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Robert David Steele Tells Rense He’s Using McKinney to “Deliver the Black Vote to Trump” in 2020

What is Cynthia McKinney doing with Robert David Steele in this #UNRIG thing? Steele says he’s looking to use Cynthia to “bring American black to the center” and get them to vote for neoliberal Donald Trump. He also says he’s trying to hook up Cynthia with David Duke so she can go on his show and get the party started. That’s right, he knows Trump’s neoliberal agenda is going to lose him his base, so like Clinton and Podesta did in 2016, he’s going for the black and Latino vote… and Cynthia is the key to it all.

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Why Chuck Schumer’s Better Deal Plan Made Me Vomit on my Keyboard (AE video)

Better Than What? Democrats Offer “Better Deal” Nothing Burger Plan Topped with Platitudes and Weak Sauce

by Scott Creighton

alternate title: How Chuck Schumer Just Made Me Vomit on my Keyboard

Chapter 1: Pre-Ramble

During the election cycle of 2016, Chuck Schumer went on CSPAN and said they didn’t care as a party about blue collar Democrats or the struggles they faced and in fact, his plan was to ignore them in hopes they would gain two Republican-lite centrist neoliberal voters for every blue collar Democrat who felt abandoned by the unDemocratic Party.

How did that work out?

The truth is, the centrist unDemocratic Party (undemocratic because they not only STOLE the party nomination from the Bernie Sanders voters but then they claimed in a court of law that they don’t even have to honor the pretense of pretending to follow a democratic process to determine who the party nominee is and that is too say NOTHING about their “Superdelegate” system which is DESIGNED to suppress populist movements from progressive liberals in this country… ergo… UNDEMOCRATIC to the core) has been bought and paid for since the mid to late 70s and with the exception of Jimmy Carter and a few Democrats who made it past the road blocks with their integrity still in tact (Kucinich and McKinney to name a few (but look where they are now)) the vast core of the unDemocratic Party are nothing more than right-of-Reagan republicans playing dress-up WWE style.

In every country where neoliberal economic ideology (the economic ideology of fascism) is imposed on the people, either slammed on them like a brick all at once (Greece, Chile) or through incrementalism (like here in the states and the EU), the natural reaction is a rising tide of populism, nationalism and protectionism. People seek to redress their many grievances which are the CORE PRINCIPLES of neoliberal economic ideology. It is natural law. Newton’s third law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And the fascists who plan such things, the technocrats who serve the monied interests of the country, understand such things and so they put in place a corrupt unDemocratic Party to make sure they led the desperate sheep to the poisoned well rather than the promised land when they had finally had ENOUGH and were ready for “CHANGE”

That’s how we got Clinton, that’s how we got Obama and that is how we got so many Blue Dog/New Dems in congress and state houses across the country.

Neoliberal liars each and every one.

Chuck Schumer is one of those. Corrupt to the core and in service to the masters of the universe as a dog catcher, someone who helps keep the rabble off the streets and locked away in a kennel someplace when they act-up… kinda like those guys who would run down missing/runaway slaves back in the day.

This past election cycle has left the unDemocratic Party exposed. Not only did they run the most corrupt and disliked candidate in the history of the party, but they did so AFTER they rigged the primary to make damn sure the progressive candidate LOST in spite of the fact that all the polling showed that candidate was the ONLY candidate who stood a chance against Trump and his populist message of “CHANGE”

And they did that because they had help on the inside, President Obama and the intelligence agencies from the CIA to GCHQ who were actively spying on the Trump campaign in the hopes they could use the information to help Hillary beat him and assume the office like her coronation was per-destined. Because it was.

They also had the DHS hacking into voter databases removing large numbers of republican voters from the voter rolls.

They also had the whole of the complicit media on their side, running down Donald and building up Hillary like their lives and their paychecks depended on it. Because they did.

In reality (and reality is what I deal with over here) the unDemocratic Party had no reason whatsoever to think they were going to lose to Trump in spite of the fact that they knew DAMN WELL the populist movement at the core of the Sanders campaign had actually beaten their candidate already and Trump’s was gaining momentum with every leak that came out proven just how corrupt and dishonest the unDemocratic Party’s candidate really was.

In short, the bet the farm on their control mechanisms beating democracy… and they lost.

