Change.Gov Wants Your Suggestions: Well, Some of them anyway

by Scott Creighton

It seems the time for Big Government telling us what to do is over! That’s right, at, you can go in and put up an idea you want to be a part of Obama’s new mandate of change! Wow! Ain’t that just grand. Government listening to “the people”. What a concept.

let’s see how that works.

Up until Sunday Nov. 30th, there seemed to be a suggestion that was leading the pack; Create a new investigation into what happened on Sept. 11th 2001. Well, ok, the people clearly have spoken. At the time this image was taken of the vote box for this topic, it had received 660 votes at’s site (right now the Leading suggestion has 388 votes) almost double the 2nd place suggestion.


So how is that “New 9/11 investigation” suggestion doing now in the polls?

Hard to say, because “Change You Can Believe In” removed it from consideration.

That’s right. Obama’s administration is going to listen to the will of the people, and then, by God, they are going to erase the will of the people. The one time leading suggestion on is gone. They deleted it.

You know what else they deleted? “Bring our Troops Home”.

Yeah, they got rid of that one as well. Nice huh?


Now, to be fair, they did recently give a statement as to why they removed the leading suggestion from “the people”:

this is unfortunately outside the scope of the Ideas for Change in America project, which aims to offer specific policy solutions rather than investigations into past government action.” 

Yet, as Victronix at 9/11 Blogger points out, they still have another one up, that is doing kinda well in the voting and it is specifically about “investigations into past government action”.


You can’t make this stuff up.

You know, it would be almost funny if what we were talking about here wasn’t a terrorist act that killed nearly 3,000 people and serves as the basis for an endless fascist Global War on Terror. Not to mention the destruction of the US Constitution and our most basic civil liberties.

You know what they keep on the “Featured Suggestion” page? A suggestion to create a school were we can learn to serve our community like that mandatory Civilian Corps Sevice project of theirs.

Wow, I guess they do have their finger on the pulse of the nation, don’t they?

Thanks to 9/11 Blogger for keeping track of this.


34 Responses

  1. Now ain’t that nice…. beyond his scope… meaning what? He’ll be president and Bush will be a civilian but still protected by the illusion of the president’s power.

    Poor little Obama….

  2. I wonder if we could encourage the Bush/Obama people to support an independantly run criminal investigation of the Mumbai incident in India. This is what I want for the 9-11 murders here. I suspect the Obama people would support such an effort rhetorically. They have said, apparently, that they can not do anything to have that happen here.

    I am under the impression that the U.S. has been providing input to the Indian government about how they should react. One story about this did not claim to know what the advice amounted to. In other stories I have heard that Rice has asked for Pakistan’s assistance in rooting out these “evils.”

    I suspect that the lesson learned from 9-11 is to always treat attacks on a population by unknown assailants as though they represented one country attacking another. This is wrong, obviously. If I went to Canada and threw a bunch of chairs out a window, smashing cars below, would that be an attack on Canada by the United States?

  3. Bastards! I posted another “Investigate 9-11” idea on McBamas site, got 3 votes and by the time I came here to post the link they took it down.

  4. Heeheehee

    told ya

    Yeah, did you read the 9/11 blogger site? Same thig happened a couple times over there. Someone would post a new one, and by time someone went to vote for it… ZAP!

    That also happened to the guy who tried to post “Bring the troops home”…

    if you slip one in there, let.

    OMG! I just thought of this;

    Post one in FRENCH!

    See if they go to the hassel to translate it and then remove it. Mke ’em work for it!

  5. Ok, I just posted another…

    Great idea…my girlfriend speaks fluent French…Ill be baak.

  6. Ok,,,go here to vote for the French version : )

  7. its pointless…they simply deleted my entire account. I see them doing it to others as well. God bless Amerika.

  8. Change? He’s recycling all the goons from past administrations.

    Gosh, I hope all those foolish people who voted for “change,” whatever that meant, are satisfied.

    This morning I listened to a Howard Stern stunt in which “O” voters were asked various policy questions about “O,” including whether his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate was a good one. Astonishingly, his supporters didn’t find any fault with “O’s” policies (which were actually McCain’s) and thought Palin was a fine running mate! This is not an isolated demonstration of, shall we say, political “unsophistication” among “O” voters. I saw a video in which more of these people didn’t even recognize the names of some key members of Congress and other mundane political facts.

