The FBI’s New Patsy: Jean Duley

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE; New DNA “Evidence” Links to..Flask

This morning Jean Duley’s story is being touted, without question or further investigation mind you, by every single corporate MSM news source on the web. Every single one of them is simply regurgitating her wild claims about Dr. Bruce Ivins from her written and audio testimony as if it were the gospel.

All this while the FBI, the agency that screwed up the Hatfill investigation so badly WE had to pay 5.8 million dollars of tax payer money, sits back and says… nothing.  Well, at least we know it will be Duley that is sued this time, and not our government, saving us a few bucks. But I guess that was the plan all along, wasn’t it?

New details are emerging from the story of the “terrorised” counselor, Ms. Jean Duley, in every MSM source this morning. MSNBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, Fox News, ect. all are covering some part of the story of the ever deepening picture of a crazed sociopath run completely amuck; Dr. Bruce Ivins.

Based largely on the audio recording of her testimony filed just 2 days before his “suicide”, the MSM is trying this man in the press, post-mortem, with absolutely zero regard for the fact that these are simply allegations put out there by one person who admittedly had already been meeting with the FBI, and without any corroborating evidence.

And also, with no regard for Dr. Ivins family and friends that have to listen to this onslaught day and night, all based on the unsupported testimony of ONE SINGLE PERSONwho isn’t even qualified to diagnose any mental illness, much less one as serious as what she claims. 

But according to the ONE“witness” (and this is important as well. She didn’t “witness” anything; she is giving HEARSAY testimony as fact! That doesn’t stand up in a court of law, but I guess it’s just fine for the MSMto demonise this man and his family with) that every single MSMnews agency is running with, this guy was running around the streets looking to stab people; he hates women now apparently (might as well make it personal for that demographic); he tried to kill bunches of people in 2000; he was about to go on a rampage and shoot-up his office mates; he was a “revenge killer” though if her story is true, the only people he killed were from the anthrax attacks and that had nothing to do with revenge in any way, so that just makes ZERO sense on EVERY level; and he was just a bad person all around, generally speaking.

This “boogie-man” image wall-papered over a church choir director and volunteer for the Red-Cross would be laughable if, for some reason, the MSMwasn’t running withit as if it were the gospel truth. It would be laughable, if they weren’t callouslydestroying the memory of what, by ALL others accounts, was a good and decent man. Not to mention the fact that if he had been a sociopathth from day one, don’t you think SOMEONE would have suspected him from the beginning? Don’t you think that MAYBE he couldn’t have been given such a high security clearance? MAYBE?

The story she is selling is completely stupid. And remember, it was HER calling the cops with that ridiculous “he’s gonna kill EVERYBODY” story that got him detained and sent to the hospital in the first place on July 10th of this year. I wonder if any of the MSM”journalists” were smart enough to look and see if she had already been in contact with the FBI before that date.

(just a note: you think, withall this ‘sociopath killer” evidence she is talking about, that the judge would have allowed him to voluntarily admit himself, or that the hospital would have let him go out on the streets? You would think that SOMEONE at even ONE of these MSM “news” sources would have questioned that tidbit of info, huh?)

According to her statement, his “threats” to her on the phone message was him calling her up angry because, as she puts it, “she was helping the FBI FRAME HIM”!!!

Don’t see that in many of the MSM stories, do you?

You also don’t read about him running the streets looking to stab people, because then, it just starts to look like she was making it up. I mean, come on? Running the streets looking to stab people? I thought he was a “revenge killer”?

But regardless of how the MSMgoes with this story, one thing is clear; they are in the clear. Because someone, somewhere, convinced her she needed to go “on record” with all of this stuff. made up or not. And that is the saving grace for the corporate MSM as well as the FBI. Now, it’s ALL on her. If this backfires and they never produce the “white paper” evidence they are promising “sometime next week”, then they get what they want with ZERO legal accountability; they can blame it all on her.

Now, it will be interesting to see what happens to Ms. Jean Duley from here.  Does she stay in her field of work or does she have a book ghost written for her and a made for tv movie of the week done? Will she end up working for a big-pharma company with a huge golden parachute, or will she be exposed as the fraud she is, and slip away into night like so many other patsies in the past?

Time will tell.  One thing is for sure; if someone is going to have to pay another 5.8 million dollars, it isn’t going to be the U.S. taxpayers this time around. And I guess we have Ms. Jean Duley to thank for that.


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  1. Yeah…. if I had lied and destroyed a person’s life, I would be scared of retailiation also. The FBI probably told her to file for a restraint….. that would give them the chance to kill and blame it on suicide (?) due to a fraudlent restraint order. this case is brutal. Wonder why a Program director (her official job… based on a 15 credit degree…) was involved in indivual counseling and group counseling? Guess setting up appointments and sked times for requested programs allowed her time to take up slack time for the professionals who were on vacations or taking off-time.She was probably given ‘easy’ non-violent customers who just needed to blow off steam… just like most of us do.

