Israeli “Firefighters” Shoot Palestinian While IDF Soldiers Do Nothing

by Scott Creighton

An Israeli peace organization B’Tselem has released a video of a shooting that took place this past Saturday in the Palestinian village of Asira al-Qibliya.

According to witnesses, Israeli settlers had come from their neighboring Izhar settlement to throw rocks at village houses and Palestinians and to set fires. Two of the settlers were armed and one seemed to be carrying a strange bottle of liquid which could have possibly been a Molotov cocktail. A spokesman for the settlement later called them “firefighters” there to “put out fires” so clearly fire was indeed an aspect of this incident though not included in the video below.

Settlement spokesman called these guys “firefighters” there to help Palestinians put out some fires…. hmmm

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Netanyahu Consolodates Power in Israel: Dissidents and “International Leftists” Be Warned

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Read Uri Avnery’s take on all of this


Remember how David Horowitz went on CIA asset Julian Assange’s new fake progressive tv show ranting and railing about the “international leftists” claiming they were the new terrorists attacking America and Israel?

Well, guess what?

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cemented his power this week with a strategic coalition shift that makes him the most powerful head of government Israel has seen in nearly three decades.

By adding the Kadima party to his coalition, Netanyau now commands 94 of the Israeli Parliament’s 120 seats, an overwhelming majority that should allow him to push through legislation and motions that other Israeli premiers have only dreamed of.” McClatchy

Bibi is poised to kick off his own little private war against those dreaded “international leftists” inside Israel with his new consolidated power block in Israel’s Parliament.

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ICC is Puppet of the West: Shreds Remaining Credibility by Refusing to Investigate Operation Cast Lead

by Scott Creighton

There is even more evidence today that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is nothing more than a pro-Western front group doing the bidding of imperialist nations across the world.

“This dangerous decision opens the ICC to accusations of political bias and is inconsistent with the independence of the ICC.”

“It also breaches the Rome Statute, which clearly states that such matters should be considered by the institution’s judges.” head of Amnesty International’s International Justice campaign

The ICC has refused to investigate Israel for war-crimes committed during the 2008-2009 bombing of the civilian population in Gaza known by the operational name given it, Cast Lead. As many as 1,440 Palestinians were killed during the 20 days of the IDF’s attacks on the civilian population.

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Israel’s Iranian Solution: “Iran’s citizens should be starved” Israeli Officials Say

by Scott Creighton

Just ahead of the Parliamentary Elections in Iran, Israel is once again stepping up their terrorist rhetoric in order to send another frightening message to the people of that sovereign nation.

Israeli officials have openly called for a starvation campaign against the civilian population of Iran in order to stop them from building a nuclear weapon which they are not building. Muslims, Christians, Jews and everyone else should suffer and starve to death to protect Israel from non-existent WMDs.

Not only would the application of such a program be considered a terrorist act (and one which brings to mind a certain dark chapter in 20th century fascist horror) but the threat itself is itself an act of terrorism.

As expected, the corporatist media is silent on the obvious irony of such a horrific statement coming from the leaders of the self proclaimed “Jewish State”. This is Israel’s Iranian Solution.

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Adler and Block: Proposed Mossad Assassination of Obama and the “Anti-Semite” Smear Campaign in America

by Scott Creighton

A publisher in Atlanta, Andrew Adler of the Atlanta Jewish Times, recently wrote an opinion piece in his paper (What Would You Do?) which proposed the Israeli assassination of a seated U.S. president in order to defend Israel from nuclear weapons that Iran does not currently have and is not currently developing (according to the NIEs of 2007 and 2010)

Adler’s Jan. 13th 2012 article puts his 3,500 or so readers in the unenviable position of Israel’s Prime Minister facing what he seems to think is the inevitable destruction of Israel at the hands of the Syrians, Hezbollah, and Iran and asked them “What Would They Do?”: strike Hezbollah (killing civilians), strike Syria (killing civilians), or have Mossad agents already in the U.S.(his words, not mine) kill the president of the United States because he backed off a provocative missile defense drill, Austere Challenge 12,with Israel off Iran’s coastline?

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Shareholders to Caterpillar: ‘our product has become Israel’s weapon of choice for ethnic cleansing and potentially even war crimes’

from Mondoweiss

Slightly different than the one which ran over and killed US citizen Rachel Corrie. This one has a turret.

The speech was given on behalf of Jewish Voice for Peace, which had purchased shares of Caterpillar stock so we could offer a shareholder proposal and make a speech in support of it.

Caterpillar shareholder speech in favor of Proposal 11

By Russ Greenleaf, on behalf of Jewish Voice for Peace

June 8, 2011

Little Rock, Arkansas

Hi. I’m Russ Greenleaf, a shareholder with Jewish Voice for Peace and a coalition of religious organizations, speaking in favor of Proposal 11.

I am Jewish. I am not anti-Israel. I have friends in Israel, and I want what’s best for them.

Caterpillar’s sale of D9 bulldozers to Israel is not good for Israel or for Caterpillar’s reputation. Israel’s routine use of those D9’s to destroy the homes of innocent Palestinian’s is making Israel a pariah in the world and destroying any chance for peace.

Amnesty International says, and I quote:

House demolitions usually are carried out without warning, often at night, and the occupants are given little or no time to leave their homes. Often the only warning they get is the rumbling of the Israeli army’s Caterpillar bulldozers. They barely have time to flee as the bulldozers tear down the walls of their homes.

Sometimes they are buried alive under the rubble.

