Banned At HuffPo

by Scott Creighton

banned-by-huffpo-1Why is it that ‘trolls” and Bushites can post at Huffington Post, but someone like me, who simply calls into question the reasons behind the political witch-hunt of Gov. Blagojevich, can’t?

There are no Sunnis no Shia; no republicans no democrats; no Jews and Palestinians…

There are people that are IN the club and those that are not. How does your “republicans are good, liberals bad” theory work with Nancy Pelosi? Is she a republican? Is Rahm Emanuel? How about Steny Hoyer and John Conyers? are the people that defended the president and kept him in office when he should have been impeached years ago red or are they blue? What is the difference these days.

Look, the red/blue divide is a smoke-screen.

banned-by-huffpo-2I just got banned from HuffPo and my profile whipped out so that no one can read my comments.

Not because I am a republican troll. They have plenty of those there, and they let them post some of the most horrible comments I have seen.

I posted no calls for violence, no racist statements, no anti-Semitic comments, no profanity.

They banned me for pointing out what a witch-hunt this Blagojevich thing has become. They banned me because I posted links showing the connection between Band of America and Blago’s demise.

They banned me because I pointed out that Madigan is probably on that list Rahm gave Blago’s people, and that Arianna had gone on TV the night before that came out and flat out claimed that Rahm hadn’t had any connection with Blago’s people.

they want that “republicans are good liberals are bad”… they need it to foster the dog and pony show that is the political system right now.

The last thing they want is someone talking about the real issues facing this country.

They also banned me, a person who has been commenting there for 2 years, because people were telling me that I was right and that it was courageous for me to be saying these things.

I had been “favorite” 5 times, in the last week that I started posting there again. Arianna and her people didn’t want these ideas becoming popular.

So like Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Arianna Huffington told me to “shut up” and support the president elect.

Our problem isn’t “the right” it’s the righteous. No matter what party they belong to. Our problem is recognizing that some of those we think are on our “side” are really just spokesmen for an elite ruling class, who are punching their ticket into “the club” by selling us out.

If we can stand back and gain an even keeled perspective for long enough, then we can begin to see the vast similarities between the sales reps on both sides. And this we MUST do if we are to ever regain our freedom.


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    the Illinois legislature met again this morning for further discussions on the issue of impeachment, they convened only an hr. the major topic discussed was some reps didn’t bring enough underware with them to remain for long in day to day session. somebody pinch me i must be imagining this. Who could think to make up shit like this?

  2. Blagoveich is gonna fight em! its gonna be a war> he got himself a high profile atty.

  3. Will or Scott,

    You are shocked, and from my own reading, disappointed, that the HuffPo banned you when you were not being rude or trolling or being republican.

    I have not read the HuffPo much, and so did not read your comments there. It is a shame that anyone spends their time and talents writing stuff on anyone’s site, particularly stuff that is on their points, and then have it all erased.

    This has happened to me. The issues are much like what you describe as what went on at HuffPo.

    One of them involved a blog where the host spends a lot of time on opposition research. The host thinks they are good liberals, so they go on and on about the silliness and corruption of the Repubs. At the moment, we are facing a lot of problems in the country, and for me, the bigger problem is to figure out what to do about them. As we are about to have a new Demo Pres., it seems we should instead worry about what the Demos are going to do. As you know, there has been a lot of hand-wringing about the kind of cabinet Obama is putting together because they seem to be the kind of old Clinton hands and hard line cold warrior types that got us into this mess in the first place. So, I wanted to point out to the host, the bigger problem for liberals and the left is that the coalition that got Obama elected papered over severe divisions, on war and peace, health care, the economy, and so on. I wanted to point out that , yes the Repubs are in disarray, the Dems are also divided. we should be trying to come up with a left or liberal position that everyone could support….

    That’s what I argued. Anyway, the host started screaming at me in big capital letters that Obama wasn’t even President yet… The host’s point being that we are spectators and to complain about what the players are or are not doing yet is not called for. Shut up and wait until the game starts before putting in my two cents.

