See Spot. See Spot Drool. Drool Spot Drool.

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Oct. 9, 10am – He is still having trouble eating and drinking but he’s still in good spirits. Looks like we found a vet which will accommodate us and poor little Spot, the snaggle-toothed feline. Should be able to provide an update on the saga later this afternoon.


UPDATE: I finally heard back from ACT. They say they don’t do major vet operations anymore or feline dentistry. They suggested I contact the Humane Society of Tampa which I have now done. I am looking to get him an appointment there or at a local vet for tomorrow. Jan10 came by and we went to get him some Baby Tylenol since the vet said it was just as good for him as aspirin and I gave him some of that, some water and chicken broth via an eye dropper. The tooth is still pretty solid in his mouth. We will see how it goes tonight. Thanks everyone. will keep you up to date.


This is Spot. He’s a 12-year-old rescue living with me down here in Tampa. I’ve had him since he was about 5 months old. As you can see, he can’t close his mouth. He has a bad lower canine.


Spot was the first pet I adopted when I relocated almost 13 years ago. He’s now one of three cats and a dog named Church.

A vet once asked me “where’s the spot?” and I told him “he is the Spot”

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Russian Airstrikes Force Obama to End $500 Million Dollar “Moderate” Terrorist Program in Syria

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Putin Bombs Islamic State, Saudis Bomb a Wedding and Obama Bombs a Hospital. Tell me… who are the terrorists again?


The Russian airstrikes are having a pronounced effect on the Obama administration’s regime change operation in Syria.

Do you guys remember years ago when the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were the only ones saying the ‘civil war’ in Syria was really all about Obama forcing a regime change? And now, well that’s common knowledge, isn’t it? Even from the spokesman from the White House, the story is all about removing the legitimate government of the country. Everyone is a conspiracy theorist these days.. even the folks at Bloomberg.

A week into Russia’s military intervention in Syria, some top White House advisers and National Security Council staffers are trying to persuade President Barack Obama to scale back U.S. engagement there, to focus on lessening the violence and, for now, to give up on toppling the Syrian regime. Bloomberg

Now that Russia is actually targeting our CIA-backed “moderate” terrorist groups in Syria, they are starting to lose serious ground. The Syrian military was holding them at bay and did pretty well fighting against a cowardly terrorist unconventional warfare operation for 4 years, but as the US, France and a number of other countries started bombing campaigns in support of our terrorists freedom fighters, the playing field shifted and the government of Syria was in deep trouble.

That’s why Russia decided to level it a bit and jumped in to support the Syrian government.

Since then the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists are on the run and it appears the US has decided to stop hiring thugs from places like Jordan and Saudi Arabia for the time being. That $500 million dollar terrorism slush fund is going to have to be re-purposed, according to the Pentagon and the White House.

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Dutch media sue govt, demand it release full info on MH17 crash

from RT

It seems to me that [such actions] are unworthy of an open, democratic society,” he said in the RTL press release.

Three Dutch media companies have filed a joint lawsuit against the country’s Security and Justice Ministry, demanding that it disclose more documents relating to the MH17 catastrophe investigation after the ministry’s refusal to release the information.

The Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation (NOS); the Dutch subsidiary of the European TV, radio and production company RTL Group; and the Dutch daily Volkskrant have joined forces to appeal the Netherlands Security and Justice Ministry’s refusal to make public “many documents” concerning the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash in Eastern Ukraine last year, NOS said in a press release.

The three media companies had previously appealed to the ministry separately, asking it to disclose MH17 investigation data based on the Freedom of Information Law (WOB). The aim of the companies was to bring to light the details of the tragedy, as well as to reconstruct the actions of Dutch officials after the catastrophe.

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CNN’s Bullshit Report About Russian Cruise Missiles Hitting Iran: Tehran Calls Report “psychological war”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: An Iranian general calls these claims “blatant lies


CNN is the fascist version of a state-TV “news” service in that everything they do is in direct support of our fascist imperialist agenda either at home or overseas. That makes CNN a defacto branch of US Special Forces operating as an unconventional warfare/psychological warfare operation.

Keeping that in mind, CNN’s intrepid Barbara Starr and Jeremy Diamond are reporting, based on more of their famous “undisclosed military sources”, that several of Russia’s cruise missiles hit a civilian area in Iran today.

A number of cruise missiles launched from a Russian ship and aimed at targets in Syria have crashed in Iran, two U.S. officials told CNN Thursday.

Monitoring by U.S. military and intelligence assets has concluded that at least four missiles crashed as they flew over Iran.

