Russian Traitor Boris Nemtsov Getting Marching Orders at U.S. Embassy in 2012 (video)

by Scott Creighton

Want to know why so many Russians hated Boris Nemtsov? Here’s a video of him paying a visit on U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael Anthony McFaul, just after McFaul took office back in 2012. It’s well understood here and in Russia, that McFaul’s task was to attempt to instigate a color revolution in Russia from day one.

“Most Russia-watchers are diplomats, or specialists on security and arms control. Or Russian culture. I am neither. I can’t recite Pushkin by heart. I am a specialist in democracy, anti-dictatorial movements, and revolutions” (emphasis added). Michael Anthony McFaul

“(Hillary) Clinton noted that McFaul, who is a specialist in democratic transitiona Kommersant headline from January 11 touted him as a “color revolution specialist” – is uniquely suited for his new post, given Russia’s current climate.” Russia Profile

So in comes the color revolution specialist and one of the first to meet and greet the neoliberal scum, is Boris Nemtsov. Go figure.


Putin in 2012 – Opposition is looking to turn someone into “involuntary martyr”

by Scott Creighton

If the translation is accurate, Vladamir Putin told an audience 3 years ago that Western interests, looking to force a regime change in Russia, would sacrifice an opposition member and try to blame it on Putin or the establishment in Moscow.

Considering how many Russians knew of Boris Nemtsov and hated him, he was a prime candidate to be offered up as the regime change’s sacrificial lamb.


According to a Jan. 2014 Poll, Boris Nemtsov Was One of the LEAST Trusted Opposition Leaders in Moscow with 1% Approval Rating

by Scott Creighton

A “leading opposition member” huh? Right.

According to the numbers below, Boris Nemtsov was one of the best known and LEAST TRUSTED members of the opposition in Russia. That means the people KNEW HIM and HATED HIM. So yeah, when Putin said 3 years ago that the neoliberals who were trying to destabilize Russia would sacrifice someone to make a martyr out of them, I guess that makes Boris the best choice, right?

Out of 1600+ people surveyed, 45% knew who he was. Only 1% of them trusted him.

Vladamir Putin is enjoying 86% approval ratings right now. What does that tell you?

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Sleazy Two-Timing Cradle-Robber Boris Nemtsov and the Ukrainian “Model” that Set Him Up

by Scott Creighton

One of these things is JUST LIKE the other!

How much to do you think it costs to have a gold-digger set-up her sugar daddy for a hit?

You think they paid Anna Duritskaya cash or promised her a TV show and a juicy part in Jon Stewart’s next propaganda film?

Hey! You think maybe they’ll give her a spot on House of Cards like they did for Pussy Riot?!

The 23-year-old Ms. Duritskaya, who just arrived from Kiev, is not a suspect, but possibly was used by the criminals without her knowledge. She calls herself a model and an actress, although is not known for having any parts in movies or on the scene. She studied bookkeeping at Kiev University and worked for obscure model agencies that she left after having found the “friendship” of Mr. Nemtsov. Observer

I don’t think there is any question about Anna Duritskaya setting up sleazy Boris “two timing, cradle-robbing” Nemtsov for that hit on the bridge the other night. The facts in the case are beyond question.

Someone had to tell the hit team (shooter, driver of utility vehicle and driver of get-away car) that Boris was on his way to that fateful bridge. Someone had to convince him to take a nice moonlight stroll in the freezing Russian winter rather than a cab back to his love nest for a romp with a child.

And then the shooter leaves her, an eye-witness, without so much as a scratch?

Come on. Really folks?

It’s kinda obvious who could have done all that especially when you consider she just got into town from… WAIT FOR IT… Kiev!

And now, according to reports, she doesn’t want any part of witness protection… she just wants to go home to…. WAIT FOR IT…. Kiev!

“According to the Speaker for Prosecutor General Office, the “Ukrainian trace” of the brazen murder is one possible motive of the crime because of Ms. Duritskaya’s origin and recent arrival from Kiev.” Observer

lawyer for witness Anna Duritskaya in murder of told RIA she waives witness protection program and wants to return home to Ukraine

Yeah, I should have been a detective. This shit is easy.