  2. A thought has just occured to me. She may well end up being the next one found dead somewhere. Dead material witnesses can’t talk. Ask lee Harvey Oswald. When you consider it, from the MSM and FBI perspective, it will be in their best interrests if this lady becomes the next dead witness.

  3. There are alot of questions to be answered in this case unfortunate one isn’t going to find them by berating the media. The mass media in this country has just like any other country become somewhat of a tool used by both politicians and law enforcment alike. with that being said the Federal Bereau of Intimidation is no different. I actually do feel sorry for the news outlets you’ve mentioned but then I feel sorry for anyone that allows others to lead them by the nose and tell them how to think.I can see your meaning though With the track record that the Federal Bereau of Intimidation has one would think they would have at least been a tad sceptical. The good news though is that regardless of what the Fed’s tell the press or how badly they embellish what they report,the blogs for the most part aren’t buying it too many still remember how badly the pooch was screwed in regards to Mr.Hatfill and Mr.Jewell. What’s amazing is that the sceptisism extends beyound party lines which means even those that have staunchingly defended the FBI in the past are even pointing out that thier track record doesn’t instill confidence that this is over. As for Ms.Duley give her a break we don’t know whether she voted for Bush or not and ultimately it was his administration that changed all the rulles when it comes to investigating terrorist acts (and make no mistake this was a terrorist act. But then he wouldn’t have been able to do it if we as voters wouldn’t keep electing the same ole garbage as our public officials.

  4. Spell SAIC backwards…


    SAIC was commissioned by G. W. Bush in 2002 to construct a replica of a mobile WMD laboratory of the sort used by Saddam. This mock up, supposedly destined to be used to train teams searching for WMDs in Iraq, was designed by Stephen Hatfill, the WMD expert now being harangued into isolation and thus silence by Bush’s FBI. Last spring, the Bush administration handed SAIC some of the biggest defense contract plums to be had -a billion-dollar chunk of the NexGen business and an unbelievably porky 10-year contract worth over $600 million.”

    In January 1999, new SAIC consultant Steven Hatfill and his collaborator, SAIC vice president Joseph Soukup, commissioned William C Patrick (a retired leading figure in the old US bioweapons program) to report on the possibilities of terrorist anthrax mailings in the United States. (There had been a spate of hoax anthrax mailings in the previous two years.) Barbara Hatch Rosenberg said that the report was commissioned “under a CIA contract to SAIC”. However, SAIC said Hatfill and Soukup commissioned it internally — there was no outside client.

    Patrick produced his 28-page report in February 1999. Some subsequently saw it as a “blueprint” for the 2001 anthrax attacks. The report suggested the maximum amount of anthrax powder — 2.5 grams — that could be put in an envelope without producing a suspicious bulge. This was just a little more than the actual amounts — 2 grams each — in the letters sent to Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy. But the report also suggested that a terrorist might produce a spore concentration of 50 billion spores per gram. This was only one-twentieth the actual concentration — 1 trillion spores per gram — in the letters sent to the Senators

  5. HI Steve Harrison, remember, we don’t elect our officials anymore… the programmed computer does it for us. Life is so easy now….. (that’s a joke… )

    Scott… that is a good point… in fact she has quit her job and where is she? Maybe already pushing up dandelions… or maybe she was an undercover agent sent to set up Ivins.

  6. Hey… Willyloman… that was fast… I like my orange monster picture!!! I have hair now and … oh oh… is that a long tail?
    Oh well… it looks more like me than the star-fish…..
    I like it… :}

  7. calm down. it’s just an avatar. Don’t make me call the cops and tell them you are going crazy and walking the streets looking to stab people! Don’t make me do it!

  8. Blogger Jan,

    She was just doing her job when she commented on his homicidal tendencies. Was she suppose to be quiet, NOT. She did the right thing (no matter how many credit hrs she received). I know if I received counseling and didn’t feel that I needed it the last thing on my mind would not of been wanting to exact revenge. Something had to be wrong because I couldn’t see myself blowing off steam by commenting revenge on all people that have dissed me. Hey Jan, wake up that was more than “blowing off steam” unless this is normal behavoir in your everyday life.

    If so you might seek help for yourself.

  9. Blogger Dave;

    That’s fine, if she is telling THE TRUTH. But so far, Duley is the ONLY person on the planet that thinks this guy is a homicidal crazy person.

  10. she’s accusing him of plotting other killings, and of being a “revenge killer”. who was he taking revenge on with the anthrax attacks?

    It’s bullshit, Dave. Listen to her tape. You can tell the woman is trying to remember “the talking points” fed to her by the Feds.

    and even so, this is hearsay evidence at this point. would you want your family traumatised by the MSM based on ONE persons unsupported rantings about you?

    of course not. The story makes no sense, unless you are a Fed trying to put the final nails in a 7year unsolved mystery.

    Why don’t the Feds force ABC News and Peter Ross to tell them who gove them the lies about the additives in the anthrax that pointed to Iraq?

    That might be a good place to start.

