33 Israeli Civlians or 100 Billion Cubic Meters of LNG? What Do You Think the Gaza Invasion Is About?

by Scott Creighton (reposted from Jan. 2009)

Sharon struck a deal, and a British Company found massive reserves of natural gas in early 2000, that are accessible to Israel that would be large enough to power Israel for 20 years or more with Liquid Natural Gas. As it turns out now, that LNG is worth lots of money because as we are now pushing to develop “Green Technologies”, LNG powered vehicles are far better for the environment than those powered by refined oil products. So those reserves that BG, the British company, found are now worth tons of money.

The only problem is, Israel doesn’t own them; the elected government of the Palestinian people owns them, because you see, those LNG fields are sitting off the coast of Gaza.  And since Hamas is the legal elected government of Palestine, Hamas owns them.

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Since 2006, there have been 33 Israelis killed in Israel by Palestinian aggression whereas during that same expanse of time,  there has been 1,485 Palestinians killed by Israeli troops in the Occupied Territories (that doesn’t include Palestinians killed by “settlers” in the outposts or Israeli troops killed in the Occupied territories).  At this point during the current attacks on Gaza, there have been reported over 500 Palestinians dead, to a total of 4 Israelis.  You can do the math.

I would be willing to bet over the past 3 years,  more Israelis have died from drunk driving, than from Palestinians attacks.

Why is it that every time someone tries to justify the Israeli invasion, they always talk about the “thousands of rockets” landing in Israel? Because if they start bringing up the numbers of casualties, Israel starts looking less like the victim and more like the perp.

So why is this so important to the Israeli right-wing hardliners? Why is it that the Labor Party is jumping in right now to look just as tough as the Likud Party? Is it because of the upcoming elections and they want a big victory to show Israelis that the left wing Labor Party is “tough on crime”?  That probably factors into it.  But I would suggest looking into something a little more tangible, and just about as old as political corruption, to be the main culprit here;  Mamon.

In the late 90’s, Israel started looking for a replacement to oil in order to make them less dependant on foreign supplies. What they found, was natural gas.

The architect of Israel’s energy strategy at the time was Netanyahu’s Minister of National Infrastructure, Ariel Sharon. Pakistan Daily

Sharon struck a deal, and a British Company found massive reserves of natural gas in early 2000, that are accessible to Israel that would be large enough to power Israel for 20 years or more with Liquid Natural Gas. As it turns out now, that LNG is worth lots of money because as we are now pushing to develop “Green Technologies”, LNG powered vehicles are far better for the environment than those powered by refined oil products. So those reserves that BG, the British company, found are now worth tons of money.

The only problem is, Israel doesn’t own them; the elected government of the Palestinian people owns them, because you see, those LNG fields are sitting off the coast of Gaza.  And since Hamas is the legal elected government of Palestine, Hamas owns them.

Such a gas field has been discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean, with the major portion located about 50 kilometers off the coast of Gaza, Another smaller gas field is located a similar distance off Israel’s northern port city, Haifa; but it is much smaller than the Gaza gas field. Green Prophet

lng-reserves-1The first map of the area reserves prepared by BG (British Gas) only showed the first of the two reserves discovered off the Gazan coast.  It was still such a large reserve, BG put a deal on the table for Israel and Palestine to lease them access to it, to the tune of about 3 billion dollars. Then the elections came along, and Hamas won, largely due to the corruption of the Fatah government, and the deal stalled. BG spent 5 years in Israel trying to set the deal up, and it all came crumbling down when the people of Palestine choose their new leader.

Since that time in about 2006, there has been another, larger reserve discovered, even closer to Gaza, and the stakes have gotten even higher with the drive for the “Green Technologies” being what are these days.

BG, apparently still interested in the deal, went and struck a deal with the Palestinian Authority and Egypt (the P.A. is the “recognized” authority in Palestine, only, not to the “elected” government of Hamas and the people in Gaza). That meant that Israel was going to be left out.

However, following the signing of the deal it was revealed that – impatient with Israeli intransigence – Egypt, British Gas and the Palestinian Authority had also been secretly negotiating a deal to sidestep the problematic Israeli market. Within a month, the three parties announced their plan to extract Gazan gas, transport it to Egypt in an Egyptian controlled pipeline, and then ship it on in liquefied form to the international market...  Pakistan Daily

Now, with a new plan in place for the billions of dollars worth of LNG and the rights to the oil that probably lay just under the gas, Israel was about to be left out completely. That is, until they took over Gaza.

lng-reserves-2This is the newest map, showing both LNG fields off the coast of Gaza.

As Israel cuts a swath right through the middle of Gaza with their ground assault, we can now see what their ultimate goal really is. It also puts this conflict into a bit clearer picture, now doesn’t it?

We invaded Iraq for control of it’s oil, and now, our “Special Relationship” partner in the Middle East is going after their own payday.

Thanks to Pakistan Daily for shedding light on this issue now, at this crucial time.

