The Fake James Foley Beheading Video: Yup, this about says it all

Stop US bombing of Iraq!

from Brussels Tribunal

The US once again is bombing in Iraq and threatens the country with a “long-term project”. The pretense is to stop the extremist Islamic state (IS) movement and “prevent genocide”. The experience – from the US occupation 2003-2011 and from “humanitarian interventions” in other countries – shows that this in fact means continued war against the people of Iraq, with devastating effects on the civilian population. The true purpose is to secure American interests and strengthen military control of Iraq.

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The Fake Foley Beheading Video and Medyan Dairieh’s Embedding with ISIS

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Britain, the country behind much of the globalist agenda, is promising to implement “Anti-social Behavior Orders“, effectively shutting down “extremist” groups, blogs, journalists and others in response to the fake James Foley beheading video.

“I am looking again at the case for new banning orders for extremist groups that fall short of the legal threshold for terrorist proscription, as well as for new civil powers to target extremists who seek to radicalise others,”

The Extremism Task Force report had suggested that new civil measures – akin to powers to tackle anti-social behaviour – could be introduced to target the “behaviours extremists use to radicalise others”. At the time, they were widely reported as terror Anti-social Behaviour Orders (Asbos). BBC


I don’t think there is any question that the video of James Foley being beheaded by some British agent posing as an ISIS member is fake. That seems pretty well established at this point.

While Americans focus on ISIS, U.S. ‘advisers’ are in Iraq helping create the same kinds of death-squads we’ve used time and time again in neoliberalized countries when the local population gets sick of all the ‘freedom and democracy’ we’ve imposed on them at gunpoint.

The ISIS Crisis roadshow as a pretext to the re-invasion of Iraq and potentially a full on invasion of Syria has been fraught with numbers of failures and over-hyped horror stories presented as facts.

The 40,000 trapped Christian Satanists ( which turned out to be about a thousand who weren’t trapped )comes to mind as does the “don’t look at the camera” mass execution commercials.

Then there’s the various “won’t someone think of the children” campaigns and the all empowering “ISIS fears women“, “ISIS wants your women” marketing endeavors.

That’s to say nothing of the short-lived ridiculously stupid “they’re beheading babies!” story.

(Really America? We get up in arms about the beheading video (with no beheading) of a photojournalist (who is apparently a horrible actor) and yawn at the stories of ‘ISIS’ BEHEADING BABIES? Really? Really America? Beheaded babies to nothing for you, but GOD FORBID a good-looking white guy with a job gets whacked. Really?)

ISIS is in Ferguson. ISIS is crossing the Mexican border with the illegals. ISIS is in London. ISIS in New York. ISIS is under your bed.

President Peace Prize screeches about ISIS and puts on his war face while lamenting how “everyone in the world” is appalled by ISIS… then he runs out and plays golf with hedge fund billionaires laughing and fist-bumbing while you are expected to mourn.

Today we are all expected to fall in line when it comes to backing President Peace Prize as he ships boots overseas to place on the ground in Iraq once again. We are expected to do this because of the fake James Foley beheading video.

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Petition – Civil Society Demands a Real Investigation into Flight MH17

by Scott Creighton

I recently signed a petition to form an independent inquiry into the events surrounding the supposed downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. Though I do not hold much confidence that one will be formed and that it would be impervious to outside influence, I still think pressuring the globalist powers by demanding such an investigation, a real investigation, is a good idea. Part of the petition, the first half, is posted below the break as well as a link to the website where you can sign on if you like and read the rest of it.

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Mike Brown Shooting Incident Report from Ferguson PD is Blank

by Scott Creighton

Responding to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU, the Ferguson police department released the official incident report from the officer involved shooting of Michael Brown dated 08/09/2014. The ACLU released the document to the public yesterday.

The two page document (PDF) is completely blank except for the time of day, location and complaint number. There is no description of the scene; no indication of what they claim happened between Brown and Officer Wilson; no details on how many shots were fired. There is nothing.

It’s like they are waiting to see how they can skew the evidence in Wilson’s favor before they go on record with anything they know.

“What’s going on?” asked Vanita Gupta, legal director of the ACLU. “What’s the Ferguson police chief thinking? What he’s doing?”

“We spent a fair amount of time looking at these two incident reports, trying to understand what they say, and frankly, more what they don’t say,” Gupta added. “They just further demonstrate the lack of transparency and lack of information that is being provided by the Ferguson police department about about the Michael Brown shooting.” Saki Knafo

The St. Louis county police also released a similarly blank incident report of their investigation of the crime scene.

Eclipseus Bound III – Revenge of the Head Gasket part 2

by Scott Creighton

I am finally one of those guys who has a big chunk of my engine sitting peacefully in my office. No, it is not a paper weight.

Current progress report on Revenge of the Head Gasket: no cracks in the cylinder heads, no warpage.

I was finally able to remove the head this morning after covering the situation in Ukraine.  The head seems fine, no cracks between the valves and as far as I can tell, no warpage to the head itself. I still have to procure a intake manifold gasket but after that and a bit of cleaning, it’s back to rebuilding and hopefully zipping round town in my pimped out ’91 Eclipse.

Will post a photo essay on the project once it’s complete. It’s a huge relief off my mind.

All hail Hypnotoad the Benevolent!

hail him… HAIL HIM!!!!

Russian humanitarian convoy has reached Lugansk

(What a coincidence: yesterday the Russian aid convoy entered Ukraine to help the desperate people of the east who are being shelled by our puppet regime and it just so happened that the American neoliberal propagandist investment banker/warrior was killed on the exact same day. Wow. What a coincidence)

from RT

The first Russian trucks carrying humanitarian aid have reportedly reached the east Ukrainian city of Lugansk. Moscow ordered the convoy to proceed, without waiting for further permission from Kiev.

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