Democratic convention: Obama piles on more lies

by Barry Grey, WSWS

President Barack Obama topped off day three of the Democratic convention with a demagogic speech that presented a rose-colored picture of America so out of touch with reality as to make the eruption of popular anger and discontent in the 2016 election incomprehensible.

Obama’s false and complacent speech began with a self-congratulatory listing of the supposedly progressive achievements of his nearly eight years in office, during which poverty has increased, social inequality has reached new heights and the country has been continuously at war—making his presidency the first ever that has presided over uninterrupted warfare.

Showing his contempt for the intelligence of the American people, he concluded by repeating the slogans of his 2008 election campaign, “Yes we can” and “the audacity of hope,” as though America in 2016 was the realization of the empty promises he made back then and began to betray even before assuming office. Needless to say, words such as “drone assassination,” “Guantanamo,” “indefinite detention,” “NSA spying” and “Wall Street bailout” were not to be heard.

In its sheer cynicism and dishonesty, Obama’s speech was entirely in line with the convention as a whole. It has been a nonstop exercise in deception, with the central lie being the pretense that the Democratic Party—a capitalist party of war and reaction controlled from top to bottom by the corporate-financial elite in alliance with the military and the CIA—is somehow a vehicle of human progress devoted to the interests of the people.

With the official nominations of Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, out of the way, and the right-wing, pro-war Democratic ticket having been blessed by the bogus “socialist” Bernie Sanders, the convention organizers stepped up their efforts to outflank the fascistic Republican candidate, Donald Trump, from the right. This is part of an electoral strategy aimed at consolidating support within the military and intelligence agencies and on Wall Street, and winning over disaffected Republicans and wealthy, conservative independents.

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The Perversion of the unDNC Convention: Part 2 – Clinton’s New Dems Promoting a New McCarthyism (you can’t make this stuff up)

by Scott Creighton

(Part 1 of a two part article on the perversion that is the unDNC convention this week can be found here)

Da Ebil Ruskies are Colluding with Da Ebil Donald to Deny Saint Hillary the White House” Clinton campaign and their sock-puppets in the mass media.

Neoliberal Hillary Clinton, the nominee of my former party, has a long history of agitating against the popular and elected government of Vladimir Putin in an effort to force a regime change in the country that was once a neoliberal feeding frenzy under the drunken eye of Boris Yeltsin. That is an uncontroversial statement.

Lest anyone forget, Hillary Clinton did her level best to disrupt the Russian elections back in 2011 and when that failed, she attempted to foment a color revolution in the country by making a color revolution specialist the US Ambassador to Russia in 2012.

“Want to know why so many Russians hated Boris Nemtsov? Here’s a video of him paying a visit on U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael Anthony McFaul, just after McFaul took office back in 2012. It’s well understood here and in Russia, that McFaul’s task was to attempt to instigate a color revolution in Russia from day one.

Most Russia-watchers are diplomats, or specialists on security and arms control. Or Russian culture. I am neither. I can’t recite Pushkin by heart. I am a specialist in democracy, anti-dictatorial movements, and revolutions” (emphasis added). Michael Anthony McFaul

“(Hillary) Clinton noted that McFaul, who is a specialist in democratic transition – a Kommersant headline from January 11 touted him as a “color revolution specialist” – is uniquely suited for his new post, given Russia’s current climate.” Russia Profile

So in comes the color revolution specialist and one of the first to meet and greet the neoliberal scum, is Boris Nemtsov. Go figure.” Scott Creighton, March 1, 2015

(It should be noted that Boris Nemtsov was a pure neoliberal who wanted Hillary Clinton to help set him up as the next Boris Yeltsin in Russia and when that failed, they tried a mini-false flag operation, his shooting in early 2015, as a means to further destabilize Moscow. It failed.)

That is the backdrop for you informed voters out there as the likes of Joe Scarborough parrot the ridiculous and completely baseless claim that Vladimir Putin is behind the hacking of the unDNC emails and the leak of them prior to the convention this week.