Since the election you can understand why the unDemocratic Party has been working overtime to make sure the blowback doesn’t unseat their right-of-Reagan republicans they have seated at the head of their dirty, broken table. They kept neoliberal Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in leadership positions in the House and Senate; they installed neoliberal Tom Perez to head the DNC making sure even a slightly progressive candidate didn’t win that nomination process; and they killed off single payer in California just as quickly as they could after installing an insurance industry lobbyist as the head of the state party.

They’ve also been saying for MONTHS that the party is NOT GOING TO SHIFT TO THE LEFT in the wake of the bloodbath that has been the last 3 election cycles in America. They have been absolutely resolute in that decision… up until yesterday.

Yesterday Chuch Schumer penned a little screed for the New York Times that got a lot of people talking and well it should.

Chucky boy has decided to adopt the language of the real left as best he can in an effort to pump up their sagging poll numbers which are lower than Trump’s and even congress’ at this point.

Slime mold is more popular in this country than the unDemocratic Party. I’m not kidding. Slime mold and venereal disease. People would rather have VD than the Democrats we have in office.

You know why?

Because they can get rid of VD.

So Chucky finally listened to their overpaid analysts and spin doctors and acquiesced to the obvious: they haven’t yet succeeded in turning America’s progressive liberals into reactionary republicans just yet. More work in that area is needed I guess (so they should brush up on the Lewis Powell Memo they seem to use as the unDemocratic Party’s mission statement). So we got what we got yesterday was a pathetic neoliberal’s attempt to placate the real left in this country with blathering word-salad and milk-toast proposals they like to call a “Better Deal”

It was kind of like a mea culpa if you want to know the truth. They finally admitted, yes, the Democratic Party hasn’t given a crap about the plight of the working person in America for quite sometime and… GUESS WHAT?!? As it turns out, that kinda thing is deadly to a campaign in a DEMOCRACY.

Who would have figured that?

Certainly not a bunch of sellouts who knew for a fact the game was rigged from top to bottom and who kept telling themselves they were the smartest people in the room so it didn’t matter.

So Chuckie had his coming to Jesus moment and tried his best to make the real left of America think for a minute or two that he had changed his ways and was now ready to accept the ways of the OLD DEMOCRATIC PARTY… you know the one, the one that passed the New Deal and the Fair Deal and helped create the first Middle Class the world has ever seen and created Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the EPA, worker’s rights protections, child labor laws, civil rights protections… you know, all that liberal progressive kind of shit the unDemocratic Party has been working to undo over the past 40+ years or so.

Only problem is… the plan’s name pathetic reference to REAL progressive programs of the past aside… Chuck doesn’t mean it and his proposals are tepid, cowardly and legalese doublespeak AT BEST.

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The Real Problem With the Israel Anti-Boycott Act of 2017 (AE video)

The real problem with S. 720 and H.R. 1697 (Israel Anti Boycott Act 2017) is NOT the threat of them rounding up protesters on the side of the road and putting them in prison for 10 years. That’s NOT in the bill by the way… the real problem is them trying to keep American businesses (importers and exporters) from doing business with nations that support boycotting Israel for their criminal behavior in Gaza and the West Bank. If successful it will influence decisions made across the globe by nations taking a stand against criminal Israeli policies, not just those of some protesters getting ready to head down to Times Square with some cardboard signs.

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What is Cynthia McKinney Doing with Robert Steele in this #UNRIG Thing? (AE video)

UPDATES on the Greater Kurdistan Project

by Scott Creighton

A new leak has been released by the CIA’s Washington Post which claims Jeff Sessions discussed Trump-related campaign issues with the Russian ambassador back during the election. This “news” reportedly centers around intel “leaks” dealing with intercepts between the ambassador and other Russians. It’s hearsay at best and since there is no way to verify the information, it’s clearly done in an effort to further destabilize the Trump administration. (quote is from Guardian since the original is behind a paywall)

The Post cited an unnamed US official who called Sessions’ statements “misleading” and “contradicted by other evidence”. An unnamed former official said the intelligence indicated Sessions and Kislyak had “substantive” discussions on matters including Trump’s positions on Russia-related issues and prospects for bilateral relations in a Trump administration, the paper reported.

The officials acknowledged that the ambassador could have mischaracterised the meetings in his briefings to Moscow. Guardian

The “why now?” part of this story is obvious: the Trump administration has decided to stop funding the CIA’s terrorist destabilization contractors in Syria.

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Remember that time Sean Spicer told the truth about Syria? (AE video)