    These stunts left me shaking my head, wondering on what basis people make their decisions anymore, seeing as how they don’t seem to have any facts rattling around in their heads. I guess soundbites and TV ads are all they go by.


  9. I just read where ‘they’ admit we have been in a recession since LAST December….. bless America
    Wonder if they really think nobody knew?

  10. Max;

    That’s great. I hope you took a screen-shot of it in French, that could make the front page of 9/11 Blogger…

    I am not surprised. People were going after a product, not a person or a real agenda. Had they known his policies, they would have been less likely to vote for him. Besides, how is his stand on the real issues in this country any different than McCain’s in the first place? I mean aside from the catch-phrases and slogans? I wish I had seen that, though. It sounds funny. I used to live in new York City and I used to listen to Howard all the time. That sounds pretty political for him though, but I like it. If you find a link to a video of that, let me know, I would love to put it up on the site here.

    You know, from what Dave up there says, I bet there really are some people who have their heads stuck so far up their own asses, that they don’t know. I kinda envy them the way you kinda envy the happy-go-lucky dimwit, you know? Shit, if you don’t know it’s happening, is it really happening? Kinda like Palestine; if the world closes it’s eyes to the situation, does the starving child make a sound when he cries?

  11. willyloman,

    Here are the links to the two media pieces I referred to.

    Howard Stern

    How Did Obama Get Elected? Actual Interviews with Obama Supporters


  12. Here’s my suggestion to, let’s see how long it lasts before it gets dropped faster that WTC 1 & 2.

    Cleaning out Corruption

    An independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks and not a repeat of the “9/11 Ommission Commission.” We need to find out who the true attackers were or else we’ll never recover as a nation and will be involved in war after war, chasing phantoms that never attacked…

    – Greg Bacon (Retired Firefighter), Ava, MO Dec 02 @ 09:19AM PST
    Edit Idea Delete Idea

  13. Jesus H. Christ, it’s already gone.

    They probaly don’t want to know what my next suggestion is, since it’s x-rated and involves colorful language.

  14. They’ve probably got bots searching for key words, so I tried a different suggestion, let’s see how long it lasts.

    Change We Can Believe In!

    Have Obama actually fulfill some of his campaign promises, like getting the troops out of Iraq and not waiting until 2011 to go after those cushy tax breaks for the wealthy elite and Big Oil
    And not give us hot air and bogus web pages that are nothing more than more dreams offered up, that will be punctured repeatedly.

    Give us that CHANGE you promised, Obama and not some lame ass Clintonista redux, Bush/Cheney Junta presidency.

    – Greg Bacon (Retired Firefighter), Ava, MO Dec 02 @ 09:37AM PST
    Edit Idea Delete Idea

  15. For those two comments, my account at has been deleted.

    “Mein Führer Obama, send me off to die in another war for Wall Street and Empire”

    “Seig Heil, Seig Heil, Heil Obama”

  16. Just checked the site and they have another plea for a 9/11 investigation that’s been up for at least 16 hours.

    Either the Thought Police are asleep or they’re having second thoughts about deleting reality.

    “Seig Heil, Seig Heil, Heil Obama”

    A new Investigation into 9/11

    I believe that there should be another investigation of how 9/11 was handled and who really was responsible. This has created three wars, one war on Terror, two in Iraq and Afgahistan.
    over 5,000 people have died in or because of the symptoms of the debris of falling barium. We need compassion, understanding, facts, science, and justice to be a beacon of our great country. I think that Mr. President Obama can restore this and make this image clearer.

    Betsy Carter (Writer/Musician/Mother/ Wife/ Caregiver), Lewisville, TX Dec 02 @ 10:46AM PST

  17. I think it’s gone. I just checked the link and I don’t see it.

  18. I would guess Greg, that the word that caused your banning wasn’t “Clintonista” or even “ass”… but “junta” was probably the one that did it. They probably figured you were from the World Socialist Web Site. You ever been there? I just recently found that site.

