Ukraine Neo-Nazi Junta Updates

by Scott Creighton

Global Maidan Conference  taught young people how to help stage color revolutions via fake news with the help of producers from 60 Minutes, CBS, PBS, Maven Pictures

Ukraine planning on full scale war

Russia still voicing concern about “investigation” into crash of Flight MH17 – “Russia has a lot of questions about circumstances of the tragedy and the organization of the international investigation, which in our view, is not transparent enough,”

Serious human rights violations by Kiev junta in Ukraine

Kiev’s military, consisting mainly of hired mercinaries, are shooting at OSCE convoy near government-controlled Mariinka – “According to a Special Monitoring Mission report released Wednesday, military personnel travelling in a “flat-bed cargo truck” with “white vertical lines on the tail-gate…and on the passenger door” shot in the direction of an OSCE convoy near government-controlled Mariinka, located about 15 kilometres, or 9 miles, east of Donetsk.” (near crash site)

fighting in Eastern Ukraine still kills 13 a dayAt least 4,317 people have died and 9,921 have been wounded in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine between mid-April and Nov 18, the statement said.

IMF Backed neo-Nazi regime in Kiev rules out talks with separatists Russia urged Ukraine’s leaders on Wednesday to talk directly to separatists to end the conflict in the east, but Kiev rejected the call and told Moscow to stop “playing games” aimed at legitimizing “terrorists”.

Water shut off in Donetsk due to shelling from Obama’s puppet regime in Kiev - Residents in large areas of rebel-held Donetsk were left without water after power supplies to a filtration plant were hit by shelling, according to the city’s independent mayor.

Just like in Iraq, our congress wants to arm and aid a brutal, savage regime which is killing their own people – Already, Congressional supporters of Ukraine like Sen. Robert Menendez, D-NJ, have put forth legislation (commonly known as the “Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014“) authorizing the U.S. to give Kiev the necessary arms to defend itself.

Obama’s Unconstitutional Amnesty Speech to be Ignored by MSM – Spanish Language TV Will Show It Though

by Scott Creighton

Now that the midterm “elections” are officially over, the real work of neo-liberalizing this country begins with a vengeance. We saw that two days ago when they tried to pass the Keystone Pipeline bill and the new CISPA, the USA “Freedom” Act.

This evening, Barack Obama is going to give a speech in which he will lay out his end-around plan to side-step congress in order to implement much of the George W. Bush Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 that failed back when he was in office.

It is expected to give amnesty to 5 million or so illegal immigrants.

Obama is going to explain why it is he has the authority to do an end-around the congressional process which, back in the day, would have inspired massive protests from the left. All we hear these days from that sector are crickets and petty bourgeoisie house-wives fingering themselves while moaning his name.

Don’t expect to see it on the MSM though. They decided they would keep this particular bit of inflammatory rhetoric out of the spotlight while Latino TV will actually break into their coverage of their Grammy Award show to broadcast it.

ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX have all indicated they won’t break their planned programming to cover Obama’s 8 p.m. ET speech. CNN’s Brian Stelter first reported that ABC, NBC and CBS were opting out, and an official with FOX confirmed the same with The Hill

But the networks that cater to an audience who will be very interested in what the president has to say cleared the time for the address, CNN reported. The vice president of Univision, the nation’s leading Spanish-language network, announced plans to interrupt its airing of the Latin Grammy Awards for the president’s address. Telemundo, the other big Spanish-language network in the U.S. will also show the speech live. And the White House is expected to stream the event online. Huffington Post

How about that? Designer news for various racially selected audiences.

See what they did there? Let me repeat it:

“But the networks that cater to an audience who will be very interested in what the president has to say cleared the time for the address”

Do you really think the majority of working class Americans have no interest in this subject? Do you really think it has no effect on their lives at all? You should think again.

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Ukraine: The 1.6 Billion Dollar Gold Heist and Coup

by Scott Creighton

Over at Zero hedge, they are reporting that the gold reserves of the nation of Ukraine, which had been steadily on the rise while the former, elected, president was in power, have suddenly vanished and it looks like they may have been loaded up after our puppet regime took over and sent via a plane to the United States. I did the math, it looks like about 1.6 billion just taken from the Ukrainian central bank. Apparently there had been an audit of the gold reserves in the central bank’s holding done back in February of this year which showed 42.3 tons of physical gold.

… … we reported of a strange incident that took place just after the Ukraine presidential coup, namely that according to at least one source, “in a mysterious operation under the cover of night, Ukraine’s gold reserves were promptly loaded onboard an unmarked plane, which subsequently took the gold to the US.”…

… Needless to say there was no official confirmation of any of this taking place, and in fact our report, in which we mused if the “price of Ukraine’s liberation” was the handover of its gold to the Fed at a time when Germany was actively seeking to repatriate its own physical gold located at the bedrock of the NY Fed, led to the usual mainstream media mockery.

Until now.

