Fareed Zakaria Suggests a Cosmopolitan “Grand Bargain” of Discredited IMF Neoliberalism to “fix” Puerto Rico

by Scott Creighton

Why does CNN’s Fareed Zakaria hate Puerto Ricans?

Fareed Zakaria is a Yale educated neoliberal/globalist mouthpiece for the monied class of the masters of the universe. Much like Hillary Clinton, Tom Perez and Barack Obama, he’s a right-of-Reagan “centrist” in tattered “progressive” clothing who has long since given up on pretending to be anything else. And like many of his elitist colleagues, Fareed sees the world only through class-based eyes.

“The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of a class rebellion against people like us, educated professionals who live in cities, who have cosmopolitan views about a lot of things,” Zakaria said, according to The Hill.Newsweek

Fareed held this view until the president’s glorious generals launched an attack on a Syrian airfield (while Trump ate some “beautiful cake”) at which time he famously declared Trump “became president of the United States.” Needless too say, the election by the unwashed masses didn’t qualify him for that position, in Fareed’s “cosmopolitan view”

Yesterday, while flipping through the talking head shows, I caught Zakaria’s offering in terms of what he thinks should be done to “help” the people of Puerto Rico in the wake of the hurricane that hit them 3 weeks ago. Needless too say, his proposal is nothing short of brutal, economic austerity that would carry over the anguish of the current disaster to future generations for decades while making the glorious Business Class fabulously wealthy.

As you can see from this Google search (all I searched was “Puerto Rico”) his globalist friends over there know what stories to promote:

The federal government is dragging their feet in terms of helping them recover from the crisis. While President Trump jokes about them “busting” his federal budget and makes a game out of throwing paper towels at desperate people, his financial team made up exclusively of Goldman Sachs temps, deliberately allows the island’s population to suffer so as to make them feel the full measure of discomfort during the expanding crisis.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste. It’s an opportunity to do things you normally wouldn’t be able to do” said Rahm Israel Emanuel all those years ago. A lesson Fareed certainly learned. Maybe back at Yale.

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Pompeo Promises a “Much More Vicious” CIA

by Kurt Nimmo, NewsBud

CIA Director Mike Pompeo told an interviewer at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) the CIA will “become a much more vicious agency” in conducting covert operations against its roster of enemies, most prominently Iran and North Korea.

Pompeo also told the gathering of neocons Trump decertified the Iran deal not because it is in violation—the Iranians are playing by the rules—but rather because Trump has been told it “would curtail Iranian adventurism.”

Trump advisor, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, also addressed the FDD neocons. He said America has suffered from a lack of “strategic competence… in recent years,” in other words, the deep state has failed to remove the governments of Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and assorted others.

Foreign Policy columnist Jeffrey Lewis compared McMaster’s remarks to those of General Maxwell Taylor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Taylor urged President Kennedy to launch an invasion of Cuba…

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‘Coup government’: Thousands protest power transfer from Barcelona to Madrid

Why are we really in Niger? It ain’t for the human rights, I’ll tell you that (AE video)

So why are we in Niger? It has nothing to do with “teaching respect for human rights”

by Scott Creighton

As has been the case in every fascist state of the past, we are told that we can’t question the glorious generals. They are beyond reproach. What they say is sacrosanct. What they do, unassailable. This is AFTER “shock and awe” killed a million Iraqis based on lies. This is AFTER Gitmo. This is AFTER Falluja.

If you want to go after Gen. Kelly, that’s up to you. But, I think that that – if you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, I think that that’s something highly inappropriate.”

The question put before our glorious heroLEADER Kelly had to do with some banal debate between he and some clown of a congress-critter and whether or not she was self-promoting a couple years ago over the funding or the naming of a new FBI center in Florida. It was, by definition, a nothing burger no matter how you looked at it and yet, THAT was the most important question that occupied the ENTIRE complicit media all day yesterday.

But there was  a better question asked, one that didn’t get much coverage ((notice, the cowering reporter had to qualify his question by first uttering the standard, fawning praise):

“Q Well, thank you, General Kelly. First of all, we have a great deal of respect — Semper Fi — for everything that you’ve ever done. But if we could take this a bit further. Why were they in Niger?”