    This person, whomever they are, has an agenda that involves making sure people think of themselves as spectators of the political process, and not players.

    You may have been too uppity for the HuffPo people to tolerate.

    My other recent disappointment involved some guy who argued that Chomsky was bad for saying the 9-11 murders are irrelevant and that we shouldn’t pay any attention to them. Chosky also argued the JFK murder isn’t much, move along…

    Chomsky makes a good argument that the Institutions of the world do terrible things, and he goes on to tell us people who want to make the world better have to change the policies of those Institutions so they cause less suffering. This has been Chomsky’s argument to his activist audience for decades.

    It’s a strong argument. But what it does is say that the individuals that work in these institutions that make policies and carry out orders are irrelevant to the process because they are so easily replaced and the same policies, and suffering, goes on. So, if you want to reduce suffering, don’t waste your time on individual miscreants, go after policies.

    The host guy apparently doesn’t want to hear about what Chomsky argues and does not want to hear that his trashing what Chomsky says about 9-11 doesn’t get at Chomsky’s argument.

    He thinks 9-11 is going to be investigated and the criminals prosecuted because he can point out laws against crimes. (It’s not gonna happen.)

    I argued that so long as the Institutions are run by criminal organizations, i.e., crime families, no one is going to stick his neck out. For this little hint, the guy erased all our discussion.

    There are certain buttons some people just don’t want you to push.

  4. That’s good news… Blago is going to fight.
    But I really can’t believe they dicussed their underwear…. LOL

    Hi Steven, I liked your comment. I think Willyloman is out at an apointment right now but Scott is close by… somewhere…. maybe checking to see how many pairs of underwear he has. LOL

  5. If your not getting banned or deleted or kicked off sites, you’re not doing a good enough job of getting the truth out.

    Same with threats against your physical well being for asking simple questions about what in the hell are we doing in Iraq and why do we continue to blindly support the cause of most of the problems in the ME, Israel.

    One clown even went so far as to track down my home phone number and leave some threats on my answering machine.

    Wish I had been home at the time, we could of had a lovely chat.

  6. I’m not really THAT shocked… (i also kinda mentioned Arianna’s plagiarism thing… figure that MIGHT have something to do with it).

    politics have become a religion in this country.

    The same people who will laugh at Bush’s “Axis Of Evil” line and call it oversimplified rhetoric, will swear up and down that it’s only the republicans who are wrecking this country; pilfering it, robbing us blind, and subverting the constitution, because of course only Republicans hate our freedom… not Pelosi or even Lieberman. Watch how they start to rebuild his rep after the election. Obama already started on it.

  7. You’re well-rid of the HuffyPo. Keep up the great work.

  8. There’s only ONE party in this totalitarian state formerly known as the democratic republic of the USA and that’s the Corporate War and Wall Street Party.

    They have two wings, the Republicans and Democrats who fight like rabid dogs over the spoils left over after we supply our bloated Pentagon with all the toys it wants and give our numerous spy agencies ever increasing powers and money.

    When the Republican wing is in power, the Dems go to think tanks, to nurse grudges and drinks until their bitch gets in office.

    Vice versa for the Dems.

    It doesn’t matter who you vote for, if you vote for one of these two kleptocratic institutions, both will gladly ship your son or daughter off to fight and die in wars in foreign lands fighting people who are no threats to us, but either have some resource the corporations want or have been declared an “existential” enemy of Israel.

    Pelosi is no different from LIzzy Borden, only Pelosi is more refined in her ways of killing.

    Bush, Obama, Cheney, Kerry are from the same mutated DNA that takes glee in killing for fun and profit. They could have shown Jack the Ripper a thing or two.

    And they all hide behind the cloak of Christianity and wave the flag in your face to confuse the feeble minded.

    Either we come together as a people and take a few lessons from Greece or Thailand or be prepared to consign our kids and grandkids to be enslaved for wars, more wars and even more wars for homicidal maniacs.

