No. Flight 370 Was NOT Found in the Jungle

by Scott Creighton

Some dude from Borneo claimed his nephew found Flight 370 in the jungle somewhere near the Philippines this past weekend. Turns out, that story is a crock of shit.

Gee. That didn’t take long to debunk.

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Spot the Drooling Cat is Back Home and No Longer Drooling

by Scott Creighton

UPDATED: Now with photos! Yea!

[just a quick update]

Spot the cat is back home and feeling much better, sans 3 of his 4 canine teeth. He is going to be on antibiotics for the next two weeks and Cricket doesn’t recognize his smell so she wants to beat him up constantly. But aside from that, he’s doing alright. I tried to get a pic of him but it appears he’s a little self-conscience about his new smile. I’ll include one in an update a little later.

Thanks to everyone who helped with Spot and all the well-wishers. Spot is back home, healthy and happy and tolerating Church who keeps following him around licking him (poor cat)

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Dutch MH-17 Report Seems to Imply Kiev Downed the Plane, Not Russia (photos of Ukrainian BUK Systems)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: This study shows through a couple of real world experiments, that the plane was downed by an older version of the Russian-made rocket and not the newer one Russia uses today. Kiev still has and uses the older systems and if you look below in the article, you will see photos of them posted by Kiev military forces in the area at the time of the shoot-down (second photo of BUK systems and rockets in the collection below).

© Almaz-Antey


Dutch authorities have finally released their much awaited report on the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 and have concluded that the plane was shot down by a BUK missile system and more specifically, a “Russian made” 9N314 fragmentation warhead found on the 9M38 missile.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was downed by a Russian-made “warhead” fired from eastern Ukraine that detonated outside the jet’s cockpit, Dutch investigators confirmed in their final report Tuesday. NBC “news”

This of course is being used as “proof positive” to suggest Russia had some involvement in the downing of the plane by at least supplying the munitions and BUK system to rebels in Eastern Ukraine fighting against our puppet regime in Kiev.

Imagine that. More Russia bashing as they are wiping out our CIA-backed terrorists in Syria.

You can expect a resurgence of the story of Russia driving BUKs into Ukraine to shoot down commercial jets I suppose. What you wont see repeated is the story of the Ukrainian BUK 312 crew member saying that crap is a lie.

Unfortunately for folks who have a bit more information at their disposal, the conclusion doesn’t really point to Russia or the separatists at all and in fact, this conclusion is not really news. A study by the Russian manufacturer of the system came to the same conclusion back in June.

The Ukrainian military had in it’s possession several BUK missile systems armed with these exact same rockets and even posted bragging videos of them deploying them in the area just prior to the downing of Flight MH-17 and just after it.

So, who does this Dutch report cast blame on? Well, minus the invisible Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine, it seems to me that it places blame for the downing of the jet firmly on the side of our neo-Nazis in Kiev.

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Obama’s New Dictatorship in Greater Kurdistan is Killing Protesters and Expelling Opposition Leaders to Remain in Power

by Scott Creighton

As the Obama administration effort to build Greater Kurdistan hits a bit of a bump on the road, our puppet dictator in Iraqi Kurdistan shows his true colors.

Iraqi Kurds' protests over economic crisis turn violent

While US media apologists are trying to put the best looking spin they can on the situation, our dictator ruling family in Iraqi Kurdistan is acting, well, like a US-backed dictator ruling family. The Barzani family is reportedly worth billions since they have ensured their connection to power profits them greatly. All sorts of industry and government contracts are controlled by Barzani family members.

A worsening political dispute on the front lines of the fight against the Islamic State group threatens one of the few silver linings for U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Since last week, five people have died and four ministers have lost their jobs in Iraqi Kurdistan, the semi-autonomous region of Iraq whose Western-backed fighters have retaken nearly all the territory they briefly lost to the Islamic State group, or ISIS, and become heroes in the U.S.

A mix of political and economic issues are fueling the crisis. Many protesters accuse the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party, or KDP, of hoarding power because its leader, Massoud Barzani, declined to surrender the presidency when his term officially ended on Aug. 19. Many demonstrators also blame the KDP for failing to end economic difficulties caused by delayed government salary payments and the massive refugee influx into Iraqi Kurdistan.

The KDP has responded with actions that appear to target Gorran, the top opposition party. On Monday, it prevented a Gorran member who is the speaker of the Kurdistan parliament from entering the region’s capital, removed Gorran members from the coalition government and shut down some offices of a Gorran-linked TV channel. Those actions came as the KDP-led government was already facing scrutiny over its treatment of dissidents in Kurdistan, including KDP critic Esa Barzani, and Yazidi and Sunni Arab refugees. Huffington Post

Barzani has refused to relinquish power at the end of his presidential term in office and they write that some “accuse” them of “hoarding power”?There are scores of protesters dead in the streets and the ruling party has expelled the next most popular political party, Gorran (Change movement), from not only the government, but Irbil as well.The speaker of the Kurdish parliament is a member of Gorran and he has been told he is not allowed back.

Is this starting to sound familiar to anyone?

President Barzani has been the only president of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), serving since 2005, but his mandate expired in August. He is arguing that the ISIS war means he has to stay on indefinitely, unelected, to “steer the region,” which has caused some unrest, and protesters marched against several KDP offices recently.” AntiWar

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Spot is Awake, Recovering and Can Close his Mouth

Hi all. Just an update.

Spot, the drooling cat, is awake after the procedure and is recovering nicely at the vet right now. He’s doing well, feeling no pain and can close his mouth just fine.

Thanks to all of you who had concerns about him. He will be back tomorrow and I will post photos. Thanks again.

Spot is on his way to vet

The drooling cat is on his way to vet. Will give updates later. Thanks all

Warmonger Keane Suggests We Use Refugees as Human Shields to Protect CIA’s Terrorists for Global PR Purposes

by Scott Creighton

Jack Keane.jpg

The American Hero says “Let’s use Syrian refugees as human shields for our terrorists”. Nah, he’s not a psychopath or anything, is he?

He’s got all those pretty little bars on his chest. He can’t be a psychopath, can he? Oh wait…

Mubarak (right)(I’m sorry… their right… image left :) )


Shah of Iran


Pinochet of Chile


Suharto Indonesia


Papa Doc


al Sisi Egypt


Prayuth Jan-ocha 2010-06-17 Cropped.jpg

Prayut Chan-o-cha, Thailand


Will the maniacal warmongering never cease in the senate?

A couple days ago (Friday?) a former general and overall policy wonk think-tanker named John M. Keane went before the Senate Armed Services committee (headed by another drooling warmonger named McCain) to lay out a bunch of standardized lies about “Russian aggression” in Syria and Ukraine. His description of what he says happened in Ukraine is exactly what did happen, only, he claims Russia did it and not US Special Operations forces. Cute, huh?

The jist of his message to the senate (which continues today) was that we have to do more to stop Russia from aiding the legitimate government of Syria.

During his prepared warmongering rant, he tossed out ideas like imposing a no-fly zone (shooting down Russian SU-27s I guess) , sending in ground troops to protect our regime change mercenaries from Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and doing something else that I thought might be of interest to folks out there with half a moral left in their bodies: using refugees as human shields to protect our CIA backed “moderate” terrorists.

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