  11. The story smells. To high heaven.

    Jean Duley comes off the patsy, but what about these “group” therapy members? Will THEY come forward? Do they exist? In the hearing for that restraining order, Duley told the court that Ivins came into the group therapy session agitated and threatening to kill his co-workers.

  12. I am sure they too will come forward afte the FBI has a chance to “talk” with them about what they have to say.

    Remember how so many stories changed in the weeks after 9/11? Like that guy from Shanksville that said there was nothing for him to do because there were “no bodies anywhere”… then after talking to the FBI his tune changed real quick.

  13. Willy, have you seen this post by Larisa Alexandrovna?

  14. Now that is an interesting question.

    “My suggestion for the FBI is to find out what scientists were part of Tripod II, narrow down which ones drove the 4 hour path back to Ft. Detrick, and then you might get some answers.”

    i wonder if Dr. Zack was working at that time for any of the subcontractors or state agencies involved?

    Nice find Muse.

  15. dear blogger Dave, I could use some help; I need to find a honest place to vote, I need my rights restored…. my list is long and you probably aren’t interested. It makes me angry that my America is so messed up…. it’s OK to be angry about things… at least it used to be. In group sessions people are encouraged to blow off steam… sometimes in a pretend fashion… like ‘what , if you could do it, would make you feel better.’ Who knows what he said… he had a right to be angry..
    Did she have a tape of what he said? She hasn’t mentioned it ….. he stalked her? You mean he called and honestly told her he was angry that she lied about him….. wait a minute..
    look at the reverse… she was stalking him… she harassed him … The FBI was harassing him….
    She was not doing her job which was program director…
    she was part of a set-up.
    Go play in your sand box…. come out when you are mature.

  16. Hi Willy,

    did you see this piece in the Sydney Morning Herald:

  17. Jean Duley drove Ivins over the edge. She is the only person on the planet that had these opinions about him. I’d like to know her total whereabouts and contacts over the last seven years. Bushco has made a lot of people suicide over the last eight years. Too many for coincidence.

    Jean Duley is Jack Ruby. I doubt that they allow her to be around by November 4th.

    Anytime I turn on the tube and see that 29% of my fellow Americans are stupid enough to think Bush and Cheney are great guys I realize that I’m in the Matrix. There are the same amount that think Obama is a Muslim and there are probably at this moment twice that number that believe the propaganda on the media outlets regarding Duley and Ivins.


  18. And…. NO AUTOPSY? This is looking a lot like that guy named “Vince” down Houston/ENRON way. His autopsy was done by a quack. Then Ken Lay (I’ll loan the dumb kid my corporate jet for presidential campaigning, Kenny Boy)up and croaks, and…..

    If I had any contol over a network I would start thinking about the hundereds of miliions in revenue I could reap with a November 3rd 2 hour special with a summarization of the broken laws, lies, dead Japanese students and all the rest of the dead bodies that have been Bush and Cheney’s legacy. Nobody seems to want to look at all of the incriminating evidence on these two and as long as FAUX NEWS, filthy rich bastards and Rush Limbaugh keep telling the morons in this country what great guys they are the morons keep believing it.

    The only problem with democracy and credit is that it equally rewards IQ’s at the far left side of the Bell Curve. They will believe any story and find a Ivins to be Nancy Grace guilty before his body cools off.


  19. Thank goodness someone wrote about this! I’ve been frustrated hearing the stupid reports; they even sound incredible, in the simplest ways. I guess we just accept anything that’s reported to us, I keep thinking. Thanks Scott Creighton for making all the important points you make. It would be frightening to have a person who is supposed to be trusted with helping you with mental stress turn on you in such a vicious way as that Duley woman has. I know some posting here think Ivins may have been murdered, but it seems easy enough to imagine that he would kill himself in the face of that Duley woman’s betrayal and general behavior. Is there any evidence that Ivins was coming around the woman at all, once she told him to stay away from her? I’m assuming she did tell him, several times, that their relationship was over, that he frightened her, and that he needed to stay away from him. Someone so easily “frightened” really needs to be in another line of work — not trying to help mentally distressed people! What a terrible image this is making for the entire mental health profession.

  20. Hey blogger Jan,

    Ivins brother hadn’t had any communication with him in how many years….? and he said he was not surprised with the charges, lol. What did he say….Bruce thought he was god. Come on, wake up, the guy is guilty and you are taking his side. He killed 5 people !!! The guy committed suicide, wow, must be an everyday thing after somebody talks about you. I know if you called me a killer I would go jump off a bridge tonight. Give me a break, he seen they were moving in and the coward took his life.

    Wow, it looks like DNA has convicted him Jan. I know it probably was contaminated lol lol

    Sounds like you been playing in the sandbox for your entire life Jan.

  21. Hey Dave?

    I wrote this just for you. Pretend that is you when you start really reading the “DNA” articles from all those news sites.