Thanks to websites like Mediterranean Petroleum News and Ignited Identity for getting the word out there.

This is yet another illegal resource grab masquerading as the “Global war on Terror”. This is about money and power and the access to massive LNG reserves, not 33 Israeli civilian lives lost over the past three years.

Now, when you look at it, Gaza has ample prime real estate and several seaports have already been planned there. Once Israel gets Hamas out, they not only get control of the LNG and the oil that lies beneath it, but they can then develop resort areas, create “free-trade zones” around the sea ports, and they have about a million and a half Palestinians that they can force to work for slave wages.

This is about money folks. It is the same model that we worked out in Iraq.


20 Responses

  1. I knew the Zionist had a reason for their crimes; this proves it without a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, the American public won’t know this from the US or western media. thank you.

  2. What?! They’re trying to hijack control of energy resources under the guise of fighting terror? I’m shocked! SHOCKED, I tell you!

    Thanks for the subject of my next vid, Willy. Pretty sure this won’t be on the evening news.

    Hey – Do me a favor and shoot me a quick email (jperryam -@-yahoo) when you get a minute…

  3. you know… and that’s why we (US) is sitting off the end zone…. and Israel has cut a path straight through Gaza.. to the pockets of gas. Anyone who uses that gas will be mocking the souls of the Gaza’s murdered children.

  4. fascinating, devastating, but somehow unsurprising i suppose… i had been wondering, along with others, What exactly was the reason for this offensive. this seems to be one more than likely explanation. the most frustrating thing about staying updated on the situation here in india is that our recent admiration for israel style ‘anti-terrorism’ tactics as an answer for incidents like mumbai means we’re quite soft on the country. most of the analysis- which is sparse in any case- is purely strategic and evades anything remotely political. bbc and cnn international, which spend hours ruminating have their own problems, as im sure youre aware! in short, thanks (again) for keeping at it. keep the truth coming!

  5. (Sorry, just found the story here….)

    If the Israelis thought that they wanted Gaza because there was gas or oil under it, why don’t they just tell the Palestineans to move? They could explain that the Israelis want the gas there and they don’t want to hurt anyone to get it. But, they will if they have to. They could reserve a few square miles of land for the Gazans up the coast or out in the desert. Why go through all this skulduggery about cease fires and pissing matches when a simple explanation should do?

    • It’s not just about the gas. In this “Global economy”, free-trade zones, industrial ports, access to a starving population who will work for starvation wages, is all the rage.

      British Gas has spent nearly a decade working this deal, and right now, with the U.S. doing nothing except lying through their teeth to help sell this “Iraq war Lite”… they intend to take… everything from these people.

      The leader of the PA who sold the Palestinians out to Israel and the US western companies, wants to sign away the rights to the natural resources of the Palestinian people, and I think Hamas, like Chavez, holds to the notion that the revenues from those fields are the Palestinian people’s last hope at holding onto their country and their identity. So they wont let the PA or BG or the Israelis touch it.

      Just like America couldn’t tell their people that troops would die so they could allocate oil revenues for major corporations, so too the Israeli government can’t tell their people the same thing.

  6. Thank you Willy for this great find….Blessings

  7. Will,

    I would be interested in hearing more about Hamas’s position on this oil deal.

    Rumors that I hear have it that Hamas is honest where Fatah is corrupt. I think the Israelis are stupid not to talk to Hamas. That is, if a peace treaty is their intention. I suspect you are telling me that that would be the farthest from their intention. But, they could get a treaty with an honest Hamas that they would never get from a corrupt Fatah.

    I think this Natural gas and recent oil finds have been public for only a few months.

    • Egypt is in bed with Israel and the United States (why do you think they keep their border with Gaza closed?) and Great Britain is in bed with them all. None of them will address Hamas when it comes to this deal. Imagine trying to go to your board of directors and telling them you want your company to reach out over Israel’s blockade, and start up a LNG business. How long are you going to be holding that job you think? But i will look into it. What is surprising to me, is that Iran or Syria isn’t doing it. Maybe even with the help of Russia or China. Right now, they could pour in and be the heros of the world, like we used to be after WWII, and make a killing at the same time.

  8. The assertion in this post is absurd. If Israel had wanted to rape Gaza’s resources they never would have given the land back on the promise that the Palestinians would be good neighbors.

    Is the land for peace deal something your analysis overlooked?

    And what did Israel get in return for ceding control of Gaza?

    Nothing but more attacks.

    Your silly article does nothing but enable Hamas to subject the Palestinian people to more evil.

    • The “Land for Peace” Deal was struck in 1998. The LNG reserves were found, as the article states, in 1999 and 2000. The Land for Peace deal nearly killed Benji’s career.

      October 23, 1998 — Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agree on a breakthrough land-for-peace deal in the West Bank after a marathon, 21-hour bargaining session mediated by U.S. President Bill Clinton.

