Meanwhile In Aleppo, Another Psyop “Hearts and Minds” Campaign Flees with their Friends from al-Qaeda

by Scott Creighton

While everyone in the alternative community is arguing over “pizzagatekeeping”, the White Helmets brand of al-Qaeda’s PR outreach division is quietly fleeing Syria in some green buses with their child beheading friends. Destination? Obama’s next destabilization campaign tour stop. Somalia? Turkey? Sudan? Iran? Who knows. Maybe Detroit. Maybe we should call their agents at Burson Marsteller and ask them.

Of Course “Pizzagate” Was a Distraction/Disinfo Psyop from the Beginning

by Scott Creighton

Someone sent me a link to a Barry Soetoro video which explains one crucial aspect of the “pizzagate” distraction/disinfo campaign quite well and that is the roll played by Comet Pizza business owner James Alefantis. Everyone on my site here who disagrees with me on the real nature of “pizzagate” know full well just how well connected this Washington insider businessman is and yet they never seem to make the leap to the connection that means he could very well be in on it from the beginning.

Look at what has happened. Anonymous individuals at 4chan started this thing off at a time when other Washington insiders were being exposed for real via the Podesta leak scandal which had a real effect on the election and at embarrassed some D.C. Big Wigs including Clinton and Podesta and others. The allegations were titillating/salacious. They involved depravity and set the reader above the fray morally speaking. It was a version of the empowering “wont somebody think of the children?!?” theme I often expose in their other designed psyops (Malala, Bana, Bring Back Our Girls, Incubator Babies, etc.)

4chan does some good work but they have also been infiltrated by influence peddlers of the government and NGO variety for a long time now (especially after the Boston Bombing and all that information was shared back then)

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WHEN FAKE NEWS ATTACKS: “Pizzagate” Disinfo Used on Morning Joe (i.e. real “fake news”) to Call for Censorship

by Scott Creighton


Wont somebody think of the children hanging out at the pizza place being raided by the crisis actor and his EVIL gun!?!

Joe S. with his furrowed brow, flags waving just behind him to ensure his audience he’s an All American, calls for Google and Facebook to come forward and save us from the “fake news” that threatens our children in their favorite pizza joint. Unfortunately it will just mean that our 1st amendment rights have to give way because “pizzagate” has motivated a crisis actor to take the law into his own hands.


Community theater actor playing the role of “Hick Othello of the Sticks”

Of course…

Yes, the fake news, the REAL fake news, is attacking. They are attacking our constitutional rights. The right to bear arms and of course, the right to free speech.

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UPDATES on President Peace Prize’s Syrian Regime Change via “moderate” Terrorist Proxy Army Campaign

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Oh and Stiffler… thank you.🙂

UPDATE to the UPDATES: Sweden, home of all those blonde people, has put in an order for 64,000 of those displaced Syrian slaves… oops, I mean “refugees”… so they can keep labor costs down and profit margins up for Big Business. I’m not kidding.

Sweden requires 64,000 immigrants annually so that its economic performance would not suffer from labor shortages, local media reported Tuesday.” Sputnik International

Currently Sweden takes in 5,000 slaves … uh, I mean “refugees’… annually but Big Business want’s to step that number up quite a bit. Apparently there’s a lot of cotton to be picked in Sweden.

President Obama’s “moderate” terrorists in Syria are losing badly in the wake of Syria’s, Russia’s and Iran’s stepped-up offensive in and around eastern Aleppo.

The situation is getting so bad for our unconventional warfare proxy terrorists that  Egypt, New Zealand and Spain drafted a cease-fire resolution and presented it to the United Nations Security Council on Monday calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities in eastern Aleppo on “humanitarian” grounds. The resolution was immediately vetoed by both Russia and China who said it was obvious all the US and coalition forces wanted was a chance for their proxy terrorists to rearm and regroup. I thought it was a crime to provide aid and comfort to al-Qaeda linked terrorists.

Over at Penny’s blog she has compiled a good bit of information on the blocking of this al-Qaeda supporting “humanitarian” resolution.

On the same day, our contractor terrorist organizations in the area targeted and bombed a Russian mobile military hospital in Aleppo, killing two Russian military medics and wounding several locals who were receiving medical treatment at the time of the attack. The Russians believe due to the direct nature of the attack, that someone gave the terrorists the exact coordinates of the medical center. The State Department denies giving al-Qaeda/al-Nusra/the ‘moderates” that information.

The Syrian government has condemned the deliberate attack on the field hospital by Obama’s terrorists.

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Phony Pizzagate Disinfo Distraction Ends As You Might Expect: With a Crisis Actor and an Assault on the 1st and 2nd Amendments

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Here is the “fake news” site shutting down operation in it’s own words (from police report):

“S-1 (crisis actor Welsh) stated that he had an AR-15 laying on the …. inside the restaurant along with a .38 caliber handgun that he had sitting on a table. Sgt. Firehack (?) further asked S-1 what his motive was entering the establishment armed. S-1 stated that he had read online that the Comet restaurant was harboring child sex slaves and that he wanted to see for himself if they were there. S-1 stated he was armed to help rescue them. S-1 surrendered peacefully when he found no evidence that underage children were being harbored in the restaurant. S-1 was placed inside transport”

Ah, the “fake news” “conspiracy theorists” are setting off the armed unhinged from the fringes and they are quite literally taking aim at the innocent civilians. Hmm. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah… Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas by Cass Sunstein. Seems a bit custom made now doesn’t it?

