The World We Live In; Like It or Not.

by Scott Creighton

I have become sick of playing with kid-gloves on. Time is way to short. As our congressional leaders and White House officials continue their efforts to recreate this country into a perminent oligarchy, and hand over every last tax dollar you and your grand children will pay to their affiliated corporate sponsors, it occures to me that we have to stop pandering to the least common denominators in this country.

You cannot make everyone “get it”. All you can do is put the information out there and hope someone will be interested enough to begin looking on their own. If they do not, if you have not by now, then you are either a coward or an idiot; and either way, the real progressive movement has to pass you by.

Right now, even the Gatekeepers of gatekeepers, the Daily Kos, has changed their policy and allows “Let It Happen on Purpose” discussions, because the evidence of that has become all to “mainstream” for even them to ignore.

Below is something I wrote on ADS. It is in response to an article written by David Swanson, a very committed and active man in the impeachment movement. I reccomend reading his post, then my response.

Take a close look at that PNAC document…

new Submitted by willyloman on Wed, 2008-04-09 12:36.

…and tell me what you see.

Everything they have wanted to do to this country, they have been able to do; and always, at the heart of their demands for “more power to fight “the terrorists”… is 9/11.

We need to start calling things like we see them; stop worrying about peoples’ feelings.

If you believe, even after all the facts have come out about what a sham the 9/11 Commission was and all the rest, that 9/11 was pulled off by just 19 guys with box-cutters… you’re a fucking idiot.


If you think that they had this huge plan to shred the constitution, hand over all this money to their buddies in the MIC, and turn the economy of this once great country into a social welfare program for the international bankers and big business, and you think 9/11 just “happened” so they took advantage of it… then you’re a fucking idiot.

If you look at the collapse of building 7 and think it’s a structural failure, and that somehow gravity brought it down (through the path of greatest resistance), and it started “collapsing” at the base then “fell” into a neat pile in it’s own footprint without damaging the buildings beside it… then you are a fucking idiot.

If you look at the put opitions, placed by the bank that the CIA director at the time used to work for, and think it just happened… then you’re a fucking idiot.

EVERYTHING is about 9/11. Hell, staying in Iraq, according to the good General, is about preventing “the next 9/11”.

The “war on terror” (the endless war economy) is about 9/11.

Operation Northwoods
Operation Gladio
USS Liberty
Gulf of Tonkin

You should explain, David, just HOW they got rid of the president of Iran in 1953…

…the CIA staged false terrorists attacks thoughout Iran and blamed the president.

Just like they did in Central America, several times. That’s not me saying it, that’s the declassified CIA documents.

Hell, Kissenger BOMBED the capitol of Chile, during the staged overthrow of that “populist” president, in order to install his dictator, Augusto Pinocet… he did that on Sept. 11th 1973.

Kissenger was Bush’s FIRST choice to head the 9/11 commission.

If you can’t put those pieces together, you’re a fucking idiot.

How do you think the 4 planes were never intercepted? And as the investigation unfolded, the story changed not once, not twice, but three times?

All the time, there is the Minnetta story, in congress, about that young man reporting to the vice president “It’s 50 miles out…Its 40 miles out…”

The key is 9/11. Looking at “why they attacked us” without looking at WHO attacked us, is stupid.

Who hates your freedoms? Well let’s see… who wrote the Patriot Act…who wrote the Military Commissions Act… who is pushing for the revamped FISA bill with telecom immunity… who created “free speech zones”… who is breaking up labor unions… who rewrote the bankruptcy laws keeping you enslaved to the banking interests, forever… who ignores any congressional oversight and refers to the constitution as a “goddamn piece of paper”…

and WHO wants to hand over COMPLETE control of our entire economy…to the Federal Reserve Bank System?

And who helped them steal the White House in the first place?

19 “terrorists” with box-cutters?

If you can’t put the pieces together… you are a goddamn idiot.

If you are affraid to put the pieces together and commit it to writing for fear of being called a “whacko”… Then you are NOT an idiot…

you are a fucking coward.


6 Responses

  1. Amen to that!

    Let me humbly offer some eyewitness accounts of building collapses. Sevearl years back, retired from a central Missouri Fire Department (FD) as a career fire fighter. Retired with the rank of Lieutenant.

