Tulsa Undersheriff Resigns Amid Allegations He Falsified Training Records Of Eric Harris’ Killer

(This wealthy asshole was riding around, pulling people over in his private vehicle pretending to be a cop at the age of 73 and simply because he had money, the department let him get away with it. They even falsified his training records to justify letting him do the crap he did and surprise surprise, it ends up, when under pressure, the entitled idiot can’t tell a gun from a taser when it’s in his own damn hand and some poor person has to pay the price.)

from the Huffington Post

Tulsa Country Undersheriff Tim Albin has resigned after documents revealed he unfairly promoted Robert Bates, the volunteer reserve deputy who mistakenly shot Eric Harris earlier this month.

Tulsa World reports that recently released documents show Albin falsified Bates’ training records and quashed his colleagues’ concerns about the deputy.

Sheriff Stanley Glanz announced Albin’s resignation today at a County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Bates, a 73-year-old insurance executive, shot and killed Harris on April 2. Bates says he meant to Taser Harris but grabbed his handgun by mistake. Bates was charged with second-degree homicide April 14, and turned himself in.

Since the shooting, questions have arisen as to why Bates was participating in an undercover gun buy, and whether he had the training and expertise required to do so.

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BEHOLD Ye Nay-sayers! The First ISIS™ BABY Ushers in the Apocalypse!… or not

by Scott Creighton

When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth Revelation 6:7-8˄

Taking the ISIS™ propaganda to it’s inevitably mind-numbingly stupid conclusion, someone has crafted the ultimate in ridiculous fear-mongering: the first official ISIS™ baby… or, shall he be forever known, Death- the Fourth Rider of the Apocalypse.

Yes, the anti-Christ has been born. Good thing ObamaGod has Terror Tuesdays. Guess who will be high on his hit-list this week?

Notice the three ISIS™ Wisemen (CIAda, Mossadaflex and MI6er) came bearing gifts: an unloaded gun, a dud of a grenade and a fake birth certificate which looks oddly enough like the one Obama’s administration released not that long ago.

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“W” Emerges from the 9th Circle to Appease the War-Mongering Republican Jewish Coalition

by Scott Creighton

frozen in a lake of ice up to his chin, the traitor spends eternity in solitude and torment pondering his treachery forever

Former President George W. Bush was the main event speaker this past Saturday night at Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian hotel and casino where the traitor and former “Liar in Chief” came out of hiding, dragged himself from a lake of ice, in order to address 700 members of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Adelson, the billionaire with a $100 million set and ready to purchase the next Republican nominee for the White House, was in attendance.

“W”, as he is called, made sure to appease his war-mongering audience:

Mr. Bush voiced skepticism about the Obama administration’s pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran. Although he had begun the diplomatic effort to press Iran to give up its nuclear program, Mr. Bush questioned whether it was wise to lift sanctions against Tehran when the Islamic government seemed to be caving in, and suggested that the United States risked losing leverage if it did so. New York Times

Sure I could repeat, once again, the simple fact that Iran does not have, nor have they every had a nuclear weapons program under the current political organization of the country.

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Paul Craig Roberts: “Truth Is Washington’s Enemy”

by Paul Craig Roberts

US Representative Ed Royce (R, CA) is busy at work destroying the possibility of truth being spoken in the US. On April 15 at a hearing before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs of which Royce is chairman, Royce made use of two minor presstitutes to help him redefine all who take exception to Washington’s lies as “threats” who belong to a deranged pro-Russian propaganda cult.

Washington’s problem is that whereas Washington controls the print and TV media in the US and its vassal states in Europe, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, and Japan, Washington does not control Internet sites, such as this one, or media, such as RT, of non-vassal states. Consequently, Washington’s lies are subject to challenge, and as people lose confidence in Western print and TV media because of the propaganda content, Washington’s agendas, which depend on lies, are experiencing rougher sledding.

Truth is bubbling up through Washington’s propaganda. Confronted with the possibility of a loss of control over every explanation, Hillary Clinton, Ed Royce, and the rest are suddenly complaining that Washington is “losing the information war.” Huge sums of taxpayers’ hard earned money will now be used to combat the truth with lies.

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Ukr. Politician Nataliya Vitrenko – Military Junta instead of European values | Eng. Subs.

by Scott Creighton

According to this Ukrainian politician, Nataliya Vitrenko, U.S. puppet Poroshenko has submitted a bill to the Ukrainian parliament which would allow him to declare martial law and install full military rule if a number of events occur including a “threat” to national security. Vitrenko is deeply concerned as Ukraine has made progress toward peace and is supposed to be on track toward a permanent resolution of hostilities with the two breakaway republics.

The bill itself aside from establishing a military junta, would also negate the current Ukrainian constitution completely. As most understand, the foreign neoliberal technocrats and banksters are pushing Ukraine to draft a new constitution, one that is more readily supported by institutions like the World Bank, the IMF and the EU.  By declaring martial law and suspending the constitution, the junta could then more easily impose the new constitution on the people.

As Vitrenko points out, this has been done many times in the past by nations engaged in regime change on behalf of western interests. She mentions Chile. But you could also include Argentina, Iran (’53), Indonesia and most recently Egypt under the rule of al-Sisi. There are far too many examples to list in this article. The point is, it’s a standard practice of Western “freedom and democracy” to violently overthrow elected governments and replace them with greedy, complicit military leaders who are starving for power. They even tried it once here in the states with Gen. Smedley Butler and the Business Plot.

Aside from that, Poroshenko also appears to be signaling another all out attack on the republics. Martial law would prevent the kind of resistance he was getting at home back in Kiev if he does so. So this is obviously an important development.

I found this over at Vineyard of the Saker. It has English subtitles done by Vox Populi Evo.

US ‘Masterminds’ All Present-Day Military Conflicts – Russian General Staff

from Sputnik International

The United States is behind all recent and ongoing armed conflicts across the globe, a senior Russian General Staff official said Friday.

“The United States has single-handedly masterminded all military conflicts. Today the Western countries have positioned themselves as the main ‘architects’ of the international relations and the United States as the only superpower in the world,” Lt. Gen. Andrei Kartapolov, the head of the General Staff’s Main Operations Directorate, said.

Kartapolov added that the US role as the world’s leading nation was part of US President Barack Obama’s updated national security strategy, released in February.

“The course that the White House has been pursuing to systematically contain Russia stems from the United States’ strategic goal to preserve its leading geopolitical and economic positions at all costs, to preempt the establishment of new centers of power.”

The Lieutenant General also said that the United States and their allies have used military force more than 50 times over the past decade, adding that six US operations ended in local armed conflicts.

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For a Laugh – Mark Fiore Cartoons

Profitship! Cashing In On Public Schools

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