The right to destabilize is singular: A farewell to Max Blumenthal and Hillary’s propagandists

by Scott Creighton

Max Blumenthal has said “enough is enough” and taken his little pen and walked away from his staff position at Al Akhbar English over what he claims is their editorial tolerance of “Assad apologists”. According to Max in an article on his website explaining his decision to leave in a huff (The right to resist is universal: A farewell to Al Akhbar and Assad’s apologists)  “the apologia for Assad and his crimes has reached unbearable levels.”

I once had a great deal of respect for Max Blumenthal. His work on the Palestinian issue has been courageous to say the least. But now I have to say farewell to Max and remove his link from my blogroll. His disingenuous and downright dishonest efforts to prop-up the progressive Assad demonetization train turns my stomach and I will never be able to post a single thing he writes without having to question the man’s integrity.

Yeah, it’s that bad. Max Blumenthal is an outright liar. No one, and I mean NO ONE with his resources and experience in the Middle East could miss the boat so badly on this topic without doing so deliberately unless he was a total and complete idiot. And Max is not an idiot. He is however, the son of Sidney Blumenthal who was a long term adviser to Bill Clinton (during the destabilization of Yugoslavia as coincidence would have it) and then a campaign adviser to Hillary Clinton who expected to serve in her State Department before Rahm Emanuel put his foot down for some reason. Max’s daddy is also reportedly a close friend of Tony Blair. Just thought I would throw that in for good measure.

Yes, Max Blumenthal is a liar. And I will now show you how I came to that conclusion. As to the why, well… you be the judge.

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Palestinian Authority Disrupts Egypt Solidarity Protest in Ramallah

Human Rights Watch

Palestinian Authority security forces shut down a demonstration on January 30, 2011, in front of the Egyptian embassy in Ramallah, after calling in one of the organizers for questioning multiple times on January 29 and ordering him to cancel the event notice that he had created on Facebook. Human Rights Watch monitored the demonstration and spoke with participants.

At around 4 p.m., the first of roughly 40 to 50 Palestinian demonstrators began to gather in front of the embassy to show solidarity for ongoing protests in Egypt, but were met by 20 armed police who immediately tried to confiscate cameras and ordered a journalist to turn off her microphone and recorder. Security agents wearing masks drove up in a Palestinian Preventive Security service jeep – which was driving very fast, apparently to intimidate protesters – and were soon joined by officers in two other jeeps and three police cars, and a van of the kind the PA uses for arrests and prisoner transport.

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“We can’t refer to the past” – Israel refuses to take responsibility for creating the Palestinian refugee crisis.

Tzipi Livni then-Israeli foreign minister – “I feel like we can’t refer to the past“.

by Laila Al-Arian, al Jazeera

It’s a core issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that dates back to Israel’s creation: the forced expulsion in 1948 of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes by Israeli soldiers and Jewish paramilitary groups. But The Palestine Papers show that far from resolving this thorny problem, Israeli negotiators refused to even acknowledge their responsibility in creating the world’s largest refugee population.

Some of the most contentious meetings between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators involved the “refugee file”. On several occasions, Israeli officials insisted that negotiators should move forward and forget “the past”, even as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians continue to languish in refugee camps under abysmal conditions. As talks on refugees progressed during the Annapolis process, Israeli negotiators were aided by the US and French officials, who took their side on the issue of responsibility.

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PA negotiators reject leaked report

Because of the sensitive nature of these documents, Al Jazeera will not reveal the source(s) or detail how they came into our possession.”  Al Jazeera, Introduction to the Palestinian Papers

The Palestinian Papers are brought to you by the same propaganda mill that brought you the Wiki”leaks” fraud. “shared exclusively with the Guardian“. Again, there is no word on how these came to be released or by whom, but the Guardian does say that their authenticity has been verified by the likes of Condi Rice and people in the state department or the CIA.  “The bulk of them have been independently authenticated for the Guardian by former participants in the talks and by diplomatic and intelligence sources.” Guardian, The Story Behind the Palestinian Papers

from Al Jazeera

Palestinian Authority officials have come down hard on secret documents obtained by Al Jazeera showing that top negotiators offered major concessions to Israel in the division of holy sites and Jerusalem, the would-be capital city of a future Palestinian state.

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, was quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying that the leaked documents deliberately confuse Israeli and Palestinian positions.

“What is intended is a mix-up. I have seen them yesterday present things as Palestinian but they were Israeli… This is therefore intentional,” he said…

… Rabbo termed the release of The Palestine papers a biased media campaign that distorts the truth and also accused Al Jazeera of “having political motives”.

Al Jazeera tries to copy WikiLeaks,” Rabbo added.

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Russia recognizes Palestine

from UPI

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev recognized Palestine as an independent state during a visit to Jericho.

Medvedev said since 1988 Moscow has recognized the need for a Palestinian state during his visit Tuesday to the Palestinian city. He said everyone including Israel will benefit from its establishment, said Wednesday.

“The Russian position hasn’t changed, as I’ve told the president,” Medvedev said. “Russia made its choice long ago, at the end of the ’80s. We supported and will support the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to create its own state, which is independent, territorially integral and with a capital in East Jerusalem,” The Jerusalem Post quoted Medvedev as telling a news conference.