  9. Hi all;

    I have been dealing with this damn stray kitten. Anyone want a xmas kitten? they are great as an appetizer or the main course.

    Anyway, thanks all. Yeah I hadn’t been there for a while anyway, but I am just sick of getting her updates in my email box everyday.

    At least that is over with. I like how they ban me from commenting, and they wipe-out my profile so no one else can become infected by reading my stuff, yet somehow, I am still considered a “member”. WTF.

    So i posted this on Reddit. See if that sends the plagiarist a message.

    Oh, didn’t know that? Yeah, apparently that’s how you become a respected journalist these days. see? I have been going about it all wrong.

    ***UPDATE**** yeah, see that is what I am doing wrong. I gotta marry a multi-millionaire oil tycoon who is friends with the Bush family, then plagiarize someone else’s work and get that book published under my name, and write an essay called “Cheney is our Savior”, and then I can be a respected “progressive” journalist and go to the Obama inauguration.

    Yeah, ok… give me a little time, I’m working on it…

  10. Hey guys checking in again … You are kicking ass willy … I can’t type that fast let alone read it all … Doesn’t really seem like you guys need my help anyway …

    Did you get a chance to look that stuff I gave you willy … I know your busy now and that’s great … but I’m trying to organize a group of people to help out and I’m at a standstill now until you let me know wether or not Richard Gage/AE911truth is going to jump … He can’t let that stand!!

  11. I don’t speak for anyone at A&E, jack. I’m just a guy down here man. I signed up on the site a year or more ago. Just because you haven’t heard back from them yet doesn’t mean they have rejected your submission. Like I said, it took them 3 months to get back to me.

    If the guy is bragging about calling people and pretending to be Gage, send the links to A&E and Gage. I don’t know what you want to do with this guy. Find a link where he is and let him know you are archiving his confessions for when Gage sues the piss out of him.

    My guess is at that point, he will at least stop bragging about it, and maybe he will stop doing it. maybe he wont. But going to his site giving the little prick hits won’t help us. It’ll help him.

    Fact is, we can’t sue him. We can expose him, but does that just give the little attention starved fatman what he wants?

    What are you guys thinking

  12. I’ll do that willy … I just wasn’t sure if they were really reading them or not …. And I don’t see how they couldn’t do something …. Especially in the Silverstein case ….

  13. […] Banned At HuffPo « American Everyman […]

  14. Welcome to the wonderful world of liberal free-speech denial. As long as you are parroting the “approved” consensus trance position, you will be tolerated. Blogo is a sore spot right now for the corrupt left apologist brigade. Rahm’s involvement taints the messianic one’s public opinion.

  15. yup it finally happened to me..for the same reasons you describe…..too progressive..denouncing censorship and enforced bowlderization of comments that could be spoken aloud on Canadian TV..they hate us for our freedom.

    BTW, last year I registered ‘…….and
    Now, if I can only get my retired ass in gear and get moving on the site, I knew there would be an increasing population of huffpo expats.

  16. Just got banned today and all I did was respond to a hatefull posters rant on an issue. I guess you have to have a particular view to stay on Huff post. I will never go there again adn I will tell everyone I know not to go there.

  17. The internet appears to have spawned huge numbers of lazy illiterate drones. “Huffpo”?!!! Do these idiots truly find it to be that damn difficult to type out two words?! These lazy people make me sick.

    • That’s what makes you sick? Abbreviations? I suppose you get sick when someone types F.B.I. or NAFTA or the U.N. as well?

      Whatever floats your boat, man.

  18. Never got banned from HuffPo. ‘Cause I never signed up in the first place. Why would I create a rotten relationship with the corporate mafia to begin with?

    I don’t do HuffPo, dkos, Demokratic Undergrope, Faceslashbook, Twanger, Dicusting, or any of those. Ever. I have electronic defense-in- depth to keep the c***suckers out of my machine.

    My momma didn’t raise no fools.

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