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New Details and Video of Boris Nemtsov Killing

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday I wrote about the shooting of Boris Nemtsov, carefully explaining how the man wasn’t a serious opposition to Vladamir Putin because the people of Russia understood him for what he was: a sycophantic neolibral servant of the IMF, World Bank and vested interests who have been trying to force regime change in Russia for a long time. I wrote that the majority of Russians see him as a traitor and with good cause.

I wrote that the most likely culprits in this plan are, as they often are, the usual suspects: Capitalism’s Invisible Assassins or the C.I.A. for short.

Today we have a little more information to go on regarding his murder as well as a rather dramatic video which shows the hit itself, though not close up.

It seems almost comically obvious that Anna had to have set him up for this hit. Several drivers and a hit-man were lying in wait on a bridge for the walking couple. Had they hopped in a cab, sleazy Boris Nemtsov would have gotten laid by a girl young enough to be his daughter and he would have been alive today.

Something made the lush decide to go for a walk. I seriously doubt he’s the romantic type.

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Neoliberal Technocrat Boris Nemtsov Martyred to Kick Off Russian Vesna March, or “Russian Spring”

by Scott Creighton

Nemtsov’s reforms won praise from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

In Western media, desperate to demonize Vladamir Putin and Russia in general, Boris Nemtsov is being hailed as a “charismatic opposition leader” and “reformer” of the old Soviet state. “A Hollywood movie politician”, one blathering reporter from Bloomberg called him. Of course, that guy also said Boris Yeltsin was “the consummate populist” so you can take that for what it’s worth.

“I admired Nemtsov’s courageous dedication to the struggle against corruption in Russia. Nemtsov was a tireless advocate for his country, seeking for his fellow-Russian citizens the rights to which all people are entitled.” Obama

In truth, Boris Nemtsov staked his career on helping the West neoliberalize various former Soviet Block countries (Ukraine after the Orange Revolution) and even helped lead the “liberalization” process in Russia during the rule of the hated Boris Yeltsin.

“Shortly after the Orange Revolution, as the elections and series of protests in Ukraine came to be called, Yushchenko appointed Nemtsov as an economic adviser” Wiki

“In November 1991, Nemtsov was appointed Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region. He was re-elected in that position by popular vote in December 1995. His tenure was marked by the implementation of a wide-ranging, chaotic free market reform programme which earned the nickname “Laboratory of Reform” for Nizhny Novgorod and resulted in significant economic growth for the region. Nemtsov’s reforms won praise from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who visited Nizhny Novgorod in 1993 (Chinayeva 1996, 37).” Wiki

His life was dedicated to the service of institutions like the IMF, the World Bank, the EU (later as he helped blame Putin for the problems in Ukraine) and the National Endowment for Democracy (as they ran the attempted color revolution in Russia not that long ago). Without evidence, the man blamed the separatists in eastern Ukraine for the downing of Flight 17 saying they must all be killed for it.

Basically, Boris Nemtsov was a traitor to the Russian people at pretty much every turn of his career. Once considered Yeltsin’s hand-picked replacement for all the work he did neoliberalizing the country into ruin, Nemtsov was on track to be Russia’s Philippe Pétain ( Chief of State of Vichy France ) or Arthur Neville Chamberlain ( the appeasement Prime Minister of the UK )

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New Study Reveals Obama’s Military Regularly Torturing People In Afghanistan – Including Children

by Scott Creighton

“Using internationally accepted methodology, standards and best practices, UNAMA found sufficiently credible and reliable evidence that 278 of the 790 detainees interviewed (35 per cent ) – one in three detainees interviewed – had experienced torture or ill-treatment on arrest or in certain facilities of the NDS, ANP, ANA and ALP over the 23-month period. Of the 105 child detainees interviewed, 44 were subjected to torture or ill – treatment (42 per cent)”  UNAMA Study, page 17

I guess you can look at this as an improvement. The last study they did, released in 2013 but also covering a time-frame during which Obama was Commander in Chief, showed nearly half of the detainees were tortured by our puppet regime in Afghanistan with the help of our “advisers”.  That number is down to a respectable 1 in 3. Now it seems we only torture half of the kids.

But they were doing it to protect our freedom, right? Well, if by “freedom” you mean “eliciting false confessions”, then yeah. Freedom.

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