Is the Greater Kurdistan Project Dead? Kerry and Lavrov Declare “Kurds must remain a part of the Syrian state”

by Scott Creighton

Holy shit.

Very quietly Sec. of State John Kerry went over to Geneva and cut a deal with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on the state of the state of Syria. according to reports a number of issues were agreed upon but none so dramatic as the issue of Kurdish independence or what they call “Western Kurdistan”

Both diplomats agreed that the Syrian Kurds should remain in Syria.

“We are for a united Syria. We do not support an independent Kurd initiative,” Kerry said, pointing out that the American forces have been engaging in cooperation with “a component” of the Kurdish forces on a “very limited basis.”

On his part, Lavrov said, “Kurds must remain a part of the Syrian state, part of resolving the problem, and not a factor that will be used to split Syria apart.”

The contacts with the Kurdish minority in Syria were made in a “close cooperation” with Turkey, Kerry said. Turkey considers the Kurdish YPG militia, which is part of the US-backed SDF rebels, one of the targets of its ongoing incursion in Syria.

We understand the sensitivities of our friends in Turkey with respect to this,” Kerry added.” RT

“(O)ur friends in Turkey”? We just tried to overthrow Erdogan in a violent coup and now Kerry describes him as one of “our” friends?

How quickly the worm turns. The US and Russia are now echoing the words of Recep Erdogan from Aug. 24th of this year:

Turkey is determined for Syria to retain its territorial integrity and will take matters into its own hands if required to protect that territorial unity. President Recep Erdogan of Turkey

Yeah, that worm turns quickly doesn’t it?

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Another Bush Admin Warmonger, Paul Wolfowitz, Will Likely Vote for Hillary – Says The Donald Wont Bomb Enough Countries

by Scott Creighton

Do you think my title is hyperbole? Click-baiting?

Think again:

“Because he is so uncomfortable with Trump, Wolfowitz said he would likely vote for Clinton, albeit grudgingly.

“I wish there were somebody I could be comfortable voting for,” Wolfowitz said. “I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton, even though I have big reservations about her.”

Wolfowitz contested a point made frequently by Trump on the campaign trail, that the U.S. should abandon “policies of nation-building and regime change” like the ones pursued by the Bush administration. The former deputy defense secretary countered that it would be “a huge mistake to abandon democracy promotion pointing to cases of military intervention in places like Bosnia, where Wolfowitz said genocide was threatened.” Politico

Talk about 6 degrees of separation and judging a candidate by who supports them.

What do you think the progressive Hillary supporters are thinking right now?

“Trump rapes babies and burns crosses on black people’s lawns”

Oh, yeah, they are probably thinking that aren’t they. Oh well. Why doesn’t Hillary just announce Dick Cheney as her Chief of Staff and get it over with? Her base wont mind. Remember how Trump said he could kill someone on 5th Ave. in New York and his followers would still vote for him? He’s got nothing on Killary.

Scary (not really): Hillary Clinton’s “Nanna Nanna Boo Boo” Speech Demonizes Folks for “Thinking Outside the Norm”

by Scott Creighton

Well OK then.

Hillary Clinton’s team has apparently decided to counter all the horrible news that came out about her this past week regarding her “pay to play” policy at the State Department by pointing a finger at Donald Trump and proclaiming “nanna nanna boo boo, you’re racist doo doo”

That’s literally all they have. That’s it. That’s what they got. “Don’t pay attention to our Republican-leaning neocon-backed warmongering “Democratic Party” candidate’s VAST record of MAJOR criminal activity because… Trump knows some racists”

That’s it. That’s the campaign strategy, apparently scripted by the dim-witted middle school kids running her campaign.

This is nothing new, really. Whenever another Clinton family crime is rudely mentioned during this campaign, suddenly The Donald magically becomes even more racist than he was the day before and it’s always by some form of 6 degrees of separation:

“The Donald is supported by David Duke… ergo The Donald wants to shank all black people”

“There was a 6-pointed star on a Tweet The Donald reTweeted… ergo The Donald cooks Jews in his oven in Trump Tower”

The newest version of this trend was rolled out yesterday in the wake of all those revelations by the AP about Hillary Clinton setting up meets with donors to the Clinton Globalist Slush Fund Foundation and it deals with what they are now calling the “alt right” which apparently translates to “black, Latino and Jewish baby raping monsters”

On a side note, the only racist “baby raping monsters” I know of that have anything to do with this “election” were hired by Hillary Clinton to destabilize Libya and Syria by killing people of other faiths and… well… and raping babies. Talk about 6 degrees of separation. That’s like one degree. Or half a degree. At best it’s two degrees as our freedom fighters below seem to suggest.