  19. Yes, I’ve read the WSWS site articles, but I’ve been using the term “Bush/Cheney Junta” for a couple of years.

    And yes, they’ve deleted the latest plea for a new 9/11 investigation.

    But submit an idea about forcing schools to offer vegan meals for kids and you’ll be free to stay on

  20. Do you all wanna start some really good shit? You know, Im a good creative shit stirrer and i got a good one here to present.

    Mr three headed hydra of the 666 group has not legally proven the place of his birth. The constitution states only American citizens my be president.

    We all need to start contacting the right wing news sources, Hannity, oreily, Lars Larson etc, and voicing extreem desent over the fact that Mr 666 needs to satisfy this legal requirement and put to rest once and for all the question related to his place of birth which, I might add, Mr 666 has demonstrated a contempt over, by refusing to submit any government issued birth certificat other than a certificat of live birth which is not legal proof.

    Right now, this is a possible weak spot in the eneamies belly that MUST BE EXPLOITED!!!

  21. The reason for using the right wing sources, is because you know, none of the left wing sources would be willing to take on this issue. So we become the eneamy, and use the eneamy sources.

    Will it work? How the hell should I know. We won’t know till we try. it’ll take a cooperative effore from all to bombard them with emails.

  22. Scott:

    Let me ask you a question.

    If Obama is appointing “right wing” democrats, like the blue-dogs and the “New Democrats Council”…

    …and he is even keeping some Bush appointees on his staff…

    …and ALL of his policy agendas thus far, seem to be in keeping in the same line as Bush’s with regard to the Bailout, FISA, The Global War on Terror, and the continued wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, (Iran Syria Pakistan)…

    …and Obama is certainly going to continue this global Pax Americana that Clinton and Bush 41 started…

    …with all of this, we know now (some of us knew it a little earlier)…

    …why would the “Right wing news” sources want to help bring an end to the Obama era when it promises to legitimatize the very Globalization policies that they cherish and that make their owners so much money?

    The days of believing in the old “left vs right” political identities are well behind us.

    The DLC and Ron Paul prove that these are artificial creations that serve the one true party; the Bourgeoisie Business Class.

  23. Well, Hannity and larson, to name two, that i hear on talk radio, still seem to foam at the mouth from their hatred of obama. every day, all they talk about, is obama obama and obama.

    the lack of forthcommingness on the birth certificate issue seems to me something he is hiding. think about it. Anyone of us take any type of securuty sensitive position with any government agency, and they ask for a copy of a birth certificate, we produce it of hit the road. right?

    The constitution states only US born citizens may become president. Obama has yet to ever produce any birth certificate. All he has produced to date is a cert of live birth. That is not a legal birth cert. The lattest article written by Dave Eriqat addresses this very subject and Eriqat has a online copy of the cert of live birth Obama has submitted, and eriqat says it appears to be a forgery. (go read that article)

    What was the question? Why use right wing media sources? would it be better then to use the liberal media sources?

    Why do this at all? because this is a hoax. The issues that a majority of people want and post there, ther just delete.They don’t even say why. just delete it. Well fuck that, and them. I wanna do something that can possibly have an effect. And actually Willy, I really do suspect Obama was born in Kenya, and that he is actually perpitrating an intentional fraud on all of us. Hey im bored. lets do something fun. lets fuck with Obama. Im from the place where it all began. I only live 4 mi from durban. what the hell

  24. It’s like MAX from above said, they just delete what they don’t want, and if you keep trying to get your view snuk through, then they just delete the persons account. No dialog, no nothing, they just delete it all. Ignore the issue, ignore those who submit these issues, and they’ll just go away. Alright then.

    So I just wanna fuck with them Willy. I want to harress them. Any way i can
    And im gonna use this craigs list too. And what i say here will eventually filter through to the state of Illinois democratic party hq, which is here.
    And you know what Willy? Their fuckin lucky that actually, I don’t give a rats ass enough anymore to become a new weather underground operative. Im content, for the time being, to sit my worthless ass right here and spew out venomous retribution through the use of words and the truth. If for no other reason thasn to just harress as best i can. And start some shit.