An Israeli newspaper reported that an Israeli army D9 dozer operator said, and I quote:

I had no mercy for anybody. I would erase anyone with the D9. They were warned by loudspeaker to get out of the house before I came, but I gave no one a chance. I didn’t wait. I didn’t give one blow and wait for them to come out. I would just ram the house with full power, to bring it down as fast as possible.

Ladies and gentlemen these are very serious human rights violations, and they happen again and again — with our knowledge.

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Bomb kills Iran’s top nuclear scientist

UN rights council: ‘Clear evidence’ against Israel in flotilla raid

Raw Story

A UN probe said Wednesday there was “clear evidence to support prosecutions” against Israel for “willful killing” and torture committed when its troops stormed a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in May.

In a scathing report, it also threw out Israel’s argument that activists on the aid ship were violent thereby justifying the decision by Israeli soldiers to open fire, adding that some were the victim of actions “consistent with…summary execution.”

The inquiry ordered by the UN Human Rights Council said Israel’s military used “unnecessary violence” in the incident and committed acts that “constituted grave violations of human rights law and international humanitarian law.”

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Abbas, Palestinians should die: Israeli rabbi

from Reuters

An influential Israeli rabbi has said God should strike the Palestinians and their leader with a plague, calling for their death in a fiery sermon before Middle East peace talks set to begin next week.

“Abu Mazen and all these evil people should perish from this earth,” Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual head of the religious Shas party in Israel’s government, said in a sermon late on Saturday, using Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s popular name.

“God should strike them and these Palestinians — evil haters of Israel — with a plague,” the 89-year-old rabbi said in his weekly address to the faithful, excerpts of which were broadcast on Israeli radio on Sunday.

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Course: Zionist Editing on Wikipedia

Formalizing Israel’s Land Grab

by Chris Hedges, Truthdig

Time is running out for Israel. And the Israeli government knows it. The Jewish Diaspora, especially the young, has a waning emotional and ideological investment in Israel. The demographic boom means that Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories will soon outnumber Jews. And Israel’s increasing status as a pariah nation means that informal and eventually formal state sanctions against the country are probably inevitable.

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Netanyahu: I deceived US to destroy Oslo accords

(In this video, it appears as if Bibi is boasting about how he undermined the Oslo accords, how they are smashing the Palestinians to undermine Arafat, and how “absurd” it is that “80%” of the U.S. population supports what Israel is doing. The sound is disabled for some reason but it appears as if the English captions sync-up with the body language we can see in the video. Also of note, this video was being talked about and written about prior to it’s translation by people like Jonathan Cook, so my guess is the translation is accurate.)

by Jonathan Cook, Redress

There is one video Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, must be praying never gets posted on YouTube with English subtitles. To date, the 10-minute segment has been broadcast only in Hebrew on Israel’s Channel 10. [Editor’s note: A version of the Natanyahu video with English subtitles is now available and can be viewed, together with the translated English transcripy, here.]

Its contents, however, threaten to gravely embarrass not only Mr Netanyahu but also the US administration of Barack Obama.

The film was shot, apparently without Mr Netanyahu’s knowledge, nine years ago, when the government of Ariel Sharon had started reinvading the main cities of the West Bank to crush Palestinian resistance in the early stages of the second intifada.

Binyamin Natanyahu “dismisses the US as ‘easily moved to the right direction’ and calls high levels of popular American support for Israel ‘absurd’.

At the time Mr Netanyahu had taken a short break from politics but was soon to join Mr Sharon’s government as finance minister.

On a visit to a home in the settlement of Ofra in the West Bank to pay condolences to the family of a man killed in a Palestinian shooting attack, he makes a series of unguarded admissions about his first period as prime minister, from 1996 to 1999.

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U.S and Israeli Warships Pass Through the Suez Canal

by Scott Creighton

It’s being reported all across the internet that on Friday, the U.S. and Israel have sent at least 12 warships through the Suez Canal on route to the Red Sea and eventually to the Persian Gulf. It is assumed that this is to become the core of the naval blockade on Iran. The sanctions didn’t include refined fuel but we will see what they end up doing.

Reportedly the USS Harry Truman along with 12 other accompanying ships including at least one Israeli vessel passed through the Suez Canal as the Egyptian army made extra security measures for their safe passage. Thousands of Egyptian army troops lined up along both sides of the Suez Canal on the Red Sea coast to protect the flotilla. USS Harry Truman and its strike group carry 60 warplanes and 6000 troops. Hamsayeh

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New footage of flotilla attack contradicts Israeli account

Iara Lee’s complete unedited footage of what happened on the Miva Marmara May 31st, 2010

(H/T to Jlennon08!)

full one hour video

shorter 15 minute version after the break

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4 Militants Killed off the Coast of Gaza: Another STUPID Staged Distraction from Likud Israel and her U.S. Apologists

by Scott Creighton

Right on time along comes a “training exercise” off the coast of Gaza to give the Israeli military a perfect example of how the “Palestinian militants” have to be kept from their own territorial waters. (hmmm… why would Israel want to keep Palestinians from their own territorial waters? hmmmmm…..)

See?  Look. Terrorists planning to attack us.  Therefore we HAVE to maintain the blockade of Gaza waters.”

It’s so obviously contrived and devoid of any possible legitimacy, it would be laughable if 60% of the American population wasn’t so inexcusably ignorant of the rest of the world. In reality, it’s just sad that this kind of propaganda would actually be considered worthy of my time to write about.  But, this is the world we live in so here we go…

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