    I have never observed , to the extent we’ve seen this week-end, of a media blitz of disinformation on a scale this size.(AGAINST A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL) This is a MAJOR, MAJOR dis-information campaign being waged nationally to get a particular thought,firmly planted into the mindset of the American population. I just don’t see any effective counter move available to get this stopped. We all know who the owner corporation’s are, of all the major media sources in this country. I can see it clearly Willy. I can clearly see them at work here. It is called OPPINION SUBVERSIVENESS TACTIC. Tomorrow morning, there will be secret meettings held somewhere, and those in attendence will look back over this past weekend, and they’ll smile when they see how sucsessfull this tactic went. This Ivans story as they have produced it, is everywhere, RADIO-TELEVISION-PRINT MEDIA.

    But I see one major weakness. Im reminded of a statement I read in civil law, pertainning to libel/slander. “THE TRUTH SHALL BE DEEMED AN ABSOLUTE DEFENSE”. In the IVANS case, we clearly have an appearrent truth that has been suspressed, is being suppressed, and not only that, but we also have a major conflict with statements made in public, IN THE LAST 100 HRS, AS WELL AS RIGHT After 9-11, pertainning to the source of the anthrax, used in the attacks of Sep-01, FALSE STATEMENTS MADE TO FURTHER SUBSTANTIATE THE NEED TO ATTACK IRAQ. They have set themselves out. If this is not
    “THE” opportunity, and avenue,(A ROAD TO TRAVEL DOWN) to seek the justice we have saught these last 3 years, then justice will not ever be forthcomming in the peacefull manner in which we have attempted to employ. I am actually wondering why they have chosen this particular set of circumstances because it exposes them to accountibillity to statements made right after 9-11 (source of the anthrax being IRAQ) THERE MAY BE SOMETHING ELSE BREWING. It makes no sense to just want to wrap this situation up before end of term. Boys, this is clearly CHANEYS office of strategic Planning at work here. There may be another suprise right around the courner. You here me willy? Procede with extreem caution, but, procede with haste sir. All our hopes go with you WILLY. I know your to be a major combatant in this COUNTER MEDIA BATTLE. go dog, go.

  23. Hey blogger Dave, also read comment #1 on the article that Willyloman dedicated to you (what a honor).
    Are you near a high bridge? Just asking.

    Is that sand box getting dirty?

  24. It’s a SAND box Dave… not a LITTER box!

  25. Hmmm. I also find a credibility gap in Jean Duley’s testimony. He calls Ivins such things as a revenge killer, sociopath, etc. First let’s not forget Ivins was a top microbiologist who investigated the anthrax attacks and I understand worked on an anthrax vaccine. Second the FBI suspected another microbiologist who was cleared after years and who just won a $5.8 million lawsuit for it. Third what kind of “therapist” is Duley… i.e. what kind of therapeutic help was she providing. Is it normal to testify against patients like this? Also why is she the only one from the group session who reported this. I submit her testimony is extreme exaggeration at best.
    None of Bruce Ivins friends believe the charges.
    Looks now like Bruce Ivins will be the next Oswald…case closed due to death, but we’ll never know for sure.

  26. Hey Scott, did you read the news item about 15 Chinese military police killed by (Muslims, they claim) dissenters? The Chinese officials state that the Muslims have threatened to attack the Olympics (starts in 2 days). If such an attack occurs (by supposingly Muslims), could that be the big event that you been worrying about? Could this set-up of Dr. Ivins (being murdered and called a suicide) be a media blitz that sets up everyone for another shock session that throws us into war with Iran?
    Can’t ask Willyloman, he is out of town for the day. This sure is worrying me.


    I did read that peice this morn about the 16 Chinese police. I don’t see, any possible implication to any event occuring here. At least at this preliminary stage. Im not suprised at any terrorism incident occuring there at this time.

    My theory about something around the corner revolves around my thought that the Bush Adminstration desireing to close out the 01 anthrax attack case, well, if I were in their place, and behind the attack, my thought would be to not make any waves and let it die out. To what benifit is there for them to wrap the case up before end of term. look at how they have now set themselves out to exposure to the conflicts to what they are saying sbout the anthrax attacks NOW, as apposed to what they claimed back in 01. They linked the anthrax then to IRAQ. Now they’re saying it came from an army bio-lab. So now, one of their statements is a lie. And it’s too late to retract anything. They’ve exposed their vunurible flanks. This carelessness is not consistant with them. so there may be yet something else about to happen. It may be a tactic governed by a calculated risk, where through exposure to this risk, they may be planning something that makes this risk worthwhile. Additionally, a risky tactic such as this may be right out of Chaneys office of stritegic planning. Even though it’s fundimentally domestic.

    Jan, we actually are at war with these people. They have killed en mass already. They will kill again, if it is to their benifit. so, i just try to think outside the box. It’s my contribution. Im operating a COUNTER office of stritegic planning. For what ever that is worth. Ofcourse, i do have my jumper cable battle plan.

