The Crying of Flight 655: The Washington Post and the Whitewashing of a War Crime

(Yet another under reported American war crime took place 27 years ago on this day, July the 3rd, 1988 during the latter part of Reagan’s regime when George H. W. Bush was widely seen as really running the show. The U.S.S. Vincennes fired two cruise missiles at Iranian Air Flight 655 killing all 290 passengers and crew on-board including 66 children. They claimed it was an accident, that the flight had been identifying itself as military but years later it was revealed the Vincennes’ own records showed that the flight had actually been squawking as a civilian airliner. In ’98, the Clinton regime paid out over 60 million dollars to the families of those lost on the flight without accepting responsibility for the action. I was going to write about it this afternoon but after finding this article from WAA, I figured I would post it instead. Great work on it by Nima Shirazi)

from Wide Asleep in America (2013)

Here’s how Washington Post foreign affairs blogger Max Fisher tells the story – virtually unknown here in the United States – of the downing of Iran Air Flight 655, which occurred 25 years ago during the Iran-Iraq War:

Toward the end of the war, on July 3, 1988, a U.S. Navy ship called the Vincennes was exchanging fire with small Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf. The U.S. Navy kept ships there, and still does, to protect oil trade routes. As the American and Iranian ships skirmished, Iran Air Flight 655 took off from nearby Bandar Abbas International Airport, bound for Dubai. The airport was used by both civilian and military aircraft. The Vincennes mistook the lumbering Airbus A300 civilian airliner for a much smaller and faster F-14 fighter jet, perhaps in the heat of battle or perhaps because the flight allegedly did not identify itself. It fired two surface-to-air missiles, killing all 290 passengers and crew members on board.

Fisher – who based his post on a new TIME magazine piece noting a number of valid Iranian grievances with the West – writes that the “horrible incident” helped cement Iranian enmity toward the United States government, but intimates that the whole episode was just a random mistake, an innocent fluke, albeit with tragic and long-lingering consequences. To this end, he quotes notorious war propagandist Kenneth Pollack of the Brookings Institute’s Saban Center, presumably because Pollack was the most high-profile serial fabricator Fisher could find with a quick Google search of “Iran Air Flight 655″ and “accident.”

Quoting from Pollack’s 2004 compendium of conventional wisdom and glaring inaccuracies, “The Persian Puzzle,” Fisher adds, “The shoot-down of Iran Air flight 655 was an accident, but that is not how it was seen in Tehran. The Iranian government assumed that the attack had been purposeful… Tehran convinced itself that Washington was trying to signal that the United States had decided to openly enter the war on Iraq’s side.”

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RT reporter gets teargassed in unrest on streets of Athens

TISA Leaks Part Deux: More Evidence of Concerted Attack on Democracy

from Common Dreams

One day after it leaked a trove of documents related to the massive, pro-corporate Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), WikiLeaks on Thursday published another four chapters of the proposed 52-nation trade deal, covering key areas ahead of the next negotiating round on Monday.

As with Wednesday’s documents, Thursday’s batch of texts reveals “a concerted attempt to place restrictions on the ability of participating governments to regulate services sectors, even where regulations are necessary to protect the privacy of domestic populations, the natural environment or the integrity of public services,” WikiLeaks declares.

Combined with Wednesday’s revelations, this week’s leaks underscore how TISA “responds to major corporate lobbies’ desire to deregulate services,” trade expert Deborah James, of the Our World Is Not For Sale (OWINFS) network and the Center for Economic and Policy Research, wrote on Thursday. “This leak exposes the corporate aim to use TISA to further limit the public interest regulatory capacity of democratically elected governments.”

The annexes leaked Thursday—each published alongside expert analysis—relate to regulation of financial services, e-commerce, telecommunication, and maritime transport. As WikiLeaks puts it, the regulations together create “international legal regime which aims to deregulate and privatize the supply of services—which account for the majority of the economy across TISA countries.”

The analyses suggest that TISA would have sweeping implications—from rolling back financial regulations to lowering seafarers’ wages to infringing on privacy rights and internet freedoms.

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Greek Referendum UPDATES: Varoufakis Lies, Polls Too Close To Call and Court May Cancel Vote

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: From Bloomberg News we have an example of the real threat facing the masters of the universe:

The Other Contagion: What If Greece Thrived After Euro Exit?

…That would challenge the theory that leaving the euro was economic suicide. And it could encourage other members to consider devaluation and default more appealing than life within the euro and so pose an even bigger threat to the currency bloc’s sustainability than if Greece stayed.


This guy is such a smarmy pompous sleazeball he’s hard to watch, but here he is, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis giving an interview in which he claims he would rather cut off his right arm than sign THIS deal with the Troika. He says he will resign if the people vote YES for austerity. Of course, he also says the Prime Minister is of the same mindset without mentioning the fact that the letter he sent to the Troika basically agrees to the deal almost 100%.

Notice at the 6:20 mark in the video he quickly makes a little statement “I believe in the independence of the central banks” meaning, he believes in the sanctity of privately owned and operated central banking systems. He kinda tosses that in the conversation when asked directly about what he thinks the ECB will do if there is a “NO” victory on Sunday.

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Report – Alexis Tsipras sends Letter to Trioka Conceding Most of Their Brutal Austerity Demands

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Since I started writing this article, the MSM has picked up on the story and are busily reporting it without question as being a legitimate letter penned by Tsipras.


A troika of neo-liberal “journalists” over at the Financial Times are reporting they have a copy of a letter supposedly sent by Alexis Tsipras to the other trioka conceding almost all of the brutal austerity demands put forward by the masters of the universe well ahead of the pending referendum on the subject scheduled to take this coming Sunday.

If true, it’s a remarkable turn of events exposing the utter fraud that Syriza has been from the very start. If not true, it’s an  even more remarkable development exposing just how far globalist forces will go to demoralize a nation in order to get what they want.

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Interview From Flotilla Boat That Didn’t Make It To Gaza – Martin Lejeune

Israeli Military Conducts Another Successful Operation Against More Unarmed People

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: And now… Israel Cracks Down on Children’s Theater… yes, children’s theater folks.


When it comes to defending the Jewish State against unarmed civilians or peace activists, the Israeli military stands at the top of the dung heap in not only their ability to mount such operations but also in their skill to spin them afterward as “heroic”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement congratulating troops for seizing the ship he said was involved in “a demonstration of hypocrisy” and support for Hamas, and said Israel’s actions were in accordance with international law. Reuters

Rushing out to deliver his statement, Bibi was full of pride this morning. His devoted army of Jews went forward in the night with all the technology ‘Merika! could give them and put it all to use against this band of murderous thugs.

Pro-Palestinian activists aboard one of the boats.

What Bibi should have said was:

“Not since Kent State have so many heavily armed men taught such a valuable lesson to so few unarmed peaceniks!”

That at least would have been a bit more honest and in keeping with the spirit of the moment.

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