Was the Scottish Referendum Stolen? Of Course it was

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As I mentioned in the article, the fake “progressives” at HuffPuff have already started the smear campaign against people looking into allegations of election fraud… and the social media campaign kicks off as well.

UPDATE: In this exit poll, you see how the old supposedly took the hopes of the young and threw them away.

UPDATE: Oh wait… I’m sorry.. like here in MERIKA! there were no exit polls. The one above is a phone poll. heh heh. Silly me.


More Better Together campaigners celebrate the Clackmannanshire  result in Glasgow

The Yuppie petty bourgeoisie class in England are celebrating. They’re dancing in their exclusive pubs harnessing their trendy fashion statements as they praise “democracy” for voting the RIGHT way. The “results” are in and with 55% against independence and 45% voting “yes.” the GLORIOUS MARKETS are saved. Long Live the Queen.

Better Together campaigners celebrate the Clackmannanshire No result at the Marriott Hotel

But… did they win?

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Scot of Crichton – For the Sake of Old Times Brave Scots, Follow Your Hearts and Vote Aye for Freedom

by Scott Creighton (Scot of Crichton)

Remember Sterling Bridge 11 September 1297

There is so little talk these days of Scotland beyond one warning after the other of the people voting the “wrong way”. The Grand Empire is in crisis. The peasants want out.

Even the great ObamaGod has Tweeted his way into the fray today so now I will have my say.

He serves the empire with cold subservient glee. His namesake tied to Kenya and occupied Indonesia, the man has no moral center because it isn’t in his blood. He should remain silent on such matters as he has no capacity to understand them beyond what profits he can make for himself and his family by kneeling like a coward before the crown.

Make no mistake about it, Obama is a modern day John de Menteith.

The effeminate God King owns no legacy to speak on such matters far beyond his capacity for comprehension… but I do. The history of my resistance to the empire archived on these pages serves as a living testament to my commitment to the idea of freedom.

I have proudly carried the ideological fight to the enemy time and time again, signing my name to my work regardless of the consequences for sedition to the neoliberal crown.

I comprehend and I choose to speak out while so many others make a different choice and for that clarity of conscience I have paid in every currency but blood.

And if that does not suffice to provide me the right to speak on this particular cause, the vote for true independence of Scotland, there is of course the name itself.

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NYPD 72nd Pct. Officers Assault Street Vendor in Sunset Park – Rise of the American Tonton Macoute

by Scott Creighton

This video shows a confrontation between some street vendors in Sunset Park and officers of NYPD 72nd Pct.

It starts off with officers telling the vendors they had to clear out by 6pm. The vendors were asking questions regarding why they had to leave. The police didn’t feel like they had to explain themselves to mere citizens of New York and from there it deteriorated quickly.

One fat short cop was asking a woman things like her name and her age and a larger young man standing with her simply informed her that she didn’t have to answer those questions just because fat short cop asked. Well, as you can imagine, Fat Short got mad. As Cartman is keen too say “respect my authrahtay!”

Fat Short grabbed the young man and the pile on party began.

During the melee, cops are grabbing women, pushing them around, putting them in choke holds, throwing them up against tables. One cop punches the young man who dared to talk back while struggling on the ground. Another rushes up to kick him while still more start breaking out their batons and swinging them around. It’s basically a panicfest by the NYPD. God forbid they come up against real criminals.. or maybe… men.

The young man was handcuffed and lead off to face various crimes against the state, as many as Fat Short could come up with during the ride to the station. From what I saw, he committed no crime. You are allowed to defend yourself from illegal wrongful arbitrary arrest aren’t you?

When the fascist ruler of Haiti and a close friend of the U.S. François ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier, had trouble with meddlesome peasants who dared to resist his corrupt rule, he created a paramilitary force called  the Militia of National Security Volunteers.

They were soulless thugs who would do anything to maintain their person access to a better life than those being lived by the common folks in Haiti. Their reputation for brutality is unmatched in the annals of death-squads created by our ‘friends in the region”

By all accounts, they were monsters in uniforms, high most of the time and always ready to openly commit the most heinous acts one human can do to another for no other reason than someone didn’t “respect their authrahtay!”

They became known as the Tonton Macoute after a children’s story bogeyman who would come to take away bad kids in a gunnysack, carrying them off to never be seen again.