The truth is, Hillary did it, not Vlad the Destroyer of Worlds. As if that really mattered.

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The Perversion of the unDNC Convention: Part 1 – “Vote for Hillary Because She Doesn’t Have a Penis” (you can’t make this stuff up)

by Scott Creighton

The unDemocratic National Committee”s (unDNC) convention has ironically been turned into a showcase of the basest most deplorable electioneering I’ve seen in a long time. You have to go back to Rudy “noun, verb, 9/11” Giuliani or George W. Bush’s “Orange Level Terror Alert” reelection campaign of 2004 to see anything even closely comparable to this. And it’s ironic because anything Hillary Clinton touches turns into slime. She’s like a snail: you can always tell where she’s been.

Just ask all those Haitians protesting at the unDNC convention this week, asking where that 6 billion dollars of rebuilding money went after Hillary put her sleazy husband in charge of the project. Ask them if everything she touches becomes tainted by her corruption. They’ll tell you. No one is listening in Happy Happy Joy Joy New Dem Land, but they will tell you, if you were to care enough to ask.

Two things strike me as the most jaw-droppingly perverse characteristics coming out of the convention thus far:

  1. Vote for Hillary because she has a vagina
  2. Da Ebil Ruskies are Colluding with Da Ebil Donald to Deny Saint Hillary the White House

The absurdity of the unDNC convention has reached level boss status and that is directly attributable to the person whom they have chosen to represent them this fall in the race for the most important office of the land. With a start like this, I am deeply ashamed to have ever called myself a Democrat.

(I have decided to break my coverage of these two perversity-laden developments of the unDNC convention into two articles since the second is so much longer than the first and requires less offensive language. Part 1 is below)

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Michelle Obama’s “Great America” Isn’t That Great for So Many Others Out Here… and we shouldn’t forget that

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Jane Colden on Facebook made this. I thought it was perfect so I wanted to share it with you guys. Very nice Jane.

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you this country isn’t great. That we need to make it great again. Because this right now is the greatest country on earth” Michelle Obama

I don’t know what the fuck she’s talking about. Yosemite?

Not that long ago the people of Great Britain and the whole of the United Kingdom were debating an idea, the idea of leaving the European Union. I remember watching a young black woman TV star talking about how wonderful the EU was because it allowed her, a black woman from Africa, to rise to what she considered the “top” of her profession and enjoy a life of access and fame. This, to her, was proof of how inclusive the UK is under the rubric of the EU and she feared a different nation would rise in it’s wake if the nationalists, the “isolationists”, took the day and the vote to “LEAVE” won out.

Last night First Lady Michelle Obama attended the opening night of Hillary Clinton’s coronation extravaganza and she gave a speech which is being widely hailed as one of the greatest of all time by the breathless Clinton sycophants from the MSM (These are some of the same breathless MSM sycophants who were sent some of those emails that Debbie Wasserman Schultz got in trouble for, by the way)

The main point of the First Lady’s speech is that we don’t need to “Make America Great Again” because it already is great. It’s just fine. America is already “great”

This is politics 101. Hillary Clinton is running as an extension of the Obama administration which ran openly as a continuation of the first Clinton administration and supposedly was a “CHANGE” from the Bush administration (which it wasn’t as it turns out). For this reason it’s important for the Clinton machine (and certainly anyone named “Obama”) to come out and say things are just fine in the country and that everyone is doing splendidly.

Like so many other things associated with Hillary Clinton and to a slightly lesser degree, Barack Obama, that is a lie. And it is a lie that is told with a convoluted logic that makes you cringe when you think about it, when you let it settle in and mull it over for a few moments.

The pathology of Michelle Obama’s “Great America” goes something like this: she’s a black woman, living in “a house built by slaves”, watching her children play with their dogs on the White House lawn and being driven around by “big men with guns” and so… America is Great already.

You can see why I thought about that TV star in London.