UPDATE: hmm. James Corbett (big on privatizing Dept. of Education by the way) reported on the “pizzagate” story as “the biggest pedophile scandal in the highest ranks of government


Edgar Welch reprising his role as “Sovereign Citizen Cain!” an art-fag’s interpretation of what a militia man must look like (notice the earplugs?)

(Notice how he keeps his finger off the trigger? That’s because the gun wrangler who they hired for the photo-shoot told him to do that. Wouldn’t want it to go off while he’s holding it with his skinny little arm.)

The obviously phony “pizzagate” disinformation distraction has ended with Edgar M. Welch, 28, of Salisbury, N.C. heading up to D.C. to hold his own “investigation” into the matter which consisted of him showing up on a slow business day and firing a round from his “assault rifle” into the air after he told everyone to leave the building… and getting arrested in the store.

In a statement, Comet Ping Pong’s owner, James Alefantis, condemned the people who had been spreading the bogus stories about child abuse.

“What happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories comes with consequences,” he said. “I hope that those involved in fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today and stop promoting these falsehoods right away.”

Bradley Graham, co-owner of Politics and Prose, said the incident was a worrisome event during an uneasy time for the neighborhood. “This is one of the things we feared,” Mr. Graham said as the police surrounded his bookstore with rifles and weapons drawn. “That this could go from a social media attack to something much more dangerous and physical.” New York Times

Mr. Welch is a “crisis actor” whose daddy is a former cop and firearms instructor… and actor.

The entire “pizzagate” story was the dumbest fake “conspiracy theory” out there since “ray beams from space”. It centered on the idea that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were ordering up babies to rape with their cheese pizza. I even saw a Tweet from Cynthia McKinney buying into that stupid shit.

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Is Despicable Jill Stein Trying to Drag Us Past the Safe Harbor Deadline to Save Killary’s Coronation? Looks that way, yeah

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: A guy formerly of Conde Nast and the Global Strategy Group thinks this is an encouraging conspiracy theory. The most encouraging of 2016. That’s something, huh? I must be onto something.

The Global Strategy Group is a PR, research and strategic communications firm which works primarily for the DNC and other fake-left Dems. They also claim as clients organizations like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Condé Nast, General Electric, GlaxoSmithKline, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Scholastic and Silverstein Properties.

Gee, I wonder how I popped up on his radar so quickly. It’s almost as if someone is scouring Twitter to try to stay ahead of the message on this recount thing. Now why would the DNC hire folks to do that I wonder.

CIAnonymous has put out a video in which they claim a major disruption in the force is going to take place in 9 days here in the States. They say Jill Stein’s recount effort isn’t actually about having the votes recounted or exposing the deeply problematic “black box voting” system we have here in the United States as much as it is about delaying the certification of the Electoral College votes of three states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan) past the Dec. 13th deadline.

As their theory goes, if Stein’s effort, run by a slew of Democrats by the way, is successful in delaying the states’ confirmation of the vote tallies past that Dec. 13th deadline, in theory, they could then use that delay to throw a wrench into the official confirmation process resulting ultimately in the US House of Representatives holding a vote on the floor to decide who the next president of the United States would be from a pool of three possible candidates, the three who earned the most EC votes in the election. The office of Vice President would be decided the same way meaning there could in fact be an outcome that sees Hillary Clinton made president and Mike Pence her Vice President. The applicable law is the 12th Amendment to the Constitution.

That brings up an interesting problem in that only Trump and Clinton have any EC votes. Coming in third is everyone else. So theoretically, Stein and Gary Johnson would both be eligible for that “election” in the House. So would their respective VP nominees.

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So What is This ‘Veterans for Standing Rock’ Thing All About?

by Scott Creighton

“Most civilians who’ve never served in a uniform are gutless worms who’ve never been in a fight in their life,” Wes Clark Jr. Leader of Veterans for Standing Rock

“If you are 20 years old you’re not going to live out the rest of your life and die of natural causes (because of Global Warming™) Wes Clark, Jr. Sept. 2016

A bunch of vets, something like 2,000 or so, are traveling to Standing Rock to put themselves between the protesters up there in North Dakota and the riot-gear outfitted police who are actively defending Big Business interests. They are not taking weapons and plan to be there for a whopping 4 days (Dec. 4th – Dec. 7th)

The “leaders” of this excursion say they are doing it to see if the cops will beat on vets like they would beat on Native American water protectors and random concerned citizens who are there supporting the protest.

This “test” they say will show the true nature of the police action up there.

Think about that for a second: a large group of American military personnel heading somewhere to help the indigenous people oppose a pipeline rather than install one. That’s gotta be a first.

So what is this all about? Are they going to stand there for 4 days yelling back and forth at cops and then pack up and leave on Thursday allowing the thugs to go right back to what they’ve been doing? Are some of them agent provocateurs looking to kick-off some sort of national action against vets? Is it just shameless opportunism set up by a couple guys looking for some activism street-cred? Do they honestly expect the cops to suddenly bow down to their veterans cloak of superiority super powers and run away leaving the pipeline vulnerable to the ravages of the masses?

I don’t know. Let’s see what we can find out.

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