    Also Jan, this Dr Ivans situation could very well break them apart and be their undoing. Ill bet WILLY IS OUT IN THE FIELD DOING SOMETHING FOR THE GOOD OF US ALL TODAY REGARDING THE IVANS CASE. WHAT DA YA THINK BABE?
    wHILE US OLD FOLKS MAINTAIN OUR DIGNITY IN THE A/C. Even cozy dog is stayin in today.

  28. Looking for a Big Pharma connection, try Eli Lilly:

    “Before the investigation ended, both Zack and Rippy were reprimanded. Then Zack left USAMRIID in December 1991, first heading to the Army’s Walter Reed Institute, then going to the private pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, and then to a company in Colorado acquired by St. Louis’ Nexstar Financial Management. Several calls by Salon to his last known phone number and address in Boulder, Colo., went unreturned, and Nexstar says it no longer has any record of Zack. Rippy, who left USAMRIID shortly after Zack, in February 1992, worked for a while at Eli Lilly, but could not be located by Salon.”

    As you are undoubtably aware, Dr. Philip Zack and Marian Rippy were the two of the Detrick employees accused of harrassing Egyptian-born scientist Ayaad Assaad back in the early 1990s — then Zack was actually videotaped entering Detrick labs after hours (let in by Rippy) after he left Detrick… Zack has never really been a major named suspect, even though biological agents went “missing” during his tenure at Detrick and right after (when he was videotaped entering labs).

    For more on the Zack/Rippy story see the link to the Salon article (linked above, after quote)

    So — here’s interesting Eli Lilly connection (2001 article):
    Dick Cheney’s Dick Cheney
    Meet OMB Director Mitch Daniels: The most powerful man in the Bush administration you have never heard of.


    “When George W. Bush signed his $1.3 trillion tax cut into law, he thanked three people first: “Mr. Vice President, Secretary O’Neill, and Director Daniels.” Mr. Vice President? Yup. We all know Cheney. Secretary O’Neill? Sure. That silver-haired guy who used to run the aluminum company. Director Daniels? Hmmm…
    Most people don’t know Mitch Daniels, director of the Office of Management and Budget, but they should. The OMB chief has the most critical but unheralded job in government. He gets to stick his fingers in almost every federal pie, and Daniels has accumulated remarkable power since his swearing in. He has developed a close relationship with the president and inspired confidence among those around him. In fact, he has been deeply connected with all the decisions that have defined the Bush administration so far. He helped design and defend the Bush tax cut; he was the main architect of Bush’s budget; he presides over decisions on which Clinton-era regulations stay and which ones go.

    After leaving Hudson, Daniels moved over to the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, the largest company in Indiana. Daniels started in government relations, advanced to direct North American operations, and then moved further upstairs to direct strategic planning. While there he earned a reputation for tight, efficient control, eliminating offices for example and making everyone, including himself, work out of cubicles.

    It was hard to work in a pharmaceutical company’s upper management in the Œ90s without dirtying one’s hands a little. Lilly, for example, saved money for years by testing their drugs on subjects off the Indianapolis streets, many with substance abuse problems desperate for Lilly’s cash, according to a 1996 Wall Street Journal report. Daniels didn’t start the practice but he surely knew about it. The company also helped lead the industry’s siege of Capitol Hill, morphing into a massively powerful interest group and getting government to serve the industry’s interests and not necessarily the public’s: rewriting legislation to accelerate the FDA’s drug approval process, extending patent terms, and stifling generic-drug makers.

    But Daniels seems to have remained above the fray, saying that he’s “pretty near virginal” when it comes to lobbying–a believable claim since he stayed in Indiana and never registered as a lobbyist.

    Daniels came to W.’s attention through Al Hubbard, an Indiana businessman and Harvard Business School classmate who had coordinated the campaign trips to Austin of Bush’s suitors and tutors. Daniels was also friends with George Bush the elder, an Eli Lilly board member in the late Œ70s.”

    Mitch Daniels is now governor of Indiana and has been mentioned as a possible v-p running mate for McCain.

  29. HI Scott… yeah, it is hot….. and a thunderstorm rolled in last night that sent my dignity straight out the window… I was out running the cats for under-the-bed-cover… lightening streaked and boomed right over the house with no regards for my pitiful age. No senior discounts allowed …it said.

    I was thinking that if the Muslims (as has been referenced to) strike out at the American participants at the Olympics, would that set off a rumble for war? Would the Bush administration go that far? I guess I am worried about our people.
    A Counter office? NOt sure what that means…. Certainly it isn’t a office that sells counters….. probably a good business if it is…. everyone needs new counters.
    Good luck with it anyway…..

  30. THE TRANSLATION to what i said was VP Cheney has an office of stritegic planning. this is where all the dirty deeds are conceived from. Im sittin here trying to figure out what certain events that take place, mean to other events, or to possible events that havent actually occured, but might. It is sorta like trying to consider the remifications to other events that are possible. Like this Ivans case. like what i said about it above. trying to figure them out.

    The reason I do this, is I hate them Jan, I hate them all, with a passion. They frighten me. They make me think, that, any day, they can make my, yours, Willys life, everyone’s life, a living hell.