Wearing their trademark mirrored sunglasses and designer T-shirts, these murderers and cannibals were named after a terrifying bogeyman from Haitian mythology, who carried off naughty children into slavery. Daily Mail

One might wonder if I’m slipping into hyperbole by comparing the NYPD to the Tonton Macoute. After all, their brutality is legendary while the NYPD’s is just in it’s fledgling stages.

The Tonton Macoutes cut out the hearts, eyes and lungs of opponents with machetes, while Papa Doc, who stole almost a billion pounds in foreign aid, insisted that every television and radio programme had to be entirely in praise of his rule. Daily Mail

Brutality and terror in support of a corrupt regime was the essence of the Tonton Macoute while the absolute lack of accountability ensured things would only get worse.

Sure, the NYPD thugs may not be there yet, but as the economy gets worse and people get more desperate while no cop is ever held to account for his crimes against the citizenry… well… you don’t have to be a voodoo witch doctor to see where that is headed.

Oh wait… the NYPD is “investigating” now that a video has surfaced online of the incident. I’m sure justice will be done. How’d that Mike Brown thing work out by the way?

Video after the break.

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Block the Boat – Tampa – Sept. 20th 5:30am

by Scott Creighton

I received an action alert from stpeteforpeace.org  informing me of an upcoming event taking place here in Tampa. There is an Israeli Zim ship which will be offloading Israeli products at the Port of Tampa. I am informed that the intention is to picket the port in an effort to delay the ship’s unloading for as long as possible. The same action was taken recently in Oakland and Vancouver to some success.

from Block the Boat Facebook page:

To all our comrades in the struggle for Justice in Palestine: Join us! What’s happening?
The world has watched in horror as Israel has continued to bombard and devastate Gaza. Millions around the globe have come out in support of the Palestinian people and against the Zionist regime, holding massive marches, demonstrations, and actions. It’s time to step it up and hit Zionism where it hurts! Oakland blocked an Israeli Zim ship from unloading for 4 days thanks to the solidarity of ILWU Local 10 longshore workers who refused to cross the picket line. Now it’s our turn!

Call to Action
Palestine is calling us to action! Palestinians laborers, Palestinian General Federation Trade Union (PGFTU), have called on workers around the world to refuse to handle Israel goods. Palestinians throughout Gaza, the West Bank and 1948 Palestine have demonstrated their unity in the struggle against Apartheid Israel and have taken to the streets in the tens of thousands, bravely facing Israeli military armed with US made weapons to call on the international community to stand with them as they resist Zionism throughout all of historic Palestine. We will be answering this call by organizing community pickets at the Port, asking the longshoreman and truckers to honor this request and to stand with the people of Palestine.

We invite all interested groups and individuals to join us in upcoming strategizing meeting over the next few weeks.

The date of the ships arrival and the action will be hashed out and posted soon, so keep and eye out and spread the word. The ship is coming, and so is a Second Wave.

I will be attending and if possible, recording some of the events via my little cell phone camera. I don’t know how long it will last or how many will show up, but I will be in attendance.

Chris Hedges Called “antisemitic idiot” for Mentioning Israel’s History of Killing Palestinian Children (video)

by Scott Creighton

“When you are willing to sacrifice the most vulnerable for political expediency it becomes easy, as Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have amply illustrated, to sacrifice all who are vulnerable—our own poor, workers, the sick, the elderly, students and our middle class. This is a Faustian compact. It ends by selling your soul to Goldman Sachs and ExxonMobil.”” Chris Hedges

I, like Chris said, have 15 minutes to start a revolution. So let’s get to it.

A couple thousand “liberal” people gathered Saturday at the 13th annual Fighting Bob Fest at the Sauk County Fairgrounds in Baraboo, Wis. to hear U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Chris Hedges speak.

Sanders spoke first which allowed Chris to come to the stage and say he basically agreed with “most” of what Bernie said, but he then went on to imply that the powers that run Washington manipulate both the Dems as well as the Republicans making me wonder if perhaps Bernie was just white-washing the latest events on behalf of his “side” once again.

When Chris got to the meat of his speech, he started off with Gaza and the plight of the Palestinians in general.

“An impoverished, captive people that lack an army, a navy, an air force, mechanized units, drones, artillery and any semblance of command and control do not pose a threat to Israel. And Israel’s indiscriminate use of modern, industrial weapons to kill hundreds of innocents, wound thousands more and make tens of thousands of families homeless is not a war. It is state-sponsored terror and state-sponsored murder.