    The reason i mention my rank is to comment on the fact that as a LT. i was able to be in command of a fire and observe the fire behavior and building’s characteristics from the outside, instead of being in the interior, fighting the Beast.

    In 20+ years of service, i was on the scene of more than a few structure fires. Fires in various types of buildings, including residential, commercial and industrial. Even high rises. Most times, we were able to fight the fire successfully, extinguish the flames and return a sizable portion of the building and contents back to the owner.
    However, some of the times, we lost the fight–and as the post fire investigation by the Fire Marshal’s office would find, those fires involved arson–and were forced to go from an offensive mode, in which we would conduct interior fire fighting, to a defensive mode, in which we would “surround and drown” the building with immense amounts of water from the exterior.

    When that happened, some of the times the building would collapse, due to interior fire damage and the immense amounts of water applied in fire suppression. The structure would collapse in a random, haphazard, piecemeal manner. Not once did i personally witness one of those structures collapsing in the rather controlled and somewhat neat pancake fashion as the WTC towers and Building 7.

    i might be able to believe that one of the towers could fall that way, but all three? On the same day, within hours of one another? Think that would be physically impossible.

    There has been much made about the interior fire’s heat contributing to the collapse of the WTC’s. i also disagree with that.
    Those buildings, thanks to the fire codes enacted over the years, were built to withstand fire and not add to the flames.

    The type of fires left burning after the jet fuel flamed off are what we call “contents fires”. They involve the burning of the contents of the rooms/building, such as furniture, carpets and the like.
    Initially, these fires are hot, but either burn out quickly or suffocate themselves due to the fire needing a large amount of oxygen and not being able to receive the proper amount of oxygen due to the large amount of smoke generated or no fresh sources of oxygen.

    Couple of years ago, the NYFD released some of the on scene radio transcripts from some of the interior fire fighting units. i’ve read thru some of the radio traffic and from their accounts, in one of the towers, they not only had the fire extinguished, they were going to start providing medical care to the victims.

    i believe the published radio accounts, not only due to the authentic sounding radio traffic, but the fact that they acted like fire fighters; that is, you make a decision at the beginning of the operation as to whether or not you are going to fight fire or rescue victims.
    Since most FD’s are usually understaffed and cannot provide both services, you usually elect to fight the fire, while ventilating the building to push out the toxic gases and smoke so the victims can at least get fresh air.

    If the on scene fire crews had not only extinguished the fire(s) and determined that the building was safe enough to conduct medical care and rescue, then there is something terribly amiss and wrong with the so called “official” 9/11 version.

    i thank you for your time and your bravery in putting out vital info regarding 9/11 on the web. Maybe, just maybe, one of these days, thanks to the diligence of people such as yourself, we will get to the bottom of the events regarding 9/11 and bring the true instigators and mass murderers to justice.

    Greg Bacon

    P.S. And you can damn well bet it wasn’t those 19 Arabs that were behind 9/11.

  2. Mr. Bacon;
    Thank you for your insightful comment.
    You might be interested in two things here.
    1. is the complete Oral Histories released from the city of New York, which you make mention of in your comment.

    find those here, they are the offical transcripts of the firefighters and New York Police Department, as recorded that day, and their testimonies afterward. Very informative, for eyewitness accounts.

    2. I put together some of the eyewitness reports from the Oral Histories along with an example of Top Down Demolition. They describe almost perfectly what we see in the top-down demolition video as well as what happened on 9/11 to those buildings.

    find that here…

    It is very nice to hear from you and I will be visiting your site.

    Thanks again,

    Scott Creighton, willyloman

  3. You know,Scott and Greg, What you tell is an event of the most horrific crime ever committed; ‘they’ helped set up the burning horror and death of thousands of innoccents AND then also allowed ‘others’ (some of our most brave and dedicated people, fire fighters and police ) to go into buildings to assist others when ‘they’ knew the ‘others’ were going to die also. ‘they’ watched and allowed it.

  4. and worse than that Jan, they gave the order to demo those two buildings while firefighters, cops, and civilians were still in them.

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