  31. Scott, I see what you mean. They made Ivins’s life hell just like they had done to Steven Hatfill. They ruined Steven’s reputation, his professional life and personal life. They followed him everywhere and gave him the ‘finger’ in public places. They invaded his home and took procession of his computers and documents. They rumaged through his garbage. I believe they were trying to drive him to suicide. The cost of lawyers must be another huge strain on the victims. Can you imagine? Steven prevailed… but the strain took its toll. The money he was awarded will not get back his previous existence of total pride and feeling comfortable in the public even though he was proven innocent. Ivins and other scientists at the facility were also being harrassed during that time… so when they went full blast at Ivins (after they lost the case with Steven) he was already under stress of being harrassed and then they started making up things and completly invading his life….. and add the strain of paying a lawyer….
    just rehashed all that has been talked about… going on and on about it… you are right… the implied stress affects everyone.. even as we witness it being brutally applied to another. HOw many of them are there? they couldn’t possible do this stuff to many people at the same time…. they wouldn’t have enough manpower.
    I’m stressed out…. stay well, Scott….

  32. Ofcourse, we’re not employed in that high security sensitive position so, the chances are we’ll not face that sort of situation. But you want to know something Jan, I’ve been in exactly that identicle situation in a security sensitive state employment situation. And you know what? I got a breifcase full of unrefutible documentatary evidence from that situation, that should have allowed me to prevail (in that situation) and it ended up not doing me any good. when you go up against government official’s, who are involved in coruption, evidence doesen’t mean squat. Not even in a courtroom. Jan, even the freakin judge was corupt. He ended up being arrested shortly after my situation, for shop lifting. I got the newspaper article about his arrest. no shit. I can prove this. the second attorney i hired to represent me came up suddenly, dead. I shit u not. After that, I gave up. This was back in 94-95 in centralia illinois. Clinton county. After this all ended, I went into Airline work, and got out of Illinois. My first airline employer, and the station manager, was kind enough to do a pre-employment investigation into the matter, and found beyond any doubt, that I had indeed been vicimized by the state agency I was employed by, that I had indeed exposed coruption, and even the court I was tried in was corupted by the state agency, probablly, and they were amused as hell at the fact that even the judge was obveiously incompetent, had several dui convictions, several suicide attempts, and one shop lifting coviction. He is still a circut judge to this day.Subsequently, I got hired by the subject airline in early 95.

    So I can see the simularties between my situation, and this Bruce Ivans situation.

  33. scott allen humphrey

    you’re an absolute liar in addition to being uneducated

    identicle = LMAO


  35. to PJ from #33: Your stupid comment made me mad … at first; then I realized you probably are one of those freaks that enjoy dumping on ‘victims’ of a corrupt system because you can’t face your own fears. Joining the ‘pack’ of rabid-dogs makes you think you will be ignored by them; forget it.
    Well, then again, if you don’t have the insight or intelligence to reconize corruption…. or will never be in a position that puts you in opposition to it….. then you know what they say…. ignorance is bliss.

  36. Well jan, you know, when Willy wakes up, and comes in here and sees that above, you know what is going to happen. I think the word we’ll see willy use is troll. Incidently Jan, what does LMAO MEAN?

  37. Hey Scott, … sorry you had to endure that nightmare experience in Clinton County and that rude comment from # 33. I had to put my two cents in…. hope you didn’t mind; she (pissed) me off. I had started composing my reply to her before your comment was posted…. you put her in her place… you didn’t need me!!!
    Wonder how many people have had similiar experiences? Man, if their was some kind of huge post board where people, who are fighting corruption, could post their situation…. wouldn’t that be awesome?

  38. Scott… LMAO means ‘laughing my ass off’
    she probably has a big one and needs to lose some of it.

  39. Well, she probably can’t see the truth, because of that nose shes looking down. But ill be looking for more from her because these type’s have to have the last word.

  40. You know Jan, she called me a liar, and I considered what I’ve said above that would cause her to alledge that, about me. It has to be, that she thinks im making that thing up about the judge being arrested for shop lifting at “THE PRICED RIGHT FOODS” IN CENTRAILA iLLINOIS, IN 1995. iM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT IS THE HONEST TO GODS TRUTH!!!! AND, AFTER MY DAY IN HIS COURT ROOM, I WAS THINKING, WHERE WAS HIS ATTENTION SPAN? WHERE WAS HIS LEGAL MIND, THAT DAY? WELL LATTER, I FOUND OUT. HE WAS THINKING THAT DAY, “UUUUMMM LETS SEE NOW, WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA SHOP LIFT TONITE, FOR SUPPER?”

  41. Scott…. that’s funny… and you are right. I had to scroll up and check out her nose… she could trip on that thing… in fact she has tripped on her ‘nose’.
    se ya later… going to work… stay safe…


  43. There’s a wealth of info at this blog by Meryl Nass, M.D.

    Duley had several DWI’s? And was caught with drug paraphenalia?