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The IDF uses propaganda like an authoritarian regime

by Gideon Levi, Haaretz

Jawaher Abu Ramah died young. She stood facing the demonstrators against the separation fence in her village, inhaled very large quantities of the gas that Israel Defense Forces soldiers fired that day, collapsed and died several hours later at a Ramallah hospital.

These are definitive facts. The IDF should have immediately issued a statement expressing sorrow for the death of the demonstrator, and said it would investigate the excessive means used for dispersing demonstrations at Bil’in, which had killed Bassem, Jawaher’s brother, for no reason. He was hit by a gas canister fired directly at his chest two and a half years ago.

So, the IDF began with the spreading of lies, making up facts and spinning tales, originating with officers who did not dare identify themselves. Following the investigation into Jawaher’s death, it is also necessary to investigate how the army dares to distort in this way. Perhaps it will disturb Israeli society more than the death of a demonstrator.

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Israel academics to boycott college

“I have two young daughters and I want them to grow up in a democratic, free Israel”

At least 165 professors sign peition vowing to avoid activities at campus built on illegal settlement in the West Bank.

from Al Jazeera English

At least 165 Israeli professors have declared a boycott against a contentious college in the occupied West Bank, deepening an internal rift over the expansion of Israeli settlements there.

Organisers of the boycott said on Sunday that the academics signed a petition stating they are unwilling to undertake any activities at Ariel University Centre, because, they said, Ariel is an “illegal settlement” intended to prevent Palestinians from establishing an independent state.

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Allen West: If You Want to Free Palestine… Give it Back to the Jews

(H/T Kennys SideShow)

Wow. Just fucking… wow.

Allen West (R.22nd District FL) explains how “God” proclaimed the boundaries of Israel in the Old Testament. Then he goes on to say “Take Your Pro-Hamas Butt and Get the Hell Out of My Country apparently directed at people in this country who support Palestinian rights.  This was just a few days ago.

“It is not time for appeasement, it is not time negotiations, it is not time for compromise. Every time “we” give them land, they want more. … you are dealing with an enemy that only wants one thing; a return of the Holocaust. That will not happen as long as there is breath in my lungs. There will never be anything other than the nation of Israel that occupies these boundaries that are set by the words here we have in the bible and the Torah. Educate yourselves and everyone else… that everyone over there… the land belongs to the Jewish people. It was taken from them by the Romans in 70 AD, you want to do what is right? Give it back to the Jewish people.” Allen West (R.22nd District FL)

This you gotta see.

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Abbas, Palestinians should die: Israeli rabbi

from Reuters

An influential Israeli rabbi has said God should strike the Palestinians and their leader with a plague, calling for their death in a fiery sermon before Middle East peace talks set to begin next week.

“Abu Mazen and all these evil people should perish from this earth,” Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual head of the religious Shas party in Israel’s government, said in a sermon late on Saturday, using Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s popular name.

“God should strike them and these Palestinians — evil haters of Israel — with a plague,” the 89-year-old rabbi said in his weekly address to the faithful, excerpts of which were broadcast on Israeli radio on Sunday.

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Formalizing Israel’s Land Grab

by Chris Hedges, Truthdig

Time is running out for Israel. And the Israeli government knows it. The Jewish Diaspora, especially the young, has a waning emotional and ideological investment in Israel. The demographic boom means that Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories will soon outnumber Jews. And Israel’s increasing status as a pariah nation means that informal and eventually formal state sanctions against the country are probably inevitable.

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American Radical – The Trials of Norman Finkelstein

A famous English aristocrat once said that if a person were to walk down the streets of London telling the truth to people he met, he would probably be killed before he went a couple hundred meters.” Noam Chomsky

Part 1

This past week one of Israel’s main television networks broadcast the documentary AMERICAN RADICAL three times. An old Israeli friend wrote to ask whether it had been shown in the U.S. I had to smile.” Norman Finkelstein 

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Sands of Sorrow (1950) Palestinian Arab Refugee Camps Video

Arrests at Al Walaja

a little history of the land…

Abu Nidal finds the original location of Walaja on a map dating from the 1920s.Walaja is located south west of Jerusalem. The village was Occupied in October 1948, but Palestinian and Egyptian guerillas fought off the Israeli battalions and successfully defended their village. Several times they were able to force the Occupation troops to withdraw, but in the end the village was Occupied. (Al Khalidi, Wallid 1992: All That Remains). The village was then destroyed, and Aminadav settlement was built on its lands along with an Israeli park. The people of Walaja, who numbered some 1200 people at that time, were expelled and turned into refugees. Some of them remained in lands of Al Walaja that were not occupied, while the rest left to Jordan, or moved into the refugee camps in Bethlehem. After 1967 the Occupation annexed the rest of Walaja to the Occupation municipality of Jerusalem, but without giving the people from Walaja the right to live in Jerusalem, who were then threatened with expulsion once again. Since the late 80sThe Occupation forces have been using various policies against the people to force them to leave what is left from the village, including house demolitions and repeated arrests against the 3000 people living now in the village, using the pretext that ؟they have West Bank identification cards and are living in Jerusalem؟. The Apartheid Wall, as projected, will surround Al Walaja from all sides isolating it completely from its lands, the original village, and Jerusalem. About the 1948 exodus, Abu Nidal, a farmer from the village, says: ؟This is not the real Walaja, this is part of its lands, and the original Walaja was between Battir and Malha. In 1948, it was destroyed by the Occupation bulldozers more than once and its lands were confiscated.  Palestine Remembered


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