And here was the answer our glorious general gave (notice, the GodKINGgeneral didn’t feel the need to thank the reporter for “everything he’s ever done”):

“So why were they there? They’re there working with partners, local — all across Africa — in this case, Niger — working with partners, teaching them how to be better soldiers; teaching them how to respect human rights; teaching them how to fight ISIS so that we don’t have to send our soldiers and Marines there in their thousands. That’s what they were doing there.” Glorious Kelly the Untouchable

So we are teaching them how to fight “ISIS™”? Does that mean we are teaching them how to let them leave Manbij in hundreds of Toyota/Helix trucks or how to book em some chartered buses so they can leave Raqqa?

Oh wait… we are teaching them how to respect human rights. Ah, got it.

NIGER 2016 (State Department) HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT

The most serious human rights problems included attacks by armed groups that resulted in death, disappearances, and abuse ; harsh and life -threatening prison and detention center conditions ; and trafficking in persons, including forced labor and caste -based slavery . Other human rights problems included : security force killings of civilians and abuse of detainees; arbitrary arrest and detention ; prolonged pretrial detention; executive interference in the judiciary; forcible dispersal of demonstrators ; and restrictions on freedoms of press and assembly. The government restricted opposition political parties . Corruption was pervasive, and discrimination and violence against women and children were problems , including female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) and child prostitution . Societal discrimination against persons with disabilities and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI ) community was a problem. Forced labor, child labor, and discrimination in employment on the basis of sex and disability continued. The government took some steps to prosecute officials who committed abuses, but impunity was a problem

Lets see what kind of government our troops are there to help protect:

  • government backed death squads
  • disappearing opposition leaders
  • torture
  • human trafficking
  • slavery
  • arbitrary arrests
  • judicial system is a joke
  • cracking down on protests/demonstrations
  • no freedom of press
  • massive corruption
  • violence against women
  • violence against children
  • poor treatment of gays
  • child labor

Gee, that doesn’t seem good especially when you consider that report concerned Niger in 2016 and ObamaGod sent troops into that country starting in 2013. Guess we aren’t teaching em much about that whole “human rights” thing, now are we? Or maybe we’re just teaching em REAL SLOW LIKE.

I wonder why it is we support a country like that?

Might it have something to do with this?

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Deep States Warns About “ISIS™” Attacks Days After Busing them Out of Raqqa

Heads of the Deep State Warn of More Dramatic Terror Attacks from “ISIS”… Days After Busing them Out of Raqqa

by Scott Creighton

As the story of the Uranium One deal rises Phoenix-like from it’s ashes by the Deep State’s Mockingbird press (for some unknown reason), CIA head Mike Pompeo and acting DHS chief Elaine Duke are warning that “ISIS™” though on the run from Iraq and Syria, is planning new bigger terrorism attacks in the UK and the US in an effort to remake themselves into a useful and potent boogyman like they have been in the past.

Considering the fact that we just lost 4 military servicemen in Niger to an ambush “believed to be planned with ISIS” one might assume that we can expect to see these Saudi-backed destabilization terrorists popping up all over the place in the next couple of months.

“The attack, apparently carried out by militants affiliated with Islamic State, was the deadliest since Trump took office, yet the U.S. military’s Africa Command still does not have a clear “story board” of facts that commanders usually gather swiftly after deadly incidents. That has senior Pentagon officials and lawmakers suggesting incompetence.

The questions arising from the incident, particularly about the availability of additional military support to the patrol, echo those raised in the aftermath of the 2012 Benghazi attack in Libya, which resulted in the deaths of four people: U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, foreign service information officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods…

The unit was driving in light unarmored vehicles that are sometimes preferred by Special Forces units for maneuverability and speed. Given the sophistication of the attack, U.S. military officials believe Islamic State may have played a role in helping plan the attack.LA Times, 10/19/2017

I guess we shouldn’t have bused them out of Raqqa before handing over that part of Syria to the Kurdish death-squads, huh?

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