vice President Al Gore,  about his financial ties to a “cause” he is working on; global warming. The congressional committee Blackburn sits on, the House Energy and Commerce Committee,  is working on the “cap and trade” legislation that Gore strongly supports. Though she is a republican, and Gore seems to imply that her not-to-subtle hostility toward him may come from that, other democrats have also voiced their concerns about the direction Gore wants the legislation to move in.

I am not satisfied that this bill has adequate protections for our workers and our industriesformer Energy Committee Chairman John Dingell (D-Mich.) told Gore. Dingell and other Democrats from Rust Belt states fear that forcing companies to buy carbon emissions could push trade-sensitive, fossil-fuel intensive industries such as steel and paper overseas.”   Politico

It should be noted that basically this “cap and trade” policy would effectively be a tax on production in the states, and that the “venture capitalist” company that Blackburn exposes Gore’s financial ties too is a joint U.S./China firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB).  I am sure China wouldn’t mind if this legislation sunk a few U.S. steel companies…

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Hillary Clinton Says that the Recent Bombings in Iraq, Killing of Hundreds of Civilians, Shows that Iraq is “going in the right direction…”

by Scott Creighton

Since the economic policy was extremely unpopular among the most numerous of the population, it had to be implemented by force.”  Archdiocese of San Paulo

There was a time when at least half of our government was sane. I can remember it. Kinda.

Shillin' for the Friedman FreeMarket Agenda

Shillin' for the Friedman FreeMarket Agenda

In the wake of a 148 dead Iraqi civilians from just two days and two bombings, in comes our new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to make the following statements that kinda reminds me of Charlton Heston’s little “cold, dead, hands” speech he gave after Columbine;

I think that these suicide bombings … are unfortunately, in a tragic way, a signal that the rejectionists fear that Iraq is going in the right direction,”

but I really believe Iraq as a whole is on the right track,” she said, citing “overwhelming evidence” of “really impressive” progress.”   MSNBC

The term “rejectionists” is a new one for me;  I haven’t heard that one used as of yet to describe the people of Iraq who suffered the “Shock and Awe” of Bush’s bombings or 50% unemployment ever since. Yes, what we once called “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan are now “rejectionists” in Iraq.

I suppose it all depends on which side of the globalist agenda you happen to be standing on. And we all know what side Hillary and her Walmart buddies take.

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