    Was she looking at jail time for the DWI’s, and loss of her license to practice and loss of her job?

    Sounds like motive to make someone squeal like a pig to the feds.

    And why is Duley hiding out? Or did the feds hide out Duley, so the press would not have access to this drunk until they can manufacture the next big diversion?

    And isn’t it convenient that this hits the fan right when Congress takes a 5 week break.
    By the time they return, we’ll have another “event” to distract people.

    And where in the hell are the MSM stories about that known homicidal maniac, the one that likes to shoot friends in the face, Dick Cheney, where are the stories about his plans to use Navy SEALS, dress them up as Iranains, put them in boats similiar to the ones Iran uses and make them get into a shooting match with a US Navy ship in the Persian Gulf?

    More Information on Ivins’ Therapist

    From a story in the Frederick News-Post:

    Duley’s fiance of seven years, Mike McFadden, spoke to The Frederick News-Post on Saturday from their home in Williamsport and provided a statement on her behalf.

    “Jean is currently at an undisclosed location,” McFadden said.

    Duley had numerous meetings with the FBI in the past month, McFadden said, but he declined to provide specific information about those meetings.

    He said Ivins had threatened Duley’s life.

    Court documents state that Ivins had made “homicidal threats, actions, plans, threats and actions towards therapist.”

    Duley, a social worker, led counseling sessions attended by Ivins.

    The story of Ivins’ death and investigation by the FBI broke early Friday. Since then, McFadden said, Duley has been hounded by the national press.

    Someone broke into her car Friday night, McFadden said, though no police report was filed. “Nothing was taken,” he said, “but everything was jumbled up.”

    Duley told the court she had been subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury Friday. She was reluctant to become involved in the FBI’s investigation of Ivins, McFadden said. “She had to quit her job and is now unable to work, and we have spent our savings on attorneys.”

    This report raises a number of interesting questions. Why did she have to quit her job? Why is she unable to work? Ivins is deceased and no threat, if he ever was a threat. Was she instructed to hide out by federal employees?

    Additional key facts re: the anthrax investigation

    Duley herself has a history that, at the very least, raises questions about her credibility. She has a rather lengthy involvement with the courts in Frederick, including two very recent convictions for driving under the influence — one from 2007 and one from 2006 — as well as a complaint filed against her for battery by her ex-husband. Here is Duley’s record from the Maryland Judicial data base:

    Just three months ago, Duley pled guilty and was sentenced to probation (with a suspended fine of $500), as a result of having been stopped in December, while driving at 1:35 a.m., and charged with driving under the influence:

    On April 21, 2006, Duley was also charged with “driving a vehicle while impaired by alcohol,” driving “while impaired by drugs or alcohol,” and reckless driving, and on October 13, 2006, she pled guilty to the charge of reckless driving and was fined $580. Back in 1992, Duley was criminally charged with battery against what appeared to be her now-ex-husband (and she filed a complaint against him as well). Later that same year, she was criminally charged with possession of drug paraphenalia with intent to use, charges which appear to have been ultimately dismissed.

    Prior to the restraining order against Ivins which Duley obtained two weeks ago, Ivins had no criminal record at all, at least not in Frederick. A story in today’s Frederick News-Post quotes Duley’s fiancee as claiming: “She had to quit her job and is now unable to work, and we have spent our savings on attorneys.” But she doesn’t appear to have used an attorney for her complaint against Ivins. If anything, her savings were likely depleted from attorneys’ fees, court costs, and fines and probation for her various criminal proceedings (Larisa Alexandrovna has more details on Duley).

  44. Greg, you are truly an information detective sir. No where else could I go to and get this quality of information, on this female white subject.

    Willy, we have GOT to get Greg a bottle of MD/2020 for his outstanding work. That is,,,,if he is 21 or over.

  45. Thanks for the offer, but i stopped drinking MD 20/20 a long time ago, because it made me hallucinate.

    And I stopped drinking all the rest a couple of years back, because it was more painful the morning after than was fun the night before.

    Due to a couple of DWI’s back in the 1990’s, i lost my drivers license.

    And I know for a fact that all sorts of crazy shit goes thru one’s head, thinking of ways to get that license back.

    Thankfully, I took my medicine and lumps and didn’t go bat shit crazy and do something shameful.

  46. Well Greg, I certainly respect you for your candor. Ill not bring the subject up again.

    Anyway, the info your bringing in is really better than any msm source has to date, on this matter. Were certainly going down a strange path here and im wondering what is at the other end.

  47. just so you guys know, I put the latest article up on Reddit when I finished it this morning…

    …in one minute it already had several votes and clicks to read it on this site…

    …less than 60 seconds later, they took it off Reddit altogether.

    In less than two minutes, the admins at Reddit removed this extensively researched and well supported article.

    in under two minutes.

  48. Willy, let me see if I got this straight. You posted the article on REDDIT. And after two minutes, the administrators of Reddit removed the article. So what your saying is this article, this accurate information was censored? Thats what your saying? Was there any explaination put forth for this?

