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The Real Problem With the Israel Anti-Boycott Act of 2017 (AE video)

The real problem with S. 720 and H.R. 1697 (Israel Anti Boycott Act 2017) is NOT the threat of them rounding up protesters on the side of the road and putting them in prison for 10 years. That’s NOT in the bill by the way… the real problem is them trying to keep American businesses (importers and exporters) from doing business with nations that support boycotting Israel for their criminal behavior in Gaza and the West Bank. If successful it will influence decisions made across the globe by nations taking a stand against criminal Israeli policies, not just those of some protesters getting ready to head down to Times Square with some cardboard signs.

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What is Cynthia McKinney Doing with Robert Steele in this #UNRIG Thing? (AE video)

UPDATES on the Greater Kurdistan Project

by Scott Creighton

A new leak has been released by the CIA’s Washington Post which claims Jeff Sessions discussed Trump-related campaign issues with the Russian ambassador back during the election. This “news” reportedly centers around intel “leaks” dealing with intercepts between the ambassador and other Russians. It’s hearsay at best and since there is no way to verify the information, it’s clearly done in an effort to further destabilize the Trump administration. (quote is from Guardian since the original is behind a paywall)

The Post cited an unnamed US official who called Sessions’ statements “misleading” and “contradicted by other evidence”. An unnamed former official said the intelligence indicated Sessions and Kislyak had “substantive” discussions on matters including Trump’s positions on Russia-related issues and prospects for bilateral relations in a Trump administration, the paper reported.

The officials acknowledged that the ambassador could have mischaracterised the meetings in his briefings to Moscow. Guardian

The “why now?” part of this story is obvious: the Trump administration has decided to stop funding the CIA’s terrorist destabilization contractors in Syria.

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Remember that time Sean Spicer told the truth about Syria? (AE video)

Trump Appoints Former Goldman Sachs Globalist Vulture Capitalist to be his White House Communications Director (Spicy resigns)

by Scott Creighton

Another day, another betrayal from the president of the United States. Not really “news” anymore is it?

White House press secretary Sean Spicer reportedly handed his resignation letter to US President Donald Trump because of his disagreement with the administration’s decision to appoint financier Anthony Scaramucci as a new communications director.

Trump asked Spicer to keep the job, but Spicer stated that selecting Scaramucci was a big mistake, the New York Times reported citing sources who said they were familiar with the matter. Sputnik

Anthony Scaramucci is a pure neoliberal globalist. He went to Harvard and learned how to be a neoliberal Harvard Boy then he went straight to Goldman Sachs for his globalist-in-training internship.

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Lindsey Graham Says if You Don’t Support Using DREAMERS as Cheap Labor and Cannon Fodder, “I Don’t Want Your Vote” (AE video)

Democrats push for bipartisan plan to slash health care

by Barry Grey, from WSWS

… On Tuesday, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer held a press conference at which he spelled out his priorities. Denouncing the White House and congressional Republicans for “continuing to deny the insurance markets the certainty they need,” he said the GOP could “start today working with the Democrats…to stabilize the markets…”

Schumer endorsed a proposal from Democratic senators Thomas Carper and Tim Kaine (Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate in 2016) to create a permanent “reinsurance” program for the individual health insurance market. One of the key demands of the insurance industry, such a program would provide billions in taxpayer funds to reimburse private insurers for high costs linked to care for particularly sick policyholders.

This call to “stabilize the insurance markets” has become the mantra of those factions of the political establishment and media calling for a bipartisan alternative to the Republican “repeal and replace” proposals. In none of the statements of leading Democrats or “liberal” newspapers can one find a call to expand medical coverage to the entire population, reject all proposals for cuts in already hopelessly inadequate benefits, or in any way rein in the profiteering and power of the insurance and pharmaceutical monopolies…

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