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“If this nation is to be wise as well as strong, if we are to achieve our destiny, then we need more new ideas for more wise men reading more good books in more public libraries. These libraries should be open to all—except the censor. We must know all the facts and hear all the alternatives and listen to all the criticisms. Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors. For the Bill of Rights is the guardian of our security as well as our liberty.” JFK, 1960

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We Are Being Lied to About Ramadi – It Was Taken by the GMCIR not “ISIS™”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The first incarnation of “IS” dates back to 2012, a Defense Intelligence Agency document talking about how Saudi Salafists could be used to destabilize and terrorize the people of Syria until a regime change could be achieved.


isis parade anbar

Where is the US airstrike like what happened in Kuwait in 1991?

We are being lied to about what recently happened in Ramadi. We didn’t lose control of the city to “ISIS™” though it has slipped out of our control once again. The photos of the parades of Toyota trucks outfitted with clean new “ISIS™” flags are reported at times to be “downtown” Ramadi and then again in “West Anbar”.  Well, if you look at a map of al Anbar province in Iraq you will notice that “West Anbar” goes all the way over to the Jordanian border. Then if you look at this, the most recent map of the conflict itself you will see that a good part of “West Anbar” is controlled by Iraq’s forces along with the new Coalition of the Willing.

You put two and two together and you come to understand why it is that the major parade of our dreaded enemy wasn’t bombed into dust by all our drones and fighter planes as they gathered for their little demonstration. The answer to that question is simple and as obvious as our oil-covered fingerprints all over them: “ISIS™” is a “hearts and minds” operation to gin up support for the Obama administration going back into Iraq to fight the Iraq Sunni InSurgency or “ISIS” for short. The parades aren’t bombed like the convoys were in Kuwait simply because the men on the backs of those trucks aren’t really part of the insurgency. They’re Iraqi soldiers wearing masks so they won’t be identified.

This is what happens when our enemies make the mistake of driving down the road in a convoy even if they are leaving and even if they are accompanied by hundreds of refugees.

Today we have technology that is leaps and bounds more advanced than we did in 1991. We have surveillance planes and drones flying over Iraq non-stop. We have satellites dedicated to real-time monitoring of everything that’s taking place in the country because since the illegal invasion and occupation of 2003, the masters of our political system, Big Business, has an awful lot invested in the continued “stability” of Iraq. And by “stability” I mean the continued repression of a legitimate process of self-determination by the people of Iraq.

When the MSM pundits argue one side or the other about how Obama “lost” Ramadi ask yourself why they aren’t asking “why is it that “ISIS™” can hold parades all day long with their stupid brand-new flags waving over head and not worry in the slightest about making themselves big shining targets for drone and cruise missile strikes?

When you ask yourself that question, more will follow and you’ll start to understand what “ISIS™” really is.

So what is “ISIS™” and what is Ramadi to them?

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The bin Laden “Digital” Bookshelf Psyop Isn’t Over – Like “Snowden” and “Wikileaks”… More to Be Released “later”

by Scott Creighton

So Obama tasks the CIA to put together this list this past winter. This past spring, Seymour Hersh starts writing about his new “death of bin Laden” narrative and just after that comes out, the list appears. Hmmmm…..

Reuters / Pentagon / Handout

bin Laden, according to official story, was so vain, he recorded himself watching TV but he did so in such a way that you can’t really tell if it is bin Laden or it isn’t. How vain is that? Or the better question: how stupid do you have to be to believe that is Osama bin Laden?


Oh yes, there will be more literature to be added to the banned book/idea list very soon according to “officials”

That’s because, just like the “Snowden” psyop and the Wikileaks “leaks”, the powers that be have decided in their infinite wisdom that they needed to withhold some of those “digital” books and files on zombie bin Laden’s “bookshelf” because…

Well… because.