  49. I sent them an email, and recieved nothing back from them explaining it as of yet.

    yes, they either “hid” it or removed it completely.

    I went to check it’s status just 2 minutes after posting it, and it was nowhere to be seen. I went through the “newest” 300 articles posted, and 3 minutes after I had put it up, it was nowehere to be seen, and no other hits have come from Reddit on it since then.

    So yes, I am saying that some admin at Reddit is censoring information that they don’t want presented to the people on Reddit.

    I kinda figures because Reddit presents articles to a huge audience of people on the net, and from there, the stories are often reposted, giving the story massive amounts of exposure. So it only seems natural that they would eventually get someone on the admin status of Reddit to start nixing stories that don’t support their version of “truth”.

  50. Well, im sending it out from here. My phd friend has been reading all after noon and sending me questions. got rained out today so been home.
    He originally hadent thought anything to consider beyond what the msm was transmitting this past week end.

    There is a real opportumity here to exploit a serious weakness. we’ve got one major incident, the 01 anthrax attacks, and two conflicting stories relitive to the source of these attacks. Both versions originating out of the Bush Administration. Adm Halsey use to have a saying…”ATTACK ! REPEAT,,,ATTACK !

    Gotta go, be back at latter pm

  51. Willy,I been thinking about about the supression of your article from reddit today. That upsets me for two reasons. First, because censorship of truth, is so unamerican. secondly, that they edit out what they have to know is the truth reguarding the IVANS case. One can bullshit EVERYBODY but one’s self. What can they possibly think of themselves, when they see themselves in a mirror? They knowingly subverted the truth, and replaced truth, with lies. What do they possibly stand to gain from this supression? Surly they have to acknowledge, at least to themselves, that they sold out their self respect, but for what?
    Essentially, they are traitors. They have betrayed their own countrymen.
    A dedicated loyal Americaan research scientist has died. Our government is about to destroy his life long reputation of integrity, and there will be no opportunity to any redress. This is what the supression is assisting in Willy. But again, for what gain is there for them?
    I just don’t get why.

  52. I tried to submit your url link on this story to Reddit, but they wouldn’t accept it.

    Don’t want to get the sheep to excited, before their throats get slit, all that adrenalin ruins the meat.

  53. Hey Greg;
    I posted this new one, and it was gone in LESS than one minute…

    Maybe I can repost this to a new URL and get one of you guys to repost it under your name; it’s possible they have flagged my account or something.

  54. Maybe Reddit is afraid of getting an amthrax letter…. after all the true murderer is still out there …….

  55. The guy will rot in hell. When you commit suicide that pretty much tells you he is guilty.

    • Yeah, that’s a hell of a lot easier than, like “evidence” or “motive’ or “means’… I mean, that’s all you need right? a guy who had access to the most deadly stuff kept in America, and he chooses to finish himself off with an overdose of Tylonol? You should look into the facts of the story a little closer there buddy. And let’s hope your “guilt by suicide” theory doesn’t gain more traction. You might find all kinds of law enforcement agencies tying to take advantage of it when they get a sticky crime, they just can’t seem to solve, you know what I mean?

      One thing for sure, this guy isn’t going to cash in on the 5 million dollars like the last guy the FBI said did it, but really he didn’t. Remember that guy, Donnie?

  56. You are so anti-government. It doesn’t matter what evidence they uncover, you are so obsessed with the whole thing that you have convinced yourself that nobody can tell you anything.

    Also, I thought you might want to know, anybody that can commit suicide is somebody that definitely has problems. They were closing in and he did what he already knew, and were prepared to do, and that was to commit suicide.

    • I’m not “anti-government”, I am anti-corrupt government. And that is the DUTY of every citizen, to be an INFORMED and concious member of society. And when MEMBERS of our government cross the line, then we HAVE TO expose it and call them out on it and tell others what we have found. Being patriotic is not being subserviant. Being patriot means that we adhere to the PRINCIPLES that we hold dear as a nation.. not just the institutions or the leaders.

      The evidence is quite clear in the Ivins case; he had no motive, no access to production of that strain, and he didn’t do it.

      If I am right, and you are wrong… what does that mean to you? To me, it means a REAL terrorist is still out there, who could in fact, do the same thing again. Wouldn’t you want to put away a real child rapist or mass murderer, as opposed to the guy the local sheriff frames up for the crime? In the interest of the community? I am so pro-government, that I will speak out when I have to in order to help make it a better one; an accountable one.

      Besides, “government” in a constitutional republic like we have… is us. We are the government, and if you take nothing else from this little chat with me, I would hope you take that. I don’t support Obama, though I have been a life-long democrat. its not about “Party” its about us. We are all being lied to about this case, and many other things. and I for one, am tired of it. and deep down, I guess you are as well.

  57. Hello. And Bye.

  58. Scott,
    Came across this and your site researching. Have published several columns on this issue in “MSM.” Email me please at

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