Millionaire Senator Rips Poor Kids As Lazy Moochers

Try to ignore the fact that fake-left sellout Cenk Uyger is sitting in the middle of the stage in this video. He says absolutely nothing and looks either stoned or just plain stupid up there. He seems about as quick as a slug in molasses. Other than that, pretty funny little scene.

And, oh Jimmy… stop trying to suck up to Cenk.


Ted Cruz’ Preemptive Assault on the Internet’s Public Option on Behalf of Big Telecom

So much for State’s Rights huh Ted? So much for fewer Big Gubmint regulations. Its funny how quickly he will abandon those principles of his when his friends in Big Business ask him to.

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Trump White House preparing sweeping attack on the poor

(I was told today I have emphysema. I’ve known about my COPD for a while now but that was brought about by chronic bronchitis. This is something kind of new to me. A little depressing.)

by Patrick Martin from WSWS

The Trump administration is preparing a frontal assault on social programs for the poorest Americans, according to a report published Monday by the Politico web site. This would involve “the most sweeping changes to federal safety net programs in a generation, using legislation and executive actions to target recipients of food stamps, Medicaid and housing benefits,” the web site said.

“The White House is quietly preparing a sweeping executive order that would mandate a top-to-bottom review of the federal programs on which millions of poor Americans rely,” Politico reported. “And GOP lawmakers are in the early stages of crafting legislation that could make it more difficult to qualify for those programs.”

The executive order could be issued as soon as next month. It amounts to a political conspiracy against the poorest sections of the working class involving the White House, the congressional leadership and dozens of state governments, working together to slash spending on programs for the poor through a combination of direct benefit cuts, tightened eligibility standards and mistreatment of vulnerable families to drive as many as possible out of programs on which they now depend…

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Glenn Greenwald and Max Blumenthal’s Incredible Hypocrisy in Calling Out MSM’s “Cult” of Fake News

As bad as it is that the MSM colludes with the Deep State to manufacture discontent with the president these days, the fact is, they are BOTH CIA Mockingbirds from way, way back. They are frauds and liars and have no business pointing fingers at anyone else calling them “frauds and liars”

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What is the link between the UK Foreign Office and terrorist groups in Syria? (Going Underground w/ Vanessa Beeley)

Lionel Nation’s Litany of Lies in Support of Ajit Pai’s Neoliberal Repeal of Net Neutrality

Lionel let his AIPAC show the other day and today he lets his ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) out as he LIES THROUGH HIS TEETH about the upcoming net neutrality vote at the FCC. To Lionel, Ajit Pai is the next best thing to a hero we got.

I wonder if he gets a paycheck directly from ALEC or if they route it through a second party.

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Port Authority Bombing

ISIS isn’t hiring like they used to. Can’t even blow themselves up anymore.

At 7:20am near the Port Authority building in New York a bomb went off prematurely injuring 4 people one of whom was the suspected bomber, Akayed Ullah (27) from Bangladesh. He’s been living here for the past 7 years.



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