One story of success literally built on the backs of millions of others being oppressed does not a Great Country make. I’m sorry. It just doesn’t work that way.

Perhaps her speech should have been titled “America is Already Great for a Lucky Few Sell Outs Like Myself and My Husband and Everyone Else Should Just Shut Up”

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Booed at unDNC Convention Before it Even Started (video)

by Scott Creighton

What did I tell ya yesterday?

The unDemocratic National Committee (unDNC) convention doesn’t start for another 4 hours and it’s already more of a freak-show than the RNC debacle was.

Just a little while ago, Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was finally exposed for tipping the scale during the primary season for her hero and slave master, Hillary Clinton, was booed by the Florida delegates when she tried to address them at a per-convention meeting.

Wasserman Schultz has agreed to step down after the convention. Not nearly soon enough for most.

Hillary has rewarded Debbie for her cut-throat loyalty to her neoliberal agenda in the unDemocratic Party. She has given her a new job where she can promote Hillary even more right out in the open without worrying about pesky email issues. She should have gotten a private email server like her hero that way she could have erased all the troubling ones before anyone ever saw them.

I wrote yesterday that this was going to be a mess. Now that Debbie refuses to walk away it’s going to get much worse real fast. I can’t wait.

Nice Attack: “Whistle-blower” Threatened with Lawsuit, Attack at Weak-point in Security, Potential Motive for FF Event Uncovered

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: By the way… how did the suspect know there would be a weak point in the security at that entrance when he rented the vehicle and picked up his fake grenades and guns? I mean, if the national police were on the scene, just at the end of the run, how did he know that spot would be undefended when he planned this whole thing? Just asking.

(Computer is running smoothly but my chest hurts again so this will be brief. Sorry)

I read an article from Russia Today which seems to answer a few questions for me and opens up a new line of inquiry regarding the Nice Truck attack which took place on July 14th and supposedly claimed the lives of 84 people.

As I have already pointed out, the “journalist” (Richard Gutjahr) who just happened to be on that balcony facing the start of the attack and just happened to be filming the scene with his Iphone, is married to a former Israeli intelligence officer with ties to global management behemoth, McKinsey & Company. This company has well established ties to the CIA and as I pointed out years ago, they also have their fingerprints all of the Malala psyop. This “witness journalist’s” wife, Einat Wilf , is also a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy   which focuses on all things Israel in the heart of our nation’s capital.

It should also be noted that another key “witness” at the scene of the attack is one Eric Drattell. He’s an American living in London and working for Risk Management Solutions Limited. They have a branch that does what they call “terrorism modeling“. Mr. Drattell has been all over the corporate media telling his story to anyone with a camera. Mr. Drattell must feel very comfortable in front of the cameras as he lists this as part of his resume “Responsible for public relations and internal communications, which integrate messaging across media platforms

McKinsey & Company has offices in Paris. Back in 2012, McKinsey & Company was focused on the neoliberal transformation of France in the wake of the banker-conscripted global economic demolition they staged for just such outcomes. To them,it was a wonderful thing. They had been calling for “smaller gubment” in France for years. McKinsey & Company have had senior partners “advising” the French government for years.

Keeping all of that in mind, this new article from RT tells us a great deal about what’s going on in the wake of the Nice attack without intending to do so in my opinion.

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Switching Out Computers

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I’m back. Feels weird. But it’s working. Hate this keyboard.

I’ll be down and out for a little while. Switching out computers. Got a little upgrade. Not much of one, going from an AMD A6-3650 (2.6ghz) to an AMD A8-6500 (3.5ghz). The big thing is the motherboard. This one has always been crap. And yes, it has the dreaded Windows10 God help me.

This will definitely fix the rendering issues I was having (blue screened again after the last video I did) so you can look forward to my smiling mug soon enough (until I learn to edit videos and can put something other than my face on the videos)

Maybe it will even be able to play a video game made this century without dying. Maybe…

I’ll hopefully check back in a couple hours. Have a nice Sunday folks.


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