  25. Scott;
    Well, you do what you please, and have fun. Me, I would rather spend my limited time tring to show people that the problem we face is the melding of the two parties into one, corportist/fascist super-state, with silly, arbitrary “talking point” differences.

    I do have to ask you though; from and the other sites like it, after they have spent the past 7 1/2 years portraying G.W. Bush as the antiChrist in this evil, satan worshipping cult of illuminati powermongers…

    …how can Obama now be the antiChrist (“Mr. 666”)?

    I mean, I am an aethist and all, and I don’t know THAT much about the whole “end of days” thing, but I kinda remember that the antiChrist is a “born into” type position. Rather than an elected one.

    So how is it that we now have Obama as the antiChrist instead of Bush? Did he like, leave Bush43’s body and possess Obama? Is that how it works?

    I’m not trying to be silly. It just works out that way sometimes.

    Also, while we are on the subject, I don’t mind… I think they have put up a thing of mine or two over the past few months (I think)…

    …but right on their front page, front and center, is an add for a place you can buy prescription meds on-line. Oxy-(sumthin) is the link, I think.

    A lot of young, high school age and college age kids are into this kind of “truther” movement. As I am sure you already know.

    I wonder if you guys would loose any respect for me if I made money off this site, while helping a drug peddler provide oxycotin to highschool kids.

    I have had my own issues with things like that. Perhaps I am too sensitive. But I don’t think you will find ads like that on PrisonPlanet or even AboveTopSecret…

    You might be interested to know that ATS is run by… Scott Creighton… no relation.

    I don’t mean to seem harsh. I used to read Rense quite often till I saw that ad. It’s good stuff, just uh, I wouldn’t make that same choice myself.

    Do you know what I mean?

  26. I’ve never been to ATS SITE, OR RENSE SITE. aND, i don’t know what the drug oxycotin is for. Willy, I only recently discoverd that there was a craigslist. a month ago.

    I like callin him Mr 666. I like callin him a three headed hydra. I’de probably shit all over myself if i ever came face to face with what ever a three headed hydra actually is. I’de rather smack him from one end of north grand ave to the other end but I can’t. so I use these words to describe him. I’de talk about his mother, but she is probably a nice lady.
    He is just a punk as trick brother. But he can and probablly will make all our lives turn to liquid shit. so im gonna punk him off where ever and when ever i can. It’s all I got right now brother. You understand don’t ya? Don’t hold it against me.

  27. I don’t hold it against you at all.

    Oxycotin is a narcotic pain med. Pretty heavy duty, but there are stronger ones out there. But that doesn’t matter, cus sites like the one advertised there will sell you whatever you want.

    The feds don’t regulate it because, frankly, the Big pharma guys are selling lots of high priced meds thru them, so, it’s just one more “loop hole” that doesn’t get nearly the attention it should. Illegal prescription meds are the #1 misused drug in the country among teenaged kids these days. Easier to get than pot thanks to sites like the one advertised.

    That “punk ass trick brother” has a high dollar education, is a US Senator, and will be the 44th president of this nation. In other words, he is pretty damn smart. Unfortunately, he is smart enough to have taken a look at what is going on over the past 20 years in this country and he has made his choice. He has picked a side. And he is smart enough to have known there would be a need to fill in the Democratic Party, helping to tow the line for this “change” that is on it’s way.

    Change unlike anything any of his trolls ever imagined.

    So, whatever he is, he shouldn’t be underestimated. He’s got a lot more on the ball than the last “pitchman in Chief” did, that is for sure.

  28. I realize he is highly intellegent, Highly intellectual, and totally out of my league. But like you, when he put on that Jewish cap, and pandered to those zionist people, he showed that there was to be no justice for the palistians, that our policies would continue, and those in the region would continue to hate the us. But for me, when he boarded that corp jet with bush 1, and Clinton, that did it for me right there. So, when ever, what ever, how ever, im gonna strike out. fuck him Willy. I ain’t got nothing to loose. I got more life behind me than i got in front of me. They can never take my past away. And they can only deny me a limited amount of the future. If it were tomorrow morning at 8:47 am, so what.
    aaaaaa, thats all I got to say about it. Did you listen to mike moore tonite? He had some good ideas, i think. Its snowing here again. I was gonna go to my shop n do some modelling work, but stayed home instesd.

    im here, on stand-by if you need me btw, that was a nice thing you did for Jan.