The abject failure by our political class to acknowledge this fact, a fact that to most of the rest of the world is obvious, exposes the awful banality of our political system, the cynical abandonment of the most vulnerable of the earth for campaign contributions. Money, after all, in corporate America, has replaced the vote.” Hedges

Though he didn’t make mention of it, I wonder if he did that because of Bernie’s recent town hall meeting where he was recorded yelling at his constituency and threatening to have the police haul them off if they didn’t stop complaining about his position supporting Israel’s mass murder in Gaza. Bernie is Jewish and lived in Israel on a kibbutz after graduating from college.

Seems to me, without any question, Hedges was calling out Bernie for his stance on Operation Pillar of Defense, for his abject failure to recognize the actions of Israel for what they are: terrorism.

Hedges has made mistakes in the past and is a gate-keeper when it comes to the real deep state machinations at play all around us.

But that said, he is passionate about the plight and the suffering of the Palestinian people and being such a talented writer and honest speaker, when he talks about the things he has seen in Gaza or the West Bank, it has a tendency to illicit a visceral response from audiences which is exactly what happened at the Fighting Bob Fest this past Saturday.

Chris was heckled during the opening segment of his 15 minute speech by someone from the crowd. The heckler accused Chris of being an antisemitic idiot because he mentioned Israel’s long history of indiscriminately killing Palestinian children. The irony of the exact moment of the heckler’s racist taunt is hard to dismiss.

“I would like to begin by speaking about the people of Gaza. Their suffering is not an abstraction to me. I was the Middle East bureau chief for The New York Times. I spent seven years in the region. I speak Arabic. And for much of that time I was in Gaza, including when Israeli fighter jets and soldiers were attacking it.

I have stood over the bodies, including the bodies of children, left behind by Israeli airstrikes and assaults. I have watched mothers and fathers cradle their dead and bloodied boys and girls in their arms, convulsed by an indescribable grief, shrieking in pitiful cries to an indifferent universe.” Hedges

You’re an antisemitic idiot!!!” heckler

I suppose one could come to the conclusion that this guy simply wanted everyone to remember that Baraboo, Wis. is still apart of the indifferent universe Chris was speaking about. And as long as there is a Youtube or an internet, Baraboo will be thusly remembered.

This is Hedges at his best. He pulls no punches as he calls out “The pathetic, Stalinist-like plebiscite in the [U.S.] Senate, where all 100 senators trotted out like AIPACwindup dolls to cheer on the Israeli bombing” … Sanders included.

Sure he makes mistakes and refuses to see or at least SAY what 9/11 really is, what all the world clearly sees. But, that aside, this 15 minute speech is more than worthy of your time so I offer it here.

The full text of Chris’ speech and the video (incident at the 2:00 mark) are reproduced after the break from TruthDig and Global Research.

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“Flames of War” Video from ISIS™ Perfectly Timed to Help Obama™

by Scott Creighton

USSOCOM Psychological Operations: “Operations that provide “truthful information” (subjective -“truthful” to whom?) to foreign audiences that influence behavior in support of U.S. military operations” – i.e. the ISIS™ Crisis

Desperation causes mistakes. Some bigger. Some smaller.

Yesterday, Sept. 16th 2014, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempsey went before the Senate Armed Services Committee in order to request more money and continued support for President Obama™ ‘s “long war” against ISIS™ in Iraq and Syria and anywhere else they decide they have to take the fight.

For no apparent reason, on the very same day Sept. 16th 2014, ISIS™ ‘s media arm, the Al Hayat Media Center, released a slick new 52 second video in the form of a movie trailer which promises to bring the exact same kind of war to the United States that Gen. Dempsy just happened to warn the senate about just a few minutes earlier.

No one speaks in the video. But it ends by flashing words on the screen: “Flames of War: Fighting Has Just Begun” (the video has now been removed from Youtube) followed by “coming soon.” Washington Post

If you think that is a bit of a coincidence, hold on, it gets better.

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Frankie Boyle on Wars for American Interests

“Americans making a movie about what Vietnam did to the soldiers is like a serial killer telling you what stopping suddenly to pick up hitch-hikers did to his clutch”



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