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Harry Reid Calls Fast Track and Trade Deals ‘Insanity’ (It’s not. It’s treason)

(Calling this “insanity” insinuates the proponents of such legislation are misguided or simply not looking at the facts. Truth is, they know exactly what they are doing and why. It’s not insanity to sell out to the billionaire class who stand to profit from this. It’s not insanity to sell out the sovereignty of the nations involved when Big Business wants control. These people aren’t insane. They’re traitors. It’s that simple)

from Huffington Post

… The much-maligned North American Free Trade Agreement of the 1990s covered about 10 percent of the word’s trade, and Reid said that deal and many since have all been disastrous for American workers, costing millions of jobs.

“It causes huge job losses,” Reid said. “As Einstein said, you keep doing the same thing over and over again, and you expect a different result, that’s the definition of insanity.”

“We can look at these trade bills over the years — every one of them without exception causes to American workers job losses. Millions of job losses,” Reid added. “But yet they’re going to try the same thing again and hope for a different result. That’s insanity.”

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bin Laden’s “Digital” Bookshelf – Tying “Conspiracy Theorists” and Thought Criminals to al Qaeda

by Scott Creighton

“Conspiracy theorists” have been providing aid and comfort to al Qaeda by simply asking questions? investigating beyond the BS that the MSM reports from their “official sources”? That seems to be the implication.

The U.S. government is releasing this week the list of English language texts that were recovered from Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound after the U.S. raid that killed the al Qaeda leader in 2011…

“In terms of the materials that are there, some of the things that we’ve found to be of note were that Bin Laden was probably an avid conspiracy theorist,” Buzz Feed

It was bound to happen.

The propagandists who brought us the “death of bin Laden story” 1.0 and 2.0 (with Sy Hersh) have decided to finally go for broke by associating some of the biggest names in investigative journalism, critics of our imperial wars overseas and “conspiracy theorists” to the dreaded Osama bin Laden.

Basically anyone who writes or says anything bad about the glorious Big Brother party that is developing here and in Britain are on bin Laden’s “DIGITAL” reading list. His “digital” bookshelf.

What does that mean?

That means the powers that be have decided to exploit the new Sy Hersh bullshit story about “the truth” of the raid on the bin Laden compound (or maybe that’s why Sy’s stupid story came out in the first place) by releasing what they claim they found on disk drives or memory sticks. The fact that they are digital means they wont be able to find bin Laden’s actual fingerprints on an actual book of any kind.

Of course if you notice that, you’re a “conspiracy theorist”

In short, they can put any book or writing they want on that list. Anything they wish to be viewed in a certain light.

The English language list is republished below the fold and on it you will find a number of critics of our Global War of Terrorism along with folks like Bev Harris (exposed electronic voting machine rigging), John Perkins (economic hit-man), Michael Ruppert (great work in Crossing the Rubicon), David Ray Griffin (outstanding work on 9/11), Michel Chossudovsky (anti-globalization), Eustace Mullins (exposing the Federal Reserve) and the usual slate of unpopular investigative journalists and activists like Greg Palast, William Blum and Noam Chomsky.

These apparently are today’s leading thought criminals.

It really is the beginning of a modern day book banning movement I suppose.

I can see Fox News ranting about how the “conspiracy theorists” are providing aid and comfort to the likes of bin Laden and how he was probably using their work to further radicalize new al CIAdah members across the Middle East.

As obvious as this bit of disinformation is with regard to a new effort to demonize real investigative journalism, what might be more telling is who is NOT on the list.

There is nothing from Di$info Jone$ on that list and I thought he was King of All Conspiracy Theorists. I guess he’s just a shill.

There is nothing from Seymour Hersh either. I guess his latest story bought him a reprieve of sorts.

Our friend Jeremy Scahill (I call him Scaghill) is absent from that “to be banned” list as well and he chimed in real early on this story…

Nothing from Matt Taibbi, Amy Goodman, Glenn Beck, Steven Jones (nanothermite), Judy Wood (ray beams from space), Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ron Paul, Glenn Greenwald, “Edward Snowden” or Hillary Clinton for that matter.