  29. Hi Scott;

    I think you and I are on the same page, Scott.

    I can certainly understand how you feel. For me, it was that speech he gave at AIPAC. He will NEVER live that down, as far as I am concerned because at that moment he gave us all a very clear picture into the kind of man he really is. A far better picture than all of his empty rhetoric could ever paint; a sellout.

    You see, for me, he is worse than Bush.

    He’s worse than Bush because he wasn’t born into this; he chose it. He chose to sell out for political gain, in the wake of the worse presidency in our history.

    He could have won walkin away, hands down, by simply being the man he is pretending to be.

    So that, in my opinion, makes him worse; and potentially more dangerous. He stands to legitimise the Imperial practices of Bush43, by way of making them mainstream “progressive” values. Like increasing the military, continuing the War On Terror, opening up even more free-trade agreements, FISA, ect. ect. And, of course, the continued oppression of the people of Gaza and the West Bank.

    Bush43 was born to this. For him, there was no real choice to do as he did. He isn’t the kind of man that takes to introspection or to see it as a strength. But Obama; now that is different. He chose this course because he knew he can profit from it, politically and personally. Like the Clintons, Obama and his family are now “self made political insiders”. They will dance and prance and show for the world, but in reality, they are just continueing the same corporate agenda for the bankers that run this world.

    We had a real chance to effect change in this country after Bush43 and the ONLY thing that could have stopped us, was a sellout politican who pretends to be “for the people” but who is really doing everything he can to maintain the status quo.

    That’s the roll Obama is filling.

    I put Moore’s letter up on the site but I din’t have a chance to watch the show. I will see the videos later today, and probably put one or two up here. Was it good?

  30. No, I din’t watch it. remember, no tv here anymore, since nearly two months ago. Someone writting in here called television the idiot box.
    What did me in was the following. a guy, in his early 20’s, crying like a baby. It was his second or third week, on batchorlette. he knew she was the one for him the one he had been serching for all his life, their souls had touched. and like on the ole gong show, he had to get off the stage.
    that was it for me Willy. I pulled out a 6 inch bbl stainless colt python,
    and fired a 165 grain,semi jacketed silver tipped hollow point into the television, and put it out of it’s misery.

  31. Im just kidding you Willy, i didn’t really shoot the tv. but I don’t watch it any more.

  32. chezzzz…. thank goodness. I was worrying about how to protect my old tv…. thinking maybe we had a wild man loose with a vendetta against tv’s…. the news would report: “the tv-man has done it again… three fine youthful wide flat screen beauties murdered with silver bullets, straight in the center heart. No clues, as yet, to the suspect… but one lone 13 inch model was quietly resting in the far corner of last victims living room; this elderly tv just might be able to remember details of the suspect’s appearance if the police can only get the 13 inch model to respond to a universal remote. For now the older model seems to be in a state of shock.”

  33. about that birth certificate, Scott… I read on the net where a large group is really pursuing the legallity of Obama’s …
    126,000 people have signed a legal request for an investigation into it.

  34. After 9/11, I asked myself questions.

    1. What major disasters occurred in U.S. history?

    answer; The Alamo, Pearl Harbor attack and 9/11.

    2. What, if anything did these three events have in common?

    answer: The Alamo had nothing in common with the two other events.

    Pear Harbor Attackk and 9/11 had things in common

    A. who benefited?
    b. Roosevelt and Bush got what they wanted after the events, Roosevelt wanted to go to war and Bush wanted to invade Iraque.

    Both presidents knew that the American people would not go along with their wishes, but the two events instantly changed the peoples minds.

    B. Were there warnings prior to the events that they were going to occur? ff so, what actions was taken by the Federal Government. How did they treat the warnings.?

    Were warnings ignored prior to the two events.?

    C. Is it true that the day after 9/11 , members of the Ben Laden family in the United States were flown out of the U.S.?

    If anyoneone can add to my list of questions, I would appreciate your suggestions.

    Ii think the Pearl Harbor attack and 9/11 have too much in common.


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