      If you are talking about the removal of the settlements in Gaza…

      that was Feb. of 2004, well before the election when Hamas won largely because they saw the Fatah government as corrupt (partly because of the LNG dealings being made behind the scenes).

      any other questions.

  9. Oh yes, Mike, I forgot the last little part of your factually challenged diatribe…

    the harkening back to the Iraq war apologists claim that any of us who were talking about the lack of WMDs and no connection to 9/11, were “emboldening the terrorists”.

    Nice. Way to bring back that classic propaganda ploy. Very nice.

  10. Mike’s America (fantasy land?)

    You don’t really know much about the history of the ‘Land for Peace” deal, and you apparently also don’t know much about the history of violence in the Middle East, or much about supporting an argument either.

    Everybody, go check out a pic of Mike’s greatest moment, shaking hands with Ronald Reagan

    Then take a look at this claim he makes of his website…

    Who is to blame for latest Middle East Violence? Do the Math!

    Palestinian civilian deaths from Israeli strikes at Hamas: >20%.
    Israeli civilian deaths from Hamas rocket strikes ~100%
    .” Mike

    There is no link to verify his numbers, no reference given… just these idiotic statistics…

    If you want the most current and well respected numbers on the violence in Gaza, let me do you a favor and offer you B’Tselem, the Israeli Human Rights Group in Palestine. Their numbers are accurate and accepted by the Palestinian Authority and the government of Israel both.

    Here’s something I wrote about the numbers of dead in this conflict over the past 3 years. Careful, it has references that you can verify. it takes longer to do, than just making up stuff, but in the end, it’s a little more respected.


    As if that wasn’t enough to get a real “feel” for what Mike here is doing, I would really like you to go to his site, and look at the place where he claims that Obama isn’t calling for a cease-fire, but the Bush Administration IS….

    As of now the Bush Administration continues calling for a meaningful a cease fire (one that Hamas would follow as well) and incoming President Elect Obama prefers to stay silent...”


    now that is just brilliant. Just lie through your teeth Mike, to anyone reading this crap on your site. You gotta love that.


  11. Will,

    I am curious. Do you know where the rocket firing and the suicide bombing is argued in Palestinean literature?

    I want to know what the Palestinean argument is for these two tactics. I wonder whether they have thought these out.

    • What do you mean by ‘Palestinian Literature”? Are you asking why they use these tactics? Why did the kamikaze pilots use them?

      Maybe they got it from another religon all together…

      Samson said, ‘Let me die with the Philistines!’ Down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more as he died than while he lived.” (Judges 16:30).”

      An example is from the time of the Crusades, when the Knights Templar destroyed one of their own ships, killing 140 Christians in order to kill ten times as many Muslims

      but it’s possible that the Japanese may have been the first to target Israeli civilians…

      “In 1972 in the hall of the Lod airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, three Japanese used grenades and automatic rifles to kill 26 people and wound many more…”

      I think for the Palestinians the first “suicide attack” might have been 1993.

  12. I ask about the Palestinian literature because I want to be sure the idea is theirs. The reason I ask that is because I think they are both wastes of resources and something like beating a hornet’s nest with a stick.

    If I had people who were so dedicated they’d strap dynomite to themselves and go blow themselves up, I may not want to waste them doing that, when I could think of other important tasks for them. I also wonder what the point of the inneffective rockets are. If they are so innaccurate they don’t know where they are going to land, what would be the military point. It would seem you are just wasting time and giving the Israelis excuses.

    I would wait inside the Gaza fence, knowing the Israelis would be coming and meet them there. There is no sense doing anything but building up one’s defenses.

    As that is my idea, I wonder where the Palestinians get the idea to do these other things.

    You say that it’s a natural strategy learned from Samson, the Knights Templar, or the Japanese. But, I say those are tactics in need of an overall plan. And, they seem to not have any over all plan.

    • Steve;

      What was Sitting Bull’s plan?

      I don’t presume to suggest a better plan of attack or defense for them, because I never lived in the kind of oppression they suffer. I never saw my neighbor bury his child because he was born Palestinian or Indian. I never lived in a place where you could be captured and tortured and imprisoned for years, for just being Palestinian or Indian. I don’t presume to to know their plan nor do I suggest I could think of a better one, simply because I am me and they are Palestinian or Indian. They lived it; they live it. And it’s my task to honestly write and communicate what I can understand about it.

      But I will tell you this; they didn’t quit and they didn’t bow down when most would say that it was the “smart” thing to do. You see, that is what Israel and the U.S. like about the regime they helped to rise to power in Palestine, Fatah. They know when it’s time to submit to the Israelis. Hamas hasn’t and won’t. I respect that.

  13. I have been reading about the oil in Gaza since 1993. So it wasn’t discovered in 1999.

  14. Re: Post 15. Samson and the Crudaders sacrifice themselves to kill tenfold of the enemy. What are we looking at here? Israelis dead, 30; Palestinians dead, 1000. Maybe this inability to get the hang of new ideas is why they are still in the 7th century.

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