In an interview on Ukraine TV, none other than the head of the Ukraine Central Bank made the stunning admission that “in the vaults of the central bank there is almost no gold left. There is a small amount of gold bullion left, but it’s just 1% of reserves.” Zero Hedge

I figure the price of gold right now is worth around $1,183 so that makes a ton of it worth somewhere around 37.9 million. After a little more math, I come up with 1.603 billion heisted from the people of Ukraine.

That sounds like a lot til you consider the White keeps asking for 6 billion for more aid to West Africa to “fight Ebola” and another 6 billion to fight “ISIS”. With numbers like this being tossed around everyday, I guess we forget just how much money that really is.

Victoria Nuland Meeting with Neo-Nazi Oleh Tyahnybok in Ukraine (pic)

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and don’t forget John McCain’s little visit

They were not afraid and we should not be afraid. They took their automatic guns on their necks and went into the woods, and fought against the Muscovites, Germans, Jews and other scum who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state.

“[You are the ones, neo-Nazi followers of his] that the Moscow-Jewish mafia ruling Ukraine fears mostOleh Tyahnybok

How the Israel Lobby Protected Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

by Max Blumenthal, AlterNet

AlterNet has learned that an amendment to the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would have forbidden US assistance, training and weapons to neo-Nazis and other extremists in Ukraine was kept out of the final bill by the Republican-led House Rules Committee. Introduced by Democratic Representative John Conyers, the amendment was intended to help tamp down on violent confrontations between Ukrainian forces and Russian separatists. (Full text of the amendment embedded at the end of this article).

A USA Today/Pew poll conducted in April while the NDAA was being debated found that Americans opposed by more than 2 to 1 providing the Ukrainian government with arms or other forms of military assistance.

If passed, Conyers’ amendment would have explicitly barred those found to have offered “praise or glorification of Nazism or its collaborators, including through the use of white supremacist, neo-Nazi, or other similar symbols” from receiving any form of support from the US Department of Defense.

The amendment was presented by congressional staffers to lobbyists from Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, two of the country’s largest established Jewish pressure groups. Despite their stated mission to combat anti-Semitism and violent extremism, the ADL and Wiesenthal Center refused to support Jeffries and Conyers’ proposal.

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#FreeEducation – Massive Protest in London for Free Education

by Scott Creighton

Today, there is a massive protest taking place in London on Parliament Square where students and young people are demanding an end to the neoliberal privatization of higher education. Trending on Twitter is the hashtag #FreeEducation and you can keep up with the developments, here.

They broke down barricades erected by the  police to keep them out.

Educate, employ, empower

Of course, the establishment’s agent provocateurs are on hand to provide the complicit media with “raging socialists” stories.

What did I tell you?

BOOKS NOT BOMBS, BITCHES! damn right. books not bombs. just imagine…

The New CISPA, the “Freedom” Act, Failed in Senate… for Now

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Justin Raimondo has a good breakdown of the fraud of the USA Freedom Act and argues many of the same points I do.

Rather than fundamentally changing the way the NSA scoops up data, the bill merely outsources collection to immunized telecoms, compelling them to do the NSA’s dirty work…

The so-called “transparency” provisions in the bill contain numerous loopholes..

Some civil liberties groups, like the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, argue that the present bill is “a first step,” and is better than nothing. This is nonsense: this bill is worse than nothing.


“The bill will retain the essential operational capabilities of the existing bulk telephone metadata program while eliminating bulk collection.” James Clapper on his support of the USA Freedom Act.

Last night the USA “Freedom” Act, written by the same man who brought us the USA “Patriot” Act, Jim Sensenbrenner , failed to clear a key procedural hurdle in the Senate which would have allowed it’s supporters to bring it to the floor of the Senate for a simple majority vote, which it would win easily with the lame duck democratic Senate. The vote was 58 to 42, mainly down partisan lines with the dems supporting it by a wide majority. The pro-Business corporatist White House “strongly” supports the bill.

I have written on multiple occasions that the entire Edward Snowden psyop was designed in order to pass a new version of CISPA which 800 major US corporations sent advocates to D.C. to push for just a few months prior to the launch of the Snowden psyop.

April 15th, 2013right before this whole thing kicked off and Glenn Greenwald was contacted by Edward Snowden, 200 senior IBM executives hit D.C. like a plague of locusts to push them to pass the new CISPA bill. American Everyman

“CISPA had garnered favor from corporations and lobbying groups such as Microsoft, Facebook, AT&T, IBM, Apple Inc. , Intel, Oracle Corporation, Symantec, and Verizon and the United States Chamber of Commerce, which look on it as a simple and effective means of sharing important cyber threat information with the government. Google has not taken a public position on the bill but has shown previous support for it…” List of companies who have sent letters of support for CISPA since 2012  American Everyman

Also read:

The whole point of CISPA, aside from effectively controlling the entire internet, is to privatize the NSA by putting private corporations in charge of the massive bulk data collection being conducted right now. That’s pretty much the definition of fascism folks.

Many people are writing about what happened yesterday in the senate, but few are telling you what the real sticking point was with those who voted against this bill. And remember, it was written by the same traitor who penned the Patriot Act.

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