Videos Show Non-Violent Protesters Murdered in Odessa Massacre

from Russia Insider (H/T

Full length HD video of the entire siege of Odessa by Ukrainian Nationalists and The Right Sector. The US and EU media intentionally muddied the waters by claiming that the victims who were primarily middle aged and elderly women and men at the Trade Union Building stage/tent display were the same people that fought violent street battles in downtown Odessa against the Right Sector.

The video linked above shows that these were two entirely different groups and the people who were burnt alive, tossed from windows, beaten, strangled, shot and even raped were actually peaceful protesters that barricaded themselves inside the Odessa Trade Union Building after they heard that the Right sector Neo-Nazis were advancing on their protest encampment in large numbers after fighting and beating an entirely different group of ethnic Russian Ukrainian protesters downtown. The 4th video posted below proves this fact as it clearly shows the mostly elderly and middle aged ethnic Russian Ukrainian women and men attempt to gather their things and protect themselves from the soon to be arriving hordes of extremely violent youth.

Take a look around the tents….see the flowers and nice signage…see the organization that went into that…the people that put up those tents, placed those flowers and made those signs were the good people of Odessa (who simply had Anti-Maidan views), they wanted to hang on to their city the way it was…..those people were then pelted with molotov cocktails, beaten and terrorized, at least one was raped and another, who was pregnant, was strangled while most were burned to death.

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“ISIS” Guy Who Threatens More Attacks in US Seems to be an American Contractor (Living in California?)

by Scott Creighton


Little is known about Abu Ibrahim Amriki, a US-born terrorist who was seen in this propaganda video released by a group calling itself the “German Taliban Mujahideen,” which is based in Pakistan’s tribal areas” Long War Journal 2009

The guy who claims to have threatened Pam Geller and promised to have “71 “ISIS” fighters in 15 US states” ready to attack us is actually an American-born, bald Special Ops looking “jihadist” formerly stationed in Pakistan.

But wait, it gets better.

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Dollar No More – Map of International Trade Shifting from Dollar Currency

from Sputnik International

(click on image for larger view)

Dollar no More

In early 2014, Justin Yifu Lin, the former World Bank Chief Economist, blamed the dominance of the US dollar for global economic crises and said it should be eliminated as the world’s reserve currency. According to Lin, the solution would be to replace the national currency with a global currency.

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The Germanwings 9525 “Crash Rehearsal” Story is Total Bullshit

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Huffington Post is now running with the stupid story as is CNN, Fox News, CBS and many others.


Still trying to prop-up their pathetic official story about how Germanwings flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps 6 weeks ago, authorities have pre-released a report to the German newspaper Bild which supposedly details how the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz “practiced” resetting the auto-pilot setting to 100 feet altitude several times on a previous flight he worked on that same day.

That is an absolutely ridiculous notion which isn’t even supported by the evidence they themselves present. As stupid as it is, the story is already being repeated at news sites like Sputnik International without the first hint of questioning the moronic narrative nor the clearly contradictory evidence presented.

The German newspaper Bild reported that the Germanwings co-pilot, suspected of deliberately crashing a plane in the French Alps in March, killing all 150 people on board, practiced a descent on a previous flight on the same day.

The newspaper referred to an interim report, due to be published by France’s BEA crash investigation agency later on Wednesday. Sputnik International

First of all, a pilot with the flight hours that Lubitz had does not need to ‘practice” setting the auto-pilot target altitude to 100 ft above sea level. He would just do it.

According to this story he had to “practice” setting that altitude over and over again, multiple times, and one time they claim he left it at that setting for more than 100 seconds (#2 on graph below)

According to the story, as he was told to reset the altitude of that flight, Lubitz did so by seemingly always setting the new altitude at 100 feet and then readjusting it back up. This happened several times according to Bild and the BEA crash investigation.

Seems to me that the auto-pilot system itself was having problems, not the co-pilot. Seems to me he was keeping from resetting itself to 100 feet of altitude when he kept changing it to the new altitude that the flight tower was ordering him to set.

Here’s the “proof” that Bild offers. It’s a graphic showing the altitude of the flight during the time the investigation says Lubitz was “practicing”

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Corporate Media Blacks Out Coverage of Bill to Overturn Corporate Personhood

from Global Research

Last Wednesday, the grassroots organization, Move to Amend, held a press conference at the National Press Club to announce that six members of the U.S. House of Representatives were introducing legislation to overturn Citizens United v FEC to make free speech and all other rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution available only to “natural persons,” not corporations or limited liability companies. The legislation would also give Federal, state and local governments the ability to limit political contributions to “ensure all citizens,  regardless of their economic status, have access to the political process.”

When corporations overturn the will of the people, it’s widely covered by corporate media. When the people fight back, the news is frequently blacked out. As of this morning, we could find no major corporate media outlet or corporate wire service reporting on last Wednesday’s press conference by Move to Amend. That might be because there was evidence presented at the press conference of a groundswell of public momentum to overturn Citizens United, the decision handed down on January 21, 2010 by the U.S. Supreme Court that opened the floodgates to corporate campaign spending in elections along with super wealthy donors.

The press conference revealed that 16 states have passed resolutions asking Congress to overturn Citizens United while almost 600 municipalities and local governments across the country have done likewise. Almost two dozen other states have resolutions pending or introduced.

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Connect the World or Capture It? Critics Raise Alarm Over Facebook’s Spurious

(And of course, who is Facebook? They’re the CIA)

from Common Dreams

… The change, Levy writes at Wired on Tuesday, “sets Facebook up to serve as a quasi-internet service provider—except that unlike a local or national telco, all web traffic will be routed through Facebook’s servers. In other words, for people using to connect to the internet, Facebook will be the de facto gatekeeper of the world’s information.”

…As Vice journalist Jordan Pearson points out, because user access will be routed through Facebook’s servers, the company will “get a huge amount of insight into users’ online activity.” What’s more, users will be subject to Facebook’s data policy, which leaves open the possibility for their information to be shared with advertisers as well as the Facebook’s partner organizations.

“However they may want to present, Facebook are not in the business of philanthropy, they’re in the business of making money,” Paul Bernal, professor of technology law at the UK-based University of East Anglia, told Pearson. “With that means two things: capturing a market, then using that market. They want people to be hooked in, and then their data is, effectively, controlled by Facebook. In the current era, if you can control someone’s data, you have a huge amount of control over them.”

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Invasive ‘French Patriot Act’ Moves Forward, Spurring Privacy Concerns

from Common Dreams

The lower house of the French Parliament on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a measure authorizing expansive, unprecedented, and invasive surveillance of citizens and foreigners, with little judicial oversight.

The new spying powers, developed over the course of the last year, gained momentum in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris in January that killed 17 people at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery in Paris.

According to the Guardian, “despite opposition from green and hard-left MPs, the bill won the overwhelming backing of the majority of MPs from the Socialist and rightwing UMP parties, which said it was necessary to tackle the terrorist risk. The bill was passed in the national assembly by 438 votes to 86, with a handful of no votes from Socialist MPs.”

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