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Democrats discover errors in Iowa Caucus results

from RT

Iowa Democratic Party officials have found errors in its caucus results after a review and are making updates, according to The Des Moines Register.

The news comes as many Democrats and media outlets raise concerns about the accuracy of Monday’s results.

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton was declared the winner, defeating rival Bernie Sanders by just 0.2 percentage points, with Clinton earning 49.9 percent of the vote to Sanders’ 49.6 percent. Monday’s caucus showed the second-highest number of participants and the closest results in Democratic caucus history.

“Both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns have flagged a very small number of concerns for us, and we are looking at them all on a case-by-case basis,” Iowa Democratic Party spokesman Sam Lau told the Register on Friday.

The editorial board of the Register called for a “complete audit” that would include a release of raw vote totals, plus the results of coin tosses used to break ties according to caucus rules.

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Iowa Democratic party altered precinct’s caucus results during chaotic night

(Now we know why the professional Medicaid privatizer didn’t allow the Sanders campaign a review of the official records from the Iowa caucus: she skimmed a little here, a little there in order to prevent Hillary from losing the first two primaries)

from the Guardian

In the Iowa Democratic party’s chaotic attempt to report caucus results on Monday night, the results in at least one precinct were unilaterally changed by the party as it attempted to deal with the culmination of a rushed and imperfect process overseeing the first-in-the-nation nominating contest.

In Grinnell Ward 1, the precinct where elite liberal arts college Grinnell College is located, 19 delegates were awarded to Bernie Sanders and seven were awarded to Hillary Clinton on caucus night. However, the Iowa Democratic party decided to shift one delegate from Sanders to Clinton on the night and did not notify precinct secretary J Pablo Silva that they had done so. Silva only discovered that this happened the next day, when checking the precinct results in other parts of the county.

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Iran Wants to Dump Dollar in Crude Oil Trade

(Iraq wanted to go off the dollar in crude oil trading, so we invaded the country under the guise of 9/11, then Yellow Cake from Niger, then WMDs and then finally because he was killing his own people. Libya was setting up the whole of Africa to go off the petro dollar so we regime changed that country via a “humanitarian intervention” similar to the last lie told to us by George W. Bush regarding Saddam. Now we have Iran making the same noise about leaving the dollar.)


Iran wants post-sanctions’ oil contracts denominated in dollars and have buyers pay in euros, Reuters reported. Tehran is also keen to receive money owed to it since the pre-sanctions days in the European currency.

The country’s crude deliveries are to be restored soon, with companies such as the French giant Total, Spanish refiner Cepsa and Litasco and the trading arm of Russia’s Lukoil already holding contracts. Reuters source at state-owned National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC) told the agency that Tehran wants to receive payment in euros.

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Bernie Sanders is Not a Socialist and He is NOT Leading Some Kind of “Revolution” – We Deserve Better

by Scott Creighton

Bernie Sanders has burned himself into the hearts and minds of young, idealistic Americans across the country and as his poll numbers indicate, his message of a more economically balanced nation waiting in the wings just a vote away is resonating with a lot of people.

In order to further his cause, Bernie describes himself as a democratic socialist and many young, naive people who don’t really understand what a socialist is, believe him. But he is not a socialist.

Bernie Sanders is a lie. He’s a fraud. Or, he’s a coward. Or all of the above. But make no mistake about it, he’s no better than Hillary Clinton because he will do and say whatever he has to in order to serve the masters of the universe just like she does. And his “revolution” is as much of a sham as Ron Paul’s used to be.

All you have to do is look back at Libya and research Bernie’s role in the illegal, immoral operation and you will see what Bernie Sanders really is. Then go to the polls and look for “none of the above”

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German spy agency says ISIS sending fighters disguised as refugees

from Reuters

Islamic State militants have slipped into Europe disguised as refugees, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV) said on Friday, a day after security forces thwarted a potential IS attack in Berlin.

Hans-Georg Maassen said the terrorist attacks in Paris last November had shown that Islamic State was deliberately planting terrorists among the refugees flowing into Europe.

“Then we have repeatedly seen that terrorists … have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees. This is a fact that the security agencies are facing,” Maassen told ZDF television.


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Senate Democrat Says It’s Time To Cut Off Support For Saudi Arabia’s War In Yemen

from the Huffington Post

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) called for the U.S. to cease military involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen, doubling down on his critique last week of America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Murphy, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told HuffPost’s Friday podcast of “So That Happened” that he hasn’t yet heard a legitimate defense of the Obama administration’s policy of providing military assistance to the Saudis in their aerial war in Yemen. That war has killed thousands of civilians and deteriorated conditions in an already unstable country.

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Photo of Hillary Taking it to the Big Financial Masters at Goldman Sachs back in 2005

by Scott Creighton

Last night Hillary Clinton said she’s not the establishment candidate or in service to Big Banking and the Wall Street masters of the universe. She was angry that the Sanders campaign had “smeared” her good name by suggesting all that money she takes from Big Banking and Finance has strings attached to it. As proof, she said before the crash of 2008 she was going after companies like Goldman Sachs telling them they were going to wreck the economy so they should stop.

Then again, she also said at one time she came under sniper fire at an airport and that the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous thing caused by a ridiculous film (made by a guy working for the FBI)

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