The U.S. believes, based on intelligence reports of damage assessments, that some buildings were damaged and civilians may have been hurt.

It’s unclear where in Iran the missiles landed. CNN Mockingbirds, Starr and Diamond

The story is so ridiculous, it makes one wonder if Starr and Diamond didn’t just make it up themselves.

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Oregon Shooting Hoax: Chris Harper-Mercer’s Fake Manifesto Exposed (Redsilverj)

by Scott Creighton (video from Redsilverj)


Yes, these are all about passing laws (like the Elliot Rogers Bill) which allow law enforcement to deny individuals their constitutional rights based on someone’s assessment of their personal beliefs. They can claim you display certain tendencies online or through emails which make you more prone to committing a mass shooting or some other pre-crime event and remove weapons from your household before you do a thing. You don’t have to be convicted of a felony. You don’t have to be diagnosed by a psychological health professional. What they want is to be able to have the ISPs or other Big Business entities collect your data, review it via their own systems and then make a determination as to your POTENTIAL for causing trouble.

And look, it won’t stop with simply taking your second amendment rights away. You could be detained without just cause or denied social services. There are any number of potentially devastating results that will be implemented via a slow creep toward fascism. Removing someone’s right to bare arms is just the beginning.

And the start of all of this, is of course, the mental hygiene laws being pushed by the likes of Billionaire Bloomberg. That’s why the “manifestos” of these patsies are so important. Any fool with half a brain should be able to understand that a electronic file could have been written by anyone. No handwriting to compare. No signature. Yet, here we are, accepting these ridiculous “confessions” as legitimate. Of course they aren’t.

UPDATE: Wanna see some horrible crisis acting? Watch this

Why Is the U.S. Refusing An Independent Investigation If Its Hospital Airstrike Was An “Accident”?

(No Mr. McCain, we do that. But I’m glad to see you agree it’s a horrible war-crime if it was done on purpose. finally we agree on something.)

from the Intercept

In Geneva this morning, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) demanded a formal, independent investigation into the U.S. airstrike on its hospital in Kunduz. The group’s international president, Dr. Joanne Liu (pictured above, center), specified that the inquiry should be convened pursuant to war-crime-investigating procedures established by the Geneva Conventions and conducted by The International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission. “Even war has rules,” Liu said. “This was just not an attack on our hospital. It was an attack on the Geneva Conventions. This cannot be tolerated.”

Liu emphasized that the need for an “independent, impartial“ investigation is now particularly compelling given what she called “the inconsistency in the U.S. and Afghan accounts of what happened over the recent days.” On Monday, wedocumented the multiple conflicting accounts offered in the first three days by the U.S. military and its media allies, but the story continued to change even further after that. As The Guardian’s headline yesterday noted, the U.S. admission that its own personnel called in the airstrike – not Afghan forces as it claimed the day before – meant that “US alters story for fourth time in four days.” All of this led Liu to state the obvious today: “We cannot rely on internal military investigations by the U.S., NATO and Afghan forces.”

An independent, impartial investigation into what happened here should be something everyone can immediately agree is necessary. But at its daily press briefing on Monday, the U.S. State Department, through its spokesman Mark Toner, insisted that no such independent investigation was needed on the ground that the U.S. Government is already investigating itself and everyone knows how trustworthy and reliable this process is:

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The Bullshit Story of Chris Mintz, the Umpqua Hoax “Hero”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Yes, the supposed shooter is now reported to have taken his own life after a brief shootout with local cops at UCC. But did you guys hear the flack jacket he has was found lying next to the “long gun” that he never used which were both some distance from the patsy shooter? Is there confirmation of this? If so, this is the most obviously staged dead patsy scene since Webster New York.


Let’s all keep in mind Chris Mintz signed up for classes at UCC in the week prior to this mass casualty event and is former military. According to reports, the guy had been working at Walmart as a security guard for a while before returning to school. Now he’s got 800 grand in a GoFundMe account and a room full of presents sent to him for being such a “hero”

As we are being told over and over again to “forget the zero and remember the hero”, Chris Mintz is busy wheeling himself around the hospital, checking in on his big room full of gift loot sent to him by simpltons from across the country.

Supposedly shot 7 times for “protecting” others in a room in UCC, he’s now posing for smirky-face pics taken by his “friend” who is supposedly going to be acting as his PR “adviser“.

Oh it’s a party over in his hospital room. Make no mistake about that.

Why shouldn’t they party? He’s already got close to $800,000 donated to a GoFundMe website for all that rehab therapy he’s gonna need (and his new house, his new car, his girlfriend’s new car…)

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