Image result for hillary clinton libya

That said, the “alt right” attack spewing from the Clintonistas today like Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe, is quite stunning in it’s audacity.

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KurdISIS™ (H/T Penny) Retreats Across Euphrates River – Erdogan Attacks ISIS™ and the Kurds Retreat: What Does That Tell You?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: MoA blog continues with their Erdogan-bashing campaign suggesting “ISIS” and Erdogan cut a deal and the poor Kurds were too ambitious and trusting of Papa Biden. Suggests this is all a plot by Recep ” To recreate an Ottoman empire which would include at least north Syria and north Iraq”. Funny isn’t it, how he accuses Erdogan of doing what the Kurds are doing? Interestingly enough, the first comment on his site says this “The “Neo-Ottoman” meme is just more of the usual Zionist Bullshit. Surprised to see it surfacing here

I’m not.

Are you paying attention or is Donald Trump’s immigration “pivot” too compelling right now?

It’s difficult for people to understand what’s happening in Syria at the moment in terms of Turkey and I completely understand that. I’ve been covering the situation over there for 5+ years and it’s still difficult to keep it all straight. I mean, if André Vltchek, a man who has worked in Turkey for 20 years and published multiple books on the subject doesn’t get it, why should we. Turkey is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma and it seems nobody can forecast their actions.

However, that is not too say there aren’t clues presenting themselves as the situation unfolds and one very key piece of the puzzle that seems to be absent from most analytical work on the subject, I think, could bring much of the confusion into focus: KurdISIS™ (H/T Penny)

But perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian Greater Kurdistan national interest.”

Over at common Dreams, the confusion is evident: U.S.-Backed Turkish Offensive in Syria Targets U.S.-Backed Kurds (not ISIS)

As difficult as it is to wrap your head around Turkish politics, I don’t think this particular development is that confusing at all if you’re willing to simply open your eyes and see our new glorious “freedom fighters” in Syria for what they really are.

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UPDATE to my “MAJOR SHIFT” Article from This Morning: Biden Seems to Suggest a Deal Was Reached with Erdogan

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As expected, the fake alternative websites are saying this proves Erdogan staged the coup

I still don’t know what to make of this.

We know for a fact the US runs the so-called Free Syrian Army as a defacto irregular warfare proxy army designated to destabilize Syria in preparation for regime change. And we also know Turkey’s incursion into Syrian territory in support of the FSA (supposedly targeting the same “ISIS™” proxy army we allowed to leave Manbij and head north to the city Turkey is now effectively invading) is opposed by the Syrian government from reports from SANA News Agency. We know President Erdogan met with our puppet dictator from “Iraqi Kurdistan”, Barzani and then he was allowed to meet with several other leading political figures in Turkey before going today to meet with the Turkish parliament and leading political Kurdish MPs as well. And we know that Joe Biden is in Turkey today doing the same. All that we know.

But what I didn’t mention in this morning’s article is worth consideration:

“Speaking in Ankara, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that the attack on Jarabulus — the last stretch of northern border territory held by the jihadists — had begun at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, targeting “terror groups which constantly threaten our country.”…

Erdoğan added that the operation would also target Kurdish fighters in Syria

Turkey is determined for Syria to retain its territorial integrity and will take matters into its own hands if required to protect that territorial unity,” Erdoğan warned on Wednesday.

The name of the operation suggested as much: dubbed “Euphrates Shield,” the campaign clearly aims to enforce Turkey’s “red line” against the Kurds, as well as driving ISIL away from its border. When the SDF moved a few miles north towards Jarabulus on Monday, Turkey fired artillery shots at them while Turkish-backed Syrian rebels gathered at the border…

Syrian Kurdish leaders responded with anger. Salih Muslim, the leader of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), wrote on Twitter that Turkey was now in the “Syrian quagmire” and would be defeated like the Islamic State. Redur Xelil, a spokesperson for the YPG militia, denounced Turkey’s intervention as an act of “blatant aggression.”..