The list is below the fold. It’s pretty obvious why they made it. Of course “truth tellers” like Scaghill seem oblivious to that obvious reality. It pays to be obtuse in ‘Merika these days.

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World News According to an American Everyman – May 20, 2015

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Republicans in the House move to limit debate on Fast Track authority

UPDATE: (H/T Nancy) – US representatives from the House seek an additional billion bucks to back the neo-Nazis in Ukraine. They say Russia invaded. Just making shit up out of whole cloth and asking for a billion dollars to fix it. That’s ‘Merika for you.

“They have been invaded by Russia” “Now Russia has militarily invaded a European country” U.S. Rep Pete Visclosky, D-Merrillville

Nancy also sent me a link to his campaign finance report. Seems Pete gets a lot of money from the military industrial complex.


Previously “Neoliberal News of the Day”

It seems like a slow news day here in the states of unrest but I know there is a vicious undertow out there, lurking just below the calm glass of a misleading surface. I took a day off from posting yesterday, first one since Apr 4th, a month and a half ago.  I needed it. I read an article yesterday morning about journalists who are suffering from something akin to PTSD from writing about all this horror and tragedy we find every day when we dig just a little deeper than Fox News or CNN. So I took a little break and concentrated on laying the groundwork for the rekindling of my drafting and design business.

There is news out there, I mean aside from the standard fare of North Korea fear-mongering, war-mongering against Iran and Saudi Arabia getting a nuke from Pakistan (according to those ever-present “sources”)

For example:

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Bad Apple: 5 Ways the Computer Giant is Plundering America

(yes, ladies and gents, corporate socialism made the biggest success story free-market capitalism has to offer. Your tax dollars paid for their start-up R&D. Your tax dollars pay for their current R&D. And your tax dollars pay for the taxes they aren’t required to pay.)

from AlterNet

1. Apple Took Years of Public Research, Integrated the Results, and Packaged it As Their Own

“describe 12 major technologies that have their roots in government research, including memory and hard disks, displays, cellular technology, GPS, and all the Internet protocols. Much of it came from the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, NASA, the Air Force, and other U.S. agencies”

2. Even After Taking Our Research, Apple Does Everything in its Power to Avoid Taxes

“Apple recently announced that its overseas, untaxed cash hoard, currently about $157 billion, is expected to reach $200 billion by 2017.”

3. Overcharging Customers 

“The manufacturing cost of a 16 GB iPhone 6 is about $200, and with marketing it comes to about $288. But without an expensive phone contract with Verizon, AT&T, or one of the other wireless carriers, the cost to the customer is at least $650.”

4. Underpaying and Mistreating Employees

In response to criticisms of Apple, Rand Paul advised us to “apologize to Apple and compliment them for the job creation they’re doing.”

5. Apple Has Figured Out How to Spend Most of its Untaxed Money on Itself 

Apple’s ever-growing $.7 trillion stock market value is spread among relatively few Americans. The richest 10% own 91 percentof U.S. stocks.

[read more here]

UK government quietly rewrites hacking laws to give GCHQ, police, and other intelligence officers immunity

from ARS

The UK government has quietly passed new legislation that exempts GCHQ, police, and other intelligence officers from prosecution for hacking into computers and mobile phones.

While major or controversial legislative changes usually go through normal parliamentary process (i.e. democratic debate) before being passed into law, in this case an amendment to the Computer Misuse Act was snuck in under the radar as secondary legislation. According to Privacy International, “It appears no regulators, commissioners responsible for overseeing the intelligence agencies, the Information Commissioner’s Office, industry, NGOs or the public were notified or consulted about the proposed legislative changes… There was no public debate.”

Privacy International also suggests that the change to the law was in direct response to a complaint that it filed last year. In May 2014, Privacy International and seven communications providers filed a complaint with the UK Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), asserting that GCHQ’s hacking activities were unlawful under the Computer Misuse Act.

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