Welcome to Egypt, MO. Prosecutor Sisi will be with you shortly

by Scott Creighton

Prosecutor Robert McCulloch of the infamously flawed Darren Wilson grand jury fiasco has finally spoken out about what we have already established: several of the witnesses lied under oath when they testified in favor of Officer Wilson’s versions of events surrounding his killing of Michael Brown. According to the prosecutor, they were not credible and at least one (Witness 40) not only lied and changed her story multiple times, but was outwardly and openly racist both in the courtroom, in her testimony to the FBI and in multiple online comments for years prior to her “testimony”

She also set up a fund and raised money supposedly to help “other cops” who were “wrongly accused” like Darren Wilson was, according to her and the money raised has still not ever been accounted for. Prosecutor still put her before the grand jury.

So what is Prosecutor Robert McCulloch going to do in light of all of this evidence that has come forth?


He’s not going to prosecute the fake witnesses for lying and he’s not going to reconvene the grand jury to hear the Wilson case again.

In short… they lied, he got off for murder.. and you can go f@ck yourself if you expect any better from the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office.

That’s the official verdict from the “justice” department in Ferguson.

Welcome to Egypt, MO. Prosecutor al-Sisi will be with you shortly.

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A Tale of Two Replies

by Scott Creighton

You ever think to yourself that it just doesn’t matter what we say to our “elected” officials? That they’re just pretending to pay attention to us little people while they drop to their knees to service whatever billionaire or multimillionaire who’s in vogue (or in the room) at the time?

Yeah, conservatives learned that lesson with “W”. They ended up hating the guy.

And “progressives” (the ones with half a brain) are currently learning that lesson with “O”

Funny ain’t it? How every four years they pit us against each other to the point where we’re snarling and scowling at our brothers and in 3 short years, every time, we end up in the same place our adversaries were at the start.

Recently I added my name to a petition in hopes (I know, I know. Hope in one hand…) that by some stroke of luck, such a thing would help influence a pending legislative nightmare. By that I mean the government funding bill which was absolutely mind-bogglingly reactionary in almost every sense of the word. I wrote about it a couple times while it was being “debated” and it ended up being passed by our Vichy congress-critters.

The petition website also generated 4 letters in the signatory’s name to be signed and sent via email to his/her representatives in the House and Senate as well as one to the White House. I expected a standard form response at best but what I got was even worse.

So all I am going to do is post a copy of the letter itself and two responses I received. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions but just to give you a head’s up… one rep who voted against the bill wrote a lengthy explanation why she couldn’t vote for it. The other who also ended up voting against it, wrote a lengthy explanation as too why he was voting for another bill altogether that had nothing to do with the letter I wrote him. He only voted against it because he supposedly opposes the funding for illegal immigration policies and has a presidential campaign to run in the future (probably also the reason he preferred to respond to a different topic than the one I brought up in the letter)

The letters were sent to my three representatives in congress as well as the president. At this time, only two have replied and one didn’t even bother to read what the letter was about. We all know that Jamie Dimon teamed up with Obama to work behind the scenes to get the legislation passed with the Big Banking friendly riders. And Sen. Nelson voted for it. I have yet to hear from those two.

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Palestinian UN draft against Israel act of war: Intelligence min.

from Press TV

The Israeli intelligence minister describes as an “act of war” a Palestinian draft submitted to the UN Security Council to end Israeli occupation by the end of 2017.

“The Palestinians made sure to remove any mention of Israel’s status as a Jewish state from the draft, which means this is not an act of peace, it’s an act of war,” Israel Radio quoted Yuval Steinitz as saying on Thursday.

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AE Donation Drive: Alright… I Went Off a Little.

I went off a little last night and I shouldn’t have. For that I apologize.

Things are difficult here just as they are everywhere else but that has nothing to do with the readership of this site. It was my choice to do this and I can’t expect anyone else to underwrite that decision of mine.

If you can help, please do. If not now, catch me next time. We’re all in this together folks. I’ll try to remember that in the future.


For my mailing address, please email me at RSCdesigns@tampabay.rr.com


Palestine pursues UN bid amid threat of US veto

from Press TV

Palestinian authorities say they will press ahead with their efforts at the United Nations (UN) to seek official statehood despite a joint US-Israeli bid to stymie the attempts.

The Palestinians will present a bid for statehood to the UN Security Council (USNC) on Wednesday amid reports that Washington and Tel Aviv are formulating a joint position against the Palestinian move at the headquarters of the world body, where the US has persistently used its veto privilege to block any resolution not favored by the Israeli regime.

However, Palestinian officials appear adamant about the move, saying they will submit to the council the draft resolution that would set a two-year deadline on the Israeli forces to withdraw from occupied Palestinian lands.


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EU court orders Hamas removal from terror blacklist

from Press TV

A European Union (EU) court has ruled that the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, be removed from the bloc’s terrorism blacklist.

The General Court of the European Union said in a statement on Wednesday that the original conclusion of the movement was based not on reliable sources, but conclusions from the media and internet reports (a.k.a. “U.S. and Israeli propaganda”).

“The General Court finds that the contested measures are based not on acts examined and confirmed in decisions of competent authorities, but on factual imputations derived from the press and the Internet,” it said.

The second-highest court in the bloc added that such a decision had to be made based on previously established facts by competent authorities.

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Get the Picture?

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First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me


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