In Ankara on Wednesday, Biden launched a charm offensive, praising the bravery of the Turkish people during the coup attempt, lauding their efforts against the Islamic State and declaring that the country had “no better friend” than the United States. He also warned the Syrian Kurds that they would lose U.S. support if they did not retreat to the Euphrates’ eastern bank.” Politico

So it would appear that a grand bargain may have been struck between Turkey and the US to keep the developing Kurdish state in Syria confined to east of the river. And though Erdogan says he respects the territorial integrity of the nation of Syria, how does that fit in with his Euphrates red-line? I wonder if the US will quietly hand over Gulen as part of this deal to placate Erdogan, who, since the failed coup, has solidified his power in Turkey and announced himself as a man not to be trifled with to the US.

Does this mean that the Kurds we just helped take Manbij are going to be forced back across the river? Is this a victory in part for Erdogan and Turkey or just another twist in the Shakespearean tragedy playing out in Syria?

I don’t know.

I guess some might say keeping half of Syria is better than losing it all. Just ask the Libyans if they would take that deal right now.

Still, I don’t think Erdogan has any more business negotiating that deal from Turkey than we do from D.C. or Putin does from Moscow.

Anyway, just thought I would toss this out there.

MAJOR SHIFT in Erdogan’s Relations with Imperialist US… and the Barzani Clan (yes, you read that right): Did He Sell Out to Greater Kurdistan?

by Scott Creighton

I don’t know what to think of this so I am going to put this info out there for you guys to consider and maybe you can let me know what you think.

I started my morning off in the usual way, skimming the Times, al Jazeera, the Post, HuffPuff, Fox “News”, Daily Blow… you know, the usual crap just to get a feel for the daily dose of excrement they are shoveling our way today, when I came across a story that made me stop and do a double-take:

Erdogan Aiding Coalition Partners in Cross-border Attack on “ISIS™” in Syria

What? I thought “ah, that’s just the Times doing their propaganda thing” until, I saw it again:

Turkey and U.S.-backed forces take on Islamic State border town in Syria

So I thought “oh, OK. The Times and the Post feeding off each others’ BS” so I decided to take a look at some Turkish papers in order to get some clarification:

LIVE: Turkish military, coalition forces launch ‘Euphrates Shield’ operation in Jarablus

There it is again. Now it has a name “Operation Euphrates Shield” but I dismissed it YET AGAIN because, AH… Hurriyet Daily is a Dogan Media Group paper, a Gulenist rag, so I figured I would check out the Daily Sabah and get the REAL SCOOP:

Wednesday’s anti-Daesh operation, called Euphrates Shield, aims to support U.S.-led coalition forces, strengthen Turkey’s border security by clearing away terrorist groups and maintain Syria’s territorial integrity.” Daily Sabah

Are you fucking kidding me? Recep Erdogan just survived a damn coup orchestrated from the Pentagon and US State Department in conjunction with the monied interests behind Fethullah Gülen and just recently he started bombing the CIA’s new darling freedom fighters in Syria… and now he’s teaming up with TEAM USA WORLD POLICE to literally invade Syria to stop the CIA’s “ISIS™”? The same “ISIS™” the coalition let leave Manbij a couple weeks ago so they could head north to this city?

Is that a joke?

But wait.. it gets worse. Much, much worse.

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One of coup plot leaders was Clinton donor: Report

from Hurriyet Daily

One of the suspected leaders of the July 15 failed coup attempt, for whom an arrest warrant has been issued, was at the center of a group of suspicious 2014 contributions to a super political action committee (PAC) supporting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, according to an analysis by USA TODAY.

A company created by Adil Öksüz, who is believed to have ties to U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, made a $5,000 donation to the Ready for Hillary PAC…

“A company called Harmony Enterprises gave $5,000 to the PAC on June 27, 2014, campaign finance records show. Öksüz registered Harmony in New Jersey in 2010, according to state corporate records. It is the only campaign donation the company had ever made,”…

“The company website suggests it is a paper manufacturing business, but the address listed on the corporate records is a used-car lot on a highway in Lodi, N.J…

The donation was reportedly one of a half-dozen donations made to Ready PAC that same day totaling more than $62,000 from Turkish Americans in and around Lodi…

Most of the donors reportedly have clear ties to the Gülen movement.

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